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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Chronicle Of Blig Visitors Narratives...

It really doesnt matter if its black or white right?


Hi Stella, thanks for this platform. I will like to remain anonymous. Your red pen would be appreciated and advice from BVS.

My story might be lengthy but please bear with me. I come from a home where my father was very strict and unappreciative of my mother bordering on violence. My brothers and I weren't spared so I had always nursed this anger for my father and I became hardened emotionally.

At a time, I was chatting with my mom and she said my dad disflowered her and I made up my mind not to keep mine since it didn't guarantee a happy home (I was thinking out of annoyance) so when I got to school I gave it up to my 1st boyfriend. Now this boyfriend of mine truly loved me because I was really defiant and will not be taken for granted, it took him a while to soften me and I fell in love with him, not long my mom called me (she has been battling with illness for a while and I guess depression worsened it) then she went for prayers and was told I shouldn't date anyone light skinned (I liked fair guys)..that the union(if it gets to that) will make the person not prosper!

I was devastated but I couldn't afford for someone's life be ruined because of I ended the relationship, he thought it was flimsy at that time but I was scared.
Over the years, I've dated (dark guys by the way and doing good for themselves) but I realised that I love them but not totally in love... I hold myself back maybe from fear or maybe because I haven't completely gotten over my first boyfriend (it's been over a decade and I still think about him). 

Once a while I stalk him on social media...he has moved on and doing well for himself.

My mom feels bad most times (I know she told me out of love and what she thought was best) and can't even pressure me because she feels she is responsible for my state.

I'm doing OK. ..though looking for greener pastures as per my work. I'm over the bitterness from home.
My dilemma is I'm 29, can't seem to keep a relationship, I need not to think about my ex ...I want to love without any restrictions on skin color (God isn't an author of confusion). I want to fall in love and be loved in return.

How do I truly not condition my life around this prophecy, make my mom not continue to wallow in guilt and MOVE ON....
Stella, BVs I need help!

I really do not know what to say but let me try.
If your state of mind was poisoned by what your mum told you then you need to renew your mind by thinking positive.
Some prophets are prophets of doom so i wouldnt take them serious if i was you.

Hi Stella, I just started reading your blog recently and feel I should just talk to you. Please don't reveal my identity.
Here's my chronicle:
I'm a 26years old lady with a good job in a reputable organisation. I stay alone and I must tell you I'm very lonely and depressed. I feel all alone in this world. My mum doesn't live in the country and my step sis and I don't stay together. I'm the only issue between my parents.  

I had this boyfriend I dated during my youth service and I really loved him. But I found out he was doing my friend so I confronted him and he started asking why I was going through his phone. This is a guy my friend that introduced me to him warned me against because she knew the kind of person he was. But I still went ahead to date him because I felt I should be the judge myself.

 Three weeks after the confrontation, he came begging and I took him back. But in my mind I knew once I left the city after NYSC that was gonna be the end because I don't trust him again but still loved him. I got back to Lagos and stopped talking to him as we use to before. Then months later; he got a better job in Lagos and also moved to Lagos so I thought just maybe things might work out between us. This is a guy that knows the right things to say to a lady to make you feel good but when it comes to action, he doesn't do well at all. 

He was always giving me excuses of how tiring and tasking his job was and that is why he can't reach out during the week. But weekends, he can call for me to come over so he could have some punany and he stays very far from where I live but I still go anyway.

Then suddenly, I started getting a feeling that he was hiding me from his mum because he stays with her. He'll always invite me over whenever she's not going to be around and his mum is a pastor. I mean this is 33 years guy. Will his mama tell him not to have a girlfriend? Then I started feeling that he must be seeing someone else that his mum's knows about so I stopped visiting him then February 14th of last year, I broke up with him.

