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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chronicle Of BLOG Visitor Narrative..



Good day Stella and fellow BV'S.
I met this guy sometimes in June 2015.

He was asking me out but I turned down his proposal(he's yoruba and muslim).
But he didn't stop calling and texting me on WhatsApp on daily basis, our office is not far from each other, so every morning he call to ask me if I have eaten if I say no he will say ok come let's go and eat.during all this time I was single.

At afternoon's he calls to know how is work going and all that.
When I close he would ask me to wait for him at the busstop , I close by 6pm,he close by 8pm.
Then he will come and give me transport money and he will return back to his office.
He will call me to find out if I have gotten home and all that continued until July 4th 2015.

I texted him on WhatsApp around 6:am in the morning, when I woke up telling him that I have agreed to date him, he reply me by 6:30am or so saying "wow i love you so much, and I promise to take care of you, i promise not to break your heart" e.t.c.
That day was on a Saturday, and I close by 4pm on Saturdays from work.

When I close from work he took me out, we went swimming after swimming he took me to shoprite he bought lots of stuff for me.
He gave me some amount of money to use for my Sunday.
He calls me regularly, first thing 6:am he calls atimes 5am telling me to pray and get ready for work.

He continues this lovy dovy treatment until August 2015 my phone fell into water and stop working. He said he will take it to engineer to repair it for me.

After he brought the phone he just frow his face, i asked him what happened to him, he said so i am a prostitute I asked him that what kind of stupid talk is that .he said look at all the messages on my phone that they are all from men, and they are always asking how and when you people are going to see each other , i told him that they are just message (and truly they are just message ).
He was like if that is the case I should Change my sim I agree because I was so in love with him then.

Next day he took me to Etisalat office bought the new sim, but it will work in 24hours time, he said the sim will be with him till it get activated i agreed. Next day was on a Sunday i went to his place. I changed my sim in august 2015.
I told him that before I change the sim I would like to copy important contacts out. He began to shout on me that I want to copy all those peoples numbers i was like no my friend's and office colleague's number he said ok. Immediately he brought out pen and paper gave to me to write down the numbers in his presence. Immediately i finish writing them down he opened my phone removed the sim, then he put the new one, he told me that he's going to keep the other sim with him , i didn't argue with him but I was very angry inside me.

Because our office are very close to each other(just two blocks apart), if he see me with any other guy it becomes and issue except i say the person his a client. if I miss his calls we qurel about it no matter my explanations.when he miss mine no explanation just baby am sorry i was busy and I wnt say futher.

Everytime we qurel physically he becomes very hot on me like he's going to hit me,and after the qurel he doesn't pick my calls or reply my chats and when he finally picks he will ask me "why are you calling me " and insults will follow. I will beg and beg and later he will calm down and forgive me for what I didn't do. Then we would continue again. If he offend me he doesn't apologise instead he will not call me for like 2 or 3days. And I will be the one to call and apologise. After a while he told me that when I close from work i have to come and wait for him in his office then when he close for the day we would go to the bus stop together and go our separate destination. I wasn't happy with it but I agreed.

Then on December 20th 2015 (on a Sunday our off days) i went to visit him like i normally do every Sunday , i went around 1pm after church, immediately he opened the door he went to bed and started sleeping mean while he asked me to come. By 6pm he was still sleeping i have to tap him up to tell him that I will soon leave.

Immediately i put my hands on him to tap him he just screamed on me that what happened i told him that I will soon leave. He said so is that why you have to distract his sleep. I reply him that baby am sorry he screamed on me that don't baby me, learn how to respect people. I said how he said you are stupid for asking me such questions i was like am stupid because I woke you up or what. He just stood up from the bed and started slapping me i slapped him back he overpowered me and began to pull my weavon and he was shouting you are very stupid, I pushed him pick my phone and ran out of the room.

 I called his close friend told him what happened he told me to calm down that I should sit outside that he's coming. His friend came went inside to talk to him, he was screaming on top of his voice that the relationship is over between us that how can he slap me and i will have the guts to slap him back. That he's a yoruba guy and he cherish respect.

His friend came outside to meet me that I should go inside and beg him i refuse his friend pleaded with me telling me that he has anger issues and he would talk to him bla bla.
I went inside and pleaded with him, he just screamed that how can I be standing to apologise that I don't have respect, his friend wisper to me to kneel down. I knelt down to beg him,before he finally agree. Immediately his friend left he began to apologise to me that he's so sorry that he has anger problem, that he would work on it, that he loves me, he will change we made up and had s3x.

The next day Dec 21st he use my picture as his dp on his phone, laptop, WhatsApp and Facebook. He used my name as his password on his phone and laptop. Those things calmed me down. Until he finally change the pictures January 1st 2016 but he left my name as passwords.
Then this year 2016 badoo became his new addiction we quarel countless time over it, he will be asking the girls how much for s3x and when can they come and see him.
They should send him nudes, we quarel over it one time he stopped talking to me for nearly 2weeks because of it.

He stoped spending money on me like at first. He stop subscribing my phone, he stop paying for my hair and stop buying my body cream. When I complain he said he doesn't have money. I told him that he doesn't have money but he buys new clothes almost every week and they pay him salary every month . He screemed on me that am I not receiving salary too that what do I do with my money. 

So I let him be i didn't ask or depend for anything from him again. If he falls sick i buy drugs and blood tonic for him, but when I fall sick he will ask me that hope have taken drugs, even if I complain to him that I don't have money to buy drugs (but I have ) he would say eya sorry if that I have i would buy for you, but please take care of your self for me.

Then MAY this year 2016 , he fell really sick he couldn't go to work for 2weeks they said(doctor)he has pneumonia I was always their for him after work hours (cooking washing and cleaning his house ). He got well and fell sick after 3days this time around he couldn't even breath well only with his mouth. His body was so hot like charcoal fire, his chest was swollen, he couldn't eat and even if he eat he would vomit it.
He was admitted at the hospital again, after 3 weeks he didn't get well . His late mom called from the village that she went to some where they told her that it's spiritual attack from his father's family background, that his elder brother will come and take him back to the village for spiritual cleansing.
When he was about to travel he needed #20,000 naira to complete his money out of care, love and pity i gave him.

He came back from the village and became well again until July this year after our 1 year dating aniversary he began to give me all atitude again. He goes to the restaurant to eat breakfast on his own he changed my name from his passwords.
He chats with girls on WhatsApp asking if they are single.
When I complained he said they are just chats and I should not be angry.
When I go to visit him on Sundays i pay my transport fare tro and fro, even the cooking i cook with my money.
And anytime i write a cooking list if for example the total is two thousand naira he would give me one thousand naira that let's share it eat.

2nd week of September is my birthday. We had issues 3weeks to my birthday courtesy of him(starting from mid August ). We didn't communicate for 2 and half weeks. When I decide to make up with him. He said am trying to make up because my birthday is around the coner right (6 days to my birthday ),and he said what if he has gotten another girl bla bla that do i think am the only pretty girl with hot body that almost every girl is looking like me both facially and body shape that he's just trying to control him self that they are too many hot girl if I think am too special or something that one day he will surprise.
I sha apologies for what I didn't do.

On my birthday he didn't give me any gift by 6pm that day i complain to him via WhatsApp, he said he's sorry that he ran out of idea on what to buy i told him that but he bought me several nice things on my birthday in 2015 why is 2016 different he said that was last year and not this year.
I just let it rest.
Later that night of my birthday he took me my friend's and some of his 4 friends to club and that was all(and on his birthday in March I spent almost 30k on gifts cake(cynham cakes)and watch and the rest).

October 11 2016 his mom died he travelled for her burial and came back on the 15th because of work.
I went to visit on the 16th of October.
As I was arranging the stuff the he brought back from the village i saw the picture of a lady in his bag i asked him who is she.
He collected the picture from me and shouted on me that I should stop asking stupid questions all the time that does this person in the picture look like who he can date I told him that, that's not the answer to my question. He said my friend just shut up i told him that he's disrespecting me, he shouted on me that what stupid disrespect?.
I got angry pick up my bag to leave he said if you like leave i wont call or beg you.
I left with anger
He didn't call me neither chat me up.

November 1st 2016. I sent him new month message he replied and we began chatting. I began to apologise to him.he said that he's tired of me and my attitude and we quarel too much and what if he has gotten a new girlfriend we settled again. Until November 10th, he told me that he bought a house on November 2nd 2016 I told him that but you didn't tell me. He was like he doesn't need to tell me everything. That in fact the reason why he's just telling me because he's still owing the seller of the house hundred thousand and he needs fifty thousand naira from me.

I told him that I don't have he said he saw my account balance on my phone I told him yes that I want to start selling ladies cloths in 2017 he said since the money is meant for 2017 he will pay me November ending after salary payment i said no. He said ok he will pay me back with 20 percent intrest I agreed and transfered the fifty thousand immediately to him.

