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Friday, 9 December 2016

Friday -IHN

TGIF!!!.....This is a shout out to my Faithful and loyal friend ''Angle Beautiful''.

Hi Stella,

Good work your really doing. I want to apply for face of in house new. Am getting married to dis lovely isoko man on the 17th Dec 2016 . I pray i win the prize attached as my wedding gift.thanks

Babe i used THIS so that you will win this as wedding gift,when they call you,please order for an extra one for my isoko brother so that una go get aso-ebi fone..LOL


This December, sleekskinz will power the face of IHN section from 5th – 19th December 2016. We shall select one of the faces everyday to receive a free custom made phone skin/ phone case skin for his/her mobile phone. It will be delivered to the winner’s door step for free across Nigeria.. free delivery nationwide. (24 hours Lagos; 48-72 hours outside Lagos)

Remember to send in your entries to BBC's gmail account.
Sleekskinz is responsible for the selection process and determines who wins.



God blessed me with a friend who is RICH but money means nothing to her.There are some friends who treat people like trash becos they have everything but not this woman i know.All i need to do is call her and say do this and she will do it.she has blessed so many people on this blog and she doesnt give small money...

It is very GOOD to be RICH and BEAUTIFUL BUT HUMBLE and that is what she is......If you have a friend like this who really cares about you and supports whatever you do whole heartedly,please say a word of thanks to God and hide that friend from prying eyes ooooh.LOL
Thank God for you Babe,your friendship and the Laughter we share is worth more than diamonds *side eyes at the diamonds*#DoNotBeJealous
Where is my #CookiesAndCream.

God bless you babe.


Rosblis Cakes Onitsha Birthday Giveaway

My birthday is this saturday. in the spirit of the season and my born day, am giving out to one Onitsha BV, whose birthday falls between 13-20 December, a birthday cake to celebrate their day. Send message on WhatsApp to 07065023067. No calls pulleeaassee. Much love Stellz...



Good Day BBC I saw my call out yesterday afternoon. I must say SDK is still the best, I genuinely love the blog and wouldn't say because of this I should stop reading or stop commenting. It was from the call out I saw peace sent you a similar story I wrote about my mom months back. 

We are cousin's I can't deny that and yes we are close cousins, when I wrote up that for my mom to you months back cause am not too good with my spellings most time,I sent it to her to verify for me,little did I know she will write to you with my own story that is why you said our story looks familiar. Though she has lost the dad as well but her mom does not deal in palm oil, and she and winners baby are sisters but one lives in Benin why peace lives in lagos,.then that of me sending two different account with same id as my name,I can't deny that am guilty of that crime,I knew I did that I didn't forget because I was avoiding not to be decoded that was my reasons for that. Am feeling sorry for all of that.

Then that of peace,when she applied for that sparkle jewelry, she was very much still single but visits the baby daddy then once in a while that was where her own misunderstanding came from and refers to him as the husband then which we've corrected but to no avail but to the glory of God, she is legally married now to him,so I believe it was because she wasn't married to him then she applied for the give away. 

Then another issue I will like trash out its the issue of the obetoh's... its an extended family, and it's not fair cause bv peace had been called out other obetoh's can't apply when the need arises or are not free to be a bv as well. White berry is not same person as winners baby and bv peace,we are all different persons. I apologize for everything but I know am not a scammer just the way some bvs were implying .And sandy was so quick in washing me down that no wonder I refuse to acknowledge she helped me out, naturally I don't like that ,I have thank you enough on phone and I believe that giving was done to the glory of God and not to man and secondly my acct was asked to be sent to SDK which I felt I should just wait for the testimony to be shared once which I did today without you being the one that false me to do that as well. We shouldn't be quick in throwing stones to another. 

And for the begging you all can see I also prayed by this time next year to also be a giver as well. Am not a fool to be happy all the time that am always receiving. Please I sincerely asked for all of your forgiveness for the missed up, whiteberry is not a scammer, I love SDK blog and everything about it and have come to stay and don't plan changing my id tomorrow but I just believe tomorrow is pregnant so I can also be a giver as well.

I sincerely apologize for everything, I love you BBC.

ORGANISED CRIME IN HOUSE! have made over 300k from this blog in the last two months...everyone who gave you money has mailed me,some with proof and some not....thank you for trying to burn my hustle with your greed!

From henceforth giveaways will ONLY BE GIVEN TO KNOWN BLOG ID'S WHO ARE IN NEED and do not have tendencies to create Nollywood scenes from thier fake stories.

Please if you need to help anyone or have something to give away to anyone please contact me directly and we will do the routine checks before you pay out.
Better still if you are really keen on helping someone,why dont you pick someone from the blog that really needs help and make them recipeients of all your giveaway so that way you know where your money is going and you are also empowering someone.

I am not boasting but i have invested in/helped some people business on this blog and i see them doing well and they will be included in my santa giveaway to support their businesses for next year.At least that way i know i havent been scammed.
Those of you that like to think you are too smart,please continue and GOD will continue disgracing you.#doublepissed.

God bless us all.



Hello stella and bv's, I have these baby girl shoes for giveaway.i want to sow them as a seed in someone's life (mum of four girls,so u should understand) and also pray for my santa to locate me

The shoes in the first line should fit a 3-6month child (depending on the feet of the child)

The shoes in the second line fits an 8-18months child also depending on the child's feet Except for the silver,that would fit a 2 year old child . I'm going to pick just one person please even if it doesn't fit ur child give it to someone else that needs it.

Ps:they haven't been cleaned that's why they are like that. Stella 'kork' why do I feel like I talk too much
08188861083 WhatsApp only pls

Bv ifeanyi Nwa Nsukka ...........



