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Friday, 4 November 2016

Word For Today - The Power To Effect Change.

We are at the zenith of all privileges to be a part of this generation! This is the generation that the bible was referring to in the book of 1Peter 2:9-10.

A lot of people do not understand what it means to be a part of the chosen generation. It means a generation that enjoys privileges that they did not labour for. Look at this; in the era of law, not everyone could heal the sick, even if they wanted to. Not everyone could effect change in their lives, even when they so wished! Also in the era of law, if you committed sin, alot had to be done to remit your sin.

 But after the death and resurrection of Jesus(The era of grace), EVERYTHING CHANGED! The only thing required is that you accept that Jesus died for you. You no longer need to go to God through a prophet, you now have a direct access to the Father through Jesus. YOU CAN NOW CHANGE ANY SITUATION IN YOUR LIFE that you do not like. Isn't that wonderful?

Now, to effect that change, power must be available to you! Thus, it means that one of the benefits of being a part of the chosen generation is "the presence of power!" Although power is present in the life of believer, not every believer is living victoriously. There are two major reasons why many believers are living beneath their privileges as Christians. It is either 'they do not know' or 'they are not' applying the principles that makes power available to effect change!

The moment you accept Jesus, you become a totally distinct person, with 'POWER residing on the inside' of you. But the fact that such power resides on your inside doesn't necessarily mean you can just use it. It has principles! First, you need to have the KNOWLEDGE that you can change any situation in your favour, if you ask according to God's will(asking in the name of Jesus)(John 14:13-14). 

The second principle is; you need to have "FAITH and confidence" that God "can and will" do it as long as you ask or declare in Jesus' name! The third principle is BELIEVING that the desired result has been achieved wether you can see it with your physical eyes or not.

Remember, challenges of life are mere reality, but God's word is truth. And God's truth will always prevail over every reality! Always declare God's truth no matter the situation.

-Amos Dede.


Marygift Anumudu said...

Am standing by the word of God for the word of God is power.

Intelligentia princess the Queen. said...

Good one.

Audrey said...

I believe and I know whose daughter I am.
Thanks Amos for this wonderful piece.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Amos for sharing and SDK for allowing this section on your Blog. May God honor His word in our lives as we read and act in Faith to God's Word.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Amos. Thank you Stella too for posting.

Chichi O.

aisha jane said...

Hmmm.. Word
Bless you Amos.

Chidinma Gift said...

God please grant me the grace to hold on to your word and establish my faith the more because I am at the verge of giving up.

Anonymous said...

So grateful to God's Word.

God pls help Mr Abati.

Mao Akuh

Lagos shopper(for your personal shoppings and goods directly from the popular lagos markets to anywhere in naija,07030493148) said...

Yes,i know who God says I am.......!

peace maker said...


Team Purity said...

Nice one.

Ignorance is the major reason why many Christians live far below God's expectations.

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Anonymous said...

Brainwashed religion. Oga Amos abeg stop. Oyibo rape and slave your ancestors finish and gave you bible to read for forgiveness.
All these false hope and fake prayers. Una go wait tire like White Berry on Sdk.

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