November 18th i didn't go to work i was sick vomiting and all that. He only called by 7:am to ask about my health he didn't call again till 6:pm I Decided to call him he didn't pick from 6pm till 9pm I called like 17 times he didn't pick.
Then by 11:03 pm at night he called me and I said so since morning is now you have my time right.
He began to screem on me that I don't have patience and I can't wait for him to explain that infact good night sleep well.

I called him back i said why is he too harsh on me all the time he said "hmm no vex dear " that he's moving thing's from the rented apartment to the new I asked him how many load and besides today his Friday and you didn't tell me you wnt be going to work he said "sorry" I said and you know am not feeling fine you should at least call to know about my health.
He said that's your problem too much talk he cut the call.
I got angry text him that first thing tomorrow morning(November 19th ) i want my money back and i am no longer in intrested in the relationship he didn't reply the text i called him 12:04ammidnight told him that hope he got my text he said yes don't worry first thing in the morning i will Bring it for you in your office.

I cut the call. The next day November 19th i resume work. He called me by 3pm that he's outside my office he gave me the 50k and left.
November 26th i went to the small shopping mall beside my work place to get stuff before I went home.
I saw him with another lady he was holding her hands and carrying her hand bag and the girl was holding the shopping basket he was buying stuff for her i was behind them, they didn't see me, i nearly faint it was just as if I have electric shock i left without buying what I came for.
I was so sad throughout November 26th.

November 28th i went to the restaurant at my work place to eat breakfast as I sat down I saw him coming in with 3 of his friends i remove my face and concentrated on my phone.
He came to sit me saying madame you saw me and remove face i didn't answer just pressing my phones he said talk to me or am I not your love again I didn't reply him.
He stood up went back to meet his friends at their table.

Evening of that same day i told my friend about it she said if I still love him I should beg him i said ok.
November 30th i called him we talk briefly then I began to apologise he said no need that he has a new girlfriend, I told him that I know i saw them together at the mall. He said thank God you saw us.
That as i can see we have almost the same shape and am only lighter than her in skin tone.
So he wonder what was so special about me that other girls don't have.
I continue begging him till midnight he said he's only accepting because the girl doesn't Base in Abuja that she just came to visit her friend that works in their office and she has gone back to her Base.
I was ok oh.

December 1st the next day he didn't call me he normally calls as early as 5am or 6am, so when I was leaving for work I called him 3 times he didn't pick the 4th time he pick saying "please stop calling me as early as this again, you can call me by 10am and if I can call you before 10 am i will thank you "
I was surprised i just say ok happy new month dear he said ok bye and cut the call.

Later that night when we close he took me to one garden we where gisting i brought out my phone and told him that I want to show him something he said what's that.
I showed him pictures of him when he was sick in MAY and I was sitting on chair sleeping beside his hospital bed (his friend took the picture ).
He look at it and say this is rubbish for now. Why are you showing me you want me to praise you or what I said no to remember the good old times he hissed pick up his phone's and left.
I sat down their for a while and left sad.

November 4th i went to his side after church as usual but before going i text him to please keep something before I reach he replied me that his house is not restaurant.
I didn't reply till I got their.
When I got to his house immediately he opened the door he said hope you got my text i said yes he said ok my house his not restaurant I said ok and sat on the chair we where watching movie together.
He look at me and said so what will you eat i say I don't know am just hungry he brought out one thousand naira that I should go and buy chips and egg from restaurant, as I was about to collect the money he put it back in his pocket and said why should I still care for you.
I didn't utter any word.

Then his phone rang he pick I was sitting close to him I could hear everything he was saying.
The girl that introduced him to his new distance girlfriend was the one calling. She said she wants to come and greet him on behalf of her friend they where speaking yoruba he said no don't come my main girlfriend his around the lady was like and so what since my friend is not around i want to come and since you on her behalf i don't care if your real or fake girlfriend his around he replied ok you can come in yoruba.

When she came she sat on the second chair, immediately he move and sat with her they where just gisting in yoruba as if I am not in the parlour with them(but I understand yoruba very well, although I can't speak fluently ) I was angry inside me but quiet outside I took his phone and was going through his messages on WhatsApp he has change my name to my real name.
He saved the girls number as mine . I was reading him and the girl chats they where chatting about all the sex they have within 3days he wish she can come back very soon to Abuja she said she wished but she's plaining her introduction with her boyfriend, he said that she should break up that he's ready to wife her.
I scrolled to pictures he took the girl to shoprite they but lots of things took pictures .
And since June this year he has not take me out always complaining no money got angry and kept the phone Continued waching the movie.
While him and the lady continue talking in their yoruba language .
It was 6pm I expect the lady to leave she didn't leave instead she called her friend on phone (new girl )she gave my boyfriend the phone to speak with the new girl I was just boiling but I didn't talk.
By 7pm she asked him in yoruba that hope this girl(me) is not sleeping here he said no one.
She said in that case let me be going .when she was going she took the only 2 wines in the fringe went to kitchen pack indomie and egg that can enter her hand bag.
He even escort her,am sure he even gave her transport.

He came back and ask me that madame are you not ready to leave i said am waiting for him so that we can talk about us.
He said which us that the last time he check they was no us but just go ahead sha.
I told him that I don't like what's going on and beside his new girlfriend his in a serious relationship he said how does that concern you am I complaining that I should please leave that he doesn't want to loose his temper so that he will not end up slapping him. I told him that does he realise that today his Dec 4th and we are 1year and 6 months old he said that one is no longer relevant please leave.
I left without him giving me transport or escorting him.
I got home and deleted his numbers. When I was inside taxi going home i decided I would let him be.

By 10pm I saw his numbers calling him, i pick he said haven't i gotten home yet i said i have he Began to shout that and I didn't call him.
I told him that I didn't call him because I wnt call him forever in my life again he said that's good take care.
He sent me message on WhatsApp around 10:24 saying "baby please am very sorry for what happened today ,i know thats why you are angry at me I promise you it wnt happen again, i love you so much don't want to loose you dear"
I replied ok.
He said please call me before you sleep i told him I wnt call him but he can call me.
He called by 10:45 pm that he wants to sleep now I said ok.
He said "i love you so much " I hissed and cut the call.

He called back 5times I didn't pick the next morning November 5 he started calling from 6 am till 9am i didn't pick 19missed calls .
He came to my office around 9:40 am I told my colleague that I don't want to see him he left he called 5more times I didn't pick he sent me message on WhatsApp "baby please what's going on please talk to me".
I replies am no longer intrested in this confuse relationship please move on with your new girl.
He replied ok but you are the one who is too confused one minute you want me the other minute you don't want me.
I said this time am serious thanks for the experience good and bad he said ok move on with your confused life.

Dec 7 he called by 10pm that he want to hear my voice, Dec 8 he called by 10pm to hear my voice again, Dec 9 still called by 10pm that he wants to hear my voice.
Dec 10th still called by 10pm that he want to greet me.
I ask him that this one you are calling every night to hear voice hope all is well he said yes all is well. .that he's so sorry for all the pains he caused he loves me so much that let's reconcile that everybody his asking him about me even his MD that he will change after much talking from 10pm till 1am I agree.
The next day was Sunday he in the morning that I should please come after church let's cook and eat that it's been a while.
I went we cook together and other stuff together.
Time for me to leave he begin to ask hope I have transport I provoke and shout on him that I don't have he gave one thousand five hundred naira for the transport.

That's when I told him am surposed to see my period November 27th but till December 10th have not seen it he said I should go for lab on December 13th if it show face.
I bought pregnancy kit strip and test it was positive, he said I should still go to lab want to lab still postive .

December 13th when we close from work we went to a garden to discuss about the baby he was saying I should keep it he want baby bla bla but I will convert to muslim because it means before or after the birth of the baby will would get married, I told him I can't he said he always know that my love is only inside my mouth not my heart.
We both letter agree for D&C after plenty talks and almost qurel.

December 15th he gave me one drugs misoprostol for the D&C I Google it. It was truly for D&C .December 16th I didn't go to work.
I took the drugs December 16th with the hand written prescription on paper he gave me written by a pharmacist. I i took the drugs according to prescription but it didn't work I told him(my boyfriend ) December 17th. So December 19th he took me to the pharmacist the guy gave me an injection that almost ran me mad immediately my ear even got block for two days I began bleeding after 1hour sha.

After the injection he partially calls me and when he calls he complains that I don't call him bla bla me that am not feeling well.

Am in pains and serious bleeding after the D&C December 20_22 I couldn't go to work too much blood cramps and pains can't walk well too.
December 23 because of our xmas party and end of the year bonus I couldn't even wait for the party to start I just collected my bonus and left by 2pm because of too much pains .
I called him that am going home he came to work me up to bus stop I told him I was given 50 percent bonus of my salary plus I was paid December salary.
He was like wow please borrow me 10k I told him I can't I need to take care of my self during the holidays (i will resume back to work January 4th 2017 ).
I sha borrow him 5k.