Greetings Stella,I heart you so much, if wishes come through immediately I would wish you become the world wealthiest because you are doing a great job,thank you for creating this platform.Shoutout to my Santa from the Santa post who sent me 10,000 thank you so much Ma,May God give you the best things that you deserve because you've touched my life meaningfully.

Thank you .
Beefees abeg make una manage this shoki

3892 4716 2313 4046
2946 5023 1315 3617
0021 9378 6012 4415

1242 8547 1698 6004
1395 9488 33037153



Stella I missed the Santa post but yet was lucky today. I was surprised today. I was not having anything at home for me and my family. Please help me post.

Want to appreciate be Adenike, she took me to the market and bought me foodstuffs when I had Nada at home.
She showed me love and was even begging me to manage. I love u ma'am. As you put smiles on my face God will make u smile forever. I am happy.
God bless you.



I will like to gift a Bv who resides in Bauchi this blue bag, as a gift. I have used it twice and its still in good shape. The first person to call me gets the bag.i will handle the way bill.Thanx dear for a wonderful job.
Contact 07037666669

I love you too..*wink*



Good day Stella. God bless you for touching lives. Can't wait to start playing Santa cash-wise but what I have now, I give. 

My bead-stringing business has not been good so I also want to sow this bead necklace whilst trusting God for a break through. I also hope to give away a bead necklace every month in 2017.

I have 
- a manual breast pump set for a new mother. Used a few times. 
-Size 6 and half (USA) /38 shoes. Worn once.
-A black size 40 skirt suit for someone slim
-A bead necklace +earrings 
Interested, please TEXT 09082447073. ABUJA residents only. 


Peeshoes_ Accessories GIVEAWAY

Good day Dear Stella and all bv's, in the spirit of giveaway would love to give out this red sandal block heel.its brand new and would fit a size 39/40.if interested send me a message on whatsaap 08053903532.
Thank you stella
God bless everyone.


Vacancies for drivers in South-west
Comedrive a unit of Talking pal business Ltd is looking to employ competent drivers in south-west region.
If you are interested send your information to

Shortlisted candidates will get feedback from us.


Jemscreation Santa's visit

Hello Stells..

I would like to bless three single mothers with Rice, vegetable oil, Maggi and tin tomato this Xmas. Please this is only for single mothers who have nothing to give to their kids for Xmas.

Please call 0815 270 2673 if you're interested I will let you know the date and place to meet you.(bvs in Lagos only).



Experienced/Semi Experienced Pastry Chef required for a start up pastry shop.

looking for a dynamic, skillful, motivated and ambitious Pastry Chef to join a start up pastry team in the heart of Lagos,
The candidate must have a genuine passion for food and be a real team-player..

Additionally, If you have strong passion in learning how to prepare Pastries and running a pastry kitchen, you can as well apply

If interested or know anyone interested, write



Good day Mrs Stella,

‎Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance. How are you and your family doing? Please I want to reach out to CrazyHoneyWife with 1***k, i need her account details. Please can you get it for me and keep me anonymous. May God almighty continue to bless and protect you IJN. You will live long and prosper IJN.

Crazyhornywife please contact me



Hi Stella,
Kindly help push this out. IT firm is in need of a software developer that can make good use of laravel. Doesn’t have to be an expert and must be ready to start. Location is within lekki phase1. Kindly contact :





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Joblesshousewife said...

It’s a pity that someone somewhere is into a relationship with an hopeless” konjified “man that all he thinks about is “pounding to** mercilessly” with no future ambition or hope for marriage while the lady in question is so desperate and needs “a man” by all means.
It is well…..
Friday vibes *raise hands up and whistle*
Afang soup with orisirisi + poundo tomorrow..*licklips*
Have a sweet one everyone..

Uriel (Freshdew) said...

Hi5 Stella πŸ™‹


Last IHN for the week don land. Where's my Santa???

It's lecture time, let's learn something new

Did you know that a young unmarried lady is not a Spinster?
Now let’s look at some definitions in respect to this.
A Spinster is

1. An offensive term for a woman who has remained unmarried beyond the usual age (dated) – Microsoft Encarta 2009

2. An elderly unmarried woman (old maid) – The Free Dictionary

3. A woman who has never been married, especially one past the typical marrying age according to social traditions. – Wiktionary

4. A woman who seems unlikely to marry – Webster

Ok! Now what do we call a young unmarried lady hoping to get married soon?
Well, here you go! She is called . . . ? A
Bachelorette! It's pronounced as /bΓ chΙ™lΙ™ rΓ©t/

1. An unmarried woman – Wiktionary

2. An unmarried woman – Webster

3. A young unmarried woman who lives alone --
The Free Dictionary

4. A young woman who has never been married— Microsoft Encarta 2009

So, now you know, when they call you a spinster or invite you to a “spinster's programme”. Hope you learnt a thing. Till we meet in the next class, be careful what you call yourself lady.

*Larry was here*

Uniq Gem said...

IHN welcome.

If you are not a giver, you are not a lover.

Blessings on blessings for everyone. 😘

redbotafly said...

Have a fab weekend y'all.

Ibukunoluwa said...

This is Bv Ibukunoluwa reporting live from Mokola Ibadan
Will be here till Monday Mrn
If u have any food u would love to eat ,kindly tell me so I can eat it on ur behalf πŸ˜‚

Mosi Jubelo said...




Smiles said...

I love ihn

DOMINA said...

Hello from the other side!

em jay said...

Hello Santa...

Esther Okoro said...


God Bless Everyone.

Ijeoma said...

My santa pls locate me IHN

Classic Chic! said...

Hello from this side :-)

Stella maris Baby said...

God bless all the Santa's in the house..

My Santa where are thou??
Please locate me,i am available..

Krix said...

Romans 8:29: For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.

Compliments of the season!

Krix signing out via...?

Falcon said...

Santa please locate me, my case will not be different.

