Stella Dimoko How To Get Your CV Right.


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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How To Get Your CV Right.

I dont think this a good time for a job post cos most of the people who might be reading and selecting are busy partying....I had a few calls asking me to postpone the job post until sometime in January.

I thought it wise that we should share tips on how to present a better not too detailed CV online or on hardcopy that will boost up ones chances of getting a job.

Please share whatever tips you have on achieving this...and also share great interview tips if one passes the CV stage and is called.


  1. Let me wait for comments. This will be petty interesting.

    1. Remove d.o.b,sex,nationality,state etc,they are all termed discrimination in a standard cv.

    2. No anonymous... you should definitely include your d.o.b and sex when applying in Nigeria bcos employers have preferences. And like it or not, certain jobs require specification, I most definitely won't employ a woman to be my facilities manager because she can't lift heavyour objects.
      I know and oil servicing company that takes only women as welders bcos it causes health hazard to the male reproductive organs. Etc Etc. Not all preference is discriminatory. You can leaverify out state though if you aren't applying to let's say a govt job in your local area.
      By and Large we must always try to tailor our CV to meet the job we are applying to. These days companies hardly used cv sef, they now have forms you fill out with all important details. I guess that's fair right?

    3. The one I learnt during NYSC is that of email. Don't use emails like,

    4. D.o.b and sex is very necessary. Status isn't and also meaningless email address is a no no

  2. Nice job here... Let's get started... This is the time to differentiate between ....


    Fill in d gap

    Mc pinky

  3. Stella sweetheart, you can do it now and in January. Please I need a job darling.

    People should share tips. Where is Chikito our very own hr personnel?

  4. Wen writing your cv...Also include how sexually active you are....

    Because it is said that,people who are sexually active and who do have good sex tend to be more productive in their task at work....They are always goal oriented people


    1. Lwkmd! Galore be serious pls! Stelz, supported!!! So many peeps of which I am one don't get to open this blog as much as before prolly because of the celebration mood or something. January will be a better time for the job post so majority can benefit. Good luck to job hunters. 2017 will be a year of difference if you believe..

  5. Nice one Stells, was about suggesting same when you said you will be putting up a job post later.

  6. But sex starved people are always aggressive at work...They are always underproductive.


  7. Stella sweetheart, please post this. Someone can also correct me if I made any mistake.

    Good Day Sirs,

    I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Microbiology. I have 2 years post NYSC experience in Business Development and 1 year in Departmental Administration. I have a diploma in Advanced Project Management and I have undergone courses in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Introduction to Quality Management System (QMS), Occupational Healths and Safety Management Scheme (OHSAS).

    I am a creative thinker with strong analytical mind and an ability to work in a fast-paced and time sensitive environment. I am also an exceptional communicator who effectively interacts with clients, colleagues and all levels or forms of management. I am equally a proficient user of Microsoft Office packages.

    I will love to actively contribute my quota to any organization using previous knowledge and experiences gathered.

    I have my resume and credentials available in any form and I will forward without hesitation including any additional information that might be required.
    I can be contacted through

    I hope I get a favourable response.
    Thank you.

    1. This is a Profile not a C.V

    2. Question. Is this a letter you are writing to introduce yourself before forwarding your CV or an application letter that does not include the position you are applying for, address and date? Just asking.

    3. Thank you.

      It's actually my cover letter. Henceforth, I will always include the position I am applying for.

      I included in the write up that my resume will be forwarded.

    4. This is a cover letter not a resume

    5. Too long I think... Make is brief.

  8. Nice one Stella. God bless you.

    Wishing all job seekers including my friends and brother all the best. He did mine, he'll do yours.

  9. Please when sending your cv, what do you put in the body of the mail?

  10. Nigerians should stop putting address on the cv. A cv headings should be:

    Stella Adekunle

    This is what the headings of a cv should look like. Followed by key skills,employment history,education and training then probably hobbies and interest.. All those primary education and secondary should be removed,if you went to a university,we already know you passed through primary and secondary. Education of 15yrs back is not to relevant,trainings are encouraged.

    1. I swear!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      What do I need you address for?

  11. What is a CV?
    To really figure out what a CV is, we first
    have to talk about what CV means. The
    letters CV stand for curriculum vitae which is
    Latin for “course of life.”
    When used in a job seeking context, a CV
    (also sometimes referred to as just a vita) is
    a detailed accounting of not only a person’s
    past history of education, experiences etc.