I went to his house around 8am December 24th the next day he want to work came back by 7pm telling me stories of how they didn't pay him November and December salary and they didn't give end of the year bonus.
I didn't even know if he was lying or saying the truth .
He told me that he can't take me out for Christmas no money that I should rest at home since am not even feeling fine i said ok and left with anger.

December 25th at morning my pains and bleeding increased he only called me by 10amChristmas morning, I told him that I can't even get up because of pains and stomach rumbling he said ok go to pharmacy I told him no hospital and pharmacy open today more over today is Sunday and Christmas he said eya Pele dear i would soon call you soon.
He didn't call me through out I didn't call him too then on 26th December i decided to call him around 10:30 am first line switch off 2nd line went through (i was still bleeding ).
I began to call him from 10 till 1pm 16times he didn't pick i was already upset he called me back by 1:20 that "hello baby please don't be angry i was playing " na the ball matter vex me too much i got angry insulted him called him beast, fool and mumu.
I cut the call he called me back saying I get angry too much just because he didn't call bla bla i told him f**k you he said oya na vex and kill your self he cut the call.

I got angry went to dressed up went to his house without calling him.
Got to his house and the house was filled up with 8 guy's they drinking chatting in their yoruba language he was in the kitchen cooking for the boys i just sat down in the parlour he after some minutes he came out from the kitchen and he was shock to see me.
He i should please wait for him in the bedroom that the smell of acholol is not good for my health.
We went to bedroom I told him am in pains and he should take me back to the pharmacy.
He took me their they gave me drug's and blood tonic bill was three thousand three hundred naira #3,300 .
My guy did as if he wasn't having money he asked me if I was with my purse i said no, he brought out #3,500 and paid.
Those his friends that where drinking in the parlour left and he came to meet inside bedroom he lie down beside me that I shouldn't be angry that through out 25th they where at the club all through the might he doesn't have credit to call and all that .
In my mind I say somebody that they didn't and he even borrow my 5k is the one buying drinks and taking guys to club up and down.

He slept off and I took his phone and went through his WhatsApp messages he was chatting with his distance about to be engaged girlfriend almost through out on the 25th .
How they miss their self's, how they can't wait to see each and all that shit got me angry I just off the phone looked at him he was deep asleep i felt like giving him a turderios slap, but I just fell asleep beside him i was super weak.

Before I got ready to leave 1 of his friend came to collect his xmas drink, as he went to the parlour I check his wallet no money I checked his trouser they was six thousand naira inside.
I check his phone to see what my numbers was saved it he has changed them back to "iyawo" and "ifemi"
He came back into the room and ask me if am ready to I said yes.
We reach bus stop he told me that hope I have transport I said no he said ah he doesn't have money too only this 300 naira I looked at him head to toe, he was like "baby what" I didn't reply he said this 300 hundred naira will transport me na I said yes just give me.

Got home and deleted his numbers because of the 6 thousand naira and 300 hundred naira matter i got super confused about him.
I sent him series of messages on WhatsApp about his new stingy character.
I told him that how can he be so stingy and wicked to give me 300 hundred naira out of 6000 naira.
He said "baby please don't be angry that's my last cash you know they have not pay me 2 months salary trying to manage this one till January thanks for the understanding i love you ".

I poured my heart to him that I don't understand the relationship anymore and am already tired of him didn't reply but read the messages via WhatsApp next day December 28 I didn't call him through out I decided not to call he was the one calling through out and complaining that I didn't bother to call him just because am sick.

28th December am still lying down in pains he called me from 6 am till 2pm in the afternoon i didn't pick.
I got small strength and type him message on WhatsApp that am no longer intrested in this confused relationship he didn't reply he was just busy changing dp and WhatsApp status he called by 9pm that "baby how far, how is your health . Hope you have eaten. How was day i saw your day have missed you bla bla, I saw your message on WhatsApp I know is because you are in pain that's why you are sending me that kind of messages don't worry you will soon be fine. We would go out in new year I promise you just take good care of your self and heal fast. I love you iyawo".
My mindset soft again he called by 11pm we spoke for about 30 minutes we said our good nights with him saying try and be calling me oh I miss the way you call me Ayomi.

The problem now is i don't want to continue with this kind of drama full relationship in 2017 , i know i have fallen in love with him that's why it's hard to pull out. I need mature advices please.
He's 26 years and am 20 year's old.
He's Muslim am Christian
Please I need advise on weather to leave or stay and talk to him just so confuse right now thank you all.

*SMH in anger*
What is all this darling?Why are you not in school?Abortion?OH FREAKING HOLY MOSES.................At your age?I am crying for you darling and my tears are real...I am too shocked to give a proper response right now...IS THIS STORY REAL?


  1. Lengthiest chronicle I have seen so far, choi. Brb

    1. Its a lie!!!! I can't believe I read this rubbish to the end. 😭😭😭😭😭

    2. What's all this? You have been taken for granted, baby girl! What's all this, I say!
      Why have you allowed that vermin to treat you like trash? What's wrong with you? He treats you anyhow and you still give him some piece of ass?
      If you were my kid sister, I'd reset your brains with a good slap and then pray a prayer of deliverance for you.
      This story is pathetic. Good thing you are young and you have a good life ahead of you. Get yourself off this track of doom now, I beg you.

    3. Exactly. Was smh as I was scrolling down and the thing refused to finish

    4. Gosh, what did i just read,mehn sorry to say,you are too dull and soft. Leave the freaking idiot alone joor but not without treating his fuckup.

      With what have read sef you no look like person wey fit treat someone fuckup

    5. This is not a Chronicle,but an Epistle

    6. If I'd read to the part where you wrote you're 20yrs, I won't have bothered to read the trash you wrote up there. It's a pity you will end up marrying that guy, the fact is, you're both in love, but a very STUPID LOVE I must say

      *Larry was here*

    7. Hmmm what did I just read? Anyway you are behaving base on your age. You don't know your right to you left. Plsss don't worry you'll soon get advice here. So angry.

    8. Honestly, I still don't know how I managed to read this crap. The most annoying chronicle I've ever read.

      Today Dec 14th,tomorrow November 26th...arrant nonsense!

      You can't be senseless and be dating someone even more senseless. Mtcheeeww

      Sorry about my outburst,the chronicle is just too annoying.

      Stella you dey try oh, how do you do it?

    9. Read from beginning to the end.
      Very naive, very foolish, poorly educated girl. See how the boy turned you to a ping pong ball. He is fucking an about to be married girl in abuja whom you know, and you still opened your legs and allowed him fuck you raw? Pls go for HIV test and make sure your womb is not damaged from that abortion.
      For christ sake, do you have a family? Those who truly care for you? Cos the only friend you mentioned is a buffoon cos she asked you to go back to beg this mistake of a man.
      This chronicle is just so annoying.

    10. Self esteem zero
      Level of IQ low
      Written English f9

      Her future Very bright

      Better leave that guy before thunder slaps you.

      Not because he's a Muslim, but because he isn't treating you right.
      Even if it were a Bishop's son treating you that way, it's to leave him.

      These type of chronicles annoy me

    11. I was almost going to insult you till I got to the part where you stated your age
      Please grow up
      This guy is the wrongest choice
      Why don't you tie your legs and focus on your work and school
      At 20, you're this money conscious
      How pathetic

    12. Super lengthy
      Babe u are not in love...u are obsessed with that guy,prolly he fucks u real good
      How did u even survive all this?

    13. Oh! My God! How can one person be so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so STUPID n BRAINLESS!

      Gal what I s WRONG with you!

    14. At 20 you are going through all this. My God. Do you still have a mother? Do you have a relationship with her? After carefully analysing your chronicle you still ask if to stay or leave. Goodness me!

      First put a STOP to this affair from today

      Secondly check yourself into a good hospital to get treatment.

      Thirdly you need to rewire your mentality cause you seem to attach "worth" to a guy giving you money hence your sense of reasoning as been blinded

      Finally you need to give yourself some self worth.

    15. And the most annoying one too. What does she want? You got me confused with the dates and the beggings. I was even expecting to read "I'm 30", girl you are really young and confused. So so confused. I can't even advice you.

    16. The only reason I read all these is because I'm bored. Leave that guy and move on with your life.

  2. Met dis extremely handsome guy frm a very rich home in my state he wants us to date seriously he's turning 25 next year he doesnt even look it i tot he was like 30 hes 6ft 1 tall,and am Turning 27 next year I have never dated younger but he's too good to me he thinks am 25 too.he just returned frm d UK he's finished his masters and working with his father's company i have a boyfriend who asked me to marry him b4 he left for UK he actually paid my bride price b4 he left 2 years ago he got a very good job offer in d UK promising he will com back in a year for marriage it's years now telling me I should please be patient he securing a future for us, Am tired of waiting for him he promised coming back dis December but he didn't. I started dating dis year but still haven't met any 1 better dan him.until dis younger guy am just parents are telling me dey will call his parents and return d bride price cos he's holding me down.
    Wat do i do.

