Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 30


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Monday, December 26, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 30

Na wah!!!

Hello Stella,
I had thought one's mind can't be touched except in romantic relationships. You have changed plenty lives forever. 

I served in 2014 posted to Sokoto state. Camp was fun, no gbenshing in camp but saw two fellas on heating satisfying themselves (what caught my attention was the sound track the girl was giving... She was shouting 'otito otito' in yourba), funny look on their face when they saw me and were freezed. 

Told the dude to carry on and went my way. 

After camp, I had a bizarre experience with a popular girl . I was very honest to her about my relationship and how I love my girlfriend. One saturday like that, I took my students for the regional cowbell maths competition and we started chatting and she invited me over to her lodge. At first I told her I was coming the next day but later changed my mind when I got home, no light and was bored. 

So I left for her place and we had a good chat until it was late and she persuaded I sleep over. Took my bath that night and luckily light came on and the fan was helping. Na so me and chalyne begin touch touch ooo, I no hold CD, where she remove the CD give me walahi they reach 200 pieces,my eye clear. 

When I enter this girl on missionary, I wasn't satisfy so I turned her for doggy so she can get the full length of my Guus Hiddink, she nearly die. Since that day, she dey on my matter oo. Disturbing and asking when I was coming over for weekend or she coming around. There was no way I could have invited her over cos I was staying in a BQ and the family were very strict on females visiting so I had to lay low. 

Prior to the general elections, babe called me to come around so we can have a nice time before she travels cos she was scared of the elections. I initially told her I wasn't coming but I changed my mind and came without telling her. I saw her with a corper guy in her room gisting but he left some minutes when I came in. We gisted and some minutes pass 10pm she went to take her bath cos the place was hot and I was reading some articles and blog online. I was very surprised when I checked the time and it was 10mins after 11pm, which kind baff be this one (I totally forgot I was in someone's room sef). I looked around but she wasn't there. 

So I remained inside the compound to see where she will be coming from. Few minutes she came out with same guy I met from an open space but fenced, she went to gbensh and took their bath together. She was on wrapper and her pants inside her bucket and the dude on boxers. Omo, I don't love the babe like that oo but e pain me. I was very upset. I didn't ask her what transpired but she said they were gisting how some corpers with them here were misbehaving (I replied 'really'). My mind was spoilt, my kongi disappear and I told her I wasn't spending the night there and I was leaving. 

Babe begin para that I feel she was have sex with that guy, I said but I didn't say so. She went and called the dude to talk to me, I told him to stay off me before it escalated more than it had. I looked for bike that night but no way, I had to put shame behind and begged her to spend the night there. Omo she no gree ooo... I begged my life for more than 30mins. It was a shameful experience. 

I left there as early as 5am for my lodge and deleted her contact. 2days after the election, a dude saw me in the market informing me that my babe had an accident. I told have a babe here and he describe the girl I was visiting. She was on bike and a car lost control and hit them, her leg twist facing backward (it wasn't something to see). I hated her but the state I saw her only brought compassion and pity. Stood by her, did her surgery and left Sokoto immediately after my POP. She stayed back for 6months in Sokoto and we still communicate. Sorry for the long episode

It is not that it was a long epistle but you sent this in as Service year boulevard and i cant seem to find that it fits into it but since na wetin you want na you sabi.....
Guy your story sef no too sweet*tongue click*


  1. What's this? This doesn't fit into a boulevard.

  2. Is this service year brouhaha? Oga u r still not over the babe.

    1. Stella shouldn't have posted doesn't fit in with the Service year theme.
      Waste of MB.

  3. #A person doesn't have to be perfect to be exactly what you need*

  4. Lmaoooooooooooo...I really can't explain why I was just laughing while reading this...lmao.
    Guy, u be case I swear...ah ah.

  5. Na so so Fuck Fuck Fuck you go camp go do and observe shey?

    I feel for the lady though.
    Hope she has gotten better?

  6. This one is shagging boulevard.

  7. Poster dd u say u r a graduate? whew ur grammar though...

  8. Thank God she didn't die,what would she have told God & to think that when I got to the point where she talked about travelling cuz of election, accident came to my mind.may God heal her completely. To you Mister poster,keep ur tin one place make e no reduce.Merry opening of Box 2day

  9. I did not really understand your gist.

  10. This one no be "Service year boulevard" o....Dude just wanted us to know He's big down there..And His sexual escapades.

  11. This Na Shagging brouhaha

  12. Story centered on one part. Was this your only experience at your NYSC? You said you didn't gbensh but ended up telling us how your gbenshed a girl...... (sighs)
    Next time, look for a writer,narrate it to the person so he writes then you send it.
    Am a writer so you can contact me.

  13. That was his own service year boulevard Na, Looool....

    Guys can be jealous ehnnnnn, and be forming 'no love'

  14. Me I enjoyed this boulevard. That was his experience, what he related was what was remarkable for him during the service nau. Guy you love that babe, you no wan admit am. E pain you sey she dey like guys wey fit shack anyhow. My dear ex Otondo, what is good for the goose is also good for the ganda.


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