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Monday, 17 October 2016

Monday IHN

Monday......Kisses to you!
May today be a BLESSING to you!..AMEN!

Lost my #CookiesAndCream........Sigh

Stella Sugar, my name is blessing and have seen a lot of beautiful faces here and I decided to send mine. 
Hope you are fine? God bless you

I am fine honey..kisses!

Dear Stella, am a regular bv and I do comment as Chief Teepomping once in a while. I noticed we have more of female faces in our IHN face(s) so as a fine boy that I is now lol. I think I could be an IHN face. Thanks

Hahahahahahahhahahahahaahha those your lips eh..hmmmm
Anyway how far?


my one and only Mrs Korks,that has my kinda beautiful nose.Thanks for posting my mail the other day
   Please i have a silly but important question i want to ask my ladies(sorry guys but this doesnt concern you)


I normally flush into the toilet but, for some months now,our toilet has been blocking on a regular basis( i said months because i changed pad because of heavy flow)    

 Hubby normally calls plumber to do the stuff but it kept repeating so he decided this time around that he must be there to supervise him because he felt the guy wasnt doing a good job.

 Oga plumber opened all the chambers leading to the soak away and all they kept seeing was TISSUE(comfit pad).They actually think its tissue because it was scattered and washed but i knew what it was.

After all said and done,hubby came in and said we are no longer using tissue in this house not me,not him,not even the kids. He said if we gbensh,we go straight to the bathroom to bathe or toilet to wash and if we poo,everybody must use water to wash bumbum. 

Chaii see rules and regulations on top watin no concern tissue.I objected to it and told him theres no way we can do away with tissue in the toilet so he went ahead and brought out a new bucket for whoever wishes to use tissue to use and dump in the bucket after cleaning their bum and mandated me to do the burning of the used tissue 
lol see me see gobe o,my people.

I know fully well that its sanitary pad that blocked it because nobody lives with us in the  house and we hardly get visitors that stay over but i want to try and rectify it myself by proving to him that tissue alone cannot block toilet so we will continue to use the tissue and flush it but what happens to the real cause of the blockage?put in the trash,burn,or what?Ladies please suggest o.Make una no curse fellow sister lahor

About the matter of washing bumbum after whatever,are you not gonna dry it up?or will you not clean before washing it and then drying it up?



Good day ma, I really don't know how to go about this but something keeps pushing me to write this, I would not know where this would fit on your platform but it is an urgent plea and I may never know.....

I am from Onitsha north in anambra state, I never knew it had so many traditions till I got to a marriageable age, I am a 26year old female I live in Abuja with my parents. 

Part of our tradition is to get married to people from the same place that is Onitsha. I just recently met a young man from Onitsha who I must say is a great guy but when he came to say hi to my parents we were told that we are 'nwanne' which means we are related even though we aren't from the same village, we were later told we aren't related but there was a decree back in the day that the two villages cannot inter marry due to the fact that they disagreed a lot. 

After making a lot of enquiries we decided not to disappoint both parents and let things be. Both Parents have dragged our ears telling us we have to marry people from Onitsha it's becoming a difficult task but I would really like to use this medium to see if I can meet anyone from Onitsha who obviously has been going through this same situation and maybe Also match make him with a girl from Onitsha aswell. 

Please Mrs Stella help us it would really give us some comfort meeting new people from Onitsha  I know people from all tribes visit your blog and we are hopeful.
This is my Bbm pin - 7ADEEDB4

Attached below is my picture so you could put a face to this mail but it is for your eyes only. 

WOOOOW,See beauty!!!..I wish you all the best as you search for how you wan do am?should the ladies contact you for his contact?



My institution is urgently in need of a Matured Male Secretary. The preferred candidate should either have an SSCE/OND/HND and must be living at Ojota/Ketu/Ogudu axis.

He must also be highly computer literate,married and a born again christian.Please this is strictly for OND/SSCE holder who resides at the above location.

Driver with SSCE is also urgently needed and the salary is 40,000 and the preferred candidate must also be staying around the above stated location.

Kindly send your cv to


Saanu madam Korkus, its miss Aboki again ooo. My own angel has located
me through your blog even when I didnt ask.

I have been eating concoction rice back to back since monday not
because it is my favourite but because I didnt have a choice.
I even thought of applying for a giveaway but decided against since
there are people with worse challenges.

Then on Friday morning, a bv sent message asking for my account details and
transferred a HUGE amount of money. She wants to remain anonymous but
my God who sees in secret must reward her abundantly.
God bless you for allowing your platform to be used to touch lives.
bv miss Aboki



Hello Stella, thank you for your platform, i would appreciate it if this can be posted in the IHN. I live in Texas and I have a spare bedroom for expectant mothers coming to deliver in Texas, tourist or any one that needs a place for a short time. I can be reached via email at my apartment is conducive and everything would be included in the bill. Thank you.



Hi Stella,
I love this wonderful platform you have given to your bvs to showcase their craft and I pray that the Lord will richly bless you. Please help me post this job advert in IHN section: *Superintendent Pharmacist needed at Rumuodara, by Deeper Life Headquarters, along East-West Road, Port Harcourt. Interested persons should please send their CVs

 Thank you and God bless.


Appreciation for the giveaway from Alata swe swe
Thanks for the stew I really enjoyed it, pls patronise them. Thanks to aunty Stella for this opportunity may God bless u ma.

Obe swe swe we need to gist,abeg mail me.



Good day Stella, please I am so devastated right now, I am shedding tears as I type this and I don't have an idea of how ill go about with the trauma I am facing right now. 

I never knew I would ever face what I am facing right now. I never in my wildest imagination imagined that something as terrible as this would befall my family. 

Stella some months back my husband brought a distant relative from the village to stay with my family,the boy is 19 years old, I'll call him O. I objected at first because I didn't want wahala from the village, but after my husband narrated how the family were suffering in the village to train the boy and the boy was such an intelligent and likable boy, I had no choice but to accept him.

He and my 9 year old boy got along very well and he was helping him with his home work and my sons academics improved, I was so happy for that. Two days ago my son was sitting and wincing like he was in pain, I asked him what the problem was and he said nothing, the way he quickly said nothing raised my suspicion, I noticed he was in pain, so why the lie. I became very observant and I noticed he was visibly in pain, he got up from the seat and stood up to eat, I told him to obey table manners by sitting and eating, he sat down sadly and was even in greater pain. i asked him again and he denied it. 

The next day it continued so I told my husband and he said he has to go to the hospital, i told him about his denial which I found strange and the dad said that  a doctor has to see for himself. Stella I even tried to check myself and he quickly brushed my hand off and told me he was okay. I concluded he must be embarrassed and I told him of his fathers decision to take him to the doctor but to our surprise he  started crying and said he will not go. my husband thinking he was just scared of injection insisted that he would go, we practically dragged our son to the hospital because he tried everything he could to stop us. I got the greatest shock of my life when after examining him, the doctor told me that someone was molesting my son through the anus.

 I almost fainted, it was as if I had died and woken up. My 9 year son molested by a fellow boy? how? when?.i was transfixed at a spot for a lot time trying to digest what I was told. when I finally got myself, I went to my boy  and he was crying when I entered where he was, he looked so scared, I quietly asked him who has been doing horrible things to him down there and he said O did it to him. 

Stella I died a second time. I couldn't believe my ears, this is a boy I have helped a lot, he looks so responsible, so well behaved, I would never have suspected him of such devilish act. I looked at my son in disbelief, i started wailing, I was mad.i am like is my son a gay now. why didn't he report him?? 


when I told my husband he was mad and nearly killed the boy, we have sent the demon packing. But I don't know what to do with my boy, he needs counselling but I don't know where to take him. we are based in Lagos, please BVS I need help.i am almost going crazy here. Thank you

Too shocked and angry after reading this...WTF!!


Good day Stellz I hope this meets you well.
Please can you post this on Ihn. I'm I urgent need of an experienced tailor in my fashion house in port harcourt, Precisely obiwali road, Rumuigbo. Interested people should call 07019151884.


