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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Prisons Service Shops For Volunteer Teachers

The Nigerian Prisons Service has appealed for volunteer teachers to assist in teaching inmates in various subject areas including Mathematics, English, Literature, Economics and Biology.

The volunteers would assist to prepare the inmates ahead of West African Examination Council (WAEC) November/December examination at Kuje Prison Special Centre.

Education Desk Officer, Kuje Medium Prison, Mr Adikwu Owoicho, made the call when WAEC certificates for Nov/Dec 2015 were presented to 65 inmates by a non-governmental organisation, Nuga Best, in collaboration with Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries which sponsored the candidates.

One of the awaiting trial inmates at the prison, Pastor Chinedu Eze, recorded an outstanding performance in the examination with six distinctions and three credits.

Eze, who is among the over 570 awaiting trial inmates in the prison, disclosed that he had been on remand for over 11 years without trial.


He said, “I am here on a remand order issued by judge of a Federal High Court. The charges brought against me were criminal conspiracy and theft. I’m still awaiting trial. I have been here for 11 years and some months.

“I started at the cradle when education was brought to this Kuje Prison. I started at the WAEC level. I sat for my first WAEC and made six credits including English and Mathematics and subsequently, I wrote another one in 2012, and made six distinctions and three credits including English and Mathematics. In fact, I had A1 in English and C4 in Mathematics,” he said.
He noted that reading in the prison environment was not easy because of the state of the mind, adding that he, however, focused on bringing out the best in him.

The inmates, who took turn to speak during the ceremony, commended Pastor Hilary Chukwuma of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries for not only ministering to them but sponsoring their education.
Some of the inmate-candidates who sat for the examination at the Kuje Prison WAEC Special Centre explained how their misfortune turned into fortune, admitting that they would not have had the opportunity with the distractions outside the prison.
Out of 74 candidates registered in the November/December 2015 WAEC examination, 71 sat for the examination while three were discharged before the commencement of the exam.
65 results were released with 38 distinctions, 166 credits, 211 passes and 111 failures.


*11years without trial?OMG OMG OMG.....And where is the Judge who remanded him?They should look nto that case...ah ah


  1. Wow Wow!! 11 years and no trial. Nigeria leh. I would love to teach the inmates, the female's that is.

  2. Hmmm, Stella that's our country for you! There are many more still awaiting trial in Nigeria prisons, I don't know what time table those judges follow, but our God is still alive & he will fight for the just all round...

  3. Stella you a'int seen nothing yet... some stay more than that, and even die there... the last one I applied for his discharge after staying there for more than 8years, was actually granted... it was a happy day for him indeed

  4. Nigeria,i remember some that I used to visit then in while in school told me they've been there for 7 yrs without trials.i weep for my country

  5. The Prison system in Nigeria is soooooo bad. Most inmates have been awaiting trial and most of them are on flimsy accusations. I know a guy whose offence was that he broke his neighbours umbrella and till today he is still in prison awaiting trial.

  6. Oh God! The prison yard is for both the innocent and Guilty ones. Too bad!

  7. Haba, prison is not a good place to stay o. Which one is 11years without trial? Lucky for him to acquire WAEC certificate, but they should look into his matter.

  8. Every system in this country is faulty even the judiciary, 11yrs awaiting trial

  9. Eeeyaaa prison is one place i never wish to visit! Super scared of that place and police stations

  10. Most likely the same corrupt judges loittering the judiciary, this country is doomed and some idiots would still defend this looters to their grave. Menstruate under my comment and watch your joy turn to sorrow before December . Animals

  11. May God not allow me see evil, 11years no trial that Judge on earth you own judgement is waiting for you in heaven.

  12. Without pay or with pay ni? Ain't doing if Tz free of charge...Got bills to pay

    1. Madam teacher they said "volunteers ".

  13. That's what we are saying..and some ''kwarapt'' judges will be enjoying the loot from ''kwarapt'' politicians..Evil Judges!! May God have mercy!! How can this country move forward when the injustice holds sway in the land and the evil ones enjoy freedom

  14. Awwww, 11 yrs of his life wasted!!! OMG

  15. 11 good years no trial, Lord have mercy on the innocent once

  16. I will love to volunteer but how do we go about it

  17. Lord have mercy .

  18. I would love to volunteer to teach biology though but what if I enter the prison to teach and the wardens misplace the key?? I will now be stuck inside? ?? I am so scared of prisons sha!!All the times my group in uni went to visit prisoners I stayed outside. ...I always imagine that the key might get missing while I am inside and I might be stuck inside....Stella what kind of phobia is that?
    Nmaureen .


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