 I'm a pretty girl and I have guys asking me out day in day out but because I know what I want, I turn them down. But this very guy I like doesn't treat me right; he hardly calls me nor keep in touch, always giving me one excuse or the other. But I'm very lonely since I broke up with him. I've met other people but it doesn't work out and he is still in my head. Then fast forward to this year June, during my birthday I reached out to him and that was how we started again o. Bur now he comes over to my place because I now live alone and told him I wasn't going to be visiting him. I told him the success of the relationship lies within his hands, he promised heaven and earth and was even talking about marriage.
But he still hasn't changed;  doesn't get in touch except weekends and now he has no problem coming to my house.  Then I asked my self, is it because he's seeing free punany and all comes in so easy for him? I am not happy at all.
Am I asking for too much attention?  I mean my work is tasking and busy as well but that doesn't mean I don't wanna hear from my man all day not to talk of days.
I just need advice as to what to do because I am very lonely and depressed. I thank God for my life and where I am nonetheless. I just feel so incomplete. All I do is work home and back to work. I'm always indoors all weekend and nowhere to go. I need help and I don't wanna disturb my mum because she's got her life to live..

BVS you all should be gentle on me as I know some of you peeps have bad mouth. Lol! Thanks in anticipation.


  1. Replies
    1. Narrative one:

      Just imagine the way you spoil ur relationship cause of negligent. You better go see if you can still penetrate that ur former bf but don't worry ur right man will locate you.

    2. Number 2 chronicle am not understanding your ways oo... you said after service you will die the relationship, he got a job in lag so? You na carried your punani to goan summit to him even after saying he's poor when it comes to action. #in jenifa's voice "what is na carrys you legs to goan spread theres"? Gal I tire for you oo. You are just indecisive. Wake up!

    3. I follow you to not understanding 😒😒

    4. Poster 1: I don't get, must you go out with light skinned guys? If the prophet had said you shldnt date dark skinned guys that's when there wld have been a problem as there aren't that many light skinned men plus you don't even know the one that bleached. Sister you don't have a problem, i think you are behaving this way cos you believe age isn't on your side. You just haven't met anyone you like. Open your heart. And on the other hand you can damn the consequences and go back to him but what are the chances that the relationship won't fail? You've already told him about your prophet so what happens if coincidentally his business starts to fail? You think he won't say you have brought your bad luck to him? From what i can tell you are just another mature single girls looking for a life partner. You will find one. Amen.
      Poster 2: You are in one chance.You are 26,relax and find someone that loves you as much as you love him. Bad bfs make worse husbands. You can do better. He is using you till he gets something better.

    5. Poster one, since the dude is still on ur mind, maybe u should try n reachout to him since u stalk him on sm then u would knw if he still has a vacancy in his heart for you. Bt be very wise so ur case doesnt be like that of poster two where ur only needed for free punani.
      Poster two, nne iji si ahu? Wat rubbish are u tlk about, it is as glaring as anything that glares that mr man isnt into u and u want to die unto his matter for nothing at all. Infact i am not understanding you.

    6. Dear ladies, kindly understand that as long as you continue to see nothing wrong in offering your bodies and wifely duties to men who are not your husband, they will continue to delay marriage.
      Moreover you're simply training them to be cheats.

      A man who has tasted more than one woman out of marriage will have a bigger task keeping faithful if he does not become godfearing. Marriage simply becomes a restraint to philandering.

      Have you ever wondered why there are so many comfortable old bachelors cruising around town looking for baby mamas instead of the real deal? Yeah, you got it - cheap sex.

      Women, respect your bodies. Give sex to only the one who's man enough to wife you. That's the way God made it.

  2. Poster 1 just 1 prophecy has made you live life OK the edge.
    Focus on other things in the main time as most times good things come when we are not looking.
    Pray with your mouth and believe that your prayer is answered already. Let go and stop stalking your ex, if he was yours the universe would have brought him back to you somehow even with the so called prophesy.

    Poster 2 you already know what you are to this guy yet you are still a stubborn goat.
    He has someone he is dating and will marry, that person is not you.
    Will you leave him? No, you won't until you get served wedding invite or see it online.
    Just do what you want, he must be good in bed that's why you want to die there. Just enjoy the sex and companionship till you find someone worthy because I really don't see you letting him go anytime soon.

    1. You have said it all.

    2. Both posters, heed to this beautiful advice.

    3. Poster one. Your pastor is wrong. Go and see another pastor if you must. Then turn round and marry your ex. No God did not say don't marry light skinned.