    1. Chronicles loading...

    2. Put the bride price in an envelope and label it "Back to sender"

    3. If the UK guy is still constantly keeping in touch why the rush. If your mind aint in the relationship anymore please free him and move on with your new flame. Just think through your decision wisely.

    4. Date the young guy. Forget the one who pay bride price he don already forget you and you can be sure he has a smallie in πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ keeping him busy if not why hasn't he returned for you?

    5. All he confused ladies gerarahere o jare!

    6. I didn't read where you said the younger guy is asking you to marry him abi you want to propose in his behalf. If you get a serious proposal and you want it, then by all means you return the bride price cos from wat you wrote You don't.

    7. Age is nothing, his maturity and his parents accepting you is what should bother you.


  3. I did not read this at all oooo. It was just too long.

    You still want to continue with this drama with that muslim boy. You forgot that they dont easily forgive and forget. Shame on you. You no see a christian man to follow.

    You went to a guy that have already control you. 20 years old girl, wetin you dey take prick do?

    1. It still baffles me how a Christian will be dating a Muslim.

      I'm not saying anyone is better than the other but let's be realistic, due to religious beliefs and faiths Christians hardly (note that I didn't say Never) marry Muslims and vice versa.
      Why waste your life when you know the end result will be break-up.
      If you know you're not going to be serz, fine but not the one that you'll come and be saying nonsense when you know that at the end of the day, it won't end up in marriage.

      Abeg jor

  4. Lord of mercy. Whose sister is this mbok.

    Please y'all should advise her. My head is reeling. 😱😱😱😱

  5. Replies
    1. Which kind nonsense & stupid chronicle be this hian!!!!
      My dear u for write novel na....u go sell well well rubbish.

  6. This is a roller coaster and it's time to get off it.
    I kept waiting for the "dear diary" to end before blood starts to come out of my eyes, it was really hard to read this mess.
    You love him? You think this is what love is? You're infatuated. You can't even marry this man or have his baby yet it's hard to pull out? At 20, look at how you're messing up yourself for a nobody. What jobs do you both do that you spend all day fighting and settling. My dear, I doubt you're done with school. You're probably working your way through school yet you want to kill yourself over a man who won't matter in years to come.
    You need to cut it.
    This is silly and crazy. Very disgusting too to say the least.
    This isn't okay and you need to throw that sim you use in contacting him.
    Get something to do with your time, stop chasing after a man.
    Read a book or at least do anything that will help you improve your written English because it's appalling.

    1. I know say u go type on my behalf
      Thank u dear
      Poster na me get that advise wey dey up soπŸ˜‚

  7. So wait! You really expect us to finish reading this piece of crap??? Like...are you freaking kidding me?

    What do you think you're doing still sending chronicle to ask if to leg go or not? So for your mind you have a future with that fool? Gosh I'm super pissed right now

    Listen to me very well, do yourself a huge favour and get yourself very far away from that animal! Stop wasting your youth and energy on that bastard! You really need to work on your self-esteem cos the fool has obviously crushed whatever is left of it

    Run Now!!!
    And Never look back

    1. And to think that shes a very young girl o.

  8. My eyes oh..... Pls who read it to the end?? I swear i didn't go half way.

    1. Mine hurt too. I just read one third and scrolled right to the end. What a chronicle

    2. LMFAO hahahahahahaha!!! Atheist u made me laugh so hard my son was asking wats d matter

    3. I hear ure an Igbo kwenu & even gay

    4. I did and now I feel like slapping myself

    5. I read ooo,till the end,she needs deliverance.

    6. Lol... I dropped a line in IHN, i'm not Igbo.... Gay? I can't even share a drinking cup with a guy, that's hw far off i am from being gay, i came to this life through a right passage, why should i now crave the back door? I have no bizzness wit anythg dark & unacceptable... No offence to the LGBT #TeamNatural.

    7. My dear, I finished it and I regret doing it sef

      *Larry was here*

    8. No normal person will read to the end.

      Sotay she even dated everything

    9. I kuku red am finish 😩

  9. Replies
    1. God! I'm so angry DAT I read this nonsense to end!

      I already stopped reading halfway, just for me to scroll down d Longgg lane to see Stella's mouth agape! Thinking dat something happened to her!

      I beg u silly poster never u send something like this again to us to advice! Like y are u so DUMP! Gosh! If u wer near me, I would have slapped u terribly!

      Look at d kind of friend she has! Dat one told her to beg! CHAI!
      Una fit una sef! Dump dumber dumbest n dumpster!


  10. Abused Sex toy; that's what you are!

    You are dating;

    Anger issues
    wife beater,
    Serial philanderer
    Egoistic maniac
    Pompous fetish bully
    Manipulator per excellence
    Coward who cannot man up to his responsibilities
    Stingy, selfish tyrant
    hiding under the Yariba cultural peculiarity to
    Demand worship
    (expect the good Yariba men to come up and disown this man and not attack)
    Pathologically jealous brute
    . . .
    Religious bigot who will marry several wives and damn you and not take care of any . . .

    And you are writing a chronicle for advice

  11. This shouldn't even be here, let alone seeking for advice, uve been in a toxic relationship, & uve held on for far too long, holding on to unrealistic love, are u a masochist?? At ur age, it'd have an effect on ur psychology, trust me. I can bet u'd ignore all wat u'd read here & crawl back on ur knees to beg that inflated polished ego maniac, but just knw that the earlier u wake up to smell the coffee, the better for ur future..... The odds are way too high b/w you guys.

  12. Woman, why are you crying for this man. Go and atone for the sins of;

    Self debasement
    self hate
    Human worship
    Killing of innocent "bloods"

    And God will have mercy on you

  13. Nonsense....He is a muslim and you are a christian...bla bla bla

    Can't deal


  14. Please don't continue with the relationship as he keeps acting up each time. You are a Christian and he's a Muslim,,do you think your parents will ever agree to such differences? Even d bible said that you shouldn't be equally yoked with an unbeliever( person of different religious belief), he has shown you so ma y signs and here you are still asking questions? I held ma piece cos of your age. Please please and please DISTANT yourself from him for your own good,besides,he already has a Muslim lady he is dating that made him ask you to change to Muslim.

    1. *many signs, held my peace*

    2. He even asked her to change religion? I didn't even read to the end.

      What makes her think...........
      Infact, let her just swerve.

  15. And please while you're working on receiving more sense and getting back your dead self-esteem... try and hire an English tutor you hear? Wonder the kinda place you work and what exactly you do there

    All this cash you're wasting on that animal, i hope your mom and siblings get their own share of it too? Umu nwanyi na nzuzu

    And she has the guts to say she's in love! Chai nne ibu nno ehn mshewww lemme not talk again

    1. Honestly I didn't finish reading because I was sooooooooo angry.
      Sorry to say this but you're just a fool. You better receive sense and move on, what type of Rubbish is this?
      What stupid love are you talking about. Abeg get out of here Jor, why am I even commenting?

    2. Best comment

  16. This poster you are really crazy. I shame for you. Desperation all over you.

    You need to go for deliverance from being desperate girlfriend

  17. Dairy of a confused little girl.

    See ehh @ poster, if you were related to me i for don land you better slaps to reset your head.

    Whats the matter with you...stay away from that guy. He is bad news. You better not enter 2017 with this type of mindset. You are young and wasting away your life with an irresponsible man.

    Stay without a BF, further your studies and stay focused. That my own advise.

    Haba, this kain gist dey tire me, make i go check sef if steffysofynsojuicy don bring down her leg. Ideato, your company has to provide another Staff bus biko. T-fare is expensive now.

    1. Funny thing is if she was related to you,she no go fit tell u everything wey she dey face for the guy hand so that u no go tell am make she leave the guy

  18. did this boy say that "he is a Yoruba boy?"
    Are Yoruba boys/men . . .even the ladies going to keep quiet on this?
    Yoruba ladies, is this how your brothers and fathers behave?
    If so; let every girl run away from Yoruba men?
    And where is this girl from for goodness sake?
    Why did you demean yourself and kill innocent souls all in the name of being with a man that was obvious will not marry you?
    Why do ladies so debase themselves as to be treated like rotten thrash?
    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, please have mercy on the women folks!
    Have mercy on the daughters of Eve who dine with the Serpent in blatant disobedience to your word!
    I know you will have mercy on them if only they will repent

    1. You are so funny. Yoruba men should come to defend themselves because of this post? Wonder sha never end on this blog.

    2. Don't pack all of them together
      Can't u see the babe is the lover here?
      Does it sound like the guy loves her nii?
      Hi five to my Yoruba angels✋πŸ™†

  19. How stupid can some women be? I don't want to say more than this because I am very pissed off now. Assuming you are close to me now, I would have beaten that stupidity out of you. Rubbish!!!

