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Friday, November 18, 2016

Word For Today -The Wounds From A Friend

Proverb 27:6 tells us something very expedient and worthy of note! It says; Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are lavish and deceitful.

Oftentimes, it hurts to accept the truth about certain events, especially when it doesnt favour us, so we fall back to the lavish, sweet words that come from our 'supposed' friends, affirming us to have done the right thing. But the truth is, there are three categories of people, and you must carefully watch to find out where each and every one of your friends belong. 

1).The friend who actually loves you but tells you what you willl like to hear because he/she is afraid you will think them to be a hater, 

2). The friend who loves what they get/benefit from you and thus do not genuinely care about your personal wellbeing and so tells you what you will like to hear, to ensure their supply is not cut off, and

 3).The friend who genuinely loves you and thus tells you the truth whether you accept it or not.

See, I know that we need to surround ourselves with positive minded people who encourage, inspire and make us feel good about ourselves. But among them, you need someone who can look you in the eye and tell you; YOU DID NOT ACT RIGHT TOWARDS THAT PERSON, YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR TEMPER, YOU NEED TO BE A BIT NICER TO PEOPLE, YOU CAN AIR YOUR VIEWS WITHOUT RAGING DOWN THE BUILDING. Anybody who can tell you these and will yet fight for and stand by you through thick and thin should be put into your inner circle of friends.

Sometimes, it is better to be hurt with the truth than be kissed a kiss of lies and deception.

Jesus had twelve disciples, but Judas among the twelve had a different agenda, yet he was like the eleven who also loved up on Jesus. Judas kissed his Master, not out of affection, but to identify Him to be arrested. Yet he was among the Twelve.

Dear reader, You honestly do not need too many people in your inner circle. Jesus had the five thousand, the Seventy two, the twelve and the THREE.

Choose your three wisely!



  1. Nice one.

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    1. Nice one.... true talk. I don't see myself as someone that has friends tho. Friend is a strong word. I don't have friends . Acquintances, yes. But not friends

  2. True talk, different kind of friends, that is why my new prayer point is God should unfriend any bad friend from my life.

  3. Nice write up. Honestly I have less than 3 in my circle cos the drama and fakeness of this age and time is unbelievable. My best and only friend is God atm. Maybe when I settle down hubby can join the inner circle lol.
    Have a stress-free and productive day blog visitors God bless

  4. We have so many fake friends here. They are many on this blog. This is for you

  5. Love this, I always think am the only one dat thinks like dis , always tell my friends how it is but dnt get it from them and sometimes dey hide things from me blc of my bluntness.good to know dat some people have the same idea with me

  6. Bad friend is the worst thing that can happen to any body. Wolf in ship clothing. Green Snake in green grass. Very dangerous set of people. Pray to never have such people in life.

  7. 6k, i dey come please

  8. Thanx Stella...fake friends everywhere..

  9. Thank you for sharing Amos

  10. This article is #Dope. God continue to bless you for us Amos. What God gives us through you on this section Is more than money. Thank you.

  11. Thanks Amos. Nice piece.
    Happy weekend SDK Fam.

    Chichi O.

  12. Thanks Amos for this. People should stop assuming friendship were there is none. A lot of people are friends to people who aren't their friend.

  13. Wish I can at least have one, cos hubby is out of it. God pls bless me with a good n wonderful friend

  14. All them instagram likes. Even when the person resemble agaba with makeup, you will see ' oh baby, you look awesome, you are da bomb'.

  15. Frnds?? I would rather choose to drink garri with groundnut, milk nd cold water...

  16. Like Stella Okoye above,I know my friends feel I am too blunt but I really do not know how to act otherwise. I just leave it to God to reward my labor of love. Ibos say nmeko esika ike. Relationships can be tough. A lot of people do not appreciate being told the truth but then again,diplomacy is also important. May God grant us wisdom to handle every situation.

  17. I love this. Thanks Stella.

  18. Wow.. Thank you Amos.. very lovely piece. Keep up the good work


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