Stella Dimoko Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 348


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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 348

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you...

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  1. @#3, really inspiration comes from circumstance.

  2. The Devil's Bible. LolThat is the Codex Gigas.
    Known as the Devil's bible because of the circumstances surrounding it and a very large illustration of the Devil in it.
    Reminds me of that Horror movie that had an Evil book in it. Yea,Evil Dead.

    1. *shivers * TGW you read am. Afraid no go let me read Devil Bible oh... .

    2. Pls be my mentor (lol), I just love the way u r matured, funny and well learned. The general is indeed a lucky man

    3. Awwww thanks Scrumptious!
      I am flattered!
      Bless u Dear!

      @ Odus Hahhahahahahaha
      I shivered when I saw the name too😂
      The same way I shivered many many years back when I learnt about the Book.
      Anything horror and dark,I also am scared but my curiosity Wil never let me rest til I "find out" or watch the movie. Hahahahhahahaha

      I can't remember everything about her Book now but I know iwas written in Latin and was considered a Book of Knowledge cos it contained many Life facts if u would call them that. It contained stuff like How to perform excorcisms,Magic Spells and stuff like that.All those incantations that are chanted during Excorcisms.

      Now the Mystery surrounding the Book was because of its contents which had scary stuff in them and majorly because it was said to be written by one Man and one Man alone.A Monk. The pages of the Book was made from the skin of animals numbering more than 100.Now I forgot the size of the Book but it is HuGE! As in Huge! It is Soo huge that it requires two Men to carry it.Now it was said to be written by this Monk in one night which is impossible considering the size of the Book. The said Monk was said to have written the book as a way of Penance.

      But many scholars Insist it was indeed Written by the Monk but his hand was guided by the Hand of the Devil himself.

      Curiously,The Book itself has only just two pictures which is that of the Devil himself in a diaper even though d picture seemed it was a carton picture of the Devil. And the Picture of The City of Heaven.

      Some pages of the Book is missing and no one knows who tore them off. Many people believe it might be the Devil.

      Hahahhahahaha see as I just dey call Devil Devil as if to say Night no go come😂
      I don't get scared during the day,only at nights.
      That's when I lie down,d duvet covering my head and sleep eludes me as I lie and imagine I hear all the soundtracks of all the Horror Movies that I have ever watched😂
      *Waves to Cissy and my guy Teddy*

      Okbye!Time to put the kids to bed.
      *Crosses myself as I hit the "Send" Button😂

    4. Hey gorgeous! Lovely cold n wet night, I hope u're not spending it alone, I am!

    5. Ah, learnt something today. Thanks TGW, x.

    6. Lol, you went to Google to copy and paste ..Lol hahaha smh

    7. Anon 21:21,if TGW went on Google,good. Atleast,uou and I were educated by her research, and that is what really matters. Thumbs up TGW. Nice read

  3. #1 When you have a heart of gold, no disability can stop u....#2 Hmmmmm, technology is a blessing and curse in disguise too #4 Mystery book

  4. *sings*As my memory rests, but never forgets what i lost wake me up when september ends..
    I lost my dad in the month of september, so as a teenager, i'd play that song on repeat whenever i'm feeling blue.
    I love billy joel songs..

    That is one selfless doctor.

  5. Ha very lovely at that China Doctor. May God bless you real good.

    The devil's bible... hmmmmmmmm. Dont know devil had a bible.

  6. Awww that 1st picture thrilled me...nice people are hard to find...

  7. Fact 1 is so inspiring.
    Lazy IT guy.

  8. I dont like September too. Lost my mum sept 24th, My dad sept 26th. I pray something good happens in my life this September, at least let there be a good memory abt sept.

    1. Oh!sorry about that. It will be a September to Remember for good in Jesus name

  9. The doctor and her husband got much understanding

  10. Wow at outsourcing your job.
    Clever move by a lazy employee.....

  11. Amen Anon 22:06 just believe that you will have a good september.

  12. Wow! On the last fact, Is it the same with the yellow book with plenty dragon drawings inside but can still find words of the holy bible in?


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