Stella Dimoko End Time Instagram Impersonator Confesses His Crimes.


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Monday, December 19, 2016

End Time Instagram Impersonator Confesses His Crimes.

A 22- year old suspect, Falope Oluwole, duped over 33 men while pretending to be a lady on Instagram. He has been arrested by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of Lagos State Police Command.

Falope according to a statement by the Police was arrested when officials of the RRS decoy team, who had been monitoring him for some weeks, trailed him to a popular club in Ikeja City Mall on Thursday evening.

The officers were reported to have monitored him, and those he was interacting with at the club before arresting him and a colleague late in the night.

It was gathered that the suspect recently celebrated his birthday at Hard and Rock, Lekki, Lagos, week
before his arrest, where he spent over half a million on foods and drinks.

The suspect, a 100 level part time student of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba, Lagos, who allegedly confessed committing the crime, said that he has been in the business for more than two years.

The Police revealed that Falope’s activities on Instagram was placed under investigations when it received a complaint about an Instagram handle @blackberbiedoll, used for criminal activities, which was later traced to him.

Apart from @blackberbiedoll, which he prominently used for fraudulent activities, he maintained @froshwhite007 and @froshwhite separately for same purpose.

The complainant, Bernard stated that he got a friend request from @blackberbiedoll.

“Apparently, the picture on the account was that of a lady. The lady in question messaged me on BBM. Honestly, I thought I was chatting with a woman who claimed to be in Nigeria at the time.
“She lied to me that her father was a Nigerian and her mum, a Kenyan, and so we got talking. At a point, she lied that she was building a beauty outfit in Ikota Shopping Mall, VGC and that she was in need of some money to complete the mall.
“I had to transfer N1million to her. Weeks later, I grew suspicious of the account name Olawole Israel Oluwaseun Falope. I ran a search on Google, and then discovered it was all scam.
” Immediately, I reported the incident to Instagram and that account was blocked and later suspended to prevent others from falling victim”.

Another victim, who did not want his identity disclosed said he paid N100, 000 into her account to support her bogus fashion outfit.

Admitting the allegation, the suspect noted that since he started the fraudulent act about two years ago, he had duped no fewer than 33 men pretending to be a lady on Instagram and that the least amount he received from any of them was N80,000.

“When I started, much as I pretended to be a lady on phone, some men on the other side didn’t believe me. I then downloaded an app on Google which transformed my voice into that of a lady whenever I am having conversation.
I got several pictures of Shayla, a pretty United States based lady on my profile. Since then, men have been disturbing me and calling to request for a date”, he stated.

“what I do is that I assess people based on their appearance on Instagram, add them and thereafter open up conversations with them before I start bringing up all manners of stories in order to dupe them.
” At a point, I lied to most of them that I had an accident and I lost my ATM. I told them that I need some money. Some of them were generous enough to drop money into my account”.

“I lied to them that I was putting up a boutique and saloon at Ikota, VGC and Lekki, and that I need money to finish setting up.
” I know I made a mistake downloading Shayla’s pictures and used them for fraudulent purposes. I am telling you the truth, those that I have collected money from cant be more than 33”, he explained.

Investigations revealed that the owner of the profile pictures the suspect used, @Shayla had complained to Instagram that some Nigerians were using her profile pictures to scam unsuspecting members of the public.

It was also disclosed that the suspect claimed to be a friend of Toke Makinwa, Tonto Dike, Don jazzy, Peter Okoye, Toyin Aihmaku, Tee Y Mix, Oristsefemi, Timaya, Sean Tizzle, Dami Adenuga, Femi Otedola, Mike Adenuga jnr, Ramsey Noah e.t.c.

“I know all of them. I attend a lot of shows, I meet them, take photographs with them, even exchange numbers. Like sister Toke Makinwa, Tonto Dike, Uncle Ramsey Noah, these are the kind of celebrities I look up to and I want to be like them”, he stated.

But RRS investigators confirmed that he was following a lot of Nigerian celebrities on Instagram but they could not confirm if any of them fell prey to Falope’s antics, as many his Instagram chats with them got no response.

They added that a Ghanaian business man who Falope claimed to have met at a popular club in Nigeria rebuffed his request to engage him in a chat.

They noted that Falope claims of being a halfcast, Fashion designer, stylist, cosmetologist, model were all part his fraud to make people fall for him. He was never a trainee or a specialist in any of this.

Our source added that he is not an half cast as he claimed to be, rather he bleached his skin.

“He didn’t deny this claim. He admitted bleaching his skin to escape the taunting of girls that he was a very ugly guy”, the source stated.

Items recovered from the suspect included, an iphone 6, 1 Samsung Galaxy A5, an Apple tablet, hand and neck chains, some new notes and a handbag.

Confirming the development, the Police Public Relations Officer, Suprintendent Dolapo Badmos, warned Nigerains to be careful on the internet because scammers are on the prowl world wide.

The suspect has been transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigations.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hahahaha

      Sharp Yoruba demon


    2. And yes the guy ugly, Stella no vex but its the truth.

    3. Serves the men right. I'm sure majority are married men that do not take care of their wives.

    4. Useless lazy boy, look at how he looks. Like a tout!!!

    5. Hmmmmmm,so people can just give money to a stranger like that?

  2. Duping men like him, men too thinking they are spending for a lady. Una doh, serves them right. Not happy they lost their money tho

    1. I am so happy they lost their money joor.oloju kokoro okurin.

      Smart guy using his talent.