    4. Poster two is giving and receiving free pussy. Pretty much there's nothing else for her for now so shes getting what she can. Go make friends and meet more guys

    5. Poster 1, for what it's worth, most people think about the person that disvirgined them due to soul ties.

  3. Poster 1: Sometimes we should stop listening to everything and listen to our heart.Other times we should stop listening to our heart and listen to God.What will make a fair person FAIR PERSON oo not prosper because of his union to u? They didn't say tribe or religion now it's complexion.Inshort, I give up on these pastors. So, amongst the fair men in the land it's possible that NONE can be ur husband? And u believe?

    Poster 2: A man who doesn't want to change will never change stop wasting ur time.

    1. P1: Discard that so called prophecy and live ur life fearlessly, d way God wants u to.

      Don't wrap ur life round it. Many so called prophets claim to speak in God's Name but the truth is - they never evn heard from Him. Pls see Jer 23:16-18,21-22

      It's time to cast of ur burden unto the LORD and He will sustain u.

      Develop a personal relationship with Jesus. There is no fear or confusion with Him.

      P2: U r depressed bc u seeking happiness in the wrong place.

      Let me show u where true happiness lies, where joy is unending: in the arms of Jesus. Try it.

      If u knw ur worth, u won't sell urself cheap. As much as u r trying to stay happy, u are getting evn all d more hurt.

      Does it not tell u it is time to get out and find peace in the Prince of Peace?

      If u are doing something and it is giving u nothing but sorrow, pain, headache and heartbreak, why not break out and get out..?

      Take a rein on ur life and ur punany young woman! Stop stop stop looking for love in d wrong places or u will only get more hurt.


    2. Poster 2:
      Miss low self esteem, you re depressed because no man is in your life yet? or the one you love is playing you with your consent?
      That's what happens when your life revolves around one person. Is he the only friend you have? You better FIND time to make few female (mature) friends, or ocuppy your self during the little free time you have with something you enjoy.
      You know he's only after your 'punany' yet you continue to dish out. Oh you're waiting for him to change and be the man you want him to be to you.
      You better pick up whatever self esteem you have left and face REALITY. Let him be, face your job, keep your head up, and have some self respect.
      You'll meet your man, stop putting pressure on yourself.

      You need self love/respect, work on that.

      Don't forget to remain prayerful.

  4. Poster 1 sorry oo. May God help you and give u oyibo man. Secondly stop stalking your ex. God will provide for you.

    Poster 2 your boyfriend no like you. Better start going out. Go to movies you might be lucky to meet your missing bone

    1. PG 18
      Na wah o! What is it about this toto that girls always keep talking like a man will die with out it. No be toto way plenty for ojuelegba #500 a round again?

  5. poster 2. you are still young at 26. just focus on your job, attend church regularly, join a unit make new friends, go to the right places, since you say you fine, men will approach you. select one and dont be choosy. na so i chose till now i never marry

    1. Adviser! That's how 'gwegism' starts...just wish her all the best, 26 is not all that young!

  6. Later I will read all of this chronicle. Have got visitors

  7. Why keep all your eggs in one basket?

  8. Poster 1 is an ogbanje!...
    Go for deliverance or you locate any cele church make them flog you with correct pigeon!...

    Poster 2,
    Shame on you for keeping only one boyfriend!...
    Shame on you for giving your kini free of charge to that your boyfriend!...
    Shame on you for being lonely and depressed in this age and time!...
    Be there wasting your life with that your boyfriend...
    Dude will never marry you!...let's bet it!...

  9. Poster 1.Are you saying you decided to fuck anyhow school bcos your mother kept her virginity and she did not have a happy marriage? .

    1. Shut up joor, na only prick and tohtoh matter u know,common inec officer u no fit do,abi u no fit count 123

    2. Finally! I was beginning to think the only buttons that function on your keyboard is "good to know" and "seen"

  10. Poster 1, if that your ex is still single, please go for him and pray about it.

    Poster 2, you don't know what you want yet, I mean you're not ready to move on, you're still enjoying his big 'kini' and you can't just think straight for now @all. Continue dating him, he will soon invite you for his wedding and when does, go there, buy aso-ebi, buy them an expensive give and make sure you spray them money. After that when you get home, cry your eyes out throughout the night and you will know what next to do. Until this happens to you, you can't ever leave that guy

    *Larry was here*

  11. P2,go out more, this guy has nothing to offer u. I feel he is one of d best u ever had.. Go out more, meet pple out of ur comfort zones, dress well, look beautiful, and don't b hard on urself. We find love in oddest place
    P1, pls see a psychologist and try and let men matter rest for ur life till u get ur emotions right.. Growing up in an hostile environment affected u.
    God will see u both thru.. U both need self love

  12. Poster one :
    Biko, how did you even believe that kind of prophesy?
    Very ridiculous, really.
    No offence to anyone, but a lot of these 'prophets' have ruined more relationships and lives than can be imagined.