Dear Stella
I am currently recruiting for the role of waitresses in my newly set up top-notch restaurant in Victoria Island Lagos. Please see Job Description below:

Job Requirements
*Ensure that all guests are served to the restaurants standard. 
*Display highest standards of hospitality
*Welcome guests with a warm smile and present them with their needs in a friendly, timely and efficient manner.
Person Specification
*Minimum of OND Certificate
* Must be slim or moderate in size/appearance
*Tall in height
*Pretty and attractive
*Good charisma and personality
*Great command of English Language
*Must be clean and very tidy looking. (No Body Odour)
*Should reside on the Island for proximity purpose

Salary package will be based on your negotiation.
Please forward CV to


Hello madam stellz
I actually wanna use this medium to say A big "Thanks" to the BV who credited my account anonymously with A whooping sum of #24,500 on friday night..
I cant find the perfect word to express myself or how i feel regarding this kind gesture;but i know the lord i serve will keep multiplying your source of income in A thousand fold..

Thanks A lot ‎from deep down my heart!! And May God keep embarrassing you with success and blessings wherever you are...



I need a live-in nanny with cooking experience.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Take care of an 8 month baby when I am at work.
Cook, when you want to eat.

LOCATION: Alagbole, Lagos

SALARY: N15,000 per month, for a start. Will be increased based on passion and commitment on the job.
 BENEFITS(for a start): Personal room en suite. Sunday and a random week day are free. Conducive environment.

REQUIREMENT:  Kindly come with your HIV/AIDS, STI and Hepatitis test results. 
Interested person should be a Christian, healthy, neat, know how to handle kids, kind and patient with kids. 
Send a mail to, with all the necessary information. 


I honest doubt if you are human like us who think only of ourselves. Together with angels of your kind.
Thank you, for affording my home the means to buy food aplenty. Thank you anonymous Angel that sent me money. Both, your homes shall continue to be celebrated in Jesus name.

Bv Justina


Appreciation to Port Harcourt bv for beautiful dresses
Hi aunty Stella God bless u for this platform,indeed I was favoured. Thank you Mrs Ebi for ur wonderful dresses,gush...there are just lovely,and also for gifting me because Monday is my birthday,may God grant ur heart desires and never let you cry except its for Joy. Thank you plenty plenty...kisses  Stella and you know what?(whispering..she is beautiful.



 I  need an honest caterer in Enugu for my event on Nov 12th... Reach me on 07064477101 ASAP.. Thanks


Hello dear,

Kindly post this in the in house news. I have some baby things used by my daughter  to give out to some  one that can not afford it. They include flannel wrappers, shawls, some baby clothes, brand new steriliser, breast pump, new toiletries like boot soaps, boots powder and boots baby oil. 

Please help me choose someone that is resident in Port Harcourt who is in need of these things but can not afford them. Kindly send me the chosen person's contact details so that we can arrange for delivery or pick up.

Thank you so much.

Ada Mazi

Ada baby is one of the poster from the LRD,the one i called my bestie..hehehehhe
Anyway,please if you want any of these mentioned,send mail to busy body who will choose two people and send me their contact details to Ada baby.
BBC please i want the info latest tomorrow.
Ada make we yarn naaaaaa,as a BFF that u IS...


Appreciation to boldnburiful
This is to s‎ay a big thank you to boldnburiful concept, she did an advert on online production class and promised to give 2 slot free to a BV, I was one of the BV that benefited from the free training. God will continue to bless her hand work.
A big hug and kisses to you Aunty Stella for this wonderful platform  may God favour and blessings never go far from you Amen.

BV Deola.


Good morning Stella, thanks for the good work your are    doing. I want to report a certain Uche Dickson   ( don't know if it's his real name) , I participated in the last edition of Singles and Mingle and Uche Dickson sent me a BBM request. Immediately I accepted, he started sending me nude pictures.. Please Stella, Put up his supposed BBM name and Pin to warn others. 


My dear sorry but i couldnt post the dirty preek photo.Please if anyne has this person on their contact,please delete NOW!


Are you James or not..LMAO..I am asking to help you debunk it cos everyone is tagging whatever you comment as ''James''..If you are not James,biko do a rejoinder before they spoil your new name with his bad name..LMAO.
Chei,I miss James like crazy oooooh.If only he can start posting..

James will you be my blog boo?LMAO!!!

Oya catch this kiss...I love you Jamessssssss

*side eyes*


We would like to Give 2 would be brides a free face beat this coming December 2016.
Please send a message  to
Stand a chance to enjoy the offer.




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Adadioramma said...

First IHN of the week. The Lord declares it, and we believe it. That d thought he has for us, are thought of peace and not of evil to give every families, marriages, home's, husbands, children, brother, wife's an expected end.. In d powerful name of Jesus amen. Receive that blessing you didn't work for. It is your covenanted right. Have a blessed week all.


In house news, I want to comment early today today lol.

Anonymous said...


stunning slim shady said...


Rhoda Rex said...

Welcome IHN

Uriel (Freshdew) said...


Hi5 StellaπŸ™‹

Maureen Ekeh said...

Happy New week.

Anu Funke said...

Hiya everyoneπŸ™Œ

Malumi Dont Beat Mi said...

God bless SDK

Scarlett said...


calabar chick said...

Happy New Week everyone!
God bless you.

white Berry said...

Welcome ihn, and I wish you all the blessed week ahead.

Teena said...

God bless us all.Welcome IHN....

EZE CJ said...

Enter your comment... Fuck

starshine said...

Yeey first IHN of the week

kemi ade said...

IHN is here. So many appreciation today.

Dewdrop said...

I love my job. Kisses to my sisters in the house.

Anonymous said...

No recharge card.#goes back to work#

calabar chick said...

Stella is so obvious James is Peace maker, missed your funny comments James James.

Bonario nnag's Wife Nai'ma said...

God bless everyone

Lady C said...

See d way dat sauce is stirring at me.

BARNY !!! said...


SONIA SPENCE ✌✌✌ said...

Guten Tag SDK. Grüß dich.

Can't thank God enough for his love and faithfulness.

May this week be good to us all.

Stellas Cookies and Cream said...

Stella... You must tell us what cookies and cream means oh

Chidinma Gift said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa first IHN of the week.

Wish you'll a prosperous and favour-filled week.

Naijasinglegirl said...

20th to comment?

beeolah said...

Ihn kaabo
Baba God pick my call

Nwabu Obinna said...

#TGIM. Thank God for a brand new week.
*obaino was here*

Anonymous said...

Uche Dickson send me a request,I accepted but the next msg that came in was that I should send him my nude picture & ask if I like small or big prick, I didn't waste time in deleting him
Rubbish guy..


Ihn keeps rocking.
Sdk is bae.
Where is Nwamaka and lafreshest?

amanda favour said...

Madam,after using ur pad,put it in a black poly bag and put in the dustbin.
You can burn Dem if you like.

Chidinma Gift said...

James oya come out, Stella is missing you so much, I am sure she regrets calling you out but mehn your comments most times were unnecessary and annoying. If you have changed oya come and take a hug like the prodigal son.

Anonymous said...

@Queen and Boss, I hope you were joking when you said your family might have HIV earlier today.

Anu Funke said...

@ the lady whose son got molested you can try get in touch with Daniel Akpata. ..he's very good with counseling. You can Google up his number and call him to book an appointment. All d best

stunning slim shady said...

Faces of ihn Una fine oooo..@ chief Teepomping u are so hanZome. No contact,,? Kikikiki

Emilia Peter said...

Ihn is here, God bless everyone.

amanda favour said...

Stella,I can comfortably bet my lunch that peacemaker is James
I know you know he's the one LMAO
James I roff you oh

Lizzy Berry said...

Nne dispose your Stomach in a black nylon and wrap it up double or in tripple nylon bag and dispose in ur waste bin. I can't deal with pple dat dispose Sanitary pads in their water system,,,it will never go down the drain like tissue paper,,, it will block pipes and so on

salt E said...

