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Sunday, October 16, 2016

President Buhari And His Cabinet -Pollls

Do you think President Buhari should reshuffle his cabinet following his wife,
Aisha's, criticisms of his choice of ministers and aides?



  1. Replies
    1. In as much as what Aisha did was valiant, considering who her husband is, she could have been charged with treason, if she was in north korea, her obituary would have been telivised.
      Looking closely at this matter, she is aggrieved over the fact that most of her close comrades during electioneering where not appointed into her husbands cabinet. Only one friend of hers' was appointed, former DG of Lagos state, as Special Adviser to the president on SDG. The others would have been so expectant on her to have pulled strings for them by now, being 1st Lady but her husband shelved all her requests and sent her to the "other room", hence her venting.
      With or without her interview, he needs to rid himself of his chief of staff and Daura, as long as they are beside him, no amount of reshuffle will yield result.

  2. Buhari should hand over to his wife.

    1. Lol sounds funny but there is sense in it

    2. Lol... You're 'mouthed'

  3. He should reshuffle both himself and his cabinet.
    Not evwn reshuffle but sack them all as they dont seem to know what they are doing

  4. Definitely, but he won't, he doesn't like correction.

  5. He should reshuffle himself out first!!!

  6. So that she can put her friends and family abi? Buhari should not re shuffle any yeye cabinet..we should deal with it like that

  7. I think the president should as a matter of national urgency re-shuffle his cabinets, without fear, prejudice or favouritism ... just as they say... hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... ryt??

  8. No,i think he should take his time to know them and see if they are really qualified and are carrying out their duties for which they are assigned that post.

  9. Yes l agree, especially the old men , we need a vibrant and challenged filled cabinet. No 1 his uncle and nephew

  10. Reshuffle is like changing their ministries? Nope. Some of them need to be removed from the cabinet. Plus he should stop RECYCLING his political friends

  11. He should & put me as his P. a. I need the job abeg!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  12. He should lay off those who are not performing, not because the wife opined. No running away from that, especially the yeye sport minister.

  13. They used looted funds to distract us but we acted wisely by telling him that's not what we need to hear.
    They tried using chibok girls we over looked that one.
    Now he and his wife have started a TV drama.
    Mr President all this distractions can't divert our attention, all we need is a better Nigeria.

  14. He shld reshuffle is cabinet and put in place competent people,not necessarily people who campaigned with him during elections but People that will perform. Tired of all his kwaruption fights,to me they are a form of distraction since he is clueless on how to move the economy forward.

  15. I don't know why some people are saying Aisha shouldn't have granted that interview cos personally I saw nothing wrong with what she said...reshuffling his cabinet will be a wise decision to make but we all know that ain't gonna we just depend on the Lord to see us through to 2019 as the situation right now na every man for himself.

  16. Mr President has no cabinet, what he has NOW is just team of Lawyer.
    All they do for now is give him advice on how to 'FIGHT CORRUPTION'... While the economy is dying!


  17. hell to d no!!!!!!!!

  18. I truly don't understand what his wife meant by " he appointed people that didn't vote him"

    She wasn't making a lot of sense to me.
    Are we giving positions now because of votes? Was this administration not supposed to be different?

    When will "man no man" end in Nigerian politics?
    An individual might not vote for you but might posses the technical know how and uprightness necessary to move the country forward.
    While one might campaign for you, vote for you, support you all the way but still is a corrupt, inexperienced has been.

    Are we compensating or moving the country forward?

    In my opinion, if the president is going to reshuffle his cabinet, he shouldn't do that based on the parameters Aisha Buhari gave... he needs very experienced, hardworking men and women whose words we can take to the bank and cash.
    How do you explain these corruption allegations heaped on the Men the president assured us are different?

    At the end of the day... he still appointed same ol policians. Ihe na ebe, ana ebe.

    I held my breath waiting for the appointment of ministers, heck it took him ages... then the names came out and I'm like... Not Again!!!!

    Happy Sunday guys.
    I have missed political posts on this blog! Timing!!!arrgghhhh

  19. He should just reshuffle the hunger in the land.That's all...

  20. Yes, PMB should with immediate effect not because his wife said so but because it's over due.
    PMB, should vacate the seat of Oil Minister and give it to Ibe Kachikwu.

    CBN Governor should be shown the back door.

    Finance Minster should be out or made minster for state finance. Her current portfolio is too big for her.

    Rotimi Amaechi should be shown the back door. His portfolio is too big for him and his presence in the Government makes their fight against corruption look like a joke. Alternatively he should be made Minster for Education . Atleast he already has idea on how to build good and computerised classrooms.

    Fashola is doing great but his portfolio is also too big for him, he need someone in his capacity to help him out as minister of state instead of depending on directors.

    Udoma Udo Udoma should be out.
    A man who doesn't know our current debt has no business as Minister of Budget and Planning.

    Bello Dambazau out.
    Lai Mohammed out.
    Solomon Dalong out.
    Audu Ogbeh out.

    1. Jay moore you try, nice work
      PMB must see this

      But I think also that ministry of works,housing and power should be left the way it was before now, that's 3 different ministries instead of 3 in 1 ministry.

    2. Ngige minister of health cos he is a pro in remodeling health system cos our health system needs an administor as a minister.

    3. @Iphie Nwannem. I am good dear. How family? I dey salute you ma.

      @The Man, you are right but having too many ministries is not the answer. I believe the Government is trying to cut cost but same time cutting cost comes with a price. The price is having big un-performing portfolio as we have at the moment. For Fashola to be more effective in his ministry, he need someone who is capable like him as minister of state. Handling federal roads,airports,seaport is just too much for him same as Amaechi. I know Amaechi's position is more of compensation from APC but his presence as a minister in the current Government is a joke same with Fayemi's presence.
      The Minster of Solid mineral (Fayemi) should be added to the list.

  21. Jay Moore!!! You are the truth. I agree completely.

  22. Go and get Former Agricultural minister Adesina
    Godwin ALex

    1. You know I almost mentioned Adesina!!
      That fine man transformed the agricultural sector.
      I don't even see him coming back to take any political post.

      Jay Nwannem, we are good.
      God has been faithful.. Tnx dear and May God bless your hustle🙏


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