Anonymous said...

Pls where is Eka joy ooo? I really miss u dearie. Pls come out, I'm one of ur old faithfuls. Miss u

EVELYN said...


On the Santa post i applied for food stuffs and N6,200 to pay my child school fees balance, on wednesday a female anonymous Santa called me and sent me the money (N6,200) to pay for the school fees balance, am so excited my child commenced exams on thursday . God bless you Ma, may God's mercy always prevail in your life and family and grant the desires of your heart , i am very grateful and appreciate your kindness to reach out to me.
Stella you are a darling,may God bless you and all yours, you are indeed a blessing to many (known and unknown) thank you and God bless you.

BV: Evelyn E N.

olubukola bakre said...

Thank God for life.God bless me.IHN is here again.May this month be our month of joy,Thanksgiving, happiness and prosperity. Amen

geneafah said...

Stella is angry, white berry see wah u yah caused... Biko me I need help ooo and I'm genuine

Chidinma Gift said...

I will come back to read comments and troll una hear?

Cherry Wine said...

IHN, santa come and bless me too na πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

Rocky said...

Ihn news have come...

So, White berry is a scam after all. I won't cuss you out, I'm exhausted already

Sweetheart D said...

whiteberry you're wicked and heartless.. you made over 300k in this blog?? Fear God

Anonymous said...

All of you posting used cards, una welldone oh.

Anonymous said...

Whiteberry onye oshi, after u go dy form king kong 4 dis blog, God don expose ur yash.

olami4eva said...

Ahn Abinibi you will know when we enter late
They say we dey show gan it's a dem habit
We no struggle to collect best artist
First class no be who collect extra sheet
Give ladies ecstacy, with our expertise
We calling shots but dem no dey get service
Wen we comot London we go check Paris
I dey smell envy, I detect malice
I don't care lifestyle you go fear lavish
Foreign girls in my house I dey learn Spanish
And the French girl tell me je m'appelle Gladys
I dey scope omoele till some bread vanish
But no be strain on my pocket 'cus we less famished
Ladies love made men and we established
Dem dey con find us lyk we herbalist
Dey wii chop our bobo if it's well garnished......Soft walk


miss Aboki the great said...

End time IHN!!!
special thanks to all the santas who reached out to me. kisses to those i turned down, I already got more than i needed and i didnt want to be greedy. I truly appreciate your kind gestures. I never knew I was this loved ooo. I even had an international santa sef. choi!!!
You all needed to hear the joy in my mum's voice when i told her i will be sending down some money i won from one game i played on the internet to enable her buy foodstuff for christmas (i didnt know how to explain the blog and santa thingy to her) choi!!! over joy wan kill am. You all wont know the magnitude of what you did for my family if you have never experienced lack. May God always come through for you when you need him most. Amen!!!


CUPID said...

God bless us all.. Ameen

Duchess; Cookies n cream, Doughnut n chin chin (The mobile snacks seller with a Bsc and an Msc) said...

Wow just wow

ABUA Babe said...

I really tried to be 1st to comment today, hope I made it? Well the struggle kwantinues!

Audrey said...

God's Favourite said...

God bless is all

Ijele Nwanyi said...

Good afternoon Beevees. May God bless all the angels in human form. Pls if you must beg, please be credible about it so as not to attract curse to yourself.

DonMayor said...

Whiteberry you be thief. Simple as short.

maryam sadisu said...

See how shame dey catch me for whiteberry, but why? Now u have succeeded in hurting stella,kai!

white Berry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elastic said...

My brothers my Sister I'm here to tell you that whatever hardship you're going through in life just know that
I don't give a rat's Ass about it. Deal with your own fucking problems
Thank You!!!


Bissy said...

i really want to say a BIG THANK YOU to FYNIJEBUCHIC ,I met her yesterday, she was very calm,nice,beautiful,patient and understanding despite the fact that i got to our meeting point late.

May almighty God meet this special angel of mine at every point of her needs, May she see favor everywhere she step,may God grant all her heart desires, Joy and unlimited happiness shall be her portion now and always.

Blessing Jackson said...

God bless all the santas! Even though I missed the post but am still waiting for that Santa who will make my day

starshine said...

Dear santa please don't forget uyo people oo. God bless all the givers.

Victoria Omosuyi said...

Ihn is loaded. God bless you peeshoes.

God bless all the santas in da house. I will soon join that league by his grace.

Sweetheart D said...

Whiteberry Return the money... Tufiakwa

Loveme Jeje said...

Chai so you have collected up to N300,000 and you are still begging. Abeg come and see my bishop for your deliverance. Your village people no let you see road again. What have you done with the money? Hope all those money you collected, you paid tithe on it, if not you wont use it well. Whiteberry and cousins/sisters, una weldone again and again. Na only una waka come this blog.

Your robust reply no gel at all at all. Chai REPENT.

So many santas give away. Stella you have said it and let me hope the next one that will ask i will contact you immediately. Anyway it is from my heart to give.

Congrats to all who have been gifted. May God bless all who have opened their hands for giving, just know you will never no lack in your lives Amen.

Let me go and eat something first before i come and do small amebo.

Anonymous said...

Whiteberry, you r a thief and a scam.
You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
Is not possible.


Becky Divine said...

God bless all the givers in the house! And bless me too to bless others

@Whiteberry give it a rest already! You're a thief and God will surely judge you but i'm very glad you've been exposed for liar that you truly are, so you can save us all the stress of reading your stupid stories on here. Onye oshi mmuo

Anonymous said...

Whiteberry the criminal. While genuine people who needs the give away never gets it. Greed kill you and your family there. You made over 300k from the last two months and you can't even say thank you. Your mother will keep selling palm oil the rest of her life since you think playing smart is the way out. Idiot

Mrs. Romas said...

