Stella Dimoko Saturday Laughs..Late But Here!


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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Laughs..Late But Here!

How far?Enjoy the Laughs please!

Hilarious Myths We Were Made To Believe As Kids In Nigeria
* You must not eat from a cooking pot else your complexion would be as dark as charcoal.
* If a child crosses over a pregnant woman's stretched out legs, she'll birth a baby that has the child's bad characters.
* If you sit on the mortar, your butt will swell.
* Singing to a flying egret would make your nails have white dots.
*It's forbidden to look in the mirror at night else you'll see demons or evil spirits.
*If you beat a boy with a broom,
his penis would shrink. Most men still avoid being beaten by a broom till date for fear of having a shrunk penis.
*Sleeping with legs on the wall
means you are a witch.
Being caught in this position by anyone means you have gone to attend a witchcraft meeting.
*You shouldn't walk backwards because it's only ghosts that do.
*If you eat the eye of a fish, you
will become a dullard. Most Nigerians still detest eating it till date.
* Whistling at night invites
snakes into the house.
Children were also warned to avoid blowing whistle at night for same reason.
* If it's sunny and raining at the same time then a lion is giving birth.

*When a child looses a milk tooth, it's to be tossed on a roof with seven stones else it would never grow back.


  1. Replies
    1. Stella haven't you noticed what's going on here
      Ashewo don dey hustle to comment first with nude pictures as dp
      The economy is really biting hard o

    2. Latest promixing training,organic materials,all your 100% skin care products BBM 2B97FEAA Whatsapp 0816084536010 September 2016 at 18:54

      Funny nd nice I enjoyed d last parT mostly.

    3. LOL. That Happy Birthday on both! too funny

  2. Adeosun denied her own existence. Hahahahahaha
    Madam just denied her twitter handle after saying recession is just a word.
    All funny shit.

  3. Hahahahhahaha

    Kai! Never look In the mirror at nightπŸ˜‚I Know someone dat wAs afraid to look in the mirror at night hahahha and she said sweeping the house at night was bad luck too. U'l be sweeping away the good luck meant to come into the houseπŸ˜‚
    And d one of don't cross someone sitting down. My grand Ma Wil reel u to cross backπŸ˜‚Me and my brothers always found it funny and strange.

    Kai! Dat Okro soup is the truth!
    Hehehhehe @ Kelvin and Queen.

    Ok,back to my soup-making!

    1. "Liquid tea sold here" lol is there solid tea?

      And what about the tradition that you shouldn't show babies mirrors? Is that also a myth or is there a genuine reason for that?

  4. Lol... Wenger and bottle water.. Chai gunners na dead

  5. Very funny. Love this last one, superstitious believes those days. Celebration food can change people as well ohh I swear lol

  6. D last joke got me laughing,I dnt even know if they are superstitious or not but sometimes I avoid them a lot,lolz for tailors are always busy but your clothes are not always ready.

  7. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. I used to believe those myths,if a child crosses a pregnant woman's leg he will be asked to cross back to avoid the unborn looking like him.

  9. Let me go and buy mortar and sit on it.

  10. God go punish who wear arsenal jersey for that goat . Idiots

    1. Lol @anon13:55. The meme pain me too o. My dear Arsenal has become the butt of jokes. Gunner for life.

  11. If your wife have two sim, just save it with wife, no need for wife No.1 and wife No.2
    From Hospitalised husband. LMAO

    Calling EFCC on the person that prepared that salivating delicacy, because is just too much for this recession period. Nigerians funniest people on Earth.
    Funny shits.

  12. hahahahahahah i laugh small sha, you did north west my tym.

    *hangs leg on the window*

  13. When i was in primary school my friend told me all fair people will go to hell and i fucking believed her.

  14. They are all funny but dis ones crack me up d 4th pix @ how does ecclesiastes tasted and d pix about wat do u expect, flat screen tv

  15. Hahahahahahaaa, bad luck kee? . We were made to believe then dat if a kid drinks coconut water, he/she wil turn out to b an itibolibo.

  16. Hahahahahahahaha Mehhhn the last joke, i did most of those things cos i can fear for africa lol.happy weekend to you you and you.

  17. very funny stellz, had a good laugh.

    Those superstitions tho

  18. Funny memes... the TV scene "muna gbagi" right? I watched it last week with the Yeye translation.
    #queen$boss $ Kevin meme so on point..
    Chai! That last one ehn, na superstition

  19. The cake episode reminds me of Mel B'a reality show where she ordered for a cake on her daughter's bday. She told the baker to inscribe the word 'Phoenix' in the middle of the cake. But the itibolibo baker inscribed 'Phoenix in the middle' right at the centre of the cake....smfh.

  20. Kikikikikiki hahahahaha

  21. Sleeping and putting your legs on the wall na witch now.


  22. Follow me ask ooo! How does the book of Job taste?

  23. Yes I did number 4 wella. When I see those eaglet, start singing 'leke leke give me white finger' and It works that time o. Lol. I miss those days

  24. Really funny.
    Brazilian goatinho??

  25. Lol...

    If u bend down in a market and look under ur legs, spirits will give u a big knock and you'll run mad.

    Is it true?

  26. If they tell you I haven't either in my school, it's a lie ooo I repeat it's a lie.

    That's how there ll now be impromptu test and they ll write two pages Ur still @ half of a page


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