Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 8


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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 8

At all,at all na em bad!

I have been wondering if its only the happy ending stories allowed
Mine was an interesting and fun filled experience even though I didn't end up meeting and marrying...

Ok camp (rivers state)was good and bad,the usual camp drills,I met some nice people,both male and female, had about 3 camp boos and i kissed two out of the three, one was cool,tall and sexy,popular kinda guy,always had his way in and out of camp,the kinda guy ladies would flock around, he was just on my case @ the 2nd week of camp, kissing and touching was normal,it was fun being around him,he would always feel jealous whenever he saw me with the other guys, he would always tell me how he's fallen in love ,how he wants us to be together after camp,and I wont just believe him knowing his personality, but it happened he left the country before the service year elapsed...

Then the other guy was a perfect gentlemen,he was caring,even after camp we were in the same town for our ppa, he was just an angel but he had a relationship that was lingering even if he said he was through it was obvious he still owed her whatever,I don't know,he seemed like he owed her a lot,and she wont just let him go. after seeing the situation i just maintained my side and we have been true and good friends without any strings till now.

The bad side of my camp experience was the way those army guys molest female corps members, they force them to have sex with them by all means,they threaten them and its really bad.

I had an experience, which if not for my popular camp boo I would have been a victim,the so called army guys caught some of us ladies still playing outside our hostels at the time we where supposed to be on bed and they took us all out claiming if we don't corporate to have sex with them they would report and have us decamped, it was such a big deal,even seized some peoples phone,but luckily for me I was able to call my camp boo then who was able to get me out of the mess...that is very bad because we hear of such stories and it happens too.

Back to the fun part, I served in a secondary school,even though it wasn't what I wanted ,it was fun after all,the school teachers were nice to us,we were like a family,we had gifts from some of them,I enjoyed it to the end.I rocked the city too,met some lovely girlfriends,and dudes, did a lot of hanging out,clubbing,it was fun all through for me,travelling home for short holidays was also part of the fun,as I didnt meet a befitting boo ,I had to make the whole stay worth my time. 

meanwhile I will not forget to say that my roommate and I had a quarrel @ the ending part, we even had to separate, but it wasn't long we made up and became good friends again... now I'm in Abuja, managing one small job like dat as better job has not landed na. 

 I really miss the Port Harcourt service life joor cos I had less worry and so much fun... still prefer that place to Abuja.

Your story sweet sha .....Hope you find someone soon darling!


  1. Interesting, you had so many experience. I pray you'll get better job soon.

    God Bless Everyone.

  2. Awww this is sweet!
    Mouth wide open @army guys blackmailing y'all for sex! Heaven forbid

  3. This NYSC Boulevard brings back lots of memories for me.

    My biggest camp toaster Maxwell died in a plane crash enroute PH, the same plane crash that killed Pastor Bimbo Odukoya.

    Max was such a gentleman too and helped work out my posting to town.

    RIP Maxwell I'll never forget

  4. That's sweet. Will post mine soon.

  5. Oh Ph copa.... Did u serve during Amechis reign? I learnt he owed all of una through out the service year.. Especially those posted to the villages. Pls try and connect with ur abroad copa friend.

    1. We were paid after the service year

  6. So this is my first time reading service year boulevard.Anyone from Lagos camp shared their story? I served in lagos and the only sweet thing about serving in lagos was camp.

  7. Your story is actually very okay. It doesn't have to be about meeting boys and getting married afterwards..We already have segments for that.

    It is just centered around your entire experience, the fun times,bad times... Love,friendship,the project you took up during your service year etc.

  8. my first time of opening this NYSC whatever. will try and read later.

  9. #Remember the time you thought you couldn't survive? You did, you can do it again. Reminder for when u think the only option is to give up*

  10. The part you said girls where been forced to sleep wit the soldiers... cant they report to the authority?

  11. The part you said girls where been forced to sleep wit the soldiers... cant they report to the authority?

  12. I wish you all the best in your small job

  13. Lol I pity all the girls that slept with sojas..apart from d camp commandant that is usually a capt or Leut,d rest are dirty sojas whose only authority is in d camp.most corp members are even Berra than them.girls fell for those traps tire

  14. I served in PH too, I will say that was the best time of my life so far. I am a guy, was not able to get a loyal girlfriend bt enjoyed the stay with my copa friends. Too much hanging out together, partying, dancing, cracking jokes and getting each others back. There is this strucutre about NYSC that it will make you forget all your worries and the fact that you don't know what beholds you after NYSC.

  15. hmmmmmmm, just to serve in my father's land I have to sleep with dirty camp armies? God forbid bad thing.

  16. I guess its bcos they wanna do it oh,no amount of pressure can make sleep wit dirty army


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