Beautiful couple!
Loads of giveaway, may God continue to refill the pockets of all the givers.

I love your sign our Stella Dimoko.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7 December 2016 at 15:18
Where is pankere Queen we want tips on how to go
to babalawo house to tie our horse band
they go america you go and change your dp to
america toffee, husband do birthday yesterday your
own do today...
In the spirit of ME-TOOism paste tips tomor or I

Saw this on IHN, XP call yourself/goons to order biko, why do you always think everything is all about you?
so make Linda no celebrate her hubby birthday bcos of you? Hian! I am not sure Stella even takes this blog seriously like you do. Get a life biko.You are too petty for a self acclaimed classy lady. mtcheeeew

LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...

God bless you all

Mrz Gbagaun (aka pidgin arena) said...

yeah!! the last ihn.... May God bless ur friend Stella.... I wish to av friend like that someday ns I also want to be like that someday...
I bless God for today,pls my lovely santa am still waiting. ...

queen hadassah said...


Hello Stella and BVs, I want to say thank you to Santa Boma for the foodstuffs (rice, tin tomatoes, knorr cubes, salt, pepper, onions, plantain, thyme, curry and a live chicken) I received from her. May God bless you and grant you all your heart desires.

I also want to thank you Stella for all your good deeds. May you and your family have a wonderful xmas celebration.

Chidinma Gift said...

Stella please remember me in your giveaway ooo

Chike TEFLON said...

White berry aka white stone *in white Diamond's voice*
I read yesterday that you are using different signature and names to clear cheque from BBC's bank. Oya come and clear yourself wella. I'm not understanding that sister/cousin story you told us yesterday.
Elaborate the more.
We have EFCC agents here in this blog, namely Ideato, portable viv, etc.
Abi na only you sabi do Santa phone call wey 80% of the Santas pick only your call.

isokoman wife said...

I think the giveaway should be for blog visitors whose ID is their real name. Why be shy when asking for help. Whiteberry gate could have been avoided if they had used their real name as blog ID

Sweet Child said...

Ph Santa pls contact me

Chidinma Gift said...

Whiteberry biko fear God nau

Cynthia Iyede said...

Dramaaa! It is truly more blessed to give than to receive. I must be a giver!

Compliments of the season people!

Audrey said...

Shout out to Angel beautiful and to all the angels in this blog, God bless you all.

Congrats to the couple about to Wed.

Whiteberry, I sure hope you are saying the truth cos even Stella doesn't believe you.

I don't have lie to tell but please still waiting for my own Santa to visit me this festive period, Danke.

Becky Divine said...

@Angel Beautiful may God bless you more for blessing others and may your pocket never run dry In Jesus Name, Amen!
Please be my Santa oooh hehehe

Errrm please guys how good is that TV show Grey's Anatomy? Thinking of buying it but don't know if it'll be interesting or not... thoughts??

Becky Divine said...

@Angel Beautiful may God bless you more for blessing others and may your pocket never run dry In Jesus Name, Amen!
Please be my Santa oooh hehehe

Errrm please guys how good is that TV show Grey's Anatomy? Thinking of buying it but don't know if it'll be interesting or not... thoughts??

kimmy said...

Ihn is here, Xmas loading. Whiteberry fear God ooO only you 300k your greediness is too much. You are blocking others , this is not fair

#Miss Kay# said...

Was busy reading the meeting point for today that I didn't know IHN was posted...mehn madam your love story dey sweet my belle (if u understand my pidgin) I guess you are still in the abroad. Please be my santa na.
It's been a while I've commented...
IHN ebano
Dear Santa please I still need clothes, shoes and bag to dress out with I am a size 12... please don't let me be put to shame

It's me original #Miss Kay#

marriedchick said...

God bless the givers and your sign out post @Stella... seriously thinking of what to give out... lemme check...

Stella maris Baby said...

Stella,Nneora include me in your Santa oooo.
I really need it badly ooo..

nora nelson said...

Been a while~
Thinking of how I can play Santa for someone😏..

Justyswt said...

Ihn is here.

Bv, white Berry, na wa for u o. U are not even sorry for what u did. And people like us that needs help cannot get. Just because I don't know how to lie.

Pls my santa, locate me.

Lord pls pick my calls.

Fluffy cake by Big Mamma Lagos 07056157039 said...

You have fought so many battles that no one knows about and if they do know they have no idea how difficult it actually was for you. This post is just a reminder and a congratulations to you for all you've overcome. Look back at your past,you've overcome so much. If you've overcome difficulty once,you can again. My sincerest love and best wishes to anyone facing difficulty right now.


It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Olori footwear said...

White berry I don't know what to say to you but let God be the judge. I defended you too much sotey I get enemy join. Even while you were still begging, I know a lot of people here who reached out to you. Yes! Easy sister girl ka ofe roro aro zuore gi nri.. (get a translator)..
I have plenty things to ask from santa but whatever santa can gift me with.
Hello Jasmine

olami4eva said...

God bless you Stella....Have a blessed weekend beevees said...

I'm just seeing lots of goodies. I am a lender not a borrower. Stella Santa suppose meet youooo. You have been selfless in giving so receive your own Christmas present. Ciao

Beloved said...

My first Santa has located me !

Dear santa YOU will not look for work rather work will be looking for YOU .
YOUR case will be different in everything YOU lay YOUR hands on.

And as I promised I am giving out 10% of what any Santa gives to me as between me and my God.

Bvees please help me and put her in your daily prayers, .. She is a fresh

1337 1121 6424 3584
1138 0525 7907 6331

Not for the fastest fingers o but for those that really need it for 10mb

#It Pays To be good
#May Givers never Lack

Beloved said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cynthia Iyede said...

Amala (Abula)

NEEM said...

I need an inverter badly. Who would be my santa ooo. I stay in Gudu Abuja

Glory Thompson said...

