Stella Dimoko Child Star Benita Okojie Traditional Wedding Photo...


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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Child Star Benita Okojie Traditional Wedding Photo...

Child star Benita Okojie and Olawale Adeyina had their traditional wedding yesterday. The lovely duo who met at Redeemers University also had their church wedding today....

White wedding photos coming as soon as i

Congratulations to both!


  1. Only God knows how Long they dated. Wale and her sister are business partners and best friends.

    HML dear.

    1. We don already know, she said it.

    2. U asked u? u just like to famz😏

  2. She looks happy and you can tell the guy is in love.

    Happy married life.

  3. #Don't beg, don't ask, just thank God in silence for being alive*

  4. Congrats to both of dem!!! I love weddings

  5. Saw some pics earlier, she is so lovely. Congrats Benita and Wale.

  6. SO beautiful. No too much senrere

  7. I can only assume that she got married as a virgin or did the dude pop the cherry prior to their wedding? I ponder because of how she was brought up.

    Congrats to the young couple. May your love for each other continue to wax stronger which each passing seconds

    1. Am sure they Gbenshed. They are only cool decent girls

    2. And how's info on her hymen gonna help ur miserable life.

  8. I love their outfit. Happy married life. God bless their home.

  9. Beautiful people, may your home to filled with endless Joy and may your children's children be great in your life time in JESUS'NAME.

  10. Smilin....smilin....congratulations dear.

  11. Congrats. Osemudiamen Queen! !
    Marital Bliss I wish you both ! !

  12. Congrats and happy married life Benita!

  13. Replies
    1. Congrats to them. I wish them a blissful marriage.

  14. Congrats to them. God bless your home.

  15. Congratulation.

  16. Congratulations, God bless your union.

  17. Beautiful!
    Wishing them a happy married life.

  18. Aww so happy for her,God bless your union girlie...remember when I used to watch her on TV,she was so little,never knew the small girl of yesterday will get married before me.....haha agba ti de,but I know iyanu ma she le....thank you Lord!!!

    1. U said exactly wot I am thinking!!!

  19. Congrats Benita. Happy married life

  20. Congratulations

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  22. Congratulations girl,tnx for making ur parents proud.

  23. Congratulations pretty Couple!
    Love is a beautiful thing.


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