Stella Dimoko Wife Tells Judge How Hubby's Mistress Stole Her Underpants And Bra..


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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wife Tells Judge How Hubby's Mistress Stole Her Underpants And Bra..

After several unsuccessful interventions to save a 16-year-old marriage, an Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Wednesday dissolved the union, citing the husband’s infidelity.

The marriage between a food vendor, Adejoke, and her bricklayer-husband, Musiliu Omotosho, was dissolved the President of the court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola.
He said the petitioner (Adejoke) was adamant despite several mediations from the court and family members.
“Since the petitioner wants a divorce after several interventions, the court has no choice than to dissolve the union despite the fact that the husband claims he still `loves’ her.
“The court hereby pronounces the marriage between Adejoke Omotosho and Musiliu Omotosho dissolved today; both parties henceforth cease to be husband and wife.

“They are free to go their separate ways without any hindrance or molestation.”
The petitioner, Adejoke, 39, had approached the court to end her 16-year-old marriage over infidelity on the part of the husband, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

She said her husband was in the habit of bringing his lovers to their one-room apartment to spend some days or months with them.
“I always leave the bed for them and sleep on floor and on four occasions, I had reported him to both families.

“Recently, he came home with a woman who stole my pants and brassieres I discovered after she had left.
“I told my husband to retrieve my underwears from his lover, he later came home with a bra and pant that was not mine,” she told court.

The mother of four boys accused her husband of being fetish, saying he married her with charms.

“When I was single, my husband approached me that he wanted to marry me, I told him that I had a fiancΓ© and that our marriage was near.
“Musiliu came back the following day and touched me, I did not know how I got to his village, and I started having babies for him. As an orphan nobody looked for me, but now I am back to my senses,” she said.

“My husband had also threatened to kill me and my hair dresser had confided in me that my husband also asked her to give him strands of my hair.”
Adejoke said she was the one feeding the family, paying the house rent and the children’s school fees.

She urged the court to dissolve the union, saying “I am scared of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD) from him due to his unfaithfulness”.
The estranged husband, 47, told the court that he had been paying some bills contrary to what the woman said.

“I usually pay the bills, I give my wife N500 per day for feeding, but she also assists me as any good wife will do.”
Musiliu said he had returned the under wears his lover took away from their house.
He, however, denied that he never approached his wife’s hairdresser for her hair.
In spite of his alleged unfaithfulness, Musiliu still urged the court not to dissolve the marriage, saying “I still love her.”



  1. Lmao.. another hilarious divorce. Haven't we read this exact case here before? Or they just happen to have the same story? Anyway na dem sabi

  2. Wahala everywhere. This thing called marriage sha.

  3. This igando customary court don hia whinn!

  4. Imagine. He isn't even denying the I fidelity charge. Love fire!

  5. Useless man! Imagine a bricklayer cheating on his wife who can't even take care of.
    The woman should concentrate on nurturing those four boys she had for him well, so they don't also end up like their evil father.

    He hypnotised the woman and married her, and still couldn't take good care of her. Some men are indeed useless and weak.

  6. So he brings lovers to the house, four children 500 hundred naria.
    Igando news is all about poverty infested couple, Stella are there not rich divorce report, instead of these reptiles
    Poverty is a disease and having children upandan makes it worst

    1. LMAO @Reptiles. Chisssoosssss!

  7. This amusiliu is a bastard, he actually admitted that the mistress stole his wife's underwears. Like wtf? Bringing in strange women into your matrimonial home to spend weeks, one room at that, taking over the matrimonial bed while your wife slept on the floor and the shameless bitch had the gut to still your wife's underwears. Ahhh! I spit on you Musiliu, I wouldn't have believed this story if not that you didn't deny it. I don't understand how this woman managed to put up with your excesses all these while, but I thank God for her decision to move on now albeit late. But come o, Madam Stella, I hope there are still married couples remaining in Igando? Cos I don't gerrit mehn πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚.

  8. Hmmm, he even said he returned the pant his lover stole from his wife .Yeye man, he's proud of his infidelity.Thank God the woman is wise .

    God Bless Everyone.

  9. He brings his lovers to the house and the wife sleeps on the floor haaaaa.... God please save us from wicked men. Amen.

  10. This happens when people marry for the wrong reasons. When you want to marry, marry because you want to settle down in marriage. Not because you are looking for someone to love you. Not because you are broke and looking for someone to bail you out. Not because your mates are getting married. When you marry for the wrong reasons you suffer and when you can no longer take it you quit it doesn't matter how many years you have been with the person.

  11. Poverty has finaly come to stay in Naija o

  12. See them bricklayers, iya oun je (food seller) everything is just smelling poverty.

    Afterall those rich kids in Singapore says "Dont love poor".

    Igando people una weldone. I pray something good will come out of that Igando. May be God should raise a prophet for them to deliver them of marraige wahalas.

  13. Poor people and their kind of issues sef.

  14. This igando is synonymous with poverty.

  15. This divorce case offers me the opportunity to say this. Women are constantly in trouble with men because they don't want to avoid avoidables. They can help themselves but they won't, but rather rely on looking for sympathy. Sympathy that does not solve the problem they have. This is helped by the fact women have sworn never to see anything bad I what their fellow women do and seriously condemn it so that intending victims would learn. They just derive pleasure in lashing the men.

    In this case, the sympathy goes to the woman and rightly so. The man is an irreponsible man and deserves every vile words he can get. But then no woman is prepared to say a word against the other woman who comes to another woman's husband's bed and sleeps ensuring that the woman sleeps on the floor apparently watching while her husband gbenshes her without shame.

    So I ask, who do these 'useless men' cheat with, have sex with and spend money on?. Are they rocks and woods that only the errant men are the ones upbraided? Poor men as always are constantly abused as knowing only how to fuck, how marry many wives and how to 'born' many children. And i ask, what type of women are in it with these men, rich women ,hence no word is ever ssid of them. I weekoo

  16. E be like say na igando dey reign now ooo! Na to pack go there so I go dey watch the seasonal films LIVE.


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