Aww my onitsha North sister is looking for love God abeg make it possible oo.But my dear any man is a man oo our parents did not mould man and keep for us anywhere pls be wise in ur choice and good luck to u.

Some people wash off blood from sanitary pad other people wrap and burn, pls stop blocking the toilet na money oga dey use call plumber abeg.Choose BTW burnin and running water over it shikena

saltish said...

IMO I feel it's wrong to flush your used sanitary pad,why not put in a nylon bag and dispose appropriately.

Have a blessed week people

Adetutu Babatunde-Edward said...

IHN ti de, welcome. It's Monday already and I am impatiently waiting for the D-Day! I want the breat pump but I am in Lagos. Christmas is fast approaching oh, thank God for another beautiful year.

Chidinma Gift said...

Wow have really missed my favorite blog since Saturday, going back to read everything bit by bit i can't afford to miss the dramas and all.
But will it be necessary commenting? Is anyone gonna read it at all? #thinkingaloud

calabar chick said...

O is very devilish, he would have been purnished before sending him packing...who knows how many people he has done that to?
Please take care of your son and give him hood counsel.

Olori footwear said...

U check dickson is a fool.. he is really behaving the "dickson" way.
God is so good to me and I can't thank him enough.. way maker he is.. and yes, he answers prayers...
Empire season 3 who is still watching?

Anonymous said...

Please I need sparkles jewelries contact number not office address pls.
Anyone with it can send to stella to post tomorrow cos she won't allow numbers here.
Thanks in advance

sassy barrister said...

The only post I can remember is d bv whose son was molested by a village boy.
Omg!!! I was literally crying as I was reading that.
I'm in shock mehn.

Bee10 said...

Inhouse wow God bless the givers and those in need of help may your helpers locate you all.
Sdk God bless u too muchos gracias!

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

Shout out to Lee boo as you start ya exams today. I pray you come out in flying colours. Retentive memory is yours ijn. Do and finish this ya exam so I can sample you wella. Make I fine one place drop leg jooor no one to service my engine and my tap head s5on nearly break self. Mtcheeeew. How far? How una weekend go?

Uzu Anwuli said...

Awesome God,may you provide jobs for the graduates in the house and money for those who want to learn a skill or start a business.Amen

Malumi Dont Beat Mi said...

Yea have been wanting to ask sef where is James?

Anonymous said...

When Mormon missionaries (properly called Latter Day Saints or simply “LDS”) come to your door, they will often offer a free copy of the Book of Mormon and tell you about its author, Joseph Smith. Smith, they will say, translated the Book of Mormon from golden plates he dug up in a hill in New York in the early 1800s. This is supposed to confirm his calling from God as the new prophet on the earth in these latter days. Further, they will tell you that the Holy Ghost will confirm the truth of the Book of Mormon by producing good feelings in you. Next will come the invitation to “read the Book of Mormon, pray, and ask God to show you it is true.” Of course you must do this with sincerity, or it won’t work.
Before you fall to your knees, there are some things you need to know that they are not telling you (and won’t unless you ask). The first concerns many LDS beliefs that separate them from historical, orthodox Christianity. These are not found in the Book of Mormon. In fact, there is really very little in that book that is doctrinally disagreeable to orthodox Christians. The real meat of Mormonism is found in their other scriptures, The Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price. These books, however, Mormons do not hand out at the door—and for good reason. If people knew up front what they were really going to be asked to believe (things such as God once being a man, denial of the Trinity, Satan being Jesus’ brother, pre-existence of souls, etc.), they may not be quite so willing to put aside their skepticism.

The second thing to realize is that in accepting the Book of Mormon, one is, in fact, accepting Joseph Smith as a prophet. So what about this test of a prophet? Isn’t it legitimate to “give this question up to God?” No, it isn’t. This is because God has already revealed His test for would-be prophets, and it has nothing to do with prayer or feelings, and God has no obligation to answer prayers that He has already answered! We do not have to ask God whether or not we should rob a bank or murder someone. Rather, James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God … and it will be given to him.” Wisdom is applied knowledge, not lack of it.
God never tells us to pray about what is true. When we want to know how tall a wall is, we don’t pray about it; we get something that we know is true (a ruler) and compare it to the wall. The Bible, God’s Word, is true. That is our measuring stick for truth. See Acts 17:11, for example, which describes a group of people who were considered noble because when Paul came to them with the Christian message they “received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily, to see whether these things were so.”
Feelings are unreliable because they are subjective, easy to produce, and are not meant to discover facts but to tell us how we feel about facts. Psychological persuasion techniques, intensity, eye contact, or mere desire can produce feelings that feel real because they are real! But real feelings are still just letting us know how we are reacting to something, not the truthfulness of that thing. The Mormon missionary handbook specifically details these techniques, and missionaries go through training on how to persuade people before they ever leave the house.

What are the biblical tests for a prophet? They are in God’s Word: Deuteronomy 18:21-22 says, “You may say to yourselves, ‘How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the LORD?’ If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.” Did Joseph Smith ever claim “in the name of the LORD” that something would happen when it did not? Yes—many times, in fact.
Joseph Smith prophesied that New York would be destroyed if they rejected the [Mormon] gospel (D&C 84:114-115). He also prophesied that the rebellion of South Carolina and the War between the states would result in an end of the world, lol!

Fierce of SDK blog said...

I'm not feeling too good today. I think this is the depression they talk about. My bp is over the roof even though I'm on drugs,my marriage self is not sweet. Truly, money answereth all things. Never thought things would ever take this turn for me.

mrs cbn said...

Ihn 1st? 2nd? Ts really going to break my heart if I not.

chi said...

My heart goes out to the woman whose son was molested but why send him packing when he can face the tune of the law. It's not like he's still a minor . My prayer is that God will heal your son and remove any evil seed such a horrible experience might have planted in him. God bless you.

Gracified said...

Abeg is the male face of IHN "singular" looking to be "plural"? Somebody is interested.

Fab_divas online store for designer bags, footwares and clothings said...

In house news is here...
So many giveaways,
I need my angels to locate me ooh!!!

The Observer said...

Sanitary towel lady, stella has told u d solution.
Stella if u wash after doing a number 2, na ur towel sure pass. At least that's what I do. Can't now use tissue cos it's rip apart.

OMGoodness. My heart goes out to your family madam. This has to be one of the greatest nightmares a parent has abt their kids. Unfortunately it's so hard to find professionals knowledgeable in dealing with cases lik this in this country. It's a topic nobody wants to broach and to b honest if u r not mindful the counsel he gets it may make him feel suicidal. I wish I had a solution, I really do. I can only ask u to pray for God 's guidance on what to do then healing for ur boys mind. Talk to him constantly, keep ur emotions at bay when talking to him ie no crying or angry talk. Let him b able to open up to u abt how he feels.
Chai! I'm just weak

Alabi Ganiyat said...

IHN don come again o!
Wishing y'all a fulfilled week.

Chidinma Gift said...

Shout out to
Stellastico(nwunye Korkus)
Pipi lee
Kelvin(where you go)
Queen and boss
Jobless house wife
Cynham cakes
James(Stella's runaway blog bff)
Salt E
BBC(why you no wan choose me nau lol)

And all of una wey i no remember
I go like be popular like una when I grow hehehehehehe

Jasmine said...

BV chief, u r fine o.

Madam, stop flushing ur pad down the toilet. U want to block the toilet? Ha! Tie in a black nylon and dispose. Simple.

My own angel, locate me o.

Chidinma Gift said...

Am out will be reading comments

Anonymous said...

Uche Dickson, guy with his preek as his dp pics, I deleeted as soon as I accepted d invite. Nonsense sombori. And those married men that added up even wen it was clearly stated single guys needed, wat r ur reasons. Let love shaa find me. SnM or not, I need love from the opposite sex jare, loving myself doesn't balance the equation.

salt E said...

