Stella Dimoko Final Year UNILAG Students Of Creative Arts Department Present 'ABIKU'


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Friday, 23 September 2016

Final Year UNILAG Students Of Creative Arts Department Present 'ABIKU'

The final year students of the University of lagos, department of Creative Arts  present  their special practical project titled ABIKU written by Moshood Oba . 

ABIKU is the story of  popular Abiku phenomenon of the Yoruba's  told by talented playwright, Moshood Oba and directed by Oko-oboh Enimien Silvia and Adediji Ibukun .

The story  gives an insight on this peculiar topic that a lot of Nigeria n's  shy awaything from. It exposes some truths and clarifies a lot of fallacies concerning the Abiku phenomenon. ABIKU means "a child that is born to die" what caused the death of this child? 

How can it be controlled? What exactly is the meaning of Abiku? 

These are the questions that the spectacular stage play brought to you by Group A from the department of Creative Arts of the University of Lagos are set to answer. Join us at the  Creative Arts Theatre  auditorium on Monday, September  26,2016 by 5pm . 

Let's enlighten you about this popular phenomenon.

*I remember this story so well.I even know someone who they say is an ABIKU that refused to go back..LOL

**In vain your bangles cast..
charmed circles at my feet..
I am Abiku calling for the fourth and repeated time.....''


cakes by Bella's, Abuja. 58DA8ADF, 07080305132, instagram @cakes_by_bellas ,twitter @CBellaabuja said...

Chei, this thing is scary jor

BA said...

Abiku sologun deke.

Rhoda Rex said...

Ok o

Otaswifey said...

Interesting play drama

Loveme Jeje said...

Abiku is ogbanje.

These students should just go and do serious prayers after their presentation.

Na dem sabi. They did not see another thing to act.

Anonymous said...

Stella Stella! Poetess of life, your memory sharp eh

Mrs. Romas said...

I remember the story of ABIKU, we read it back then in school.
Is what some people believe.

ed DREAMZ said...

Oky seen and observed.....

Anonymous said...

Wole Soyinka's Abiku! Beautiful poem! Stella,you are too much!

Anonymous said...

how can dey allow students to do did nonsense... dey re something's DAT re not meant to play with

MrsB said...

'Wanderer child who dies and returns again and again to plague the mother.'
That's Wole Soyinka's Abiku poem you just quoted.
Don't know how true it is but a lot believe it.

SDKprincess said...

Awwwwwwwn omg am blushing Stella thanks for posting this that is my department and am rooting for #teamAbiku fellow bv's abeg pls come and support us oo

Port Harcourt's Finest said...

I cast and bind every roving spirit of Abiku wandering in SDKB in Jesus name. Amen!

anointed mom said...

I don't like dis!

anointed mom said...

Life is full of mysteries

xhlrted p said...

I remember the film ABIKU from NAFEST. They showed it many years over and over again, even THE POT OF LIFE. Kai. Once they start it, Dan buranba shege! No night shower again, na to wash leg run out of bathroom, except you're caught and chased back.

Mrs Obianwu the biracial slender Igbo woman was her mum in the film.
*abiku abiku, ogbanje ogbanje*(chanting).

sisi eko said...

Lol. This reminds me of that movie with the girl Omotara who played an abiku. She was biracial too and I remember how in primary school people thought she was ME.

They said we looked alike. So much that I started to act like her at home Ahahah. Deeming my eyes rolling my eyeballs and pretending like I want to 'die' or that I was seeing my imaginary friends like Omotara did in the movie. Lmao!!

Does anybody remember or ever watched it too? It was scary back then though. Dayum good 'ol days.

And eh XP, congrats on your babies. You must have your hands really full now uhm. Ndo o *hugs*

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