Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 47- 48- 49


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Friday, September 30, 2016

Labour Room Drama 47- 48- 49

Labour was on but baby was napping inside Momma ..hehehehe

LRD 47

Hi Stella,
My first pregnancy was something else, but I give GOD the glory cos am alive, when it was time for me to push my baby, sleep will just over take me and when am pushing doctors will check and tell me the baby is sleeping lol, after 2days l opted for a CS I came out few minutes with my baby. 

My second baby wasn't stressful, a week to my EDD, The doctor wrote on my folder ELECTIVE CS, that am not gonna push for once, that once its time I should come straight to the theatre, then I remembered my cousin almost pass on in that same hospital due to wrong injection from the theatre, I ran for my dear life and registered at teaching hospital where the doctor confirmed I could push my baby without stress. 

Two weeks before delivery my mum arrived and waited, and was even tired then I told her to go back that when I put to birth she can come, so she went to spend the night at my brother's house so she can leave in the morning, 3am labour started had to call her not to go, that night my husband couldn't sleep, the pains will come and go,I was feeling normal had to ask my mother if this is really labour cos I didn't feel the same like my first, I waited till 7am I bath, ate and left with my bags, the nurses checked on me l had dilated just 4cm, they injected me real pains started before 30min I was 8cm gone and was waiting for the last 2cm, at first I was shouting later the nurse told me to reserve my strength that she will need my shouts when I want to push, I kept holding fast to the bed, I'll breath in and out, it really helped me. 

mean while my mum has called my MIL(I never wanted her to come cos she is gonna make me fear the more, she can fear for Africa ) they were firing prayers with my husband lol. 

By 6.30pm I told the doctors to book me for CS cos the pains was too much, then he told me I could push now. Mehn I pushed for where, baby was still there then the nurses checked that my baby was too big and they have to tear me before I say jack she tore me and the baby came out, it was as if there poured ice on me lol. The doctor stitched me I was discharged the following day. My baby would be 2yrs this September. 

Am thinking of going for the last time but the fear of pushing and fear of being stitched after the CS with a torch light is just pushing me away, by his grace next year won't pass me. Lol please oh bvn you guys should pardon any gbagaun.
Thank you.
Stella I love you.

I want to ask one silly question please...When you people say The Doctor Tore you for the baby to come out..Where exactly is torn?..Cos i just checked mine and wondering where exactly they tear.......Irritatedly wondering.


LRD 48

Madam "Sterra" greetings to thee from my home to yours. I shall not gush too much about how much i love you and this blog family. Straight to my LR  drama.

I was away from home on top "i must born in the abroad"and really wanted DH to be at the delivery as my mum could not make that journey she is quite elderly and MIL na busy woman she told me to tell her when labour begins so she can be on her way so na me and  the person wey put me for condition,he arrived a few days before my due date.

 Alas! Baby no show, at this time i was so fed up of being pregnant and boos leave don begin count  would take long walks hoping to get labour started. Went for Antenatal and i remember my doctor saying my cervix was still posterior and not soft at all i burst out crying o lol. 

Went home and following afternoon i noticed some wetness but no cervical plug and it was not much, just like draining. Hian i am a doctor too though not an Obgyn, so i guessed it was liquor but no pain or contractions choi i knew that would mean possible induction which i hear is very painful so i kept quiet went to make Amala. On the other hand i was scared if i waited for too long i would increase risk of infecting my child and na money for normal delivery we plan we no add admitting baby own. So later told hubby i was not sure what was happening o called my doc she was like she doubts its labour as i had no contractions and she just saw me the day before anyway but to come to her clinic and not go straight to the hosp. 

Got there she did a check and voila cervix soft and maybe 1cm but still no contractions na so she say make i go hosp o and instructed i was induced what i had been avoiding , on the bright side she said no vaginal examinations o to reduce infection. Na so we begin ,they first took almost 1 hour to find my vein i just dey vex, then induction started i don't know if my threshold for pain is high or it was not that painful or maybe i expected worse, i did not scream or shout at all  though the pain no be here sha but cos i was being induced and i could see the machine i understood when a contraction was coming and knew it would only last few mins so maybe that helped. DH even slept off sef e be like make i throw him slap from my bed! but i could not walk far away cos of all the monitoring gadgets i was hooked on to.  

I asked for pain relief o was told i could only have two shots  and would wear out within an hour so decided to save it for later cos i was told earliest the baby would come was 7Am then me sef don calculate am myself. Alas my doc came like 3am and checked and she was like almost fully dilated small time na so she say make i push na there the story pafuka i was like "i cant, i don't know how to" lol

I saw my baby come out she placed a mirror so i could see mehn that was the hardest part for me pushing that baby out! Hubby that i had warned several times to just stay by my head and not wander to yonder region na there he glue himself even all THE camera we took was abandoned. My doc was so good in between pushing she would tell me to relax and use her hand to push round babies head( sorry TMI) ended up with no tears at all though i kept asking her if she was sure i did not need any repair make she just help me tighten the place back.  