    Mc pinky

  12. Ok....will be reading comments....

    Contact me for your delicious cakes and cupcakes.
    *Faithful bv*

  13. Abeg anuty Stella Jesus Christ didn't tell anyone when he will be coming and people were partying when Noah was busy building the ark till he shot the door,abeg post the thing for serious people,I just dey house they count ceiling as money no dey,Santa just lock up for my side,and you didn't post my number!it is well oo

  14. Abeg anuty Stella Jesus Christ didn't tell anyone when he will be coming and people were partying when Noah was busy building the ark till he shot the door,abeg post the thing for serious people,I just dey house they count ceiling as money no dey,Santa just lock up for my side,and you didn't post my number!it is well oo

  15. There is no need to postpone it anyone who needs this post can always revisit when the neeed arises.Festive seasons will come & go,the need to be successful is always paramount in & out regardless of the season.

  16. How are resumes and CVs different?
    Well, for starters…and certainly most
    obviously, the length .
    Again, just to reiterate, a resume is generally
    one page long, whereas a CV is as long as
    you need it to be to thoroughly cover all the
    information you will be including.
    Another way it’s different is how it’s written.
    A good resume is specifically targeted (or as
    we like to say, “tailored”) to the job you’re
    applying to.
    You make sure to highlight the relevant skills
    and experiences you’ve had that align to the
    position you’re seeking and try not to include
    any information that doesn’t relate.
    With a CV however, you’re giving the reader a
    solid overview of all the accomplishments
    you’ve had in your life.
    The quick difference?
    A resume is a brief summary. A CV is a
    more thorough synopsis.
    Let’s say you’re applying for a job as a
    scientist. If you were writing your resume you
    would include only the work information that
    relates specifically to the job you’re applying
    for, but for a Curriculum Vitae, you would also
    include all your teaching experience, lab and
    field work.

    Mc pinky

    1. Please cite your source. Don't be an intellectual thief.

    2. Thanks mc pinky, I think rรฉsumรฉ is for fresh gradutes with little or no experience while CV is for professionals

  17. I hope this post gets 50 comments or more.

  18. I know some interview tips but my battery is almost dead... If I can, I'll comment later.

  19. For a CV please don't use colors. Your font should be bold and legible.
    State your name first, address, email and phone number
    Your educational background starting from the highest to the lowest degree.
    Have at least 3 referees, could be a family friend or a lecturer.

    Interview: dress well and smell nice.
    Speak politely and have a smile oh.
    Don't slouch when you sit and don't sit till you are told to.
    When asked a question, pause and think of the question before answering don't be in a hurry.
    When asked your weaknesses, talk about your strengths.
    After the interview, ask your interviewer a question eg. What trainings does the company give to staff?
    Are staff members allowed to further their education and what support does the company give?
    Please read about the company you're interviewing for. Know when it was founded and what they do. Also read about the post you're applying for if any. Don't be caught unawares. Know the founders name too or owners name. Read up online or ask people about the company.
    Be knowledgeable.
    Also, go with a copy of your CV and credentials for any and every interview. You might have submitted it online prior but go with hard copies too.

    1. You don't put your address on a standard Cv ,will the employer send post to your address? Just put location(surulere-lagos) E-mail and phone no is the in-thing,you don't need to put referee,just put referee available upon request.

  20. Good one God bless you Stella. Pls someone should also give tips for someone that has been off job for years. All the tips I can get. Lord if it is your will.

  21. Chikito get in here! I need your professional input on this.

  22. Thanks Stella for this,I will be checking this post for all the tips and hints that I need.
    Please all HR personnel and recruiters should also share useful info
    Thanks and God bless 2017 is our year.
    Yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

  23. Stella thanks for postponing the job post. January is actually the time that most people quit their jobs and companies expand their operations. Most of the CEOs are on vacation both in and outside the country at this period.

    I will be very glad if I can get a good job, it will change my life. I don't mind the distance as long as it's in Lagos. As a young woman, I have great potentials wasting away here.

    Now to the CVs, we should make our CVs to be comprehensive and not too long at the same time (2 or 3 pages at most). Elaborate on your job experiences, your extra skills(if any), additional training, abilities and strengths. In these recession days, most employers don't go for high qualification, they go for ability - what you can offer the company.
    I wish us luck.
    Pls Stella, let us know in advance when you are ready to do the post so that people like us that don't have MB and battery to be online all day will prepare. Thank you.

