Stella Dimoko Gateman Who Murdered Woman In Cold Blood Says He Acted Under Influence Of Mysterious Force


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Friday, September 09, 2016

Gateman Who Murdered Woman In Cold Blood Says He Acted Under Influence Of Mysterious Force

The 22-year-old gateman, Tanko, who allegedly murdered the General Manager of a bureau-de change company at her Victoria Garden City, Ajah, Lagos, apartment last month, said he acted under the influence of a mysterious force.

The remains of the 50-year-old businesswoman, Mabel Okafor, was discovered in her sitting room two days after the act, by her church members.

However, her gateman, who bolted, was arrested in Bali, Taraba State, with three phones belonging to the deceased and some of her personal effects.

Tanko said: “I stabbed her four times on the stomach. We had no quarrel. She called me inside and instructed me to trim the flowers. Thereafter, I started playing with the knife.Before I knew it, I was possessed by a mysterious force. Immediately, I stood up from my room and went straight to my madam’s sitting room. She thought I wanted to inform her that someone was looking for her. I stabbed her on the stomach.

“She shouted for help and asked what she had done to deserve what I was doing. I did not respond, but continued to stab her until she fell at the fourth strike.I removed the knife and cleaned the blood on her cloth before leaving the sitting room. As I stepped outside, the man at the boys quarter came out and asked why my madam was shouting, I told him it was because she saw some cockroaches and he went back to his apartment.

“I later went inside and discovered she was dead. I collected the purse that was by her side and removed the N10,000 I found inside. I also collected her three phones and some of her clothes and went to sleep in my room. Next day, I travelled to my home town.”

Tanko said he sold the phones for N20,000 each in Taraba State, but kept the clothes with the intention of giving them to his would-be wife.

Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Police Command, Mr Fatai Owoseni, who paraded the suspect at the command’s headquarters, Ikeja, yesterday, explained that the suspect was tracked to a hideout in Bali, Taraba State, where the deceased’s stolen items, which include three phones, trinkets and clothes, were recovered.
During interrogation, Owoseni said that the suspect took detectives to a bush where he hid the knife he used to kill Okafor, adding that investigation showed that there was an accomplice in the murder saga and assured that he would be arrested.


*This story is so sad and shows how Dangerous it is to live alone.May her soul RIP....To even think he stole her clothes for his would be wife,can you imagine?Wicked fool!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah right, they will always look for one thing to blame. Criminal, murderer!!!

  2. His rommies are waiting for him in prison.

  3. Every killer when arrested must always say he or she acted under the influence of 1 thing or the other.... When you fill your mind with evil things, what do you xpect?

    Pslam 11:3( if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?)

    Each time you think about something evil, you are already laying a foundation for the devil to come in and work in you... Except such thoughts are defeated, and the foundation destroyed, it will only take the grace of God to control you.

    May God help us all.

    *shines teeth😀

    1. I can imagine an illiterate selling a phone for 20k, am sure those phones are correct mad phones that worth more than 100k each

      Imagine d woman screaming
      May God punish your soul

  4. Oh my! Poor woman...may she RIP
    As for the bastard, may he die a painful and gruesome death!

  5. Liar you have to pay for your crime

  6. God pls protect ur children frm wicked people like ds.may her soul RIP.

  7. The spirit didn't instruct u to pierce the knife into ur own heart abi? But to kill someone else who did u no wrong?? Even after she pleaded, u stabbed her many more times. You must be a beast. Jeez.

    1. ...what broke me was when she asked what she had done to deserve that, sad!

  8. gezz...just like dat?...d legal system sha do not recognize whether it was external forces, internal forces or even home trouble forces...u will pay for what u've done irrespective of d force behind wat u did

  9. This is so Heartbreaking.
    Na that Possessing spirit go make you rot for jail.


  10. I must commend the police force for apprehending the idiot on time. Goes to show that our police can be proactive when they are serious. Well done.

  11. Replies
    1. wlc back swidy.

      Enter your reply...

  12. I pray the same mysterious voice you hear will finally kill you in prison.

    Bastardized idiot.
    Stella nothing wrong in living alone.

    Bastardized aboki

  13. Face of evil, he even de pack jeans for front to snap mug shot.. I don't know how people just take a knife and stab someone

  14. So wicked! See d fool face, wat the police re doing is prolong they should kill him.

  15. End time maiguard. The mysterious force will also catapult u to the gallows anuofia. See him recalling his devilish deeds with relish. umu ishmael and violence...tufiakwa

  16. Let that mysterious force send him to jail till eternity. Heartless fool

  17. Such a sad story.

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  18. Such a sad story.
    we live in a wicked world,
    God continues to protect us from evil people like the fool up there.
    I wonder why they are still keeping the idiot? He should die by same knife he used on his madam.

  19. I hope all these so called independent women that refuse to marry, or they marry and refuse to stay with their dh learn from this. Ur safety matters more than ur ego

    1. Most times I just feel pity for your kind of mentality. Then again it's you James so no biggie..

    2. What of those that were killed in front of their families, were they alone? Alone or not, let's Always pray for God's mercy, because nobody knows when their time will come.

  20. Typical Nigerian behaviour, it's never their fault. It's always the devil or voices from the village. Take responsibility for your wicked action idiot. Wicked soul.

  21. Na wao, may we never be in the midst of evil people. RIP Madam Joy. Your life was cut short over your goodness.

  22. this is so disheartening, wat an indiscriminate act!

    #Enter your comment...

  23. Even the devil will deny you and claim he was in India at the time! Na pure greed plus concentrated wickedness push you, ole...

  24. Heart of man, desperately wicked. Even when she was pleading for her life you weren't moved.
    May your remaining days be dark and full of pains.
    Rest in peace ma, I know you are at peace.


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