The funny thing is if u end up not marrying this dude tomorrow u might hear u guys are not nwanne.Keep ur options open because what if your husband is really not onitsha? Don't pressure urself cos this LOVE SWAP might not be easy to come by.I do wish u well and I am speaking at length on this issue because many of us went through this same u must marry from onitsha yet they won't provide the husband for u.

Apples ( SDKBlog Shrink) said...

Where my angel at???

Atheist. said...

Lol@ spoil ur new name with his bad name. Kikiikiki, lol James oh

Greenland hostel (add up 55979E98, Apete Ibadan affordable modern self contain for all) said...

Stop flushing pad in the toilet, you people will not hear. Some people in my office do the same thing. They were trying to convince me to do that also because they believe ritualists pick up used pads. Once you wrap your used pad properly and you tie it up in a nylon, disposose it in the trash and trash properly.Ritualists dont make use of stale blood.

Madam whose son was molested, try and get him a good child counselor. Plso investigate more to be sure that he is not being molested in school also. All will be well.

Mothers please let us all try to be
observant. I shiver at the thought of having helps when my kids are still babies.

EXCUSE YOU!!! said...

just ate my lunch. IHN IS BAE and i am satisfied...... oh my gosh, bout the poor boy that was molested , he actually might not end up being gay but it is something he will never forget, i really feel for you ma.

DoppelgΓ€nger said...

Madam whose 9 year old was molested. Please and please don't ever blame your son for what happened.
And no this doesn't mean he is gay.
You clearly haven't made him your friend enough to trust you with something as serious at that.
Secondly, you clearly didn't teach him the rules about his body parts and who is allowed to touch what or not. Teach your kids where other people apart from you are allowed to touch.
Let them know that if aunt or uncle touches my private I should tell them not to or report them if they proceed.
If you did,that demon 19 year old wouldn't have succeeded as much as he did.
You need to talk to your son first before dragging him off for counselling like a criminal.
The poor baby hasn't done anything wrong.
Blame yourself for negligence.
Thank God you noticed early and acted.
Let your son know that he did nothing wrong. Do not blame him for not talking either because If you had opened that communication avenue at an earlier stage he would have done so.
Sadly, boys get molested just as much as girls and by people close to them more often than strangers.
Be careful who you trust with your kids.
Don't say because your child is male nothing will happen.
I know lots of men who were molested by their helps as little boys.
Please everyone is a suspect, be alert. Make your kids your ffiends, they should not be made to fear telling you anything, you'd be thankful for it.

Loveme Jeje said...

Today IHN is packed. Blessing and Co. you guys are beautiful and handsome. Keep it up.

The woman with the pad problem. when you use finish, put it inside nylon bag (black) and dispose of it. Nothing go happen to you as far you guys pay for this big van (dirty motor van) that picks up una dirty every month. That is what i do. So no fear at all.

The lady crying for her son, sorry to hear what your son experienced. Next time, make your son your best friend, this would have been stopped for a long time if you had kept your eyes and ears wide open. Dont worry, he will come round. He is still a boy and dont always bring the subject up for him. If you are still worried, take him to a counsellor. I dont know any at all. It is well. Stop crying.

The onitsha lady let me wait for queen of this blog, abi na money maker wife.. she be onitsha babe.

Thank God for those that gained a lot here. Martins, Aboki and the other lady enjoy

Day 6...... Malt and Milk. Let me eat my rice i brought from the house

Pen Duchess said...

Wow it's IHN again
My favourite post on stella's blog
Happy monday to y'all
Shout out james (in Anonymous mood).
Shout out to patt ogar, I missed your comment on this blog, please come back.
#vote stella dimoko korkus blog #
# for Nigeria writers award #

Ajah Nneka Vincent said...

IHN is here again.Thank God for a new begining of the week!God I really trust in You.God bless Sdk and Sdkers.One love

Obaro Evaborhene said...

God is watching you

peace maker said...


lagos babe said...

Busy day,ok bye.

Anonymous said...

madam that is looking for a nanny and asking them to bring test result, be like sey u just come Lagos. better take whomever you decide to employ to the hospital yourself. people forge results o. to the lady whose son was molested, I want to help you kill the guy who molested your son. as in, drop his details in the comments section, and I will kill him for you.

abeg, I need money. hunger is wire-ring me here fah! which kind tin be dis

Omasiri said...

Abeg i can't read any longer. Why will the boy molest such an innocent child? He should be jailed for life with hard labour. This is wickedness of the highest order. I pray your boy recovers from this ordeal. God forbid bad thing. Tufiakwa! I spit on that boy..tueh

Tilly said...

Poster you can wrap ur pads in old newspapers and dispose.
Woman with the molested son. Take heart o. Its not a good feeling. Talk to your son and try not to make him feel inadequate. He needs love and support.I suppose we have children psychologists that can help. He needs it. For that young man, this is how he pays back for the help your family rendered him. When some people help from a distance they should not be blamed because they may be inviting trouble if they get too close.
Your doc can refer you to a psychologist.

Tiwa said...

The bv that the boy was molested pls get a counsellor for him and take him for deliverance at mfm. Gay is an evil spirit that has to be cast out .pray for him and your family for God to have mercy and cleanse the family of any evil around .
More importantly your son need love from you and your hubby .
You should have arrested the boy and teach him a lesson . I wish your son quick recovery in jesus name. Amen

Brown Sucre said...

Welcome IHN.
Thanks to all the givers,Martins Aboy,congrats.


Miss aboki congratulations.

Na wa oh, madam your son needs serous monitoring plz bring him closer to God that is the only solution.
Make him start reading the bible now and plz let him see reaasons while being gay is demonic.
What rubbish now,you bring girl as maid wagala you bring boy double wahala .
But I hope no one is molesting the boy I think he as molested as a child so is the same thing he is doing to your child .
Just hope your husband is not doing anything funny here.
Plz monitor your child very very well coz they has transferred the spirit of gay into him it was the spirit that made him lie to you.
What a pity.

Stella leave james na which kind monitoring be this?

I thank God I am not from such a place that selects who to marry but u can be sleeping with outsiders abi but no marriage what kind of fooloshness is that .
Why can't the law cover both having sex with someone that is not from anambra or whereever .
I tell you this is the beginning of your gwegwegweing .there was a girl who was like u now she is 37 and eve the anambra men don't want now she is saying any man would do that damn her parents .
So my dear shine your eyes you are 26 your time is ruining .

D'Royalty (STELLA'S BLOG BFF) said...

Bonario nnags's Wife29 September 2016 at 14:06
D'royalty who should I blame for u? is it your parents who didn't give u a tangible means of livelihood or is it yourself who refuse to make use of your life? did u inherited begging from your parents? u beg a lot and u curse out those who beg also.. I can see u ranting like an headless chicken yesterday.. it's someone like u, ur age mate doing the giveaway think of ur life bitch.. u are Larry fresh and white berry


Bonario nnags's Wife14 October 2016 at 14:01
God bless everyone.. school will he resuming on the 17,,God pls help me and send helper to me so I can complete my school fees. 10k out of 29k remain 19k..I still thank God for being there for me. jah help my helper so he can help me


So this is the wretched fowl that mentioned my parents, I don suffer for this blog.
Idiot, what happened to your own parents? Dead? Did they die on the road while begging to feed? If they are still alive, why can't they intensify their street begging and pay your school fees since you MUST go to school? what happened to your own hands and legs? What about your relatives and your boyfriend/girlfriend? If you all intensify your street begging(family business), 19k is small.
So someone actually gave you 10k here (you posted the appreciation on Thursday's IHN) and you came back on Friday to beg for 19k balance? Look at your terrible English, you must be a scammer! thief! wretched fowl!

Ideato and the rest who bashed 'it', thanks. That is what they do here, I'm sure 'it' has another Id which 'it' uses to bash beggars. God will keep exposing them one by one.
Grandpa, it's because of you oo, I would have cussed the idiot but I don't want to break my promise to you.

