Stella Dimoko FG Set To Employ Two Hundred Thousand Graduate Teachers


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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FG Set To Employ Two Hundred Thousand Graduate Teachers

The Federal Government says the implementation plan for effective commencement of its social investment programmes has reached an advanced stage.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who stated this yesterday, said the selection of the first 200,000 unemployed graduates for teaching jobs was being completed.
Addressing a group of radio journalists and producers at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, Osinbajo said: “We expect that before the end of the month, we will engage 200,000 out of the 500,000 unemployed graduates the Buhari administration plans to hire in the N-Power jobs programme.

“Definitely, before the end of this month, we expect that several states would have come on stream with their home-grown school feeding programme. The programme will energise agriculture in the different states because it is what you plant that you feed the children with.

“We’ll be hiring caterers, cooks, etc in each state because it’ll be federal government-funded from primary 1 to 3 and the state governments, hopefully, would be able to cater for the other classes. The home-grown school feeding programme is another section of the social investment programmes that impact directly on the lives of Nigerian children and families. Several states will start implementing it before the end of October,” he said.

Osinbajo added that the micro-credit scheme in which very low-cost loans would be given to more than one million artisans, traders, market women and others ranging from N60,000 to N100,000, would also kick off this month.

“For women across the country, we’re giving loans, micro credit loans to about 1.5 million women. We’re focusing on market women and artisans, loans between N60,000 and 100,000 each. We’re working through the Bank of Industry (BOI). We should be flagging-off hopefully before the end of this month,” he said.




  1. Let's see, I like you Mr vice President!

    1. Talk is cheap. I've lost faith in this government.

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  2. So teaching job is the employment they promised Nigerians?...
    They are looking for people they will be paying chicken change as salary...

    1. Linda leave many people are looking for that teaching job...oooo. It's way better than staying idle. Do you know some graduates are earning 15,000. Teaching in nursery schools. My Dear the suffering is real. I just hope it's not all talk, coz that's what this government seem to be good at.

    2. Your stupidity is beyond belief. You are daft, daft, DAFT. Repeat after me. So ashamed for your parents and children. #Spits#


  3. Replies
    1. are you minding the fool, after 18months he is still come up with more lies. Remember after their swearing in, the lying pastor said payment of 5k to unemployed youths as well as the school feeding program, they promised their hungry followers, will all commence by October last year.

    2. Once u join politics lies become ur hubby wether you like it or not. Is usual

    3. Nne odikwa egwu. Which pastor he be sef? Pastor that cannot say the truth for the fear of his boss.

    4. Nne odikwa egwu. Which pastor he be sef? Pastor that cannot say the truth for the fear of his boss.

  4. I just hope the funds won't be diverted to private pockets,and d intending applicant be exhorted. Nigeria how mighty you have fallen.
    Gone where d days wen honesty,integrity was up held. "Arise, O compatriots
    Nigeria's call obey
    To serve our fatherland
    With love and strength and faith
    The labour of our heroes past
    Shall never be in vain
    To serve with heart and might
    One nation bound in freedom
    Peace and unity.

  5. I pray for nigeria my country to be faithful loyal and honest....

  6. Teaching jobs for 200,000 unemployed graduates!!! WTF is wrong with this Govt? How much will the salary be? The teaching profession is about to lose its worth because even the people whose PPA in NYSC were teaching jobs did it without joy. Now you are sending them back again. Half bread is better than none sha.

  7. This "mere commissionaire" is loud mouthed, hope he do consult his slave master before make all these bogus and unrealistic promises, they use in deceiving APC touts and zombies.

  8. Osibanjo is not a pastor. that man is a politician. Where you see Father Adeboye called him a pastor. Lies everywhere.

    All promised cancelled and still cancelling more. Eka Joy oya go and collect forms from APC hand for employment.

  9. This government is a joke!
    If They couldn't recruit 10,000 police officers,how will they employ 200,000 teachers?

  10. Good to know!

    #when u see something say something#

  11. Must it teaching!!!!! Arrrgh!!! Ok!

  12. Everytime talk without work, I apply. For this npower teaching job and @ d end they do not send me sms for the test.

    1. God bless you for this comment! I also registered and do you know the funny thing? I didn't receive any text neither was I allowed to partake in that gadget test! It's so painful that after the stress of going to queue @ the computer centre, one couldn't even afford to get the smallest text from Npower. Shame on this ppl for their lies. Secondly, I heard that their system crashed leaving those who registered for the Npower programme btw the first 2 weeks that it hit the internet, meanwhile you said registering twice would amount to disqualification! If they knew this was gonna happen, why didn't they make the announcement then? This pain i'm feeling is too much. I feel so rejected by success.

    2. Emilia u can still write your text,i did for someone today and it worked,just follow them on facebook and inbox them ur problem or u can send your details tru my mail.

  13. I just hope the elite won't hijack it,just like they have hijacked the police recruitment.
    Stella,do you know that some people who went to jigawa,so people from the govt gave some people 20 million naira so that they can just put unqualified people?
    Now to get ASP,you have to pay 1million naira,and INSP,its 700k,and all the politicians are just giving money,so that people who didn't go for any screening will get the job.
    It's so sad,that PMB cannot allow merit even in the police force.
    I don't even know what Mike okiro is even doing there,the guy is corrupt as F.
    May God help the poor and people who don't have 1mil or 700k to pay to get the job.

  14. Let me even see this job first 😢 I did the npower so I hope they pick me.

  15. So no other job than teaching for the unemployed graduate

  16. Liars*
    I know some fools will believe them*


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