Stella Dimoko Apostle Johnson Suleman Donates $7,000 To Social Home And Blesses Many Others In Tulsa..


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Friday, 28 October 2016

Apostle Johnson Suleman Donates $7,000 To Social Home And Blesses Many Others In Tulsa..

Among pastors of great flocks today, a select few emit the passion for giving. One of this very few is Apostle Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide. 

From the early Christianity to the modern age, genuine Christians have carried with them, a beneficial concept of charity that has had, and continues to have, a substantial impact on humanity. Suleman is a perfect example of this tradition of old. It is always a moment of joy and fulfillment for members of his Omega Fire Ministries and even strangers, the less privileged including widows, widowers and vulnerable children when he blesses them during his regular charity scheme.

The latest flow from Suleman’s milk of kindness was a donation of $7,000 (seven thousand dollars) cash he made to the New Day Youth And Family Services, Oklahoma during the Tulsa Raw Power Conference which took place two weeks ago.

While presenting the gifts, Apostle Suleman said at The Christ Chapel of Oral Roberts University, venue of the crusade, where thousands from across the world had gathered for the Raw Power Tulsa, that he was doing it on God’s instruction. “God directs me at will to do these things which fire my compassion for men, pursuit for lost souls and mandate to wipe out tears and restore men and women to their destinies. My actions are of God.

Of recent, Suleman had embarked on a wide range of aids to different categories of people, from the nameless to celebrities. The firebrand preacher recently gave out many classy cars worth 2 million each, with cash gift ranging between N100, 000 and N250, 000 to people on a regular basis. Also, several members of OFM are constantly blessed with gift items which include refrigerators, Plasma TV sets, power generators, gas cookers, other household needs and even cars, in the scheme that is aimed at challenging the well-to-do in the society to focus their wealth more on the poor. 

As he was giving out the blessings in Tulsa, there was the testimony from a particular woman who came for thanksgiving for the divine blessing she received at the Kenya Conference.  The woman, before she attended the Kenya Conference, was already at a dead end, nothing was working for her. She had done all she could, yet no new thing happened in her life. She attended the Kenya Restoration Conference at the KICC, Nairobi where Apostle Suleman gave her a prophetic Word which enabled her to secure Visas to the US. Last week, Apostle Suleman also blessed some indigent students with cash while he placed them on scholarship scheme. 

“I have tasted poverty. I come from a very humble background. My parents were Muslim before I was called. So, I knew how it felt to be poor. That is why I believe that the less-privileged of today can become important personalities tomorrow. My mission is all about preaching to souls and giving to the needy. What I do every year in the open that you may think is big is just a fraction of what I do to help many in the corner”, said the man of God who noted that his giving in the public is not to show off but to give the opportunity to those who have but does not give, to start giving.

Speaking of the Tulsa Raw Power conference, the man of God said; “it was indeed awesome. God manifested Himself in many miraculous ways. It is a written pact that God's works done in God's way never lack positive supplies. God has always been wonderful. The conference was a two-day explosive deliverance episode that was filled with signs of His glory and power. Many things new did happen in the life of many. Of course, when Jesus calls, the world gathers; listens and profits hugely.”

He is always ready to move around the world preaching the gospel. Where is the next port of call? He said; “God has sent His servant to the world to bring restoration and grace to all who would believe. Now, God just made the world to experience His presence in Oklahoma, America, as people from all parts of America yearned anxiously for the great encounter and received bountifully from His grace, the next Raw Power train will move to London on the 1st and 2nd of November 2016, after which we shall take His Raw Power to Turkey between November 22nd and 23rd, 2016 before we return home for the Nigeria’s missions. 

And God has promised us it is also going to be a fulfilling encounter in the life of the hopeless and the downtrodden.  As we move around the world through His special grace, millions of people are being freed from all evil foundations that temporarily hold their glories, finances, health, spiritual life and family success. 


AppleofGodseyeoriginal said...

Thats good

peace maker said...

Good to know

Senator said...

Will read it when I ve difficulty in sleeping.

BluntChic said...

Oga Sule,

it is nice to know that you love publicity. Why not send 300k to me and see if I won't scream your name to every living thing.

Patiently waiting.

Anonymous said...

Oga Sule,

it is nice to know that you love publicity. Why not send 300k to me and see if I won't scream your name to every living thing.

Patiently waiting.

Bravitudenaturals said...

This man should come and bless me too

Stella maris Baby said...

Good work.
More of God's blessings man of God.

charitybino said...

Thank God.
My my help and blessings locate me before the year runs out.

Milly Pee said...

Tulsa ke, when people are dying in Naija. uncle sule! (side eyes)

Anonymous said...

Apostle Suleiman, please all I need is just 10k to turn my life around. Apostle please if you are a BV reading this now, please bless me with 10k sir and I will forever be grateful.


Chidinma Gift said...

Well done Apostle

Anonymous said...

This man and tb joshua always helping the needy.

ify onyekwelu said...

Highly commendable!
May Heaven bless you sir

Anonymous said...

May God bless him really good.

Starjoy said...

How nice of him

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