    1. Proverbs 22:6, "train up a child in a way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it". This child lacks fundamental home training. No well brought up child will allow herself to be so degraded, abused, oppressed, suppressed, humiliated and assaulted! This boy virtually took away your self-worth. He abused you consistently. You consented to the assault because of akpiri. Little woman, pick up whatever dignity is left of you and bury the thought of that ruffian forever. Stay away from men for at least 3yrs! You're just 20?? God! This is someone's child for goodness sake. Forget men for now please. Get healed. Where are your parents in all this? This boy dehumanised you! May God give you total healing. Even if he promises you Bill Gates' wealth, don't succumb to your akpiri. Refuse it. To the parents on this blog, it's evident that if you refuse to infuse self-confidence, self-control and self-pride in your kids, they will fall for anything. Teach you kids to live within their means. Teach them how to be contented with what they've got. Take them out as much as possible so that they'd get use to that thing that ruffian would use to tempt their akpiri. This girl has been abused. She needs help ASAP.

  20. Typical YORUBA DEMON!!! Girl, what are u doing with this bastard asshole? U deserve better.

    1. Even if the guy was from another tribe,she will still be gullible nah
      She saw many signs and a million reasons to leave but she couldn't
      Is that the fault of the guy nii
      Men don't appreciate women who give them everything easily eg sex,money,attention etc
      Once she noticed the guy got another babe,y she no close her legs?
      Stop blaming the guy,the girl is the gullible one here

    2. I CNT even talk of d guy sef!

      D gal no get brain at all at all!

      If I was ur mother eehh, I for don squeeze u put inside mortar den use pestle pound u to reset DAT monkey brain wer u get! Mtchw!

  21. When I read the part about slap, I just stoped reading cos honestly u should ve left at that point.

  22. Stella, it's not every chronicle u get that u'll post.

    See english!!!

    Idiot, sorry babe, what do u want us to do for u? Tell u to leave him or what? I didn't even bother reading to the end coz it's just so annoying.

    Hold on!!! Just saw ur age now. Kikiki. Even my sister that is 16 won't behave like u. Ur mates r in school or their husband's house o.

    U r just a stupid girl. Pls let go of the fool. U love him?

    A Christian dating a Muslim? Abeg I want to be religious on this biko.

    Why am I typing much? Get out of here jor

  23. Madam poster how many hours did you take to type this text book? Really am bored already but I will have to go back and finish reading. You seem like a dumb chick sha.

    *grabs toothpick*

  24. 20 yrs old all dis drama wit a Yoruba demon....
    Na wa ooo

  25. That your boyfriend is bad news, you don't need that baggage in your life, move on. And pls go to the hospital for treatment, I just hope there won't be any complications from the d and c

  26. Epistle abi diary of a foolish geh
    Poster, sho wa ok sha?

  27. What a stupid chronicle from a stupid poster. I kud not even read d story to d end. Mschew I just wested my megabytes reading this chronicle, it just reminded of miss mae n her blog boo (I don forget d guy name)_ Two stupid ass wipes where one keps manipulating d oda. Am so pissed that all I wanna give u a thunderous resounding brain resetting E-slap.

  28. I had to scroll down fast because I was tired of reading this tales by noon. Then I saw your age. 20 years? You're still sooooo young and experiencing all this bullshit ontop "mumushonship". You don't just need advice but sincere and matured mother/aunty figures in your life that will lead you on the right path to self worth. Kai!

  29. Ladies, please do not enter a bus that has not door for when it is "one chance" you will not be able to disembark.

    This man is " a moslem" and you are not; you are not even a Christian for Christians do not kill unborn babies or submit themselves to slavery.

    What really are you?

    And come to think of it, your intuition (a natural gift of all women) warned you that this is a no go area and you disregarded it.

    It is time to face realities for your have both pursued fantasies and wind and caught nothing.
    And what is this reality? Peace with God is the reality!

  30. Chisos this girl is super dumb!! Wtf you knelt down to beg him? Are you madt ni?
    *runs back to continue reading*

    *grabs toothpick*

  31. What kind of long chronicle is this, na exam?

    Wait... you say you are 20yrs abi I didn't read well? I was about asking your age cos this can only come from a 'baby' and I was right. Don't you have elder ones you can talk to? How can you allow that fuck boy to deal with you this way?. My dear, you have to love yourself first before you think of loving someone else and clearly you don't.

    I want you to realise that that stupid guy doesn't love you, he is just using you. How can you continue with the relationship after telling you be has a new girlfriend?
    Have respect for your self Please and please.

  32. *back to post*
    U need slap to reset ur brain ehn abortion? Children of nowadays I raise Beyonce for u, u better leave d heediot and concentrate on ur education or na work u dey learn, mtttchew.
    Awon omo irole aye

  33. To be jobless no good o, I read from beginning to d end. Baba God, pick my call
    Poster receive sense

  34. This is just bad in all level my dear,this is not love at all,the pains that guy have made you gone through back and forth just shows you who he truly is,my advise is for you to leave because if he can hook up with another girl,slap you,lie to you,be stingy to you and nearly killed you by allowing you do abortion then my dear that is not love at all,because if that is how love works then no one would be eager or happy to seek love or fall in do not love him but rather you have allowed yourself to get so use to him and this will affect you in the future when your true love will locate you because by then you will be so scared to love truly and are just scared of being lonely that is the truth,am a guy and i felt so much pain reading all what you have gone through and i believe if you do not summon the courage to walk out now,you will go through a whole lot more soon and there is just so much you can take before you turn suicidal all because of a man who is definitely not worth it,life is too short to love the wrong person my dear,do not be afraid of starting all over,rather use this experience and bad relationship to educate yourself and know what to avoid in your next relationship

    Give yourself enough time to heal and do not rush into any new relationship or bulge into him coming with apologies or deceiving you with sweet words,if possible change your sim again,he made you do it before so do it for yourself now and indulge in new hobbies and surround yourself with happy people and in no time you will be over him

    Receive some E-HUGS are going to be alright this I me and i refuse to insult you because love has a way of rubbing usbof our senses most times

  35. The both of you are possessed!!!!!!

  36. Chronicle of a confused immature girl!
    How I take read all this?

  37. What did u just read...omg!I almost fell off the chair laughing..but it's not funny mehn. Wow!is this real?

  38. I actually felt like slapping you after reading what you wrote

  39. Am just so angry right now. 😈😈😈
    The only thing i can say to you is you must love yourself first. Cos if you love yourself you wont be in this stupid mess. You need a break from that toxic situationship, and yes you will survive without him.

  40. My need to go to a proper hospital for a checkup..are you sure the foetus totally cleared out?

    You are too young to be in this toxic relationship that is not leading anywhere.

    My dear. Block him and run for your life. He will never covert to Christianity neither would you.

    He is soo lost and doesn't know what he wants and you deserve better. Please move on and go for a scan

  41. Smh you are a professional house girl.oya clap for ya sef.

    *grabs toothpick*

  42. Ur just 20??? Thats all i can say smh

  43. Anonymous 15:04 whose husband is in the UK studying

    so you are talking about divorce here
    Well God hates it
    You have seen "guy from a rich family"
    So money is what you are seeking to worship
    And really all you are seeing is money
    but there are so much you will see
    When after this charade, your eyes clears

    A lesson to all girls who will get married for "abroad sake"

  44. SDK, why not give her resetting slap!! that's all she needs right now...

  45. SDK, why not give her resetting slap!! that's all she needs right now...

  46. I was expecting a resetting SLAP from Stella to this beautiful 'lovestruck' baby girl, but Stella you fall my hands this time!
    Upon all the long story you don't seem to be ready to receive sense!

  47. Hissed after reading this long story to the end. Thought it was a chronicle of matured single lady not knowing it was that of a baby. Please receive sense, haba how can you be wasting your life all in the name of love. God help you that you dont die from this abortion otherwise the stress of the relationship will kill you.

    Pick yourself together and start on a new slate with sense abeg

  48. First of all, better run to the hospital and get yourself sorted concerning the abortion you decided to undergo through a chemist!! While you're there, get checked for STDs, number 1 on the list being HIV. When you're done go to church and ask for some slaps followed by heavy prayers of deliverance!
    PS: where are your parents or guardians?? There's obviously no one responsible for you. May God help you!

  49. Kai!!!!
    Girl, who used your self esteem and worth for rituals?????
    I don't want to believe you've lost it totally, 26 and 20, what exactly are you guys doing????
    I am so pissed!!! Get yourself to the hospital my friend before something terrible happens to you.
    Tufia!!!! Pls change. Stop looking for love where it doesn't exist, God loves you, Jesus loves you, your mummy loves you, your daddy loves you, why can't you love yourself???? It's very easy, face yourself and love yourself, you don't need the love of a fool to validate yourself, he is a fool and a demon. I don't even know what I'm typing again. I'm just really angry, how can a human being treat another like this, see d way he's playing you, football!
    The earlier you leave that demon, the better for you, and when next you fall in love, do it right after you must have fallen totally and helplessly in love with yourself.

