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Thursday, 20 October 2016

An Internet Scam That Took An Unexpected Turn...WOW!

When Maria Grette first discovered that the 58-year-old Danish man with whom she had fallen in love was actually a 24-year-old Nigerian "419" internet scammer, the 62-year-old Swede was distraught. But, soon, her feelings changed.

"The most terrible thing was not that he had cheated me, but that he had lost his innocence," she said.
She became consumed with what she describes as "a profound need to make a difference to the people of Nigeria".
Ms Grette's relationship with Johnny (not his real name) began after an evening of fun and games with her girlfriends, during which they playfully created a profile for her on an online dating website. A few years before, she had gone through a traumatic divorce, and her friends teased her about finally starting a new relationship.

But when the fun of creating her profile was over, Ms Grette, who works as an arts teacher, painter and arts therapist, didn't give much further thought to the website
"I received messages telling me that people had contacted me, but I never looked at them," she said.
Then, one day, she did.
"I still don't know why," she said. "It was like a sudden impulse happening before I could stop it."
That particular message was from a man who described himself as a Dane raised in South Carolina, USA; a civil engineer working on a contract in England; a widower with a son in a Manchester university.
"I was caught up by the atmosphere and by something in his words," she said.

The pre-amble
Johnny: "I wish I could see through your eyes and see what you like to see"
Maria: "I like to see the truth, and often the truth is more beautiful and greater than people dare to realize"
Johnny: "You talk in parable´s. I can´t wait to see you"
Maria: "I cant understand how you can think so dedicated of me, when you have never met me. That scares me."

"We spent some time writing, then he called from a UK number."
Ms Grette, who had lived in different countries across Europe, was surprised that she could not place the man's accent. She mentioned this to him but didn't give it too much thought.
He told her that he was planning for his retirement; had Sweden in mind for a place to settle; owned a house in Denmark inherited from his parents; wanted to leave that to his son, Nick, who was very attached to it, while he looked for a new home for himself in Sweden.
"I wanted to meet him because I liked him," she said. "He had a way and a sweetness I had never known in a man before. And he was innocent in a way that puzzled me."

Ms Grette put all these qualities down to "an old fashioned upbringing and an isolated life - living in hotels and spending his free time on golf courses owing to much travelling".
After three months of communicating, the man agreed to come over and visit her in Sweden. But before that, he and his son needed to make a quick trip to Nigeria for a job interview, he said.
Johnny called to let her know that he was at Heathrow Airport. And to say that he had landed in Nigeria. He also got her to speak with Nick. The next phone call was to tell her that he was in a Lagos hospital.
They had been mugged, his son shot in the head, and they were without money and papers.
Unfortunately, his bank did not have a branch in Africa, he added, so it would take time to transfer money from his UK account. Meanwhile, the hospital management was requesting €1000 to proceed with treatment.

The request
"Honey, I am in the hospital right now using the doctor´s laptop to send you this message so you can know my situation. Honey, if Nick dies I will also die with him, I have been crying, I wish I could call you, I wish I never came here, I will never forgive myself for bringing Nick along with me. I will call you with the doctor´s phone and send you an email later if I have the chanse.
"Honey, I am happy to hear from you and I am still at the hospital. The doctor said we where lucky we where not kidnapped. The bank does not have a location in Africa, so it will take time to get money and the management are requesting 1000 euros to proceed with treatment. Nick is all I have got and I will not forgive myself if anything happens to him. I am confused, and I do not know where to turn at the moment......"

"I will never forget how I rushed to the Western Union office, trembling while I did the transfer," Ms Grette said.
"All I could think of was to get the two persons in Nigeria out of danger."
The plot developed after that initial transfer. Medical complications called for more money. The doctors demanded more advance fees.
Several thousands of euro later, in what she describes as "coming to her senses", Maria realised that something was amiss.
She stopped responding to his messages.

Three weeks after her silence, he called her and confessed. He told her that he was not who she thought he was.
"I said I already knew that. I asked him to tell me his true identity and he did."
He was a 24-year-old Nigerian "419" scammer. He had finished university two years earlier but had no job.
These kind of advance fee frauds are known as 419 scams in Nigeria after the section of the Criminal Code which covers fraud.
He further described himself as a "devil" who had wronged "a lovely woman".
"He said he had never met anyone like me before, that he had been fighting his feelings for me for a long time. He said his scamming mates had warned him about falling in love with a 'client', that he had ignored them because he trusted me and did not want to lose contact with me."

The reveal
From this point on, their communication took a new turn. There were no further requests for cash.
"The attraction I started feeling was to the person who was revealing himself to me... It was still him, but with a new name and different age and circumstances," she said.
Johnny sent her a photograph of himself, but Maria was not satisfied with that.
"I wanted to meet him," she said. "I could not live with this relationship unless it was adjusted to reality in all senses."
Unable to get him a visa to travel to Sweden, she made up her mind to go to Nigeria.
In October 2009, Ms Grette travelled to Africa for the first time in her life.
"When I saw him at the airport in Abuja, tears fell over his face, and I knew I had known him all my life."
Ms Grette described her two weeks in Nigeria as blissful, a period during which she and Johnny succeeded in transforming their romantic feelings for each other into a good friendship.
She met his friends, many of whom were also scammers. It was while enjoying their company one night in a local bar that she began to wonder how she could make a difference.