Last ihn for the week, All I want from Santa is a Job.

Anonymous said...

White beggy beggy,begging is my hobby, ole, olojukokoro, all these money you dubiously collected won't liberate you from poverty.It won't make you rich. If you don't change your ways, poverty will continue to be your friend.

Do you think those doing Christmas giveaway have it all?

Do you think Stella has it all?

Do you think anyone owes anybody?

The whole idea is to share what you have with others in the spirit of the season.To put a smile on someone's face.

You are greedy, you are a scam, you are fraudulent but the saddest part is that you are unrepentant. No wonder you rejected a job offer. Someone who genuinely has needs will dare not.

You keep saying your hands are clean, how? This isnt nolly wood. The facts are clear. Do you think bvs are daft? Cousins with the same predicament? To think I personally was going to give you 20k and I trust that other bvs had plans for you. Sandy gave you money but you only sent appreciation when you got other alert, greedy scum!!

I am a widow, I am a single mother, my husband abandoned me, my father is dead, I am an orphan etc tufia. For those of you that concoct lies and assume many ids to collect money targeted at helping people in genuine need, may those lies be your portion, amen.

Rocky said...

Wow.. Thank you for this

lagos babe said...

Whiteberry God punish your vagina!,how could you talk of your helper(Sandy necky) this way,the same thing you did to Ideato,you are indeed an unrepentant CRIMINAL,to think I was beginning to like you.
Stella is a good judgement of character,to think she warned bvs against granting any help to you,why then did BBC went ahead in trying to help you,I'm so angry and pissed off reading thins your arrogant,un remorseful,foolish reply!
You better cover yourself in shame,God will punish your FAMILY for this you've done.

sexy Daddy said...

Lovemejeje ur a rare gem!Thank you for the santa u played for my son.He appreciate you somuch.We love u.

Unbeatable said...

Single Ladies, I know you all want to get married, and some at all cost, cos of parental, societal or age pressure. But I want to beg you in God's name to slow down, take time to pray and wait. Till d very best comes for you. Even if you are forty (40) and above.
The struggle to be Mrs is real, and divorce, DV, HBP cos of marriage, early death (due to marriage related issues), aborted dreams and carriers are more real.
Most ladies are more interested in bearing d 'MRS' without looking at the total package. You can be so, frustrated in some marriages dat you would desperately want to be a 'miss' and would even deny being a 'MRS'.
Being married is not d end of d world. Cos der is life after it. Forsake every other voice and take your time to accept God's best for you at His time. Only den, will marriage be glorious.

To the married women, If you don't want to submit to a man completely, why did you marry? Don't you know d day you said I do to dat man, you gave him 100% right and control over you? Don't you know he becomes your head and you are a helper to him? Meaning
You are to help him how he wants and not how you want. You are to provide the needed help he requested and expected of you. If your career, job, lifestyle etc, doesn't suit the help He requires of you and he doesn't want them, then you have to let go of them. Bcos the day you took dat vow, you gave up the freedom to do as you like or wish.
Even if u think your husband is stupid, a fool, a goat, etc. It means you are more stupid, foolish and more of a goat to have agreed to marry him.
As a woman, your husband is your boss, you ought to have reverential fear and respect for him; much more dan dat ur boss at work whom u need to please 24/7 to keep ur job and get promoted; much more than that your Pastor whose words you have taken as God's without any form of argument or doubt or disbelief.
Much more than your parents who gave birth to you or even your inlaws whom you pretend before them and lick their asses.
Forget the 'we are now in d 21st century, women are dis and dat... Gender equality, you shouldn't loose ur identity' etc. All dat are stories.
Remember, divorce is not as easy as it sounds. Just very few out of d lot get their lives back and live a fulfilled life.

Forgive my epistle.

Stella maris Baby said...

Correct signing out.

Temilola Baby said...

My Santa where art thou???

Lagos shopper(for your personal shoppings and goods directly from the popular lagos markets to anywhere in naija,07030493148) said... angel yet to locate me ooo,all I want is more job/client o:does your company buy things for this season?does your family?have you done your family shopping?we deliver ANYTHING from the lagos markets to anywhere in naija!

Greenlander said...

The end of the week is here. All thanks to God. God bless the givers and the receivers.

KIDJO said...

IHN...I love the signing out...☺☺😊☺

Boldnburiful us for all organic/cosmetic skincare ingredients. 08054153798, d1cca2fc said...

TGIF... Hello everyone. There is sign of harmattan today in my area. How about yours?

Ijele Nwanyi said...

Una don use greed knock other people's chances.Odiegwu whiteberry e don do. Even small pikin no go believe this your disjointed story.

Loveme Jeje said...

Aboki why wont you explain to your mum about the santa. You too are lying. See what you just wrote there. You won through internet. Chai.

Anonymous said...

So I saw the birthday post, wawuu.....bae u r too pweety


Anonymous said...

Hi5 Uriel

Classic Chic! said...

Looking @ white berry brohaha n just hmmmmmmming.

God help us all.Amen.

To angel beautiful, thanks for all your help.may God increase u amen.

To all of us, may God in his infinite mercies grant us mercy plus prosperity amen n amen n amen.

i love amebo said...

Whiteberry,pls dont bring generational curse upon ur family with ur begging and it really worth it??

Unbeatable said...

God bless the givers and the receivers. May the receivers become givers by next year.

Emmmm Santas, I know I don't need wat to eat, drink or wear, but I need a good phone as Christmas present.

GenevieveNwa said...

@ whiteberry, sorry, ur clarification nd wat u said doesn't hold water biko... Do u knw wat u'v jst done to ursef/name?! Different caliba of people reads dis blog, u'v stained ur name nd u'r a lady?!! Wow! I had to even go nd check u out on Fb page, am sure a lot of people will do dat too! Deris God oo, repent mbok!nd she's still lying... SMH

Lady T said...

