Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 17


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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 17

Lol story..

My NYSC story is a MUST TELL. Let me start with a throwback in 2012 I travelled to Port Harcourt for the 1st time (aluu) from my school to shop for a birthday dress, was supposed to stay for a week but hot oil poured on my leg and i ended up staying for 3days. I hated the place and vowed never to return.

Back to my NYSC, I did everything within my power to work my posting to Lagos and even I paid someone. Lo and behold, when I checked online and saw 'Rivers'. BVs i was devastated but i accepted my fate and travelled to awka to enable me shorten my journey by taking another bus to rivers. 

On my way to rivers from Awka, 1 NNPC tanker in front of us, lost control of its tires and the tires started flying towards our bus because we were right behind it and i was sitting in front. Fortunately for us, it only broke our windscreen and the side mirrors because the driver swerved to a lonely path. 
The glasses shattered but i was not hurt though the driver and the woman beside me were hurt but no glass touched me. Thank God.

I arrived in camp and registered, i turned out to be one of the prettiest girl in nonwa gbam tai (according to them oo) people said i looked like their sisters, girlfriends, etc and i was always getting favours. There was a bad side to it, people started saying i was snubbing them because they would greet 'my lookalike' unknowingly and the person will snub them. My bunkie left camp on the 2nd day because she was missing her husband and i had the whole space to myself. Lucky me.

2nd week, while plugging my phone in my corner, the socket exploded and the shock threw me to another bunk. The force of the electric was so strong i landed on extensions charging on another bunk which was broken in the process. My hand was swollen for some days and i started having nightmares. When it became worse 1 night, i had extensive midnight prayers and sprinkled anointing oil in my corner but my corner mate stopped passing there after that.

I had a camp boo who made mammy market our abode, we ate everything and anything there. He was a hottie and i was fine though I had 1 guy that i was seriously crushing on but i was so scared of asking him for his name sef because he was always with his ajebutter friends. Stellz, I knew his movements but shame no gree me talk.

Anyways I never locked my bag for once and my money was not stolen. My hostel was very very neat and the toilets too, kudos to rivers state govt.
I took a bottle of vitamin c that the military personnel's always mistook for correct drugs so they always excused me from many exercises. Stella i slept a lot in camp oo and gained weight sef.

On the 3rd week, i went to mammy with my camp boo and there was a heavy rain that fell that day. I went under the rain to my hostel and slept off, Woke up in the evening shivering and couldn't get myself. Ahh! I was weak. I started taking the malaria drugs my mom gave me as the camp clinic was already closing up since its the last week.

That same day happened to be our bonfire night, I wore jeans and cardigan because of my health and 1 army guy dragged me to the middle of the event right beside the fire and started shouting at me that finally he has caught me. I asked him my offence and he told me he saw me sleeping in boys hostel. I told him i was ill that its not me, he insisted and went ahead to call other army officers. Luckily for me, some guys in that hostel came to my rescue and told them it was not me. I found out the next day that it was one of my lookalikes who slept there.

 2 days later, My mom called and told me the pastor asked me not to travel that period because camp ended 2 days before my birthday and i was still sick. My initial plan was to return to Lagos that same day.

My NYSC contact later worked my redeployment to Lagos and my camp boo cried openly as he had already made plans for 'us' lol. I left rivers the same day camp closed and went to awka, i stayed with my friend and celebrated my birthday there before i travelled to Lagos.

After 2 months and 2 queries, I was posted to a company I'm still working with.

For my crush, It took me 3 months to get the instagram handle of my camp crush via 1 NYSC page and 2 months after our pop to send a dm to him. Turned out dude is not even based in Nigeria and travelled some days after i sent him a dm. If I had hit him up sooner, we would have seen. We are now good friends and yes , he's very much single. Wish me luck because i still like him.

I tried to shorten my story because my Lagos posting is story for another day. sorry for the long read.

*Good luck with him..

Whats the meaning of  ''nonwa gbam tai''?


  1. Replies
    1. STELLA, are the stories that much? I sent mine since beginning of the month. E never reach me?

  2. Come and finish before i comment.

  3. Shey na only me? This thing no sweet jare

    *Larry was here*

  4. Nonwa is a place. I think its a local govt area in Rivers

  5. Stella Nonwa gbam tai is d name of the town where d camp os located in Rivers state

  6. Replies
    1. Nowa Gbam is a village in ogoni in Rivers state and it's were the camp is. Lol koper ur villa peeps follow u travel. Good luck to ur crush oh

  7. Cool story
    Good luck to you and your crush

  8. Nonwa Gbam Tai is where rivers state nysc camp is located. Mehn I enjoyed that camp. This story made me remember that camp. The man that wanted to be my sugar daddy paid 70k to work my posting to rivers state so he can always see me because he works in an oil com in PH but we ended up note dating.i met someone else. I think I should send in my nysc story as well.

  9. Nomw gbam tai is the lga where the nysc camp is locAted. poster, looks like the devil wasnt happy bout your service sha.

  10. Hmm, what a story. Thank God for you anyway.
    I think i need to send my own story to Stella too.

  11. Wish you luck with the butty. Love your story,the electric shock part got me cracking...

  12. Enter your comment...Nonwa gbam tai is the name of the community where Rivers camp is located.

  13. Wow lovely narrative. All d best poster in ending up wt ur camp crush.

  14. Are u loki? This one ur look alike full everywhere?


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