Stella Dimoko Lawyer With BSc Drops A Memo For EFCC And Nigerian Lawmakers Over Naira Abuse Brouhaha


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Friday, April 19, 2024

Lawyer With BSc Drops A Memo For EFCC And Nigerian Lawmakers Over Naira Abuse Brouhaha

Comedian Mr Jollof dropped a serious but funny message on Instagram for the Economic and financial crimes commission.....Netizens are asking him what his degree is.....

He says ''Abuse of Naira doesn’t affect the price of garri in the market. Our law makers should amend laws that is strict on the citizens not only sharing constituency projects. If Jollof talk now them go say Jollof don start again''
He told the lawmakers that they are elected to make laws and if they see laws that are too harsh on the people, their job is to amend the laws and not be running after projects they dont deliver.
He is also upset that on the day Arsenal and Man city and Madrid had matches EFCC arriagned celebrity barman cubana chief priest..
He says the naira is also abusing people and that has made many turn into what they are not ,including young ladies...
He says a mere video evidence of naira allegedly being abused is not admissible in court....
He is supposedly addressing the Judge and said ''Come on my Lord..............''

Na h this kind Lawyer dey tell their client to plead guilty in court so...hehehehehehehehe


  1. EFCC sending Bob to prison was too harsh if you ask me. He was a first time offender and even pleaded for forgiveness. Quite understandable that ignorant isn't an excuse to the law but there should be an instance of leniency here. It was so quick to jail him whereas criminal politicians are walking freely through court injunctions.

    Going forward, how does it help the economy by jailing offenders? Does spraying money the cause of the naira to fall against the dollar? Will it reduce the hardship in Nigeria? Will it stop kidnapping and armed robbery?

    I ask again, what do EFCC mean by mutilation of the naira? Is spraying of money mutilating it? What does mutilating means?

    As far as I know, this shouldn't be the worries of EFCC. They should major in fighting financial crimes like fraud, embezzlement of public funds, money laundering, economic sabotage and scams.. That's the principle thing they were created for.

    I read they are allegedly waiting to pick up Odumeje once he lands on the airport from UK for an old video he was seen spraying money.

    So if they starts arresting people based on old video, that means they should get ready to arrest and prosecute thousands of Nigerians and politicians as well who have in the past done that and their videos are online too. There shouldn't be sacred cow.

    © TEEJAY

    1. There are also nolliwood videos showing actors spraying money in wedding and other parties. Those actors should also be arrested and prosecuted ba?

  2. I sha like this guy.
    #rabadosh! 😂

  3. This country na cruise 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Those useless ones that comes to raid in my community even arrested garri and rice sellers.


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