"I asked myself what I could do to prevent a situation where healthy, good young men fall into this trap," she said.
An idea came to her two years later, in 2011, after she saw an article on a Nigerian news website about an arts exhibition.
Over the past six years, Ms Grette has arranged for a number of African artists to visit Europe for arts exhibitions, workshops, conferences and competitions.
She has assisted them to source international grants and other funding to advance their work.
She has also visited Uganda to give talks on art, and is looking forward to another visit to Nigeria scheduled for later this year.

Ms Grette, now 69 and living in Norway, is elated at the opportunity to improve the lives of these young artists.
"Johnny has given me more than he took," she said, "Without him, I would not have met Africa."
When she'd visited him in Abuja, Johnny promised Ms Grette that he would give up scamming.
With her assistance, he left Nigeria shortly afterwards, to study in America.
Although they have not met each other again since, she continued to provide him with financial assistance until he completed his degree a few years ago and got a job in the American oil sector.

They still communicate frequently, updating themselves on each other's lives; and last year, he bought one of her paintings which she shipped over to him in America.

"He is very dear to me," she said.
"He has asked me so many times to forgive him and I told him that the most important thing is to forgive himself."

bbc cullage.

WOW,i am blown away by how this ended!


charitybino said...


CherryCee said...

Good read.
Is this the only pattern these yahoo boys have? They should come up with something else.

ify onyekwelu said...

Just wowed by this story....something beautiful came out of this.
Akachukwu di na ya.

peace maker said...

Good for them

karma?...please said...

Erila ya in another way

Seun ogayemi said...

I am blown away too by the end was thinking the woman will come and teach him a lesson in Nigeria lol

Elixir Ray said...


shirley said...

This story gave me goose pimples,this hard country turn people to all manner.the guy his one with a good heart.and Godbless this woman a hundred folds

Larry said...

Wow!!! Interesting.

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl said...

See Maga! Yahoo boys get in here. This guy is the real MVP! Y'all learning. Maga finally paid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Apples ( SDKBlog Shrink) said...

Oh wow!!!! Things changed Cuz he truly repented! Th is is not a cue for ya'll to start doing yahoo yahoo, he met his own helper.

Yemi7up said...

Hmmmm, he is lucky he was not locked up,the woman really tried by forgiving him and given him a better today. I hope some will not believe everybody could be this lucky.

ejike capable said...

Choi some people have all the luck.

Tofunmi Brown said...

Wow! This is so nice eyah...I just pity the other people who will decide to try this (scam people and then confess, efcc go to handle you)

Anonymous said...

The guy's juju man has a first class degree!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

DoppelgΓ€nger said...

Wow smart guy and very nice lady.
Sometimes God uses people to bless you in mysterious ways.
I hope other young men learn and stop sending those silly yahoo mails about having money from an inheritance and how they need someone to help them take care of it etc.

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...

Wow nice ending

PLATINUM said...

The truth is that johnny is a good person, infact i dnt knw wat to say again stella i follow u blow away

Shantelle's Empire said...

Their relationship is still a scam.
24yr old man
62?year old woman....
I hail my naija brothers.

Shantelle's Empire said...

And oh....i didnt read all that.
I'd rather surf for Ruben Abati's write up and read.

Kenora Ese said...

A woman with a good heart

Lizzy Berry said...

Hmm nice story,,,, stressful day today

Am not downcast goodnews have been pouring in today,,,, will be sharing them one after the other,,,,, small small

Jehovah overdo! Jehovah sharp sharp!

Sonia Spence said...

Lucky dude.

Jenny zee said...


Ugonma Ajike said...

Oyibo people their heart is something else.

events by tegz said...

What a beautiful piece. I'm happy for the guy,im more happy for the lady,she's been able to turn the "lemons"in life to "lemonade"

Anonymous said...

Madam Norway you still fall mugu!

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All the yahoo boys on this blog will be happy now.. Mtcheeew 😏😏😏

Bolaji Obalola said...

Honesty is key to being great.

Bee10 said...


Justina Michael said...

Wow! Happy ending?

D mbaise gurl said...

The guy is lucky. Oyibo get fish brain. Mehn see office. I trust my IBO brothers

Anonymous said...

Nice. This could have been a disaster. Online love is very dicey. At least she channeled adversity into a positive outcome.

Iman Bella said...

Just wow
As I as reading along, it felt sooooo magical
I was already envisioning a happy ending of them ending up as husband and wife
They were destined to meet at that points in their lives
This story is just sweeting me

Stella maris Baby said...

Lovely end.
Nice one..

Ufuoma ohwaguono said...

