Stella Dimoko Media Personality Toke Makinwa Makes Shocking Revelations In New Interview


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Monday, May 06, 2024

Media Personality Toke Makinwa Makes Shocking Revelations In New Interview

Media personality Toke Makinwa organised an Interview on her X handle and told her followers to ask her anything and they did!
The questions and her answers are something i dont think you have seen anywhere before!

Your yansh Na real?
-I paid for it so it’s mine

Who’s your favorite Nigerian musician?

After Maje, have you found love ?
-Many times. Some beautiful, some worse than who you mentioned, all in all it’s shaped me and I’ve grown.

Is love worth all the struggle and suffering??
-Nope. Of everything you have to struggle with in life pls don’t make LOVE one of em

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?
-Nothing. Regret is so exhausting!!!! Wait, maybe bleaching my skin, it was the dumbest thing ever and I’m just so thankful for good genes and money cos….

How do you handle criticism
-If it’s coming from a good place, I take it with good faith but if it’s coming from a negative place, I don’t deal.

When are you writing another book ?
-It’s already done, waiting to release it.

As someone who has thrived in the entertainment industry, what are your thoughts on the evolving role of women in media and entertainment, and how do you see it progressing in the future?
-I’m so proud of all the females putting in the work, it’s no longer a male dominated industry, the hassles are still there, men most certainly still earn more than we do but I’m excited for the guts we have. It’s changing

What inspired you to transition from your career in radio broadcasting to becoming a successful author, vlogger, and media personality?
-I was never satisfied with one thing, I wasn’t afraid to try it all and some worked, some didn’t.

What is the biggest lesson life has taught you? And will you ever venture in cosmetic business anytime soon may be to add to the success of your fragrance business?
-Yes to cosmetic business, I started 4 years ago but it failed.
Life has taught me that “this too shall pass”.
Happy times pass
Sad times pass
We all eventually pass.

What is something about yourself that you don't think people would expect?
-How much of a goofball I am, I am not OK. How much of a lover girl I am. Once I’m loved right o

Do you have a child if yes how were you able to raise a child alone without his dad nt been around
-Not yet unfortunately but soon by God’s grace

How does reading negative reviews about you make you feel before, and presently?

-First time I cried, early years of my career I used to be so obsessed with reading the comments till I understood the story of Noah, I’ll share in bible study. Make sure you come.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?
-I’m in therapy and now I’m learning to feel every emotion. I let it ride and practice breathing. It helps. A bad day is not a bad life, everything will pass.

Could you advice those under 30?
-Don’t be in a hurry, stop putting unrealistic pressures on yourself, comparison is the thief of joy. Your best years are still to come. Nobody has it all figured out.

Summarize your life lessons
-I wish I didn’t worry so much, it robbed me of precious moments. Stay present. Life is a mix of good/bad and you are meant to experience it all.

What will you do differently in your 20s with all you currently know now if you could go back in time.
-Tbh, I love everything about my life, even my flaws and mistakes. I was naive and it’s part of my growth plus it’s all led me here so why would I want to change that? Maybe I wish I didn’t stress so much cos life will always happen.

How do you feel about you making headlines on negative news all the time despite having a good background and able to afford the lifestyle you have while they (media) ignore anything positive about you, do plan to sue or just let it be?, do sometime wish it was different.
-I don’t think too much about it, if I can take the good, I should not complain too much about the bad. I am extremely blessed plus I understand the game, agenda must agend

What's your 3 business lessons you will always live by that's uncommon?
-1 not everyone is your customer and not all money is good money.
2.Stay teachable, it’s ok to not get it right the first time, don’t let failure get to your heart too much, there’s a lesson there
3. Give your business time to grow, people give up way too quickly.

What do you say to a tiredddd 20 something
-Love this very moment, this is the easiest part if you’ll stop being hard on yourself. Adulthood na scam. Breathe and stay present.

From Toke Makinwas Self interview on X


  1. Replies
    1. Is real Wow! Love her answer about regretting bleaching her skin! That was such a genuine response

    2. Is real Wow! Love her answer about regretting bleaching her skin! That was such a genuine response

  2. Lagos Mainland Girl6 May 2024 at 10:52

    All valid.
    I looove Tokstarr

  3. Very beautiful answers
    I picked some good points especially from the business parts

  4. At Stella comment. Indeed self interview.

  5. Smart woman 😍😍😍

  6. Very intelligent human being.

    1. I love her answers, straight to the point and sharp. Love you baby girl for lifeπŸ™Œ

  7. Toke I love your you longtime ago

  8. This gal is so brilliant. I just love her

  9. Intelligent answers
    Nice one

  10. i didn't see anything shocking in what she said.

  11. Her favorite musician na portable this one shock me oπŸ˜† anyways I am beginning to like Toke more and more now I like her responses.

  12. In summary, life happens to everyone. Stay present . Don't worry be happy.!

  13. This life ehn! Just keep growing. You haters would soon testify. Ignore, focus and grow. That’s the secret.
    Toke has mirrored that perfectly. She’s still growing and loves it.


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