Anonymous said...

Nawao to that uche dickson sending dick, and to think his friend request he sent to me is still some people will come and say he is direct with dear don't mind the dick head.alot of desperados participated on snm and they are giving guys room to do and say whatever they want.

Tiwa said...

Bv I need credit for data ooh. Abeg

Anonymous said...

After thinking this period will not come ehn God why na? After all the beg, cries and prayers! Haaaaaaaaaa!!! w
2+ of marriage and nothing to show. Its not fair ooh

Tiwa said...

First INH news for the week .happy new week. Join me thank God for healing , was very sick but God healed me

D'Royalty (STELLA'S BLOG BFF) said...

Let me post it again should in case the first one disappears in transit.

Bonario nnags's Wife29 September 2016 at 14:06
D'royalty who should I blame for u? is it your parents who didn't give u a tangible means of livelihood or is it yourself who refuse to make use of your life? did u inherited begging from your parents? u beg a lot and u curse out those who beg also.. I can see u ranting like an headless chicken yesterday.. it's someone like u, ur age mate doing the giveaway think of ur life bitch.. u are Larry fresh and white berry


Bonario nnags's Wife14 October 2016 at 14:01
God bless everyone.. school will he resuming on the 17,,God pls help me and send helper to me so I can complete my school fees. 10k out of 29k remain 19k..I still thank God for being there for me. jah help my helper so he can help me


So this is the wretched fowl that mentioned my parents, I don suffer for this blog.
Idiot, what happened to your own parents? Dead? Did they die on the road while begging to feed? If they are still alive, why can't they intensify their street begging and pay your school fees since you MUST go to school? what happened to your own hands and legs? What about your relatives and your boyfriend/girlfriend? If you all intensify your street begging(family business), 19k is small.
So someone actually gave you 10k here and you came back to beg for 19k balance? Look at your terrible English, you must be a scammer! thief! wretched fowl!

Ideato and the rest who bashed 'it', thanks. That is what they do here, I'm sure 'it' has another Id which 'it' uses to bash beggars. God will keep exposing them one by one.

Grandpa, it's because of you oo, I would have cussed the idiot but I don't want to break my promise to you.

Glorious Ud said...

Madam of the 9 years old son, sorry about such situation. Its really sad. This is psychological and spiritual, while he sees a councillor, also pray for him. Destroy every initiation as a result of such acts and every spirit that must have been passed to him through such acts. Its well.

Madam pad, you should know better. Nobody would use your pad for rituals Ok? Please dispose it properly. If you have fears, then pray and relax.

You can burn them if you don't want to dispose them in the trash can.

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The woman whose son is molested,I am just short of words and angry, what the hell. Please he should be giving proper medication first and then serious counseling o, even though he is too young to understand anything, he needs more attention now than ever. Hope this doesn't affect him as he grows.

That stew up there is appetizing. Martins your God is good, congrats and God bless all the angels.

Patronize us for your events this Ember month and stand a chance to win our free cakes on each order you make. Wedding, birthdays, anniversary and more.

Becky Divine said...

Too shocked for words! See why I hate all this village, relatives something? See how that useless homo has spoiled the little boy now... Madam please take that boy to your pastor for serious counseling, then look for a therapist around you. I really pray your boy doesn't grow up liking that dirty stuff In Jesus Name...Amen!

God bless all the givers here
Miss Aboki lucky you
Martins Aboy lucky you

The swe swe stew no look too delicious for this pix oo, maybe it's cos of the camera sha or the plate you dished it out in lol

Beautiful face and cute face of in house news lol

Madam sanitary pad.. Why flush it down na? You should simply tie it up and throw away instead of blocking the toilet. Now oga has given you new rules

I believe in cleaning with tissue paper first before washing the bum after pooing! I just can't start washing without cleaning it first... Sue me!

Rare Gem said...

Got here a bit early today 1:18pm

chi said...

Y'all should pls beg blackberry not to go ahead with their whatsapp and fb plans as one cannot be changing phone in these times.
Aunty Stella,when are you visiting uniben?

MummyP said...

God bless all the givers and receivers.

Ihn face..why ur lips be like who dey smoke that thing lol

My Own Angel locate me o biko... Lord hear my cry please.

confused girl said...

IHN is here. Please I have a question concerning this pad disposal ish. I use always classic and when disposing, I tear it open, throw the cotton wool in the toilet and flush, then I rinse off the outer net-like covering, before throwing in the trash bin. My question is, will the cotton wool from the pad also block the toilet?
Stella we can't just throw used sanitary pad in the trash because of the principalities in this country.

Anonymous said...

Further, Deuteronomy 13:1-3 says that “if a prophet, or one who foretells by dreams, appears among you and announces to you a miraculous sign or wonder, and if the sign or wonder of which he has spoken takes place, and he says, ‘Let us follow other gods’ (gods you have not known) ‘and let us worship them,’ you must not listen to the words of that prophet or dreamer. The LORD your God is testing you to find out whether you love him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Did Joseph Smith lead his followers to other gods? Yes.

Joseph Smith was a polytheist. History of the Church 6:474 records Smith stating, “I wish to declare I have always and in all congregations when I have preached on the subject of the Deity, it has been the plurality of Gods.” Joseph Smith declared that “God himself was once as we are now, and is an exalted man, and sits enthroned in yonder heavens!” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 345). This is clearly not the biblical God.
Galatians 1:6-7 says that people may be “turning to a different gospel—which is really no gospel at all … trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.” And Paul pronounced a curse upon them for doing so. In Romans 1:16 Paul tells us that the gospel is “the power of God unto salvation"—that’s pretty important. Did Joseph Smith teach a "different gospel”? Yes.
Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon contains the “fullness of the gospel.” The Book of Mormon says so itself in its introduction (see also Doctrines and Covenants 20:9; 27:5; 42:12; and 135:3). So what is the gospel according to Mormonism? It’s a tough question for many LDS to answer. According to Mormon apostle Bruce McConkie, author of the book Mormon Doctrine, the gospel is “the plan of salvation [that] embraces all of the laws, principles, doctrines, rites, ordinances, acts, powers, authorities, and keys necessary to save and exalt men.” In other words, the whole of Mormon theology. In the Mormon gospel we see belief + repentance + baptism + laying on of hands + temple work + mission work + church ministry + tithing + ceasing from sin + abstaining from the use of intoxicants and strong drinks and tobacco and caffeine + confessing Joseph Smith as Prophet + temple marriage + baptism for the dead + genealogy research … the list could go on and on and on. Only upon completion of all these things may Mormons attain to the third and highest level of heaven, thus achieving the ultimate goal of the Mormon doctrine

. In essence, Christ’s death means nothing more to a Mormon than the gaining of the ability to be resurrected so that his works may be judged.
While we cannot judge another person’s motives, we can and must judge what a person does or says. Joseph Smith, and hence the Book of Mormon, fails the twin tests of Deuteronomy 13 and 18. God takes false prophets very seriously. Deuteronomy 13:1-3 says, “That prophet or dreamer must be put to death, because he preached rebellion against the LORD your God…; he has tried to turn you from the way the LORD your God commanded you to follow. You must purge the evil from among you.” Deuteronomy 18:19-21 says, “If anyone does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name, I myself will call him to account. But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death…”
And Galatians 1:8-9 says, “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned!”

MummyP said...

God bless all the givers and receivers.

Ihn face..why ur lips be like who dey smoke that thing lol

My Own Angel locate me o biko... Lord hear my cry please.

Selene said...

The lady whose son was molested, my heart goes out to you. Please do pray for your son show him more love than you've ever done before and please take him to a counselor.

Do you know that:
The global prevalence of child molestation is estimated at about 19.7% for females alone?

Give her a voice and let her speak!
Who is with me?

Anonymous said...

I can testify to this Uche Dickson person.the same pyscho added me up and immediately after saying hi,he sent me pictures of his manhood. I was stunned and asked 'what the hell is this ' and he replied 'the best sort'. I was too short of words,i just deleted. A lot of people are not normal

Anonymous said...