    Poster two:
    Did you just say that you know what you want?
    Nne,' you know nothing.'
    Here's a man who treats you like an option, despite the fact that you give him your body, and you're still chasing him upandan.
    Isn't it obvious that this is not the man for you?
    33 years and he's this unperturbed, and you don't have red lights flashing in your head?


  13. poster 1...juss stoppit pls...all these people depending on prophets to help them make decision in getting married....biko borrow urself small sense...dat prophet is man like u oh...maybe until u turn to a full blown gweg by den u won't even look @ skin color before u say yes

  14. Bvs have bad mouth abi....oya na advice ursef

  15. P1. CNt believe you fell for that ungodly prophesy.
    Work on your mind plz.

    P2. How a lady parades herself around a ma. Determines how the guy will treat her. Plz stop acting like a cheap girl and Step up your game.

    God bless us.

  16. Poster 1 skin color doesn't matter,most prophets today are very good at guessing and just saying things that are not true. I won't live my life based on what they say but I on what God say about me. Commit it to God's hands,zero the possibility of that prophecy in you heart and prepare to meet some good looking light skinned guy,cause hey I ve been there before and I overcame,i

  17. Poster two- you know the problem. You know the answer (free pu**y) what do you want us to say? You're just 'stupid in love' like Rihanna. Continue making that he-goat get you depressed
    Poster one- I do t understand what a guys skin tone has to do with your success?? Na wa oh! Una dey really go 'prophet'. They didn't tell you about his family or attitude, Na skin tone!!! And you believe that rubbish???!!! My dear there are real prophecies an there are familiar spirits aiming against your happiness. Better go and talk to God yourself.

  18. poster 2...kontinue giving him for free eh...u haven't met his mom...and he is 33 ba....u have side chick written all over ur body...except he is a both case u should start running already....

  19. Poster1:But y do pple believe in dis prophet of a tin in dis age ND time.Assuming u did not listen to him she could have been married by nw,just saying anyways.
    poster2:u are beautiful nd have guys disturbing u everyday but u still choose to be with dat nonentity,pls get him out of ur life ASAP.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Poster 1. I think you and your mother ha a twisted mind. And this is the reason why she always hv problem with your father. She listens to false, incoherent and unreasonable prophets more than he listens to your father .Image the rubbish she told you. And U being the educated illiterate that you are abides by it.

  22. P2 you better receive sense now n leave dat guy alone. I really don't get girls..... A guy dats just after your punani,you r still going after him even wen d handwriting is clearly written on d wall,you r here claiming love. Keep wasting ur life away with someone dats not into you.

  23. @poster two,no matter how busy a man is;he can surely make out one min for someone he claims to love..
    The phone calls must not be long and can be done even while he is using the rest room at work..or is using the restroom prohibited at his work place??

    All I can tell you is that you are giving him all what he needs!! And if you wanna see the real him;tell him you are going celibate henceforth;then watch how he treats you after that..

    Bydway,for him not to be having your time or calling you means just one thing;which is HE HAS SOMEONE OR SOMETHING ELSE IN HIS LIFE which is of a higher priority to him when compared to you..

    Give yourself brains dear and stop giving him the benefit of a wife..he gets free "gbenshing" whenever he wants and truth is that is what he needs you for...

    Be wise,use your head;but don't forget to go with your brain as well..

    And oohh,There are many other better men out there if you can act positively to attract them..just open your heart and stop believing this relationship you are into is a do or die affair,and must lead to marriage..

    Sometimes you win;sometimes you learn!! That is life dear...