  50. Hian! Poster!!! Leave him alone na?! No vex me abeg. At 20 u want to die ontop his matter ba?! Wait o. U didnt even die in the abortion(tnk God) and he already replaced u,if u continue with him, u will end up aborting countless times. Y didnt u even take the 6k sef as u needed it u dey form. Keeping forcing this stupid relationship till he kills u physically or emotionally(i think u r dead here). Love yourself first. Will you take our advice?! Will u?! Abi u will use BVs to make up with your oloshi boyfriend! Its after seeing all these thinz with this idiot u will come out and be saying 'all guys r same'! Now to advise u, hire a truck or car depending on the property he has, take it to his house, empty the house(including clothes and shoes, give them out to Almajiri children), he will never forget u...Then wen u get home drink to dat. Find a nice macho dude(dat loves u more than u love him) incase he wants to fight back. U r too young to be desperate biko. I dey Abuja i can help u sef...if u r willing o. U know say u no get mind u dey date playboy u want to kill urself with bp?! Nne receive sense o. E no easy but walk away biko for ur own good o.

  51. You are one hell of a stupid, useless, nonsense, idiot 20 years old fool that is being used as a sex toy. Your foolishness tie wrapper like James own. Baskat!!!!!

  52. Poster please I will remember to pray for you on cross over night. The only thing you are lacking even if I have to slap it into your lightbrain,sEe how you are ending the year? That's your own thanksgiving. May God not allow prickcontrol person life like this. Amen.

  53. Are you freaking real? What utter rubbish! Wish u were close by so I can rain slaps on you. A man disrespect u and you beg him? Which kind of love is this for goodness sakes? He is no man, he is a boy and an immature one at that. 20 year old doing quack abortion? Na wah for you. I read your gist with disbelief and anger. Abeg you flee from him, he is evil. A man who loves you will respect u no matter what. Go back to school, abeg you. Your English no be am at all. Try and work on your self esteem, importance and pride. May God reset your brain to receive sense in 2017, Amen

  54. The guy is right you are just a confused little girl.
    Why am I even reading this sef?
    *smh continues reading*

    *grabs toothpick*

  55. Excuse me, whats this ? Who are you, that you are expecting me to read this ?

  56. All this drama and you are just 20yrs old??? I am shocked, please and please move on..

  57. My darling, RUN, RUN, RUN for your life. You are still young and you do not need all these dramas in your life. Your aim at this stage is to look for ways to better your life.By d way, Don't take a life you can't create. You need to run away from him in order to think straight.Keep runnnnnnning. E-hugs

  58. Why the fuck will you even date a Muslim if you can't marry him? Mhen this girl your stupidity is powered by the sun aswear. Jeeeez mstcheeeew.

    *grabs toothpick*

  59. Jesu Kristi!!!!! Poster don't go back to him.

  60. O girl get yourself some self esteem and while you're at it also get brighter grammer.

  61. Please don't go on with that relationship , you have got other things to do other than being in an abusive situationship

  62. chai.this chronicles add to the headache wey i get before.this babe is it jelly that is in ur seriously this guy has finished you that you have started having temper like him.dont be surprised his character will rub off on you. Jeez this is too much within 1year and 6months.babe se he put gun for your head wey u no fit run for your once e display and start to call u sweet words your head go calm down.see better just leave the dude with 2016.dont call him and dont pick his calls.

  63. girlfriend leave him alone. You are damn too young to be going through this.

  64. Oh Lawd, soo much drama ehy.
    This relationship is toxic, break it off and do something meaningful with your life.
    Then go to a hospital for ultrasound, this one you're in pain, before you gan damage your womb.
    Have you gone to school? If not, please do, and improve on your English.
    Where are your parents by the way? I'm just short of words, just weak when you said you're 20 years, ahn ahn!!!
    Godspeed o πŸ˜•

  65. Stella, what kind of post is this? Abegee

    Poster... No words for you.

  66. First of all, Visit a hospital, all these bleeding and pains. Before you kill yourself or damage your womb because of a man who will never appreciate you. And forget this guy. You are way too young for all these drama.

  67. What the heck... I can't believe that I read this post to the last word (novel freak like me... I can believe o jare) First things first, get yourself to a hospital and ensure you had a complete evacuation. then you should never ever in your life talk to that destiny breaker... in pains for how long? nne'm D&C doesn't give you pains for so long.

    We already know that that guy will not marry you, so what are you doing with him? iyawo ba o? ifemi ko? Please and please, quit that toxic relationship NOW... He is even flaunting a new girl and you are begging? for what na? Did you just say for love? Love O bu onye ebe? a ga cha ama love, efete ama onye? (my Igbo sister help her translate)

    Because you are way younger than my mum's last child, I will talk to you like a darling daughter. sweet, ensure your womb and baby making/ carrying faculty is in good shape. Then run and NEVER look back. love you

  68. Omg..u rendered me speechless..ure too young for this kinda life are living.. take some chill about improving urself academically first? just let that pathetic guy go..seem suffering is ur hobby..

  69. This is the longest chronicle I have read.
    My own advice is that you talk too much.

  70. While reading your record keeping tales I concluded you were just petty till I saw you were 20 years. You only allowed him access to the cookie jar and thinks you are in love because of money he spends on
    you. Longer throat no go kill you,u hear?

    You are too young to understand why the relationship will not work especially since you both are from different tribes and religion. It takes a mature mind to balance these disparities.

    Leave him,go back to school and better your English dear.

    Meanwhile,pray your woman isn't destroyed yet. Else,you will come back here with your TTC tales.

  71. As I read on,I told myself atleast you left before we hear that you are pregnant..only for me to swiftly scroll down and realise you actually took in for that good for nothing.

    My friend,go to a good hospital so they can check you out!! What were you doing allowing that man and a quack give you injections? Do you want to damage things in your body?

    Your self esteem is on minus zero right now.
    That man is not even an example of what a relatively average relationship is.
    Do you not know what it means to be treated well?
    While you are doing scans and all at the hospital,get tested for sexually transmitted diseases to avoid any form of blockage of tubes.
    How can you waste the whole of this year on that person?
    Btw,better go retrieve your line.
    And don't even dare jump into another relationship until you have read inspirational books and have worked on your self esteem.
    Save your money, go back to school. Still go into the business you talked about.
    You can do it all if you don't allow people distract you.
    Please let a doctor look at you, and don't even think of crawling back to that man cos you might feel you are damaged goods.How you turn your situation around right now depends solely on you.
    You can still be a winner!

  72. I read it to the last..smh..20yrs old?you are still a really need sense..with the write up it shows you are not educated.if you would listen my dear..pls and pls pull out from such relationship and work on yourself..achieve something in your life and good men would run after you.

  73. Infact you are very stupid for making me waste my time reading this rubbish. If you had stated your age earlier on I wouldn't have bothered myself reading this rubbish. What nonsense is this? Do you think we bvs are jobless people?
    Stella what nonsense is this na? Mbok stop posting such rubbish chronicles. If the folder is empty leave it like that haba.
    Am honestly pissed at your stupidity poster jeeeeez.

    *grabs koboko*

  74. I cringe at your stupidity,i had to read to the end hoping you finally became free of that sack of shit by adding grinded bottle to his egwusi soup. You are big fool. I don't know your tribe but on behalf of we igbos we denounce you!! Maybe the efiks can help you out. And Oh! Work on your Grammar my eyeballs almost popped out reading this.

  75. I read to the end. Highly hilarious chronicle, I was just visualising the whole scenario. Omo this one Na unending season film oπŸ˜‚
    Girl leave that boy-man alone!

    I said it earlier, until a man finds himself he ruins every woman that he meets. If he was serious with u he wouldn't have supported you aborting. The guy is a f**k boy and you are the f**k girl. Forget all the initial spending, caring and loving attitude that's the format guys use in getting girls.

    You are way too young for all this. Focus on being a better person.

  76. Iam tired of reading this chronicle from a confused tacky Girl.

  77. Young woman this guy doesn't deserve you, let him go. He does know what He want and he is wasting your precious time. However please ensure you visit hospital for check up because of pill you used.

  78. Kai this girl's stupidity is nauseating. Why hell

    *grabs toothpick*

  79. Dear,I won't go judgemental on you,or say you're young,but look at this, you know he doesn't love you anymore but you don't want to leave this relationship as you've invested a lot in it.sweetheart do you know you're beautiful??Don't waste your time on a man who doesn't deserve you! you deserve better than're wonderfully made and you're special.Take a bold step,I know it's not easy but girl you can do it. ...There are better guys who will worship the ground you walk on, sex or no sex!!!Don't worry dear,you'll be fine... Ehugs. I love you okay....