Omggggggg I would have actually killed that boy if he tried that with my son, I am so protective of my son he is only 1 but I watch him even more with men than with ladies. I currently have a male cousin staying with me for a few weeks and my son has nappy free time in the evening and that is when his my cousin wants to enter the sitting room to gist and my son always wants to play with him by sitting on his leg and playing omo the way my eye doesn't leave their side eh I cannot shout, I always tell my son get down and don't let him see your pee pee or touch your ass but he thinks I am playing omo I can't even leave them a lone at all. If he ever tried that shit with my child il END him and his GENERATION!!!!!!!!!!

MummyP said...

Make somebody credit my account too now..

Make una tell Governor Wike to pay us,since February till now, it's not fair now... Angel locate me too o

Anonymous said...

So angry with d 19yrs old boy molesting ur son its so painful my dear,also teach ur children to be truthful and speak wen an adult or even a family member touches dem were dey ought not to,pls parents learn.d madam flushing pad dats very wrong y would u evn do such? wrap in a papper and dispose it madam stop flushing pad dats so so wrong.God bless all d givers nd recievers.

Robyna Fenty said...

*I wrap it up in a black nylon and throw it in a dust bin. It's waste and useless to me. I don't care what happens to it and thats a luxury I enjoy as a child of God. *shrug*
*That person is still looking for a "mature male born again Secretary". You go wait tire. Is it that you dont trust your husband or what? I know it's a woman cos I don't see any man going out of his way to employ a male secetary.
*I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your son. We really shld be mindful about who we open up our doors to. Its better to send money to someone in need monthly for school fees and other bills. Too many paedophiles are walking these streets with us. He needs counselling preferable by a psychiatrist not one pastor that will judge him and find a way to make it his fault thereby making him feel even worse than he already feels. We need to stop blaming victims.


O de ooo

St.FranKooL.... said...

#When a woman no longer gets frustrated and upset with you, you can almost guarantee that she no longer cares*

Merciful said...

Thank God for today, tomorrow will be better by God's grace.

Oluyomi Odukoya said...

The best way to dispose sanitary pad is to pack them in a nylon bag and dispose them in the trash. That is how I do mine. I have a cousin who burns them though.
Happy new week, folks. May we be blessed and favoured in all we do in Jesus' Name, amen.

becky naka said...

I always tie my used sanitary pad in a black nylon before disposing.. I don't flush.

Madam sorry for your boy.. my mum bought a boy from the village to stay with us (not a relative).. due to stories Ii read here, I quickly told my nephew.. if anybody touch or try to touch you, just report to me... and he said "uche touches my penis sometimes when we are playing" I confronted him and he denied it.. I warned him seriously... I'm watching.

Thank you for not showing us the dirty preek.. I don't wanna throw up..

What else did I read..... I'll be back.

LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...

Hello ihn,how is you?see you Lera,yea

Kim Kardashian Aka portable queen of sdk blog said...

Obe swe swe.... Your stew is an eye candy.
Madam pad: y not tell ur husband the truth.
Get a small Dustin bucket for ur pad n discard it along side your other dustbin.
Especially if those waste management comes around your area.

Miss aboki: congrats

O molested your child?
Hope he is in jail now?
OMG, who knows what your child has been going through.
Pls,mothers don't trust your child with anybody,monitor them n ask them questions.
Make them your best friend so they can feel free to tell u immediately something like this happens.
Finally, early sex education should be introduced.
Your son needs help asap.... 😠😬😠😬😠😑
I will rather kill that boy n go to jail


Ihn rocks
God bless all the givers and receivers

Bv whose son was molested, take him to a counselor/ therapist asap, I'm so speechless, you need to scold your son seriously for hiding such devious act from you...

Uche Dickson is a demented he-goat, stupid pervert!!!

You don't flush down sanitary pads, who does that!!!, You should rather tie it in a small black nylon and dispose it in your waste bin...

Faces of ihn, unu try..

Where are my Angels too, , please,ejor,biko,du allah,,locate me too

Contact me for your celebration cakes and cupcakes.
*Faithful bv*

Anonymous said...

just so sad about the boy that was abused. kai,it is for this reason I don't have anybody in my house.May God heal your son and comfort you.

Bootylycious diva said...

How can you put pad in the toilet ,even from when your first period came ,you should be taught not to throw sanitary pad inside the toilet ,haba some people are too bush ,yes toilet tissues block toilet ,that is why a waste bin is kept in the toilet ,first you clean your bun with water then dry with tissue you dont need to burn ,it is called simple hygiene,if you live for obodo oyibo you will come and be burning tissues for them .9 years old boy molested na wa oh mouth still open

Henny said...

Madam so sorry about your son, please take him to see a professional counselor and also back it up with prayer.

Henny said...

Madam so sorry about your son, please take him to see a professional counselor and also back it up with prayer.

cakes by Bella's, Abuja. 58DA8ADF, 07080305132, @cakes_by_bellas said...

Thr bv whose son was molested ... kai, and you dint lock the bastard up for a few days first??? Oh Lord please protect our kids , that's why I cannot allow anyonr to stay with us, who so ever you might be . I rather do all my chores myself. Jeez, this ie so ad. May God heal your boy both physically and spiritually . I hope this doesn't affect him later in life

Anonymous said...

Iffahear throwway sanitary pad for this wicked world so!most times I flush by seperating the nylon from the tissue or wrap them in a seperate bag n burn it myself.

queen hadassah said...

I just couldn't bring myself to finish reading the post about the 9 year old boy that was molested by a fellow guy. Madam I'm so sorry. Your son needs counselling and prayers. Lastly, no matter what happens never enrol him in a boarding school or make him attend all those summer boys' camp even if its a christian camp.

Florence Dibs said...

The pad woman why can't u open up to ur husband or u guys re not close abi u marry ur father mate?

The guy up there u re cute but I know u must be heartbreaker jisi ike

God bless the givers in the house

The woman that the son was molested u have to start now to change the orientation of ur son by telling him how evil Gay can be

We focus more on a girl child molestation but guys re facing the same issues now both from the same sex and opposite sex

Seriously praying for God's divine visitation turn around
Abeg ooooo my fellow sdks mixer and oven can save a sister from hunger
Help help help help

God I look to u
Pick my calls

Cynthia Iyede said...

It's just good to be careful with the so called strangers around. Molesting a 9 year old? Kai!
I've always told my sweet lil bro to always raise an alarm should anyone try to touch him. Rubbish!

Have a fruitful week people!

Tiwa said...

About the bv that wrote that the elder sis and mum want to kill the inlaw
My advice is use new sim to send him text to go for medical check up in any hospital to check his system if there is any poison in it.
He should also go to his pastor for prayers and seek the face of God to revel the tRuth about his wife to him .
Be persistent with it .don't register the simple with your real details

Anonymous said...

Even if I use tissue I must wash cause I won't be comfortable,My body knows when I am home that's always when the urge starts.

Bootylycious diva said...

The waiter profile na die ,ontop waiter job ,.even cabin crew never get this kind profile ,this kind of job you employ people and train them .

Anonymous said...

God bless all the givers and the recievers.Amen, I saw some the reply the of my rant on annoymous post on saturday. am the one that said am 8 months preg and no baby things yet cos of the financial situation we are in the bv asking for my location am in lagos and the other bv asking how much I need to get my baby things, honestly I don't know cos am a first time mum. Thanks and God bless . From BV Bukola O

Fluffy cake by Big Mamma Lagos 07056157039 said...

God Bless all SDK angels.

Ed said...

IHN making sense since 1900,that same Dickson of a guy is really so annoying,added him also n it was same. Very stupid boy!

Florence Dibs said...

God even when u delay me I will never let u go

Even when it seems all hope is gone
I will never let u go

Thank you God for the grace in my life even in this tym of what will I do

I still hold unto you

My hope is in you

Thou oh lord re the shield for me

Bless me lord, send my helpers lord
Change my destiny

Fluffy cake by Big Mamma Lagos 07056157039 said...