  24. 1. What can I say? We like what we like, go for a light skinned of your choice bearing in mind it is the heart that counts. Actions speak louder, don't end up a gwegs because you want light, but if you can get one, no probs.
    2. I will not be gentle on you because you need to be shaken, so receive sense and this, 👋. Namsense people are looking for a good job, a roof over their heads, food and to leave hospital and get well, you have all this and you are depressed over a man at your young age? Kai, I wanted to dash you another 👋, but let me spare you. Hold both your ears and listen attentively NEVER build your life around a man. See the kind man sef. Don't you think you deserve better? You will get a better man as you seek God and remain patient. Start being more social go to church, be a worker, go to functions. Try to be more friendly. Having good female friends is a lot of fun. Have a hobby, volunteer, anything to keep you from thinking too much and being depressed. Always praise God and thank Him and watch Him work on your behalf. So since I feel you are a good person, I am sending you this 😘 and wishing you the best.

  25. Poster two. What exactly do you want? I can't figure out anything from your story

  26. Poster2 U need sense kai, that guy is sooo over you... Move on
    Poster1 all these lie lie prohets and their predictions stop making them God and seek the face of God instead



  28. Poster 1...please why not pray on your own, because prophesies could be funny at times.

    Poster 2.... Just let go of the guy abeg

  29. Poster one, u better move on with whosoever u fall in love with. U pple should be there listening to 'pastor's prophecy. That was how one pastor whom my husband's aunt believes so much told my hubby not to marry any light skinned girl, dat 'they' won't have babies... SMH. Who born reach me today??? Haa.
    Poster 2, what is wrong with you? It seems u like being used! So at ur age u don't know when u r being used? Keep fooling urself! Be there asking stupid questions, don't borrow brains.

  30. Poster1: renew your thinking and let God lead you to the right person whether fair or dark. No enchantment or divination against you.

    Poster 2: I pity you. You broke up with him after knwoing deep down that he may have somebody and he is only after punani,you still went back. I know you will also send us a chronicle about how he got married to somone else and the friday of it,slept at your place.

    Borrow sense and break up with him!! He doesn't love you. Go out weekends to cinemas,shopping malls and just enjoy life. You are too indoors that's why you are always runing back to him. The relationship is going nowhere so do the needful.

  31. P1, personally I don't believe in all this prophesy from pastors,dey mislead.
    P2, the writings r on the wall, so wot r u stil Waitn for, it's obvious he's only after d free punani. Pls leave him alone.

  32. removed. I did mine at Maitama hospital Abuja you can go to the hospital ask for the gynae clinic the name of my doctor is Dr Obiora he is good. Would have left his number but dnt know if it's right he came highly recommended and the doctors who did my scan from d hospital I was referred said he did a good job.

    1. For yesterday's poster

  33. Poster one. You will be alright. Free your mind.

  34. have the answer to the puzzle already and i quote "Then I asked my self, is it because he's seeing free punany and all comes in so easy for him?"

    Use your head!!!

  35. Poster one,you have miss your real guy and that happens to be your first boyfriend ,I mean what does completion had to do with relationship ,though not your mother fault but just pray God direct you to your right man.
    Poster two your guy is not into you,I mean y cant he call during the week while only on weekend,talk to him and tell him what you want.

  36. poster 1: like Stella be all prophesy person dey swallow hook line and sinker.....something's you guts point you to the right direction.....nah fear nor dey let man embark on am.....follow your heart and have a free spirit...
    poster 2: well....that guy nah just to gbensh he dey find you for o.....don't think he takes you that seriously.....and when he Don tire for egusi sister he go change canteen......

  37. My dear, get this book- THE HOUSE by Danielle Steel. You'll find your story and the answer. Summary is that he's some serious commitment but knows your weakness as er being lonely so it easy for him to take advantage of you. Leave him now and you'll be more open to others.xx

    1. Poster 2, this is for u. Steel is so good.

  38. Poster2, to be honest with u, ure a side dish. U feel that too from ur write up but u find it difficult to accept that. Its not easy but pls try and give another guy a chance

  39. poster 2, please receive sense biko!!! that dude is never going to change. please give him red card sharply. dont you have friends? please go out more and stop being indoor before you start getting depressed. Anyways am in Lagos and most of my friends live far away and i could use friends also..... lemme know if you are interested. leave a comment to indicate.

  40. Anon 15:30 wetin you dey yarn?

  41. I see no problem, poster 1$2...kasimawo

  42. Poster 2...Not all relationships ends in marriage, not all business transactions brings returns or seems you are having fun with you young man that's why you can't move on, stop complaining and give the next guy chance if he will appreciate what you trade no tax

  43. POSTER 1,

    I believe everyone is where they are supposed to be in their life, however if your ex is single please feel free to reach out to him.

