Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 123


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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Labour Room Drama 123


Apologies for my epistle. All protocol duly observed*shines teeth*
I took in almost immediately after our wedding.
My first trimester was not very easy as I was mostly dizzy, tired and irritated by smell of certain foods, body sprays/ perfumes except sure spray.
In my 2nd trimester, too much energy come dey worry me plus I was Glowing n basking in my roundness lol!!!!!

Along came my third trimester, I was just counting down to offloading plus I couldn't wait to see my baby. 

Fast forward to 39 weeks, I went for my antenatal and the doctor asked to do a membrane sweep to speed up labour and I agreed. The pain no be here ooo. I cried a little and she apologized saying that " I am sorry OK but this pain is nothing compared to the real labour pain"

I went back on Thursday of same week and the doctor did another membrane sweep and said baby was still high up but if I don't go into labour this week I should come in on Friday for induction.

I got home and saw a "SHOW". 

I called hubby on phone as he was in Nigeria then and he was elated on top Show! 

My Margaret Thatcher mum made me to walk long miles daily even with the thick Calgary snow Hahahahaha. According to her, it will make the baby drop lower as I was becoming a couch potato.

On Saturday, I woke up to painful contractions n within hours it became 3-5 mins regular. I told my mum and she said I should get ready.
I brought out a nice joggers I bought for labour day, packed my hair nicely, light make up and put on my recommended glasses. 

My brother drove us to the hospital n I was checked yet again n I was 2cm. I was instructed to keep walking around. Fast forward to 8pm I was 3cm.
I was told " please you have to go home till you are in serious labour, trust me your mum will know when labour starts"

I was pained because I had to pay $773 for false alarm labour. 

I got home n still wore my labour joggers". I ate a light dinner and sat in a corner enduring contractions. My mum warned me again not to scream during labour instead I should pray and save my strength for pushing. 

At 3.44am, I was seated in the living room and I heard a burst of water, then more water and more water ahhhhhhhhhh! I shouted on my mum n brother to get up let's move!!!!!!! 

We got to the hospital at about 4a.m n I was 4CM then 6cm then drip then vomiting then PAINNNN. 

I never knew I could bear this kind of Pain. I was asked if I wanted epidural, laughing gas etc. My mama dey look me with side eye so I said no. 

Boom! boom!! boom!!! 8CM I could feeeeel a heavy urge to poo and I was told not to. At this moment, with every contraction I held the baby in like as you do kegel. The pain no be here ooo. 

10CM!!!! Once you feel a contraction you push=!!!!
Push 1-no show! nurse-you are doing great. Well-done !
Push 2-* mum- I can see the hair, nne, chia Ihia ka I na achi nshi" lmao
Push 3-nurse to doc: I think we need to get forceps to assist labour .
Mum- Ada m jisike Muputa nwa Biko. 

Push 4: I no look anybody face ooo. I Pusheeeddddd and my baby's head came through and ripped me apart. I knew the tear was bad with the scary look on mums face. Placenta followed suit. 

And my baby was handed to me and she started crying n I started crying too. I looked at the clock and saw a blurry 9:50am( I forgot my glasses)
She weighed 3.7kg and I was taken away to be stitched in the full glare of 5 students and 2 doctors and 1 Anastethilogist. 

I called hubby and he was upset I didn't inform him earlier. Hahahaha

A catheter was inserted and removed the next day. I was told that if I can fill up 800ml of urine container 3times that I will get discharged. I did it ooo with supervision. And I was released for discharge after baby was installed in a car seat. 

The aftermath left me in total pain n my sweet mama massaged me head to toe with better hot water but my punani was swollen and red. I was sitting on hot water morning n night( mama's instruction). I couldn't sit properly for weeks Cos of 2nd degree tear and anal lacerations. 

I was placed on pain killers and stool softener. 

I thank God for this experience as It made me appreciate mama moreeeeee.
What I love most about being pregnant is the kicks and baby movements. This experience dey sweet me but when I remember the pain hmmmmmmmm. 

We plan on embarking on another journey late 2017 as my darling will be 2 then.
Stella, God bless you for inspiring women to relive their labour experience. Jisike.
Stella, I was wondering if we can do a BVN on how women can bring back their sex game after having a baby. I was/still dealing with loss of sex drive, dryness during sex(ky jelly didn't help), trying to loose weight etc. The struggle is REAL.

