Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 7


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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Service Year Boulevard 7

This Corps member is still serving but she couldnt

Hello Stella, I'm so excited to write you. Thought to send my story since your folder is's probably gonna be boring tho. Lol

I was posted to Katsina (batch A, 2016). All my life i've lived in the north so i was really looking forward to serving elsewhere but NYSC wont let me! I was so pissed. The only reason i picked katsina was that i had to pick a northern state during the online registration plus it's a very peaceful state (considering the security situation of our dear country). 

My mum also worked there (with UNICEF) but has been transferred back home (kaduna) so she encouraged me because she has colleagues who'd work things out for me. I got to katsina the day before camp opened, spent the night at my cousin's place and went into camp the next day. 

Katsina has one of the best camps in the country as per accommodation and other facilities.Registration was fast and organized and by 2pm we were already on the parade ground dressed in our nysc kit.

 I was so excited because i had waited for so long for this to happen.Camp was fun except for the fact that the sale of alcohol was prohibited in mami. Choi that thing pain me no be small. I already knew camp food would be terrible so i took enough money for mami food jeje.I hold my belly in high esteem i cannot eat food that looks like kirikiri prison something abeg. 

I made quite a number of friends and participated in lots of activities which my platoon did very well in. They say you could meet the one in camp or during ur nysc year so i was looking forward to it cos i am 100% single, I don tire!

 It however seems like I'll soon retire from the 'single girls club' lol. 

A guy who was crushing on me like mad back in 100 level med sch ( i was withdrawn in my 3rd year and transferred to another dept) called me after his online registration to say he picked katsina among other states. He's been posted here and is presently in camp.Yippee!!! He stopped over at my place before leaving for camp. When i saw him (after like 5-6yrs) my heart skipped! 

Never despise any one, people really do change...He obviously still likes me and I see him differently now cos back then he was just a small boy in my eyes. We were both just 18 and you know girls mature faster than boys. My guy don nature now and he's such a gentle man. I no too put mind sha to avoid disappointment . I need a boo but I refuse to be desperate in Jesus name. Boo will come when the time is right.

 So far i'm having a good time in katsina as UNICEF has been giving me small small work to do and collect money. My PPA na govt school so whenever UNICEF calls I'm available cos my people for ppa no serious at all. For those bvs that'll say my story is too long make una no vex. I type finish before i realize. Chop kiss Stella you too mussh!

*Body just dey catch you sha..your service year is still on...make we pray say that guy get your time..dont be all over him until you know how far and enjoy your service year dear.


LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...


Anonymous said...

Wow.... U made it here,,,baby I love you so much... U know who

Uranium Beauty said...

Nice one


Nawa ooo... Next please

Rocky said...

I still insist this thing should be scraped. So, if I don't have money, that's how I'll die from being malnourished considering the fact that I love good food and I'm very picky when it comes to food? If the government cannot maintain this program, they should scrap I completely.

Roseberry said...

Babe abeg I de serve for katsina too, I de govt school too and na batch A I de, I am interested in that unicef thing, how we go hook up nah? M a girl too,

corisande said...

All the things i typed just disappeared.

ebonyqueen said...

Enter your comment...first to comment

mimi said...


Audrey said...

Continue to enjoy your service year jare, but this service year boulevard is slowing turning to meeting point ish.

sassychick *i am stelladimokokorkus best friend* said...

Ok. Poster you failed mbbs?.. Nice story

Anonymous said...

pls when is NYSC 2017 batch A? i heard it's march. how true pls

Nkechi said...


Adeniji Bisi said...

Had fun today” “no problem dear,don’t worry about
calling me,i’d do the calling ok? and pls no
have to play safe here cos my kids use my phone
anytime,so if you need to reach me,beep me and i’d
call you back....take care of yourself and help
with some pain relievers and don’t try to act strong
you need it”...we both laughed and she dropped the
line. This is insane,am i going nuts? Is this realy
happening? Then i remembered the envelope and
checking out the contents,it was thirty thousand
in clean minted thousand naira notes...woow!its
the economic crunch dint hit some people, not like
thirty thousand was a big deal(i hear most of y’all
hell it is!),but after meeting her just today, we had
and i’m being paid thirty thousand naira? I’d let
do the maths, just then my phone rang just
who you are all thinking,it was my mum calling me
from the other end of the house(i stay at the BQ)
someone was at the gate,so i put aside the money
and headed to see who the person was, in this
who could it be? As i got outside, i asked who the
person was before opening the gate(you cant be
careful in lagos),then i heard a female voice saying
me temi” What?! Did i hear her right,as i opened the
door to confirm it,there was my worst fear come to
pass, there she was, drenched in rain and up in
all she could mumble out after parting her rain
drenched hair off her face was “pls i need you
don’t turn me away...i cant go home,not now!...can
pass the night here pls?”. Was scratching out
outta my head and asked her to come in,head down
the BQ whilst i go make an explanation to my
about who was at the gate and probably get my

Mc pinky

nonye ufondu said...

So all I'm saying is this,supposing that that girl that died in Kano camp filled her boyfriends name as her next of kin when she was doing her registration,instead of her siblings or parents.
Shebi federal govt will give the boyfriend that one million naira that is meant to be a compasetion fee for the deceased copper to her family???
Ok oo,y I'm saying this is cos of some girls that do use dia oyfriends name as dia next of kin,cos I know someone that did the same while we were registering for the NYSC.