    Poster 2

    You feel empty because you don't have a bf? please get real, make friends with your colleagues, join a department in church , attend singles events ..this way you can make new friends, but let me guess you probably don't attend church bcos you are angry with God for making you so empty, fam God didn't make you empty you made yourself empty, please make new friends, you don't have to sleep with people just real friendship. God will help you.

  44. Poster 1 go on ur knees n pray n be careful of such wicked prophesies.poster 2 u r so dumb al cos of desperation.dump dt fool ASAP.

  45. Poster ist advice draw closer to cnt be seeking the face of God and stil;l be giving wa oo choose one.

    draw closer to God nd be sincere about not compromise ur fate..close ur legss miss punany giver!

    which guy doesn't want a working class,fine lady plus free punany.....u are his side run fr ur dear life...
    Trust me theres a friend in JESUS... try him u will thank me later!

  46. Poster 1, try to reach out to your ex and see if it can be rekindled. Follow ur heart. Poster two, let that dude go, don't do stupid things because of loneliness, in shirt, I'll be your friend, okay.

  47. Narrative no 1: I believe that you have the final say on who you want or get. I think things aren't working out for you cos you are still dwelling on this "fake" prophesy. The earlier you move on the better for you. Free yourself of all negative thoughts and things will work out for you.

    Narrative 2: Please leave the guy and focus on your wellbeing first. I believe that our greatest fear is in letting go but the truth is that we can't move forward without letting go. That guy is toxic to you. Leave him and you will see that there are better ones out there.

  48. poster why don't you try and see if your ex is still interested in you, stick to who makes you happy and not what your mum or prophet tells you.

    if God could speak to a prophet who you should date and who you should not date, why can't you pray to God let Him also speak to you, be there waiting your time until you are 50 years then you will know what to do.

  49. poster two if we don't use our bad mouth on you your brain will never come to think of anything reasonable. Maybe that your guy is the only one that can fuck you well, he is broke, he does not love you and yet you give him your something in your house, for free,you are big fool, you be big mumu, you be ewu hausa.

    take dirty e-slap to reset your dull and mumu brain, how can you allow a guy keep coming to sleep with you in your house? someone that has never taken you to see his mum, you think you are in love? Nne you are in lost.

    you better walk away and forget about that guy, the guy has someone he want to marry, i don't blame him cos you give him the koko for free, ladies learn to set your rules with guys.

  50. @poster 1. Wu colour don elo????trust u missed your chances with your first bf BT u gat to move on and dnt bother abt skin colour biko
    @poster 2 . hmmmmmmmmm accept u re a side chick and move on

  51. Poster 2. Please have a heart to heart talk with him. Since you stated you leave far from each other, it is really impossible seeing often during the week as both of you work. BUT he has no escuse not to call you often and spend time on the phone. Evaluate things nicely & know you have all to lose... I would also advise you participate in the next SnM.

  52. Poster 2.... I was once in ur shoes but my eyes opened when i told a male frnd a male frnd my relationship story and he told me dat i was in a relationship with myself, i sat myself down and thought abt it cos i was the one giving my all in the relationship...... There are better pple out dere Loving u , so y limit urself? u are d only one who can help urself, sit urself down and give urself reasons why u desreve sm1 better..

  53. Talking about prophet of doom.. Few years back around 2012 I was in abj In search for a civil service job. My Aunty advised me to go to a church around KUrudu and I did. I met the pastor who was a prophet. He told me to write the 4 list of men in my life. I did and the format I used was the person I like most was top on the list while my husband was on the bottom of the list. After we prayed over the names he told me the problems I will face if I marry each of the men but he didn't say anything about the last . Being the least person I like. I then asked him Sir what about this name and he was like no no no. That didn't see anything about him at all( meaning he does not matter because he is not in my future ). After series of challenges I decided to marry my husband (who the pastor said was not in my future ) and today I am so thankful to GOd for having him as my husband. Because he has been a blessing in my life.

  54. Poster1.... I pity u, so u dont understand the the power that u posses? u are a pastor on ur own talk to God nd be ready to hear from him.

