Stella Dimoko Gov Aregbesola Explains Why The State Has No Commissioners And Why He has Not Earned Any Salary In 6 Years...


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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gov Aregbesola Explains Why The State Has No Commissioners And Why He has Not Earned Any Salary In 6 Years...

The governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, says he has not earned salary since he assumed office six years ago.

He said this during the launch of Oodua FM in Ile-Ife on Sunday.

“When people complain about our financial state, I begin to wonder if they think I am spending people’s money. Some of you do not know that I have not received any salary since I became governor- of Osun state, why will I take that of others,” said Mr. Aregbesola, who became governor in November 2010.

According to the pay package prepared by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission and which became effective 2009, a state governor earns a monthly salary of N2.2 million.

He is however entitled to several other perks, including constituency allowance of N4.44 million, hardship allowance N1.11 million, leave allowance N222, 370.00, and newspaper allowance N333,555.75.

Osun State has been in deep financial crisis for a long while and has been unable to pay salaries of workers.

Besides, the governor who began his second term in office in November 2014, has not appointed commissioners.

The poor financial condition of the state has also made it impossible to live up to its obligations to the Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho, which it jointly funds with Oyo State.

Mr. Aregbesola said the economic crisis was not only affecting Osun state but also other states, noting “there is no free money anywhere.”

He explained that he refused to appoint commissioners because of the state’s poor financial condition.

“How will I have commissioners when we have no money?” he asked.

“The minority leader of Osun state House of Assembly wrote a post on Facebook complaining that I have not paid them. We don’t have the money, even the minority leader does not have a car.”

The governor advised the owner of the radio station, Rotimi Makinde, to use it for the development of the state, rather than for politics.

Mr. Aregbesola criticized the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation for allegedly performing below expectation.

According to him, “Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation has set standards but they just do things anyhow. There was a time that Osun state was almost torn apart through the media but Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation refused to act.”
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  1. 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
    Liar!!!! Your lie can raise the dead sha Oga Rauf. And you're still there?? After 6yrs?? Bros you're a fat liar that doesn't even know how to lie.

    1. With what he gets under the table, he does not need any salary. All nigerian politicians should have a pinochio nose attached soon as they are sworn into office.

    2. Stop lying old man. What you got from nonsense deal in a second is more than your salary of 100 years

    3. Stop lying old man. What you got from nonsense deal in a second is more than your salary of 100 years

  2. Why would a governor be entitled to Newspaper allowance? What's he doing with his salary since everything has been provided for him?

    *Larry was here*

  3. All these APC governors that don't know their right from their left and their illiterate head can't advise them either. Nigeria we hail thee o!!

  4. So where did all his state allocation disappear to?
    Where did all the internally generated funds fly to?
    Doesn't the people in the state pay tax,market women nko?
    When you lie,lie with the fear of God,where are all your children living presently?
    This man is just telling lies,and he won't even believe that people will believe him.
    Wicked man.
    All governors in Nigeria are all liars,and they undergo some weeks or months training before assumption of office.

  5. Who caused it and you have been there for the past 6 years. Shame on you

    Aregbe goatie.

  6. Toooor!
    Believe this and you wil believe anything.

    1. Madam General you just took me back to good old days of JAMES HARDLEY CHASE.

  7. This man can lie for West Africa. Haba! Mr no salary fear God small kwan. Kai! The state has no money yet you contested for second tenure? Well am not surprised, Apc? Full of Liars, thieves, Hypocrites, deceitful, greedy and pretentious fellows.

  8. So Alfa Aregbesola who is funding all the road project and bridges. Because I know that the way APC governors are looting money now. Amosun as a case study

  9. Hardship allowance? Lol.

    Naija, I hail

  10. Are we supposed to clap for him or has he been feeding and running his home......manna falling from heaven for him abi....yeye dey smell...ProudlyDeltan

  11. Hw can he sit dwn and look @ people face directly,lie like this? The world is cming to an end indeed.


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