Where is my Santa please locate meoooo, saw the post for single mum, I am oneooooo, but I really need empowerment, I will rather give than be on the receiving side.God bless the giver's and God bless u all

Nwaeliza1 said...

300k!! And she was still constantly begging. May God have mercy on you whiteberry. Ur come back was so lame, so very lame.

Santa abeg I still dey here oo. Still hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks CEO of spinsters


Ihn is here again....

Sdk, your memo touched me, you were the boost that kick started my cake business after job hunting endlessly, you're forever appreciated and in my prayers always.....

God bless all the givers and receivers...

Love me jeje, hailings....

Santa's CAKE giveaway loading.....stay tuned lovelies.

Where is bv adunni the coconut oil seller, hope you're fine and bouncing in the Lord??

Sist opeasho, antymi, I've missed you silly...
*Faithful bv*

Kachi said...

Stella please don't allow people's greed to spoil your good work, keep being who you are and let their conscience judge them for blocking way for genuine people in need........ My Santa please locate me with my son's tablet.

Emmanuella Marshall said...

Stella tell mi something, u dont mean?? Just wondering how dat 300k wud hve bin ussed to enrich peoples life,people dat really nids it..... Oh lord help me na,, I really wanna give,,hve d heart of giving ,atleast ill start wit undergraduates cos m one nd I no how we suffer or manage, if not for God nd my mum I wonder wat I wuld have indulged into,, jus like my papa in d lord bishop david oyedepo said yesterday,, give to charity,, he that scattereth recieves more,, its more blessed to give.... Am blessed to b a blessing to odas amen

Beloved said...

I am still praying for more santas to locate me as I am saving up for my final year project.

Anonymous said...

Give whiteberry now, she must be ur member

Shiloh beggars

lastborn said...

Whiteberry na only u waka come.

adamawa's finest said...

IHN is here again. God bless the givers and recievers.

Who go carry me club today sef? Feel like dancing my life out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks reddy

Esther amaka said...

16 days to Christmas. I dream of a white Christmas. My Santa, where are you. I need you.

Anonymous said...

From Mokola round about abi?

SDK Fan said...

IHN is here!!!!

I would like to say a big thank you to the wonderful lady who gave out some pairs of shoes in Monday's IHN. I was one of the luck recipients, and she was amazing enough to follow up after she had send the shoe to be delivered.

Ma, I pray God will bless you abundantly and may God grant your heart's desires. And to Stella, may 2017 bring greater blessings than 2016 did and may evry of your heart's desires be fulfilled!!!
God bless you abundantly.

Anonymous said...

You r an idiot.
Whiteberry in the making

Lagos shopper(for your personal shoppings and goods directly from the popular lagos markets to anywhere in naija,07030493148) said...

300k in 2months?thats more than a bank cashier's 3months salary,u tried ooo!

1nigeriangirl said...

Good!no more sob stories for giveaways, welcome development cos these people preyed on that for way to long.

State your request and move on, don't tell us how your father fell from a tree, then someone without sob story will lose out even if their problem is genuine. E dey pain o. Make una take am easy. Money gotten from deceit no dey last.

Is anybody still playing santa? Remember me o. BBC, any giveway for students? *shines teeth*


Skumpee said...

Welcome IHN

Cocobutter said...

White berry you are a very greedy person. do you know there are millions of people on this blog who need help and you selfishly want to take everything then you think you can woo us by giving us your village birth history how peace is your cousin , how the obetohs are your family and what not. you should be ashamed of yourself. in my four years on this blog i have only applied for giveaway once and that was sparkles november giveaway and that was because i genuinely needed it. you dont go about spoiling things for other people.its so unfair.and wicked! are you sure you love BBC cos if you do you wont try to make things difficult for her with your selfish attitude. Jeez im more pissed than you are Stella.

Anonymous said...


My Case Is Different said...

IHN is here. More blessings to the givers.

Anonymous said...

Whiteberry you are greedy.
My own santa this year will be to my darling mum who is a widow and has raised me singlehandedly since I was 7yrs old. She's in need of money seriously to pump into her business, I cant leave my family and give to others.
All my old clothes I have given my junior cousin who is a single mother and in need.
Last year I participated in santa give-away without giving nothing to my family.
I just though why give out when my family also is in need.
I'm still in contact with d person I helped last yr. Very pleasant lady.

Pls while playing Santa also remember the needs of your parents and ur junior one's in need.
We often leave out our family while giving out to church and less privilege.
Put a smile on ur parents face this xmas.

Tilly said...

Awoof dey run belle. Collecting will bring insults. Whiteberry pray for God to change your story.

Anonymous said...

White berries full this blog ooooo

Never ever seen this id

Anonymous said...

IBK,choi!! You dey my backyard o. Ngwa eat ofe nsala onu behalf or kuku go to Jades.Tell em I sent you

Anonymous said...

she have received 300k ! And was still begging for more I will not forgive you
Thank God your yansh has been opened
You used the 300k to party abi ?
Ashewo kobo kobo

Anonymous said...

There is nothing classy about u,u r jx a beggar like whiteberry

Becky Divine said...

Oooh just shut it already! And stop calling God before holy ghost thunder will strike you there!! Onye oshi

Anonymous said...

Thief Obetoh whiteberry

Classic Chic! said...

I just heard gov. Ben Ayade of cross river State, worn d case!

Anonymous said...

Whiteberry is a scam and also shameless!God will disgrace your generation!Lazy bastard!

Anonymous said...

Via Nokia 3310

Anonymous said...

I have sent in my picture since on the 4th for it to be posted on the 5th and I haven't seen my picture on IHN or receive any call from sleekskinz. Not fair o! BBC there is God o!!