  80. My God! Poster why did u allow yourself get into this mess. The guy has seen the kinda person you are thats why he is treating you like this. Please leaveeeeee. Go to the hospital with this your constant bleeding

  81. Very annoying chronicles,he won't marry you,you will keep having abortions for this manipulator,your self esteem will be at zero level,he is all shades of bad news,he is a Muslim and will definitely marry a second wife,he will cheat on you and you will still beg him my dear receive sense,I feel like slapping sense into your brain,Just go back to school and also rededicate your life to Christ.

  82. Dear,u r be manipulated, save ur money and have respect for yourselve please.. He doesn't love you.. Stop caring about him, focus on your job and school.. E-hugs

  83. Oh Father!What happened to you girl?Why are u seeking for love like dis?You have deep issues oh.I could not even finish the whole story I was just too angry.Father give me the grace to bring up my daughter right,so she would never settle for less. I blame alot of parents oh..Whattttt?

  84. So many drama in your life dear. You need to ball up, let go of such relationship. I wish I find a woman like you but you need to understand that you can never have a place in his heart which means, you are just a service station to him. I wish U can go far away from his work place bcos he will definitely come back with his sweet words one day. I want U to know you are not perfect too, there might be one thing or the other he dislikes about you but he shouldn't be playing on your emotions in such manner to the extent of bringing a lady to his place while you are at home, that's crazy. I want you to change your contact, stop thinking abt him or whatever assistance you've rendered to him. Leave karma to handle this issue my dear, to whoever breaks my feelings and heart "U dey God hand" . Stella how is you ? Babaloke dey my angle right now. Cheers to everyone. J

  85. I'm. In complete shock. I refused to believe that a girl can be this stupid? One quarter of the things you wrote above happened and you still stayed. And actually. Had the effrontry to send chronicles asking what to do?!!! Kai! Girl have AAA+++ in stupidity! Mothers, we need to raise our girls better. Teach them to have self esteem, good morals, financial independence etc. God forbid that another girl should subject. Herself to this kind of humiliation and self degradation.
    @Poster, pls read this your chronicles again (as. If you are a detached 3rd party) and advise your self properly. Your case is beyond me.

  86. Babes you need Jesus. Cos you are in serious trouble, How can a 20yr old be messing up her life? Quickly get away from that guy but if you can't then insist on using condoms next time you meet him. Abortion will destroy your WOMB.

  87. I really don't know what to say.. From the way u wrote your chronicle, it shows u still need education.. Nne why not focus on building yourself than sticking to a relationship that won't lead anywhere or maybe lead to an abusive one.. I know it's hard to stop loving someone but please recieve sense and run as long as ur legs can carry u or u wl be in for doom.

  88. Your story is indeed lengthy. I was patient to read through and I must say that Am short of words.I don't understand how a young girl will blindly enslave herself in the name of a relationship. You knew from the beginning that the relationship was heading nowhere going from your religious background. You should have left before now. Even if both of you end up together, you can never have the respect you deserve. You're just a sex toy to him. Please leave the relationship because its heading no where. You wil end up committing more abortion. You're too young for this my dear

  89. I wasted my time reading this.

    You are young! Have courage and leave him. No matter what you do he wi continue to use as rag! You better go to the hospital and check yourself so that your womb wont be affected!

    He is treating like trash because he knows you love him very much. If you leave him its not the end of the world. Make new friends, read novels, spend time with your family and you will forget about him.

    You are dating a yoruba demon!!

    I'm yoruba and i have never dated one.

  90. Your story is indeed lengthy. I was patient to read through and I must say that Am short of words.I don't understand how a young girl will blindly enslave herself in the name of a relationship. You knew from the beginning that the relationship was heading nowhere going from your religious background. You should have left before now. Even if both of you end up together, you can never have the respect you deserve. You're just a sex toy to him. Please leave the relationship because its heading no where. You wil end up committing more abortion. You're too young for this my dear

  91. Another On becoming

  92. Hmmnnnnn......this is the longest chronicle i ever read.i got tired joor and skipped to the end and saw your ages.mehn, i was thinking it was one mature guy(maybe thirties or forties) all along .

    While reading a lot came through my mind, my dear he doesn't love you.He loves the little cash he borrows from you from time to time, He loves the oshofree warming of his bed and house chores.For him to keep you and another gurl comfortably??? he's a PLAYER!!! ok sorry his religion allows him.

    Whats the purpose of your dating him? Will you marry him without a fight from your family ? This guy abuses you verbally, do you want that in your marriage.

    You should be the prettiest gurl in his eyes not him comparing you with other gurls..You deserve more than you are getting dear...WALK AWAY dear, you have nothing to lose.

  93. My dear I concluded about your age even before I got to where you wrote it.
    Pls go back to school n face your studies. both of you are just so silly.
    At your age you shouldn't have any business with sexual relationships .

  94. Sweetheart please leave him. I know this is too much at the moment because you feel like you love this person. I understand. Even the most intelligent women love hopelessly sometimes. Remove every bit of any sort of remembrance about this man from you. Remove his number, block and remove him from all your social media platforms. Get rid of those stupid friends that keep telling you to apologise and behave less than a human being!
    Lastly love yourself. Read books about self confidence. Read the Bible and repeat after me. " I am a beautiful strong young woman. I am born in the image of Christ therefore I am every thing God says I am. The spirit of excellence deals richly in my spirit therefore wicked and unreasonable men are far from me. God's wisdom that is profitable to direct dwells in me therefore I make the right decisions every day" now walk like the daughter of the Most High!!! Goodluck dear.

  95. Stella na which kain punishment u make us go tru so? Are u fucking kidding me?na every chronicle u go post?ds girl just WESTED our data and time! See grammar abi na english sef!no form of punctuation at all in all her tenses! Girly poster,u had beta go and read and write Jamb to get into a Uni Asap!cos ur diction is zero! Wat on earth wld a 20 year old girl be doing with a yoruba Demon Muslim for crying out loud? At 20 uv already done a D/C! Wen u 25 I wonder wat u wld do!u had beta go and improve urslf and live man matter alone for now! Just Negodu? Awon omo ke ke ke?

  96. Stella na which kain punishment u make us go tru so? Are u fucking kidding me?na every chronicle u go post?ds girl just WESTED our data and time! See grammar abi na english sef!no form of punctuation at all in all her tenses! Girly poster,u had beta go and read and write Jamb to get into a Uni Asap!cos ur diction is zero! Wat on earth wld a 20 year old girl be doing with a yoruba Demon Muslim for crying out loud? At 20 uv already done a D/C! Wen u 25 I wonder wat u wld do!u had beta go and improve urslf and live man matter alone for now! Just Negodu? Awon omo ke ke ke?

  97. You seem to be a naive and insecured young girl deprived of parental love thus you have low self esteem. And you are desperate to be loved and seeking for love from the wrong person who obviously doesnt care about you. You are too young for all these.You should be in school, concerned about your career, future, etc instead of wasting your youth on all the aforementioned nasties.

    Note to parents please love your children and always tell them and show it to them especially your baby girls so they dont end up with non existing self esteem and seeking for validation and love from dirt bags who are all out there to ruin the lives of naive and insecured girls.

  98. you are nothing but a fool.gerout!

  99. I don't want to say this.... Babe u r crazy... WTF did u just type up there... U r enduring all that at ur age.. Ms. endurance, endure well ooo.. Na u talk say u don suffer well well for that fool hand... Are u expecting us to tell u to stay in that abusive relationship, u can leave for all I care. Mtcheew

  100. #No amount of regretting can change the past, and no amount of worrying can change the future*

  101. Please can we stop judging this poor girl who's a victim of domestic and mental damage?as a woman and a mother this girl needs help and if we tell ourselves the truth we ve at one point or somehow how done one or two things she mentioned dear poster is gonna b hard but pls follow this simple steps block this man on all social media and any way he can reach you,try and get closer to Christ do it as in like is the only thing you ve left and forgive this man dnt swear or hold any grudge against him you will see how God will cleanse u from this mess and dnt hate him but dnt go into any form of sexual way with him ever if possible self find another friend or friends and talk about new things pretend all these dint happen in ya life for now God help you with strength

  102. Please can we stop judging this poor girl who's a victim of domestic and mental damage?as a woman and a mother this girl needs help and if we tell ourselves the truth we ve at one point or somehow how done one or two things she mentioned dear poster is gonna b hard but pls follow this simple steps block this man on all social media and any way he can reach you,try and get closer to Christ do it as in like is the only thing you ve left and forgive this man dnt swear or hold any grudge against him you will see how God will cleanse u from this mess and dnt hate him but dnt go into any form of sexual way with him ever if possible self find another friend or friends and talk about new things pretend all these dint happen in ya life for now God help you with strength

  103. Jesus my lord...Ure just 20...pls re u in school...what re u doing with ur life..excuse me sister am not going to judge u for removing dat baby...but pls drop dat boy...I am tempted to say Ure a foolish girl but so many things has really gone wrong with ur life...stop allowing all those his stupid talk to deceive u...stories like dis makes me give God d praise y I don't have a younger sis cos I really cannot deal

  104. If this is a real story babe you are an idiot, better block that mofo CEO of Yoruba demon from your destiny asap.

    I'm Yoruba btw

  105. What kinda chronicle is this?!! And TF is "qurel"? I don't even know what to tell you! Why didn't you summarize your chronicle? Anyway, you've been in a toxic relationship and I've never seen someone with your kind of self esteem. Its almost non existent. You're 20 and should be focused on your career, I'm sincerely tired of typing..