  24. Here are some likely interview questions and answers that can be of help :
    1. Can I know a little about you?
    In answering this question, you must be precise about the information you are giving about yourself and try not to talk about your entire life history because it is irrelevant. Only say those things that are relevant to the company and the position you are applying for e.g. interest, education, etc.
    2. What do you have to offer?
    This is a chance to talk soundly about yourself but remember to say those things that are relevant to the company and position.
    3. Why are you seeking for a job here?
    Do well to tell them of the vast opportunities U have discovered that they offer, which will elevate your career goals. Also let them know that their company is a perfect match for U.
    4. What motivates you to work well?
    This is a trick question, so be careful how you answer it. You can tell them that the drive/passion to make impact and accomplish any task productively is what motivates U.

    1. Nothing to contribute. Na recommendation I take get job

  25. Interview Question: Can you give me an example of a time when you rendered quality customer service?

    Answer: I can't categorically say there is a particular time, because I ALWAYS deliver quality service to my clients and customers. You see, Quality service delivery should not be an occasional attitude but a compulsory skill in my profession. As a trained customer service professional / receptionist/ customer service administrator, I am conscious about this skill being a part of my profession's ethical conduct. Bla bla bla....

    DO NOT say: One time mama ranti came and was crying so I now asked what happened when she told me I called the manager and we helped her solve her problem and she was happy. And that's how I delivered quality service.

    No no no. There can't be ONE incident. Because you are expected to always deliver. Kapish?

    If they ask you again then you can give an example using professional language. But usually they don't because the first question already shows your mindset.
    P.S: Many if you on this blog do it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  26. Use 'action' language on your CV.
    E.g: Instead of 'i helped the management to ensure that quality customer service delivery was improved with our new CRM database'

    Say: 'I created awareness about the the need for an improvement of our CRM database, and I supervised the project team that brought this new idea to life'

    Instead of: 'Drafting and completing proposals and presentation'

    Say: 'I ensured the creation of quality proposals and presentation documents; through which my department satisfied its customers/clients Requirement'

    Sounds like rubbish. But guess what? There's a software major recruiters use to screen CVs. When these key words are missing you don't pass the software's test. And you won't be shortlisted. Which is why a CV can be very good but one may not get calls. Make sure you use key words: I effected, I created, I supervised, I researched, i conducted (not i did), I ensured. There are so many of them. Google is your friend. ๐Ÿ˜

  27. I usually feel my CV is ok as a teacher that I am but it will be a good thing to learn more about it here.
    Please I'm in Lagos mainland but I won't mind a job anywhere in Lagos. It may be a teaching job with a good pay or a company job. I have job experiences in marketing, customer care, front desk, hotel management, admin executive and teaching. Please help me, I really need a job and I have so much to offer. My email is on my profile. Stella, chop knuckle.

  28. Avoid speech viruses when you talk. It may seem like you're battling with your tenses.

    E.g: I... errr...: went to the place to errrr.... go and tell someone that there was errrr.... a fire and then the manager did not understand errr....
    (Errr.... is a speech virus)

    Or the most annoying one:

    Like.... I told her that like.... she should stop and she like.... just decided that it was like....

    As in.... In the middle of my presentation the computer froze ... as in.... . So I spoke the IT department about it about it and as in.... they were confused as in..... that was the most embarrassing day of my life.

    Or NOW
    .... I now... she now... we now... they now.... we all now...

    Nah! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฝ Not in an interview. I know it's difficult but practice makes perfect.

  29. Stella, this post will be very useful, I'm sure I will be able to pick useful tips from it.

    January is not too far. Next week.

  30. Always think of a question you want to ask your interviewer. The more challenging the better.

    Sometimes when they ask us if we have any question, we say no. You should have a question for them. So once you get to the interview venue, rather than chit-chat look around and make observations about the company's conduct that you would like to ask about. It might be clarification on the Motto you saw on the wall, or the fact that you're confused about how they keep track of staff resumption time because you didn't see any time sheet or electronic check-in bla bla. This is the time when the interviewer hopes to learn something from you about how well their company'S image is or isn't.

    Second question (or If you don't have a tricky one) then get personal. By personal I mean you can Ask them: how do you juggle work and family commitments? Id le to know.

    Do you think you possess good time management skills?
    What's your work-life balance like since you've been with this company?
    Is there anything you wish you can do differently between the start of your career and now? You will be amazed the kind of things you hear. A 10-minute interview can become 30-minutes. Because the answers might keep going. And you will definitely leave an impression.