Whirlwind said...

Whiteberry, I put it to you that you are fraudulent, gosh, you irritate me. See the nonsense you wrote up there.

Get lost with your apology or forgiveness talk, you stink!! Go and apologise to God and mend your ways, nonsense.

My two kobo said...

God dey...Stella calm down o! Na out of frustration! and to think a fraction of that would have helped a lot of people on this blog (myself inclusive) is well. Whitey as you have benefitted that much please put it to good use. God bless all the givers. As you have watered others so will heaven do for you as well.
Stells and BusyB abeg respond to my plea ooooo

Anonymous said...

Christ is the reason for the season. Lovely Bible quote Mr. Krix

Tilly said...

Whiteberry retrace your steps. Soon u will be a giver.

SteffySoFynSoFlySoJUICY said...

Hey boo. Why have you suddenly become a pastor?

*limps outta post*

Anonymous said...

Tis true, not seen her in a while now

PLATINUM said...

I dont even know wat to say concerning this white berry obetoh saga. I have been following it n i feel really bad. I havnt been able to comment bcos wenever i type my comments they refuse to publish so i try again.
My dear bvs, lets all take it easy wit the bashing and calling out of bv white berry. Im sure stella will not say sometin without proof bt wat i dont understand is y bv white berry would lie!!
A while ago. Someone i think its monkeynofine wanted to help n she stated it was a certain amount she needed, therefore refusing the help.
Im not going to comeout n say i hv never needed help n benefited from this blog before, bv king nwa amaka helped me wen i need some money to complete the payment of my fees. It was really atrying period for me as i only had a few days to the deadline n no way of raising the money. i can say i hv found a family on this blog bt noting should be taken advantage of.

Please and please, there is no shame in coming as u are n telling the truth. Bt the tin is, some pple have painted an almost perfect picture of how their lives r and it has made it impossible for them to comeout n say how they really are, hence the begging n multiple IDs.

Stella nne, iwe gi adina oku o, any measure u take to try n curb things like things we support u. Bt dont let it keep u from helping pple bcos u have touched alot of lives through this blog including mine and I appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Oh my 300k !
God picked your call and you were still asking for more
It is so unfair of you !
Do you even have conscience

peace maker said...

OK. Noted

Anonymous said...

What do u do with ur time in real life? Jx fuck n expect strangers to pay your kids school fee.

White burial

Anonymous said...


Esther Okoro said...

AGod bless all the givers, God bless Angel beautiful.Whiteberry, you've made a lot of money on thus blog. Still waiting for my Santa.

God Bless Everyone.

lolah said...

Whiteberry only u , 300k fear God, while some re still begging for only 5k,hian.
Beautiful shoes n bag.
My santa shuld locate me ooo.
Lovely weekend to you all.

Rocky said...

Oh well...

Anonymous said...

U r jx another whiteberry, this is my first time of seeing your comment on this blog



Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,do not pass Ibadan faithful by ooooo!!! Nkemdropsmic

Chummy cho cho said...

Whiteberry I swear if you had apologised sincerely it would have been better than this ur super stories. So you beg, ur cousins also beg? Pathetic!!

Thanks Stella and all the Angels here. Special shoutout to Angel Ashafa. God bless your kind heart and lift you more than you can ever imagine. Amen

Stellz abeg put me for ur budget,play santa for me. I want something from you. That kan thing na #sideeyes

i love amebo said...

U shld cover ur face in shame..pls get a life and stop all these.stop responding bcos u end up telling more do u sleep at night..*drops mic*

Anonymous said...

Noodles and plantain

Funny girl

Beloved said...

Noodles and plantain

Funny girl

SteffySoFynSoFlySoJUICY said...

I love you too *winks*

*limps outta post*


You're an unrepentant scam, you will never change, in fact, Stella, I can bet it that this girl will still win more giveaways using another disguise. He will soon upgrade to using a gun

*Larry was here*

IVORY said...

Whiteberry please pardon me,but does it mean that alk members of your family are beggars?since you say you're all related. Does it mean that from nuclear to extended,no one is slightly comfortable or contented that you all have to beg shamelessly?as in no shame at all for any of una diary?wow! Just wow!

missylynn said...

Thank God for all the giveaways and the receivers
Long Live SDK and God bless Stella.

Thank God for journey mercies
Am still waiting for my Santa/Angel to locate me.

Never stop doing good#staypositive..

iyke david said...

Good to know this

Anonymous said...

I will cause her out if u wouldn't.
She is a thief, her family is a thief n she is from a generation of thieves

SANDY NEKY said...

White berry how on earth did I wash you down for Christ's sake if not when you called me yesterday and was explaining rubbish. What I meant is others have been saying their Santa's have located them in the comment section without mentioning the bv names even but you never mentioned that since Monday till obviously you saw there was fire on the mountain yesterday and just because you had other ulterior motive in mind. Did I ever ask you to even mention my name? Have I called you again after that Monday that I asked for your details? Are you ok? What are you talking about biko. I can see you are unrepentant and a bloody liar at that with your crappy explanation up there. Now I know better. Pls oo don't mention my name again.

Anonymous said...

This one no fear God, whiteberry fear devil ur papa now

beeolah said...

Ihn kaabo
My Santa pls locate Me,I have faith in God my Santa will bless me anytime frm now

Anonymous said...

Shut up!!!

Beggar, post your unused card let us load

Empress Windy. said...

IHN is here again, please my dearest Santa biko I need help oooo and I am genuine. Please my kids need Christmas cloth and shoe, I can even send you my Facebook name and international passport.

Anonymous said...

Na devil expose this one

Rex said...

Amen!!! Santa biko locate me and my lil kids too o,make we enjoy christmas small 09 021 4014 38

Anonymous said...

Stop ranting n shut up

Anonymous said...