God Bless all SDK angels.

Maureen Ekeh said...

That poster for help I can imagine everything , I was so pained reading your story,the lord is your strength but dont worry beacause you, your husband and your son'll surely over come whatsovever that evil child has done.

Fluffy cake by Big Mamma Lagos 07056157039 said...

This recession will last as long as you are thinking in recession and acting like its overwhelmed you. There are opportunities out there!-Audu

Iman Bella said...

The Woman whose 9 year old son was molested
May you find the help you seek
I Don't want to imagine the pain you're going through
God be with you and your son

shola akorede said...

In house toh bard,God bless all the givers in this time of change. God bless your pockets

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Hello sdkers!
Have a wonderful week ahead

lovelace said...

Let me be myself by three doors down be giving me life.... 😊😊😊😊😊

Anonymous said...

Bvs please help me with my school fees pls, don't let me be a waste pls, I have mailed and mail already no rply pls, Stella it's me the lady that schooled in a foreign University

Megasam Aluminium Structural Engineers: accoboard,Partitioning, etc. 07036473947, 09084791116, twitter - @MegasamAluminum said...

Haan! No comment? I m sure mine would be 200th when posted.

Ed said...

That of d Onitsha BV,av actually not had any issues as regards to dat cos am yet to see one from our place that I like...The truth of d matter,is that our parents r always happy wen we get married to pipo from our place. I remember wen ma late dad was always begging me to look for a guy from Onicha to date, I will just laugh at it n say OK in order for quarrels not to come up. Also the case of the nwanne issue too. Our parents really love our place and always wants us to marry from our place too.
Since u stay in Abuja,we always have our meetings...I don't stay in Abuja but we have Ado Youth Movement in Abuja..try joining them, go for meetings n maybe u will see someone there.
"Ife eji abu Onicha erika".... Long live Onicha Ado n' idu!

Megasam Aluminium Structural Engineers: accoboard,Partitioning, etc. 07036473947, 09084791116, twitter - @MegasamAluminum said...

Haan! No comment? I m sure mine would be 200th when posted.

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl said...

But madam sanitary pad you don't flush it down the toilet. You wrap in a bag and (this is what I do) burn it with old newspapers or just dispose of it. But I hear ppl use old pads for ritual things so I've been scared to dispose like that

Mimi....#inyhurface# said...

Poster whose son was molested , I would advice you to do physical counselling but pray more , worked at a heart to heart centre for a while and most of the gay people who came got addicted through one form of rape or the other explain to him how being gay is a sin against God and that God knows he did nothing wrong so therefore God would help him and that whenever he has any urge to do the same thing to a boy too he should tell you so that you can tell God , with that he should open up to you ..and that pig of a goat ..hope he went back to the village with some injuries 😠😠😠😠😠 I feel like strangling hum from here ..devil ..arrrgggghhhhhhhhh I just hope he went home with some marks ...

Obi's Jewel said...

Na wa oooooo... the child molestation part sent shivers all over my body. Chaiiiiiiiiii ndi uwa! Why evils naaa. It's worse the thing happened in your house. God save is from umu Delilah!

Just Glamour said...

Heaven knows if you are not my sibling,as in same mama and papa you are not welcomed to visit my house,talk more of sleeping,then living in my house not possible,I'm still in shock,the idea of someone molesting your child is terrifying for any parent,we should teach not just the female children but also the male about sexual abuse,tell them that no one has the right to put their hands down your pants,sorry madam,but before sending the demon home you would have blended all the shades of Cameroon pepper and inserted into his anus.😟😞

The Observer said...

The 19 yr old was also molested if u check am

Lilly simple said...

Stell biko leave James alone
I got 2 James from my last SnM
Is one of them the real James Kwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa
Still doing my observation
If any of the 2 is d real James, don't worry Mrs Konkon ***lol**
Am gonno take care of him for u both in the kitchen n the other rooms**lol

God bless the givers n d receivers Cheers

Nwa Baby, howdy, your last week memo was d truth,

youngman said...

I read the buhari vs buhari post by Reuben abati. I also read the comments. First I thank him for the write up. I have always enjoyed his writing even when I don't agree with him. I will always hold him in high esteem. Amongst the comments, I will specifically thank bv my opinion and bv anon 23:29. They both said well and I agree with them. I want to say however, that if pmb had responded the way bv anon said publicly, he would have got the public on his side, yet his wife would still have privately suffered what she is going to suffer henceforth privately because of her indiscretion.

As for the write up, let me say, at the risk of repeating what bv my opinion said, that this write up is for the 'opposition PDP' and not for Nigerians. First off, what is loyalty all about? If a wife can't be loyal whether publicly or privately to her husband, then she deserves what has come to her. Are you saying that people who are loyal to their bosses and associates always, yes always, get all that they want? Talking about the maryams, turai, peace, Stella, let's not forget that those were practically handed over the country by their husbands hence their seemingly total support. Our pmb doesnt want to toe the same line. Any man including pmb has the right to or not to hand over the country to his wife who by the way doesn't have our mandate. Don't be fooled, she isn't fighting for Nigerians but fighting, edged on by people that will benefit, because she was not handed over the country to run like the women before her. Yes no one, not even Aisha loves buhari's success more than buhari himself. Even Reuben admitted that turai, and others were even more powerful than elected and appointed officials, yet they themselves were neither elected nor appointed.

Again while we pretend to be Americans and Europeans, we forget that we are Africans and in this case Muslims who have, and apply culture over and above westernisation. She may have scored a cheap political point and we all are clapping, yet we can't 'de-president' pmb if he chooses to lawfully limit her roles in government.

Truly neither her nor her supporters see her as a better presidential material just as Reuben said. What a hipocricy!. And to show that those working with pmb majorly have different agenda from pmb,including his wife, they are talking about 2019, like the old order, when pmb hasn't shown he is interested.

As for the Angela merkels and other past and present female world leaders, I have yet to see the roles and comments of their husbands in public about their wife's governance. Yes these men know that their wives are politicians elected and appointed while they aren't and so know where to draw the line. Our women don't know this.

All in all , pmb, for now, has a four year mandate and has the fredim to do it to the best of his ability. His wife, as far as I'm concerned has shown open disloyalty and deserves anything she gets from her husband both privately and publicly. So if pmb rescues or puts Nigeria on the path of recovery with the sole blemish of saying openly that his wife is just his wife, as far as his administration is concerned, he has done noble. Let's wait till 2019 to vote him out and vote Aisha in.

Fluffy cake by Big Mamma Lagos 07056157039 said...

Mrs, I pray your son gets the help he needs.

Faithful woman said...

So sorry about that small boy who was molested
May God restore his heart.

Just Glamour said...

Haba mana,why will you flush pad? tie your soiled pad inside a black nylon and throw into the waste bin.

Anonymous said...

Is it only me that washes and tears up the pad then dispose?? #covers eye#

Robyna Fenty said...

I saw some people insulting those of us that said we appreciated the honestly of the guy in the snm screen shots thAt said all he wanted was sex and someone to cook for him. I stand by what i said. How is he a scammer? Do you guys know the definition of "scam". If she had said, "I posted that I wanted a serious relationship in snm and this useless guy added me and said he wanted a chef and bedmate" it would have been a different thing. We all dont know what she posted that made him send that kind of message, either way, all she had to do was decline and delete him.
At the end of the day, alot of girls claim to be in serious relationships but a majority of them are simply chefs and bedmate. Thats the reason you'll be "dating" a guy and then find out on social media that he is engaged or getting married. Better to be on the same page than be bindsided. My point is that as adults we dont have to bring everything on social media except it's life threatening like Femi's case. If you like come under anmoymous and insult me but you know it's true. ☺

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

Wtf!!! A nine year old boy? Danm!!! The boy needs serious counselling and prayers too. Omg what sort of animals do we have amongst us?