  55. Poster 2: Let him GO. say NO to free sex that aint worth it. You seem like a good girl. I get husband for you jare.

  56. P2: why giving a bf the benefits of a husband. Besides judging frm the look of things it is visible that the guy doesn't love u and no matter what u do or give to him it doesn't change the fact that he dsnt consider u as a gf nt to tlk of considering u as a wife.

    You jst need to dump him, put yourself together, attend church activities, go fr social functions and stay positive.

    It is very difficult to change a man that doesn't love you bcs no matter how much u complain to him it will jst be as if he is not listening bcs he has no interest in you n can hardly feel your pain. Also,note this:'sex doesn't keep a man, money doesn't keep a man, love doesn't keep a man, good food doesn't keep a man the only thing that keeps a man is a man that wants to be kept' Be gud!

    P1: if you are convinced in your spirit that there is a possibility of u both coming back then I will advise to go back to ur first bf if he is nt married yet. I will advise u to carefully weigh your options and scrutinize your heart to see if what u feel fr him is true love and nt a myth or a figment of your imagination.

    1. Your reply to poster two is an advice I will also take. Thanks

  57. kinky with a golden pen8 September 2016 at 17:54

    Queen/Boss comment is always the worse. Dear Posters, if you want genuine advice always please jump over her comment... she writes the first thing that jumps into her head, never pausing to think. What is wrong with having one bf? Are you married? I pity your husband if you are cos you must have plenty dickkk servicing you. It is logical that if you are used to plenty pwick while single you will hardly ever be able to settle for ONLY ONE when married.
    Poster One. Colour should never deprive you of happiness, forget whatever prophecy they told your mom. Remember what Jesus said in the Bible, that on the last day many people will come to him saying "Lord, I prophesied in your name, healed people in your name, etc, do you remember the answer he said he will give to them, "Get away from me, I know you not...... And by the way, is the prophet still alive, if he is try and find out if none of his immediate and or extended family member has suffered any misfortune in time past, I'm sure they would have, oya oooo, why did he not see vision for them before the misfortune, Man of God my anusss.
    Poster two... Nawa ooo, you still dey learn when everybody don wise up. Besides you are confused, did you not promise to forget about him after service, here you are today, still madly in love with him to the point of wanting bvs to help you decide. You that failed on your promise to yourself how are we sure you won't fall our hand if we give u genuine advice, on that note, go and sort out yourself and I ain't got anything to tell u #not wasting my advice#

  58. Poster 2 ....i si no gini? O si no "can't wait to hear from my man" ...WHICH MAN???? Gini ka o na ako?

  59. Chronicle2 ur story is going back n front. Mchew

  60. Poster 2 you are a side chick. A free Dustbin for used sperm. If you are hoping he will marry you, forget it.

    If you are just in for the sex then 'enjoy' it while it lasts. A man who genuinely loves you, will introduce you to everything even table and chair. This almost 40 year old man will sneak you into his room , bang you shege jaguar and dump you like used tissue. The signs are bold enough for a blind man to see. Kwentinue massaging the catarat in your eye. You will not learn, only the hard way. Abeg gerrrout with your yam yama story, make pesin see road advise people wey get genuine problem.

    PS: Dont you make friends with females ? , 'you are lonely' abi ? You work with ghosts ? You dont know any clubs, organisations to join ? No church, mosque or shrine to visit ? Abeg gettout, this stupid story is just irritating me like live maggots crawling out of lumps of shit. Dont even know why im still commenting

  61. Poster 2: osho free, please smart up Ahan, you deserve better.

    Bimbola was here.

  62. Poster 1 please learn to pray on ur own. Stop listening to false prophecies. Only man can discriminate the color of ur skin. God will never do that. Please accept God in ur life and stop listening to pastors.

  63. Thank you anonymous 6.54 where does it say in the bible that we are separated by skin? What does your mother's illness have to do with your love life? Things like this are evil and only attributed to pacts made with devil, jazz etc. Our God is a good and pure God and he says we are all made in his own image and likeness. Please leave fake pastors. They are only looking for money and they will say whatever they need to make people belive they see visions. Pls poster. Pray on your own read your bible.

  64. Both posters need to be more outgoing and mainly love yourselves the more. Self love is the key to unlocking any other padlock. Kabish.


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