Lols. From falling mugu to being used and dumped. Gosh! She still sends him money! Smh. Nice to a fault I tell ya

Priceless Jewel said...

Hmmm, thank God for your life Dearie's. To err is human, to forgive is divine! It changed their life forever...

... Jesus is my worth!

Iphie dearie said...

LOL.. from the spelling of that "chanse" if Ms Grette was a Nigerian she for know say na one chance.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This ended well i must say.

MzAnon said...

I love this guy loooooooool
He scammed her till the end. Smart boy

Zitel Coconut oil Onitsha 08081725441 said...

God bless u miss, u sure have a good heart

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow.she's so kind

crystal said...

Amazing woman, very very rare kind of person. If na me, I go jejely naked pray for the guy

Olumide Vincent said...

like seriously!
this is a tragicomedy. lolz.
Hey, I see you. No, not you, but you. You are considering turning into a scammer so that... no way! e no fit work, u hear?

Debi said...

Wow, what a happy ending

Kim Kardashian Aka portable queen of sdk blog said...

So nice of her

Kim Kardashian Aka portable queen of sdk blog said...

So nice of her

Diuso said...

wow, the woman has a good heart ooo and for the guy hmmm *no comment* glad it turned out this magical

Adanne said...

Wow! How lucky can a man be?

Elastic said...

I can relate

Obed Nwafor said...

Wow!!!!!!! Happy ending...

Miz Cindy said...

Uh uh nice , sounds like a fairy tale,maybe if I start scamming I'll meet my own angel?? Lol

Anonymous said...

U never know whr ur destiny lies honestly. Wow just wow

Miz Cindy said...
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Miz Cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Lol poor woman. She has been so thoroughly jazzed she is now feeling like a philantrophist and a savior. The boy jazz man is a genius mehn. Not only did the boy get to have much more than €1,000 the woman still feels compelled to do more by sending him overseas, supporting him financially, getting him a job, and with no strings attached. He didn't even have to marry her. Mehn guy twale. I fear u. Hehehehehe.

omoi ozovehe said...


The General's Wife said...

I am just teary.
There are still good people in this world.
I pray God blesses you now and always Mrs Grette.

The General's Wife said...

And Bless u too JohNny.
It's takes a really good person to realise he has hurt someone who has Bn nothing but Good to him. And to ask for forgiveness and change his ways. Indeed I know u are forgiven. I am happy you are in a better place Johnny! Wow! Just wow! 😘

Rob said...

My nigga

Anonymous said...

Reuben Abati story...

Besmeraldboutique said...

Hahaha, this is Nollywood Yahoo [+ ]part 1, 2, 3 and to be continued. She will probably sponsor his wedding and kids school fees. Eternal ATM

Vivilicious said...

Which repented? He played the woman so well, see how the woman kept on spending on him freely. Chain, this oyibo people are so naive and the guy is a smooth operator 😁😁😁😁

Vivilicious said...

I tell you shantelle, correct scam. The woman really fall mugu mtchew

Vivilicious said...

Kai, see naivety

Jenny zee said...

I don't think they continued dating from d story up there, she only continued assisting him financially

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Anonymous said...

Poor Tonto dike

Anonymous said...

Stella you are copying too much this days, between you and laila'sblog I don't know who is copying each other. Don't be lazy.

oguike akudo said...

Story that twinkle the armpit...

Princess Of Sdk said...


Anonymous said...

Big time.

Iphie dearie said...

Still paying oh😳😳

IJAY said...

Hmmmmm johnny, OK ohhh let me believe is a happy ending and u achieved ur aim

Amacastel said...

Hahahahaha u are so funny & true. Reuben Abati. Story indeed.

MrsB said...

Wowzer! Just wow!

Anonymous said...

All of you calling Jazz, don't you believe there is a God who doesn't spare mercy and grace?

Anonymous said...

Exactly my point. Till the end. He confessed cos he saw what he could gain from her but lucky him the woman was nice to a fault. Oyinbo get white ( good) heart sha

Anonymous said...

Maga still paying,the baba cook the boy jazz wella.*beyounce hand for the boy*

Cynhams Cakes & Pastries, Abuja. Home delivery. said...

At last something different.

Lilly simple said...

Wow wower wowest

Ngbor Sira said...

The story, thrilling.
The comments,Jesus is Lord.lmaoo @ eternal ATM.

Henny said...

The guy is.

Fuck you said...

Na so dem go take thief ur mama till d end

Fuck you said...

The truth is dat even if he used her to d need wat goes around comes around...such a pitt

Who'sThatGirl said...

'Ayam' telling you!

Girl in love said...

The truth is that I need the number of the dibia Johnny uses.

Miss V said...

Wow, Wonderful, Such Souls are rear, God Bless This Woman.

Anonymous said...

Nobody saw the aspect that the woman gained a lot too. Her visit to Nigeria opened a big business for her and I guess she made a lot of money from that, that is why she has no grudges again for the boy and still send him money. Oyib wey like revenge like sex. Make I hear.

Anonymous said...

Maga paying till the end, people.

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