    2. If they were married men, good they lost their money, awon good samaritan.

  3. Good for him.
    Men will never learn.

    1. When I say on this blog that you people should stop giving these men free pussy you won't hear. See how a man is chopping money how much more the actual girls who pretty with front and back? They go and open for nothing collect belle and start sending chronicles.

      Sorry for him sha but these useless men deserve no pity.

  4. Wow dis boy gat talent I swear,i cnt evvn make my close paddy to loan mi money talk more of strangers..

  5. Tono dikes baby boy.

  6. Lol. This story makes me laugh sha. I doubt I feel sorry for the victims. These same stingy men won't give their wives money to take care of themselves nor give tfare to their girlfriends who come to cook and clean..mtchewwwwwwww

    1. I dey tell you. This just goes to show how foolish and unappreciative men are. One lady will be busy working her ass off to build relationship. While on the otherhand, the supposed boyfriend is seriously chasing another babe with his resources. See the way that guy drop 1million for Toto he never see.

    2. Ehen nau. They won't give their wives or steady babes money. They'd rather give a faceless instahoe 😂😂 I don't Pity them ONE BIT

  7. Chai why dont i see all these mugus that will release money for me.

    That guy is bad men. see as that man released 1m just like that with sweet talk. Abeg women lets learn to sweet talk our mugus

  8. Serves dem all right! Hahahahahaahahaaa!
    Spend 1milla ontop toto wey u never fuck, babe u never see, olodo rabata!

  9. Good for him..everyday is for the theif. But nawa for men o. How can someone reasonable just transfer money like that to a total stranger. Mtchwwwwwm

    1. Na punning cos am. Lol. Some are just not it at all.

  10. Hmmn.... I'm so doing this... chai! Co cash from this dubious mehn without opening legs.... serves em right

  11. Hmm Na waooo things they happen sha

  12. Stupid men always looking for babs I don't feel sorry for them jor!
    Bobrisky brother well done oh!

  13. You've joined One Trillion yea? Lol

    How can you just transfer N1Million to someone you've not seen. Men and their gullible "moved by what they see"

    Tor, every crime must be punished.

    I'm sure all these guys would have wives or gfs that need one thing or the other but they are here giving it to IG fine girl.
    Go and be dating her na.
    Good for the men involved. Mschew.

  14. This idiot is gay. Remember when he was exposed on NGL a few months back. He has bleached the hell out of his life forming fake CEO and having fake conversations with himself. Laughable really.

  15. Those men that were dupe most of them are married men, if their wives ask for just 100k they dnt give but they saw a nake woman online and they fell for it.

  16. Some men are as stupid as fuck. Na this kain thing dey make some ladies talk say men are scum.
    The painful part is that some of these men will not spend for em gfs and wives o.

  17. Abegi enough of this yeye talk about transferring one million naira to person u never meet.The one million u people see as very big is actually a small amount of money to people like me.It could even be a stingy unforgiving man that sent N5k that exposed him.
    Moreover, what is it with insulting d men that took him as a woman? How do u bitter people know they are all married or in serious relationship? Say no to victim shaming and blaming. This is same reason rape victims suffer in silence.

    1. How does rape correlate with the post?
      Piss maker go back and slp.

    2. @Shantelle's Empire ,I don't really blame you if you don't understand everything I wrote bcoz English language is not your mother tongue

    3. Like i said piss maker,go back and sleep. Always talking off point.

  18. I'm glad they caught him. Naijagistlive had done some stories calling him out as being the owner of those fake profiles a long time ago...was just a matter of time i guess.

  19. Abeg d police should release d guy ASAP, and go after thievery politicians.
    That's his own God-given talent.
    After all he ddnt collect d money from d men at gun point.
    It serves them right, in fact more grease to d guy's elbow.
    He should pls come and help me deal with my husband, I'll personally give him my hubby's details.
    Since he can't take his eyes off anything ass, then that ll be his reward.
    Foolish men everywhere, batards!!!

  20. Lol. They've finally caught him. I remember when he first started using MakeupByShayla's picture on Instagram. I was so shocked. The fella will actually be replying comments that froshwhite posted on the scam profile... in other words, talking to himself! 😄

    The men that got scammed, I don't feel sorry for them because they got greedy; they saw a beautiful woman and thought they could buy her attention.

    1. @TheBrownDahlia, they saw a beautiful woman and got greedy?????? No be a man go marry or fuck a beautiful woman?Some people no dey get their life partner through the social media?
      Do those men really need ur sympathy? Are you now richer than them??????? I just don't get it . I don't even know how some people's brain work

  21. OK @shantelles empire.Let me still break it down coz we can't all be very brilliant.
    If these men he duped has keep quite so that people will not condemn or laugh at them, this fraudster will never be caught. The same way most rape victims always keep quite bcoz of what people will say about them. Some useless people will even blame the victim instead of the criminal just as some sad people are mocking the men this guy duped.

    1. Rape and 'guyo' are not same,so stfu.
      Did he force money out of their pocket? The way you are writing epistle allover the post,its like one smallie ate your biscuit money. Mtcheew.

    2. I write epistles purely bcoz I am good in English language, a master of the letters,the Shakespeare of our time.

    3. Hey trouble maker, goan n sleep.. Yu r disturbing.. We v HD u..


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