After the baby came i just kept looking at him could not believe this little life was from me o. He was such a beautiful baby even if i say so myself( proud mama). my doctor kept teasing me i cried my baby out and hubby went on and on about how strong i was plenty side eyes at him wen na sleep he dey sleep
number two on the way praying for a drama and pain free delivery of a healthy baby.

Attached pic for your eyes only

WOW..Are you both light skinned?this child is so white!...So you hubby go gum himself for where the show dey?Some men never remain the same after seeing that scene and they begin to treat their wives like sisters...

Lucky you


LRD 49

Hello Madam Stella and Wonderful BVs.Here goes my story.
As a first time mom,i was so anxious and curious to know how giving birth was like.I googled the internet,watched videos on youtube and lots more.All these were just to reduce my fears and tension.I and hubby collected ooo till 9months(doctor encouraged it though).

Exactly on my Edd,on tuesday night at 11pm,i went to pee and cleaned with tissue and notice blood(show)...haaa e don reach for my church mind.I was taken to the hospital that night and was admitted.They gave me injection(vitamin K),it was so painful afterwards,the labour pain started....if i lie down to way,if i sit ...mbanu.

My mum was already sleeping and also the nurses on duty.Something happened that night sha,let me deviate a little,i realised that my phone battery was down and i forgot my charger at home,na im i beg one oyibo nurse her charger,she said she is still using it and she will charge her power bank after that...Ok,no wahala.At 1am,i couldnt sleep nah,i just went to the charging point and plugged my phone sharply...Chai,they were sleeping and i was awake and my phone dey charge...infact i was watching over them.

Mumsy woke up at about 4am and prayed for me,forward to 5.30am,i went and removed my phone from the charging point and plugged back her own and i went straight to nurse,woke her and told her that the pain is too much that she should come and check me...she did and i was just 1.5cm...


Fast forward to 8am on wednesday,i had dilated to 4cm and they had to give me drip.Now the original labour pain came,i cried,i prayed,mumsy prayed,hubby prayed,elder sister prayed,she just carried my drip dey follow me around till about 11am(7cm)......i cried,i lamented..why is this thing going slow....chai afum ife(i don see something).Then the pain increased within three hours.My mum jokingly said"nne,adarakwanu asi ndo"(dey no dey say sorry )that i should endure and be calling Jesus Christ.....

hubby went out to buy food for cos i have not eaten since morning.I couldnt endure again,i went into the delivery room and told the nurse to please come and do anything dooable to me(neva mind the english).Nurse came and massaged the cervix,i wailed and warned her not to touch me again...subsequently i felt like pooing,the nurses arranged everything and told me to only push when i have the feeling to poo....

 I pushed o,they used baby oil because they didnt give me tear...i pushed till my baby  came out,minutes later the placenta came out too....Ohhh!!!!!!atlast..i praised God Almighty,i glorified His Name.Then a doctor came and sutured me cos baby gave me tear,i didnt feel the pain sha because they gave me injection.I was cleaned up by a nurse and she helped me walk to the ward to see my baby.Thank God for everything.He will continue to bless everyone.Amen

Na wah oh..Congrats...but how can you be in labour and be looking for where to charge phone?


  1. Congrats to you all, no strength to read abeg

    *Larry was here*

  2. Congrats mummies. Poster LRD 49 na who you wan charge your phone call? Jesus or virgin MAry. Your post is so hillarous.

  3. Brb!! Someone wants to buy me lunch. Plenty stories to read make I hurry.

  4. Replies
    1. Tell you ooo!
      Each pregnancy is unique and special!
      I really enjoyed all stories.
      Nothing so fulfilling like having a healthy baby at the end of 40weeks!
      May God bless all homes with children, Amen.

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  6. Congrats to you all
    May God bless all mothers in the world! Mothers Rock

    Stella na the tohtoh dem dey cut na. Down down side of the tohtoh near the anus 💃

  7. Congrats to you all. It's not easy, neither for the woman nor the man. While the woman is enduring excruciating physical pain, the husband is experiencing equally excruciating mental agony and pain not unlit he is told congratulation.

    If you impregnated a girl and they abandon her for you, woe betide you if any thing happens to her during childbirth. Woe betide you if you are young and rich and your new wife dies during child birth when you just struck a fat business. They will term you ritualist as if they didn't k ow before marrying you their daughter.

    Bottom line, husband love your wife as God commanded and you will feel her pains.

  8. Congrats to all the mothers

    Stella na the Vijay them dey cut na

  9. Thank God for all the safe delivery and congrats to all the mummy's

  10. Kwakwakwakwakwa werebyou trying to call your baby in the womb?

    *hangs leg on the cupboard*

  11. I laughed at charge phone. U are funny o

  12. Congrats to you all. God is faithful.

  13. hmmmmmmmm nawa oh....tank God shaa am nt a woman

  14. Congrats to you all abeg no strength to read

  15. Hmmmm. I refuse to be afraid. God please take charge when the time comes.

  16. Stella, this one wey you pack 3 LRD into one post, no complain when the folder empty oh.

  17. Congrat oo, God bless mothers.

  18. Father please forgive my sins and give me a second chance so I can also send in my LRD...thank you in anticipation for a quick reply..amen


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