At least u na known Bv. Not always begging, u deserve it unlike whiteBurial

Anonymous said...


Duchess; Cookies n cream, Doughnut n chin chin (The mobile snacks seller with a Bsc and an Msc) said...

Whiteberry just be calm apologise and move on its better than trying to justify or to counter anything
Learn from past beevees

BluntChic said...

White berry maka why?

Mrs O said...

Ihn is hooooot
Santa where are you? Locate me pls.

Sassy 'Meruche' Fire said...

Mscheeew,I knew you were a fraud the moment you wrote here that you need 500k.Who does that? I only pity those who are truly in need that will suffer for this your shameless display of greed.

Apples ( SDKBlog Shrink) said...


Anonymous said...

Including me, I will finish her on this blog. She go leave ni oooo

Anonymous said...

So you got money from 3 people and you still went ahead to ask for help on Santa post. You are a greedy woman shame on you. How do you think those people will feel? The why you beg it's as if you have never received any help before. You don't like to give testimony so that people will not know you have already been given. Wayo wayo. I blame Stella for not organising this properly.


dont you have any shame? you are still trying to deny

Bravitudenaturals said...

I need my Santa o
God pls send a Santa down my own
This business must not die! I need an accommodation, baba God please pick my call

Mrs bekks said...

White berry , I think u are suffering from spirit of entitlement. Have some shame abeg, u might think it's just a blog but this begging attitude is clearly becoming part of u. Now greed has set in, u really need to pray and deliver your self, it's more blessed to give than to receive.
Now the truth is out, u are just a scam. Now that we all no shame on u,cos there are people that are really n need n u ve deprived them of their need. Since Jan to Dec u ve been begging, from 500k to 100k, u are practically placing a cause n Ur head. Change for the better

Anonymous said...


But please, who asked your opinion? Go n marry n let us hear word

Kaycee Blinqs said...

Did u say false accusations?. Smh. Hide already Pls. Know you'd get a new id soon.

Loveme Jeje said...

Sexy daddy thank you too. You don praise me too much, no let God vex for me oo.

Thelma baby i still dey wait for you oooo. no let me finish am

Anonymous said...

Beggar alert

Anonymous said...

so miss aboki u lied to ur mum dat u won money on internet instead of telling her someone gift u abi.and u even came here to write such. if ur mum pray 4 d person na bad tin?

Anonymous said...

One thing about this blog is that if you are not popular here or controversial then OYO. No giveaway or santa anything for you... So are you popular nwa lizard??

SANDY NEKY said...

Ma dear Elastic I think you are right o!

chioma ifejika said...

God bless ihn nd bless all sants here. Sdk you are highly blessed too. Please dear santa mi can you pls locate me with rice oil nd other ingredient if possible. God bless you in advance.

Loveme Jeje said...

hahahahaha Anons 14:21 and 14:22 you guys should not make me to laugh too much ooo. Chai.

Dont mind them at all.

Rocky said...

Really? Do people still think this way? I believe in making sacrifices, compromises for your marriage and this shouldn't be restricted to a particular gender. Asking me to FEAR and respect my husband should be out of it. Marriage shouldn't be a boss-slave relationship, rather, it should be more of friendship with sexual, financial,etc attachments.

Sweetest Vivienne said...

Madam abeg keep quiet small...

Anonymous said...

Shut up

A beggar has no choice

A thief is worse

How can u be both?

Ewu gambia

Anonymous said...

Bi atie ri aso WO, kin sha ri nkan ti emi atI awon omo mi maje lojo odun,okan mi a bale,olore mi toba fe shanu mi ko pemi sori number yii odo ejo ookan eje okan esan eefa esan odo eeta eerin.
Ebi aro ebi osan ebi ale onipa olore mi amib

Super mama said...

Whitebeeeeeeeeeeeery!!! You should have opened that your cosmetic shop by now.
Here I am begging that santa to call me again that I missed her call. I didn't even have the opportunity to pick it talkless of asking who the caller was. Pls santa I'm like an open book, not scam. Call me again pls.

Anonymous said...

As in just wonder how fast....i stopped trying to recharge. No need

CrazyHornyWife said...

Why is crisis pain so painful???
Please help me,God. My LO needs me

Anonymous said...


The problem we r going through now is white burial please help us gv a fucking rat care abt it till she changes her id

Whirlwind said...

For the records, nobody owes you anything on this blog.
You are not handicapped, go and get a job. There are 1 million and one things you can do pending when you raise funds for your "so called business". Nanny jobs, sales rep, customer service etc.You can join caterers and help serve at parties.There is dignity in labour.

Meanwhile, all the money you have collected so far, what did you do with it? You kept quiet and continued begging? Mstchew.

Stella maris Baby said...

Spoiling things for those who has geniue intentions..
God dey..

Fierce of SDK blog said...

Our own Ibadan? Welcome o.

HRRT FBI said...

God bless SDK, God bless the givers.WHITEBERRY, BLUEBERRY,YELLOWBERRY ETC u are just a liar.Did your chief editor edit this your reply now??how could u be this greedy with all this conflicting stories and information??BBC is very correct about you so dont lie or give us flimsy excuses.Each time i see people give out things i pray to God to make me a blessing to others.

miss joe said...

Thank God for today. Still waiting for my santa to locate me.


Whiteberry if you want to redeem ur image just be someone's santa. Choose a person in need, afterall you've chopped 300k. Bless someone with ur proceeds.
Nawa, ppls salary you chopped without working.
All those ur story sef is enough to write a book. you fit become author sef. I applaud you sha, u get brain. if only you cld utilize it into smthn productive, not scamming.

Stella maris Baby said...

I raise my hands up for her,very smart of her

marian onu said...

God bless me so i can bΓ© of hesp to obrers, my santa pls locate me

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