  106. I'm so angry to say the least. Your age is what will make me not insult you cos your reasoning is like that of a 5 years old....

    Listen, please remove the sim card he gave you, copy out the numbers of important people in your life minus his own, throw it away and get a new sim. If he shows up at your office next year, pay not attention to him. Stay away from the beast if you don't want your life ruined.

    Secondly, go to a general hospital for proper check up, don't hide anything from the doctor that will attend to you cos the D&C you did may have complications.

    Lastly, please face your studies and if it's a trade you're learning or working, face it squarely and forget about guys for now. Don't ruin your life with this foolishness of yours dear. You're too slow and naive, please be close to your family (your mum especially). It is well with you.

  107. Poster,i read through ur chronicle to d end it's long nd very pathetic ,my dear pls that man isn't good for u moreover u re just 20yrs old.if u don't want to further ur education pls acquire some skills to help u in life.of what use is our advice when u re nt yet tired of how he has maltreated u that u hv no confidence in yourself,hw can a man treats u so shabbily yet u re still considering being in a relationship with him,u better run away now or live to regret ur life forever

  108. kai, please do u know the meaning of love? I shame for you.u no sharp at all...kai kai kai😠😠😠

  109. My heart bleeds for you. Why? Because you are going to continue the relationship with this manipulator irrespective of the advice you get here. Girl, you reek of low self-esteem and lack of self-worth. Until you deal with those, there's no helping you. I'm going to advise you anyway, choose to love yourself and you will see/think clearly.

  110. I just knew its a child that is writing this epistle. Habah. Everything is money as far as you are concerned or insult. You both are not ripped for the kind of affair you are dabbling into. Imagine you a christian having an affair with a Muslim and you think he wont want you to convert? Dont you know if he even marrys you, he is entitled to other women too? Please kindly retrace your steps, rededicate your life to Christ, reapply and enter University. Your future is brighter than this crap. Goodluck.

  111. Jeezzzzz! Did I just read all this???

    My dear you are too damn young for this rubbish you wrote up there...omg what did I just read again sef? You mean the guy is 26 and you are 20? You are so lucky yo be working at your age and instead of you to face your work and prepare yourself for a better future you are busy following a fcuk boy you call a boyfriend. I beg you just leave dating for now and borrow yourself brain.
    I'm so angry on your behalf at 20 aborting already?

    God will help you!

  112. I was about to ask how old are you,till I read at the end that u are 20yrs.Dnt you have family?u are two young for all this drama.Have some self respect about yourself..My kid sis that's like ur age mate is way smarter than u.What do u need a relationship and unprotected sex for at this time of ur life.Girl,re-evaluate urself..u are the creator of ur own decision .Talking about 1k,5k,300naira my dear is that what u think u worth?cokking every Sunday and playing house wife at this ur young age?...You are priceless and deserve respect and the best things in life.Work on urself,u are young and still have a long way to go.Trust me ,u do not need a man in ur life at the moment,focus on yourself and you will be fine..Trust in God

  113. Where are your parents sef? For you to be sleeping over at a guys place at your age. You just need to grow up o jare

  114. Love gbakwa oku!! This is sheer madness! Save your life girl while you still have the time.

  115. My God!I couldn't finished reading all what you wrote
    Your narrative is too sad and annoying.
    PLS get out of that stupid relationship

  116. OMG..... This chronicle is so so annoying. Bia smallie, you better get yourself tested and treated delete that heediot Yoruba demon from your life and list out your new year resolutions. Ur brain shaa.......

  117. OMG!This post just ruined my evening
    pls get the hell out of that relationship
    this narrative is painful and annoying

  118. Dear poster,i wont insult you because alot of us has done and taken shit all in the name of love.please read this carefully, you are very young and still have a long way to go.this guy has damaged your self worth enough.every morning when you wakeup,look @ yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, i am beautiful and deserve better.delete that guy from your whatsApp and every other social media account you have.he will definitely call you and tell you those sweet words he knows you like to hear because he is a manipulative bastard but for your own sanity,dont ever pick his call again. Walk away and dont look back,no one said it will be easy but stay strong,do things that makes you happy and take time out to build yourself, dont jump into another relationship. I have two final advice for you,(1)dont ever date someone of a different religion except you are willing to convert (2)dont ever apologize for someone elses mistakes, he started taking you for granted the minute you started apologizing for his mistakes and the things you didn't do wrong.

  119. My God!I couldn't finished reading all what you wrote
    Your narrative is too sad and annoying.
    PLS get out of that stupid relationship

  120. Girl, where are your parents? At your age, you have so much time at your disposal. I feel for you. What a life!

  121. Hmmmmmmm, na WA ooo, I feel so sad for you dear and your future, what kind of stupid crazy love is this, where are your parents? Why can't you just keep to yourself and see beyond having boyfriend's right now, I am sorry for you because this guy will destroy your life and dump you. Fine, you have committed a big sin by even agreeing to the abortion, you better go to the hospital for better checkup of your system because you said you are still bleeding, I hope you can live with the guilt of what you have done. I dey vex gan, I thought girls of your age should know better and are meant to be smart.

  122. I tried to read this.
    I really tried;but it proved to be mission impossible!


  123. He doesn't visit means that you might be staying with your parents or guardians.
    Please,stay away from him!!!;!!!

  124. At 20!!! Jesu Christi! Where are your parents for God's sake?!

  125. My eyeballs kept expanding and expanding as I was reading this mess. They expanded so much and then exploded and burst and orange juice spilled out of them. Now i'm sipping on my eye orange juice and thanking God I'm not the poster.

  126. So mumu girls still they dis blog. Even with all the advise, yabbings on this blog you still no get sense. NNE ask yourself,'is Dis d kind of relationship I want for myself' what is still keeping you in that relationship. Besides, he is a Muslim and you are a christian. Do you think you two have a future. You both are just parallel lines DT can never meet. The guy is only manipulating you cos he knows that you love him. If you like no receive sense waka. I am sure after we advise you, d guy go call u for night press ur mumu button and you go start to love am again.

  127. you are such a baby if not i would have said you are stupid, first and foremost go to the hospital and get proper treatment.I felt so much anger wen i was reading ur chronicle that i just conceal it.
    use the brain God has given you ,this is not love!!!!!

  128. I was about saying you deserve a slap to reset your brain but I got to the I am 20years old part and all I had was pity for you. Never the less I was 19 when I started dating but I love and hold myself in too much high esteem that no guy is allowed to disregard me. Ladies please don't sell yourself out in a relationship don't love hopelessly

  129. So you open ur two eyes & allow a man to treat you like shit?? God forbid i have a senseless sister like you, the kind of slap i will land your face will reset your brain.No self esteem at all. Keep wasting your youth on a useless boy.

  130. Oh this girl !! How I pity n cry for u, some day u'll look back n cry for yourself because of this incidence , at 20!!! That guy enjoys treating u like trash , n he won't stop. I pray u meet someone that will almost worship u, n u'll look back n regret d time u wasted with this demon. Move on! Now's d time.

  131. Ahhh!! Jesus ?! You're 20 and you went through all this set of drama's ??..So basically, you started dating this demon when you were 18+ ?.. Just Negodu !

  132. You expect me to read this shit to the end Abi? Don't ever try this again in your miserable life 😠😠😠😠😠😠😁

  133. I don't usually comment but girl u stupid.

  134. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars29 December 2016 at 17:07

    Dear Poster, if you were younger sister I will give you the beating of your life.
    This is the longest chronicle I have read on this forum. What is wrong with you? Are you crazy or something?
    If at this age you are writing a chronicle, what will you write at 30?
    What are you doing with this human being who cannot take care of himself? A selfish man at that. Are you an orphan?
    You have family you have a job paying you well but you cannot give yourself brain and tell yourself to leave this man. How did he add to your life? Instead you have aborted for him. How are you sure your womb was properly flushed?/How can you ruin your life for someone who does not value you.
    Don't repeat thIs kind of terrible mistake. I call it mistake cos am assuming you didn't know. And you read other peoples story here. Why Haven't you learned anything?
    And you a Christian dating a Muslim. You tried.

  135. Poster what is your problem, age 2O and you are confused like this,allowing a man to treat you like trash,damm abeg go to skool and stop wasting your youthful age on this idiot u call boyfriend


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