  31. Avoid distracting hair dos.. so you don't spend your time flinging hair off your eyes when you should be tackling questions head on.

    Short blunt nails and subtle nail colors are ideal.
    This is not the time to show your Knowledge for different colors.. green,yellow and blue.

    Your skirts or gowns should be atleast on the knee or after.. Most times when we dress indecently in a corporate environment,it lowers our self confidence and becomes distracting.. you end up tugging on your skirt instead of getting prepared for the interview.

    If you meet other candidates.. be friendly but avoid gossip of any form. Be cordial,smile and shake hands. Do not start analyzing the fashion sense of the staff there.

    These are the few I could come up with.
    I have lost touch with CVs and the new ways of preparing them. LOL.

    1. Knowledge for different colours...hahaha

  32. 1. Ensure your CV is well formatted, bold where it should be, font size etc.

    2. Remove your DOB from your CV especially if you are old to increase your chances to be called for an interview.

    3. When sending your CV, save it as your full name and also write a few lines introducing yourself and the job you are applying for. Also use an appropriate subject so it would not be lost.
    When my company was recruiting, a lot of people sent forwarded emails without editing it, sent an attachment without any message.

    4. If you can, write a cover letter. This would be used to explain why you should be hired and also elaborate your educational qualifications and experienced.

    5. If you are a new graduate, your CV should not be more than one page cause you do not have any work experience.

    6. Your carriage during the interview is also important. Carry yourself with confidence, ask the questions like you know what you are saying. Dress well. Wear clean shoes and presentable shoes.

    Mind your hairstyle when going for interviews. Look sharp. The company I work for are very big on your Outlook. Infact, you are half way if if you look good, it is now a plus if you are smart.

    6. Research, research and more research. Research on the role, learn more about it, research on the company and their businesses. We disqualified a lot of people that did not even take a second to at least read about the company that they were being interviewed.

  33. To be sincere, the recruiter that will view ur cv may have over 3000 CVs to review for a particular position. So ur cv must hit their points and be outstanding for them to Re-read and review again and again b4 they call u for an interview.
    Note: Google can help build cv. Just google "bankers cv samples" or "accountants cv samples" or "business development manager cv samples". U will get some samples of cv and then copy and paste to ur MS word when u have same experience.

    In Addition.
    1. AGE: Please remove the date of birth if u are more than 30. Except specified in the job advert. If they want to know ur age, then they should call u for an interview.

    2.CLASS: Remove the class u graduated with unless u have 2.1 or upper credit and above. If u have 2.1 then u have a selling point.
    3. EXPERIENCE:This should be the most detailed aspect of ur cv.
    I hate to see cv with
    1. NYSC, Federal ministry of Environment Abuja or English language teacher. That is not detailed my friend.
    Writhe something like.
    1.NYSC ministry of Power Abuja:
    . Assisting the permanent secretary in typing of documents, answering contractors call.
    . Responds to enquiry and mails, correspondence and request by private individuals and organisation to P.S.

    Ur experience must cover at least 6 points for a beginner and 2pages at most.
    4. TRAININGS & CERTIFICATATIONS:should be listed. It sells u better than others.
    Would love to go on and on, but too tired to type now.

    If u are a teacher, electrical engineer and secretary, I have samples that can help u get at least 2 interviews out ifb10 applications within 4months. I WILL GIVE IT FOR FREE.
    Mine is working, have done it for some guys,it worked and still working. If u have a good CV, U will smile when applying for jobs and just be sure of interviews. Some BVs can relate.

    1. Biko! How do I get in touch?

  34. Your email address should be your first and last name.

    Acknowledge the interview invite. Thank them and inform that you would be available.

    Please remove your state of origin, place of birth, local government, marital status. I don't think it isnecessary.

    Be prompt. Get to the venue for the interview if possible a day before and get acquainted with the venue.

    As a job seekers, always check your emails. We had issues were some people did not attend an interview because they did not check their emails on time or even saw the email on the day of the interview and missed it.

    1. Ur email should be ur first and last name? Since when??? Coz I know people working in big firms that didn't use both names

    2. @jasmine. It's safer that way as opposed to using emeka432@...or is more professional.

  35. Read all comments so far

    Will be here to read more

  36. I'll take my time to read the comments. Very good comments I've seen so far


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