Kachi said...

This your mouth eh Stella nwanyioma

missylynn said...

Take am slow and steady
Happy for you cos no dull moment for your side..carry go

Iphie dearie said...

Enjoy your NYSC year💪

Anonymous said...

Modele was with me in the house when my phone rang. It was
a foreign number. I answered and the person on the other end was
hysterical, asking if I was all right. She introduced herself as Stella
Dimoko Korkus. Modele took the phone from me and introduced
herself as my personal assistant. Dimoko Korkus went on to say she
had just confirmed the story of Anita’s pregnancy and was about to
break it on her blog; she just wanted to find out if I was okay, and
she’d call again. Humiliated as I was, I didn’t know if I was to beg her. ...your name made it to toke's book. I love sdk

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Worry ends when faith begins*

Adeniji Bisi said...

What was i thinking? Of course she wont mind
s*x with me, its a cold night(who doesn’t need one
nights like this) and just then i asked her “have you
ever had s*x on your period?...not like i wann...u
what i mean?” She shocked me by saying “no, but
always wanted to try that” Without further ado,i
up and she came closer and then we kissed so
passionately that it went for 15minutes and then
kissing down to her neck as she knelt down to lay
the mattress pushing away the playstaion pad and
laptop gently to the side.she carefully removed her
laden pant and blew me out(literally as in woooow
figuratively as in a blow job), she was the best and
could have returned the favour then i remembered
was actually on her period,then i handed over the
condom to her to signal its time for real deal,she
professionally slipped one of em expensive
you save for girls like this(what?! She dint look like
goldcircle girl?!) and she was riding me like a
and i was pityiny her poor boyfriend amidst the fun
for letting her go and as i came, my dad beeped
was time to put off the generator(its lagos, we
now?!). i noticed she still had more in her and i
told her
to reserve it till i come back and just managed a
chuckle as she turned to her side. Did not know
(who prefers to call them PHCN? Kinda weird huh?!)
had brought the light for over thirty minutes and i
quickly went to change the switch and on getting
back,she was asleep...i stood staring at her, “why
would anyone ditch a girl like this”. As i lay beside
i felt something on the bed,it was the
Hahaha watch out for part 3.

Mc pinky

Adeniji Bisi said...

Where in KATSINA r also serving in KATSINA..
Mail me

Mc pinky.

Starjoy said...

Babe na your time enjoy on!

karen Gideon said...


Akontealabs said...

Pls is there any benue corper in the house...... I need to make friends..... both serving n new corpers.... zero eight zero eight seven four four four seven three eight.... thanks

T.I said...

95% true...

Anonymous said...


Rocky said...

Are you serious? For why na?

ify onyekwelu said...

Nice one.
Do have all the fun you can, enjoy babes.

Chidinma Gift said...

Take Stella's advice serious

Chidinma Gift said...


IJAY said...

please enjoy yourself, nice one

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Join the moving team of crowd rising with just 7400 and be added to our group chat for referrals and team growth.08020779961 said...


cynthia ogo said...

Stella pls help a sister wanted to write my wish for dis santa BT I saw dat new comments r nt allowed. Pls help a sister gave birth on d 27th of Sept BT my breast is nt flowing well (it can't belle full my baby)so I hv to start giving him milk BT d price of milk no b here.pls my baby is my only concern plsssssesee 07065109606

Emmanuella Marshall said...

Lolzzzz, na wetin I bin wan talk,, she fail mbbs,, I jus remember my roommates wey read like say them wan mad, one go dey sleep talk like dat but God help them dey pass,, thank God I no do medicine, dem go dey luk person like dullard if em fail.

GALORE said...

So my uncle told me....nysc camp in kastina is the best in Nigeria...


Anonymous said...

are you a guy or girl

Juliet Jonathan said...

Its certainly going to be in March. Cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Am a single mother of a 4months old baby disowned by my parents,baby daddy got some one else pregnant who he intend to marry nd have even rented am apartment while I stay with his parents nd baby daddy said once the baby clocks 2years he will take her away from me,am moving out next year cos of my service nd also taking the baby with me.please santa help me if not cos of me but for d baby.I comment as anonymous.this is my number 08154735594

Anonymous said...

I served in Ibadan,Ibadan north to b precise,met a lot of pple.I really enjoyed my ppa

Anonymous said...

I served in Ibadan,Ibadan north to b precise,met a lot of pple.I really enjoyed my ppa..I miss Amala and abula , Ib pepper soup wey dem dey add locust beans kikiki

babywhale said...

I served in katsina,batch b 2006 set, we are the 1st set that used the camp. The camp is the best, very neat and everything were new. Poster you made to remember my service year, I really enjoy my 1year in katsina.

Auditor/Accountant said...

Well done and play safe. You must'nt get a boo there so don't be desperate.

Jasmine said...

Take time o.

If u don't av money for food, then eat the one you will be given

Anonymous said...

See all this small pikins , chai, imagine o,

Anonymous said...

I camped in katsina too, 3 weeks was fun tho it we didn't spend 3weeks, Batch A stream 1.. I was in the past, it was so much fun am presently in osogbo.. tho I redeployed sadly

Akontealabs said...

A girl

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