*No need to stat any only sex topic,anyone else sending in can add how they got their groove back na..BUT WAIT OH YOU HAD 
2nd degree tear and anal lacerations?JESUS CHRIST!


  1. Replies
    1. So obodo Oyibo Canada no dey give person episiotomy ah na wa o, that was wicked on their part suturing that type is more difficult, anyways sorry madam.
      Meanwhile on how I got my groove back, we resumed 5 weeks after delivery for me the trick is lots of foreplay, take it slowly no need trying to catch up, Twas slightly painful especially during insertion, so when he was fully in he asked, are you okay, I said yes, if you think you're not ready we can wait o, my respond if you no want wahala you better do your job o, Kai I really needed it o, the sleepless nights. 3 days intervals like first week, following week 2 days, afterwards everyday, my dear we can't keep our hands of each other, we like that. Boils down to your partner and your kind of relationship.

  2. Na waooo. Tear tear everywhere. After now one pikin from nowhere will come and start insulting the mother. I will just slap your teeth comot

    1. Hahahahaha...umuazi enwero respek...I will jus kee you

    2. Just what I told my brother. Say after woman do wahala finish. One pikin go come say ,mummy I am not going . I go beat am perplex

  3. Wow! Madam you really saw hell!! I'm happy at the end, you all are fine and bubbling
    God be praised!

  4. Interesting, Women go through a lot in the process of childbearing.

    God Bless Everyone.

  5. This one make person fear belle o.

  6. Congrats madam.

    Your mum is funny o.

  7. Chai i was shivering while reading this! Madam i bless God for you and your family ooo, It's not easy.

  8. Congrats madam

    The tear is the scary part but is all good as long as baby comes out

  9. #Those who have the power of turning negative energy into positive energy have learned a true life lesson*

  10. Thank God for safe delivery dear I know it's not easy

  11. pele dear,thou i was lucky, had a tear which the midwife said is very small and should be left for next time... i dont feel the different thou.

  12. Chaiii sorry oooo. I guess that's why they just cut you in Nigeria hospitals. But is it possible to give birth vaginally witout cut or tear. Does any Dr in the house know?

    1. Yes. It is possible especially when your baby is small and Vagina 1s massaged with olive oil

    2. Yes is possible.tear occur mostly when having first baby.

    3. Wow!!!! tear tear up and down.i never had any for 4 of my kids and I started early ooo hmmmm to even think I was told earlier that my pelvic was small.GOD IS GOOD.madam how is ur sex life?considering the degree of ur tear......eewww

    4. Yeah Jossy thanks , me too I Googled it and saw. Childbirth is just brutal. Women try oooo

  13. Na wa ooo. All these stories dey educate and scare me. I'm a first time mom and will be delivering early 2017. Is CS better?
    Lord,please help me.

    1. My sister, don't be scared. Let God's will be done, if he says vaginal, or CS. the most important is life and carrying your baby.

  14. Yes pls BVs I need hel trying to get my sex groove back. Since July that I gave birth to my 2nd baby, I've had absolutely no urge for sex. Dunno what to do as I feel helpless

  15. Hmmm u r really a strong woman I raise yansh 4 u...Thank God 4 a safe delivery..Happy Sunday bvn's..

  16. Couldn't wait for the 6weeks before hubby and I started again o.
    I don't know tho, mine wasn't that bad. Sex drive didn't even go away, just that I had to wait and coupled with the fact that I didn't have a single tear, maybe that's why the sex drive didn't die.

    1. Plix how did you do it that you didn't have a tear or cut oooo

  17. Baby testing you is worse than the mid wife testing you cos stitching will be difficult. May God restore your sex drive

  18. wanted to send my LRD today but I fear our BVS comments like mofe daku, I have to read and edit it before I send it biko

  19. congrats madam, you really saw hell

  20. Those doctors were mean. I considering your baby's weight they sold have neatly cut you.

  21. Wow,that's scary, congrats though.

  22. Thank God for the supernatural strength he has given to women. Captain cutie

  23. Congratulations madam


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