Stella Dimoko Ooni Of Ife Says He Is Not An Idol Worshipper As He Celebrates Ora Ife..


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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ooni Of Ife Says He Is Not An Idol Worshipper As He Celebrates Ora Ife..

Ooni of Ife yesterday Tuesday October 25th celebrated Ora Ife (Sango - Yoruba diety of thunder and fire) festival .

Ooni says that he is not an idol worshipper, but he gives honour and adoration to nature all the way cos they are messengers of God Almighty.

Read the facts below from him yesterday during Ora Ife festival in ife...

Some facts about the Ora Ife Diety

--- Ora Ife and Sango are the same diety in one.  Ora Ife gave birth to the name Sango ( Yoruba Diety of thunder and fire).

--- Ora Ife diety was the sole custodian and controller of Dragon birds several centuries ago that has now gone into extinction. They were called Eye Oranfe in Yorubaland.

---- Oranfe and Oya diety (wind diety) work hand in hand like male and female version as messengers of God Almighty till date.

---- Ora Ife(Sango)ascended to the world with other dieties from Ora or Ara mountains during world creation by God and when God destroyed the world the new world started from the mountains too. It's in the religious books.

---- Ark of Noah is till date located within Ara mountains.  The world will soon know the truth about this as it is still there till date.

---  We are no idol worshipers but we are giving honour to God's creation - Nature, in which nobody can do without. Our ancestors used those powers negatively but the western world saw the positive sides of all our God given dieties and used them to develop a lot of innovation they are selling back to us till date.

--- The day the black people start to see the positive sides of all the gift of God regarding our culture, tradition and our rich heritage, that's the day we will be liberated as the head.

---  Who in this world can survive without basic nature -  Water, mother earth, air, fire, plants and animals. These are all the wonders of God our heritage, culture and tradition regard so highly...

Life performance of Sango eating fire raw and standing on top of fire. Wonders shall never end ......


  1. Same story about his religion. You are a Christian and I know Ooni.. ozuziela.

    1. You are not an idol worshipper, but you celebrate idols - go figure...

    2. I agree with him. In the end it's our culture and we can't let our culture die

  2. y is dis man deceivg himself,king ur a confirmed idol worshipper if not u ll not b d oba in d first plce,u must b an idol worshipper to take up dt throne.

  3. Stella's boooooooooo!!!
    Oya shine teeth!

  4. is that man standing inside fire? that's awesome!!! I just love people who appreciate their cultural heritage.

  5. They are no messengers of God almighty.. 'Cept it's god they talking about.

    It's just like saying amadioha and omaliko are messengers of God.
    An idol cannot be likened to the image of God in any way.

    Lemme stop here for now..

    1. Dude standing on fire,wow live african magic.

  6. You cannot serve God and mammon at the same time, he is not a true son of the soil. That is why The great Benin Kingdom remains the best. ThE Oba of Benin can never act this way.

    1. Gbam! You can't even see my Oba in Church/mosque! He's a confirmed traditional worshipper! No story!

    2. See them.... benin witches. That is why witchcraft is much in Edo state. He can't go to church/mosque because him juju go spoil. Oni is different... He regards his culture but admits there's a GOD above every other gods.

    3. Kabiyesi God Alrighty will continue to give you strength and wisdom to liberate the mind of your people.
      Take them to promise land....hey fools can say anything only cultural slaves call appeasing to nature as idol worshipping,we have only one God .Christians muslims buhdist Hindu kush and others relate to God in a different ways it is only in africa that we call ours idols
      May God open africans inner minds.God is with you.

  7. Standing on top fire? Ewo, Juju dey work o.

  8. Anyway Jesus Christ is the head of all principalities. So just know that you guys are under him.

    Continue to deceive yourself with what i have seen there. Una too like juju. Goodluck Ooni

  9. That man standing on fire is now our present day Shedrack abi??😒😒😒

  10. A true Christian worships God in spirit and in truth and not the creatures of God. Honouring what God created is idolatry. Continue justifying what you're doing afterall it's between you and God.

  11. As an Africa you cannot run away from Culture, Tradition and it believes. In respective of the religion yo practice, either Christian or Islam. the major problem with us is that we don't have written document rather we re-write tales and we don't hold proves to our write up. All othr religions practice in other countries or continents hold concrete evidence on how it's started, either Shintoism, Judaism. etc has their bases back to almighty God. Although they are all gods claiming to be God to their worshipers. Please nobody should come to start condemning the Onirisa( ooni of Ife) for saying he is not an Idol worshiper. side eye for the ......

    1. Sort out your English first. Then you can attempt to wax philosophical.

  12. I don't understand our dear Ooni Of Ife why you always have to explain are the custodian of your kingdom and these are expected of you..So Pls stop explaining of these things..I don't get at all..Thats why I like Oba of Benin. Your seat is a revered one and put respect on it..

  13. Obughim, obughim, obu agor?

    You lie to deceive the gullible by saying a 'deity' is not a 'god' you lie to deceive the gullible by saying that these 'natures' are messengers of God. You lie to deceive by all you say. But then God doesn't care whether you deceive some or you deceive all because if none of us accepts to worship him and him alone, he would raise stones to worship him.

    Meanwhile, culture is a way of life of a people and in God's dictionary, their is nothing like culture other than the way He says you should live

  14. Same thing he said when we went to visit him.
    The King is a history buff
    We got lectured about culture and traditions, bla bla...
    So boring at a point.
    Come even quote scripture join.
    I'm like, for real?
    Won't forget something though.
    When we prayed with him before all the story-telling,
    He looked very uncomfortable.
    I noticed he was just turning from side to side, adjusting his clothes... Acting very uncomfortable. Like he couldn't wait for the prayers to be over.
    This was someone who was very composed and even looking bored before we came up o.
    And then I knew.
    Abeg, God can't be mocked.

  15. With all these, still claiming not to be Idol worshippers


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