Anonymous said...

Ever since I saw people picking used disposed pads in school, I stopped disposing... rinse them out and keep the washed out pads to burn, when I get home

Anonymous said...

Please o BVs,i went for my first ante natal visit and requested to see a female gynaecologist because of all the stories i had been hearing about randy male gynaecologists and in the course of examining me,she requested to see my nipples nd i showed them to her and then she tweaked both of them briefly and said they were perfect. I am just wondering if that is normal procedure.

Robyna Fenty said...

Onitsha girl I feel your pain. I am from Asaba and we just can't marry any Asaba person we meet. My parents told me from an early age that any man from Umunaje I meet is my brother and that i shldnt even think about dating let alone marriage. πŸ˜…

Mrs. Romas said...

OMG!!! What did i just read, i'm shocked and heartbroken, why didn't you and your husband arrest the molester?
He will still do it to someone else, is definitely not his first time. Oh! am just too upset right now, i just loss my appetite.

Please, make sure your son is tested for all kinds or diseases. I hope you find the help that your child will need to take his mind off that scaring and evil experience.
Mothers/fathers beware!!! Evil people are out there seeking for vulnerable and naive children to devour.
I have a son, i can't even leave him with anyone (except my husband) because i don't trust anybody.
This shit is scaring. I don't know what to type anymore. I just hate all form of homosexuality and lesbianism. It disgust me.

God bless you all. I'm so sad right now.

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

So sharp sharp you don change name okwaya?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Abeg una dey follow me watch "Calabash"?...i'm so inlove with that soap

Anonymous said...

Abeg una dey follow me watch "Calabash"?...i'm so inlove with that soap

Lizzy Berry said...


I don enter today

Anonymous said...

So you touch shit with your bare hands? Geeeeeeezzzeee

Dewdrop said...

Wow! She didn't say might. There is nothing wrong with getting tested.

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...

This Stella love for James Nawa ooo .madam I cried reading ur story that boy is a bastard I hope u guys arrest him

Adadioramma said...

Madam loking for Live in Nanny, please don't accept any med result, take them to hospital or Lab test yourself, fake result is real.
Madam sorry for your misfortune. Please when next you are accomodating someone in your house, educate and lecture your children concerning molestation. Make them your best friends so they can keep you posted. What did I read again? Coming back

Anonymous said...

Please what did James do o? I have been awol.Someone joor fill me in

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl said...

Stella that 9-year old abuse story should have been a chronicle not IHN nau.... Now the comment sections is corrupt with all sorts of drama that the woman may not even be able to read any given solution. This is very sad....

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl said...

Stella that 9-year old abuse story should have been a chronicle not IHN nau.... Now the comment sections is corrupt with all sorts of drama that the woman may not even be able to read any given solution. This is very sad....

Anonymous said...

That Uche Dickson added me too but I deleted his stupid ass . Sending that his dwarf prick upandan

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...

Pls get a good psychologist for ur boy in order to him to overcome that horrible experience

ego nwaka said...

Stella of life, God bless you.

DeoFavente / For your facinators,hair pieces,cakes,chops,chinchin,soups,fresh pap and more: 265EDB2D... said...

As a mother of 3boys,am so pissed on your behalf and feel so bad for your son. Pls love him more and pray with him and for him,and be watchful. I could kill anybody that molest my kids because even a jail term will not satisfy my anger, gosh!

Quiksilver said...

Running water over it? Some people like stress & unnecessary busybody. Why not just wrap and dispose properly? Madam continue to block your toilet, you hear?

Anonymous said...

Popular?? On a blog? Why not work on being popular in the real world. You guys!!

Anonymous said...

James stay where you are mtcheeew, I don't know what all the fuss is about. Btw peace maker is obviously opposite to his name and is becoming annoying already. Anyway na una sabi, James this and James that. What is my own sef? Is it my James? Lol

Vivilicious said...

Amen Ada. I receive it

Quiksilver said...


Anonymous said...

Please do you know if he is expensive? My own is relationship ish. Can you estimate how much? Thanks

Tosyn said...

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something to supplement mum's meagre salary. I want to start selling females flip flops
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becky naka said...

Stop putting words in her mouth.. U remind me of nigeria journalists. I know she is annoying sometimes.

Quiksilver said...

Me too. Angel locate me too mbok

Reva's cakes said...

How can you flush pad in the toilet? That's just so wrong why not tie it in a black nylon and throw it in the thrash.

SONIA SPENCE ✌✌✌ said...

As in eh. It's so saddening.

Can't imagine what that poor boy is going through now.

May God heal him in Jesus name. Amen.

Fab Mum said...

Bv that her son was molested

What do you mean by he is gone back?

I hope it means he is in the land of the dead?

I hope you beat him blue black ?

I hope your husband cut off his dick?

Please if these were not done, go back and do them

What rubbish...

I'm so pissed

Anonymous said...

as all of Una don full everywhere wit comments oya make Una take πŸ‘ŠπŸΏπŸ‘Š
pls some1 give me BBC email I seriously need help

Anonymous said...

as all of Una don full everywhere wit comments oya make Una take πŸ‘ŠπŸΏπŸ‘Š
pls some1 give me BBC email I seriously need help

Quiksilver said...

I wonder why She allowed that demonic 19 year old to go scot free

Anonymous said...

It takes a street oriented one to relate on all levels but hardly would you find much people relating with this so called 'poshness' because most times they are fake, unrealistic, insincere and insensitive with themselves or anyone. Here I give it to Stella cos she's real, able to relate, empathize with those who are low and she makes good joke with her choice of words and post.
How many 'posh' post can actually crack rib real good? Don't they sound serious? I find myself coming back here to have a good read and laugh because I am naturally posh and I don't need a blogger to teach or show me how to be posh *side πŸ‘€ to those who don't believe* You lot can save your thirst for poshness for the real life, appreciate a lady who started this platform which has given many people reasons to laugh, reasons to live, reasons to have a great day, reasons to sow seeds and showing you how to not take life too seriously. You don't have to like this post or point out the error in it, it's a piece to ponder on your life choices. Wish you all a great day
Love me some Stella IHN sign out today.


Anonymous said...

Lol@granpa..apollo is real o..wash your hands pple,and take antibiotics as preventive measures.

Wearing dark glasses inside the house like dbanj.


Anonymous said...

That's how I wanted to drink garri today and they told me sugar is now #20... chai... all those nylon sugar! Buhari why!

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl said...

That molestation story though..... what's this world turning to. and why didn't you have the yet guy arrested??? Imagine other children who are at risk now. You should have locked him up in cell let them f*ck his ass too for a few months

Sharon Aminu said...

Were is lafreash?I dey miss her.wellcome INH

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

Madam take heart ehn,the Lord will do it at his own time. All you gat to do ishave faith, pray hard and gbensh will receive good news soon.

viva ciara said...

Come take a hug Fierce of sdk blog.
So sorry dear. This too shall pass.

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

Was his cock big or dirty and hungry? Haha hahahahahahaha no vex them plenty for this blog

Loveme Jeje said...

hahahaha D'Royalty you are a NUT CASE. who be grandpa for this blog. Kai, abeg i dont want to laugh.

MummyP said...

Damn!!! Lol this is a case of "you dont know what tomorrow brings"...see casting choi! Bonarios wife ndo ooo

amanda favour said...

This is deep oh!
We are in End time for sure

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

I tire oooh, what happens to all the fine gilrs running around town in search of jobs?

Black ish said...

Dat woman's relative is Evil, y do that to a child? I would v locked him up o, haba!! Your son will be fine IJN, it's only God that can and will heal him!!! Stay strong for him!!!

Anonymous said...

14:10 thanks for the expose on Mormons. Though everyone is free to think for themselves, I feel there is something off about them. They have strange doctrine. I am not the asker ooo, but I was intrigued by the interest in Mormonism.

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

I tire oooh, what happens to all the fine gilrs running around town in search of jobs?

Anonymous said...

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