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Monday, December 26, 2016

The Meeting Point 45

This story will blow your mind away....The way Mills and Boons used to affect Ladies back in the days...

A very good day to you Stella. Been so inspired by the love stories I read in the meeting point so I decided to send in mine to inspire someone. Permit me but I will go 'spiritual' with my story.

A tad bit longish but please stick with me.

You know it's funny how you get to meet 'him' and you never know he is the one happens. Lol. It's amazing how two paths destined to be together cross. The way I see it, it's not a co-incidence; it's God-incidence. *wink*

My baby (that’s what I call him plus other names shaa) and I met in the University (2002). He was in his 3rd year and I was in my 2nd. But our relationship didn't kick off until he was in his final year Masters and I, my final year Bsc.

2002: I was at a friend's birthday bash in school minding my own business when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see this tall (6ft3'), handsome guy staring back at me, a gentle smile playing on his lips.

The place was noisy so he motioned we stepped outside.

"My name is J..., " he introduced himself. He had seen me earlier at a school fellowship program where I had rendered an acappella song and coincidentally he loves Acappella.

"Do you have any Acappella tapes I can borrow?" he inquired.

"Oh no, I don't " I replied "Even the ones I have I borrowed them from a friend."

That was how my acquaintance with J started. From then on, for the next 3 yrs, it was a casual hello-hi affair between us. No attraction at first sight. He was merely 'the tall fine guy' I saw around school, nothing more.

But something attracted me to his personality - his love for God and his charisma! Seriously, the sexiest man alive is a man who loves God (I know so!)

Though I couldn’t describe J as a friend then, neither did I know much about him, I was drawn to his simplicity and Christlike nature. I had a lot of respect for him.

2006: One day, as usual, I stood in an uncompleted building in school very early in the morning praying for 'my husband', whoever he was. Lol.

Then I told the LORD, "Father, you know it will be funny if I eventually get to meet my husband and it happens to be someone I had always known.." and I laughed at this. I'm sure my Father laughed too knowing what He was cooking up for me.

Months passed.

J and I sometimes meet around school but on this particular period I noticed that I seemed to have started developing feelings for J!

Huh?! Feelings for someone I barely knew? Where did it come from?! It was shocking because I had never felt like this for him or for any guy for that matter. I had always liked J but not like 'that'... You-know-whatta-mean?

One day I saw him at a distance and there was that feeling again and I told the LORD,

"Lord, I don't know what this feeling I have for this guy is all about but if it won't yield into anything, please take it away. Why torture me?"

After that, the feeling disappeared. I completely forgot that I ever felt anything for J but when I think of it now, I know it was the Holy Spirit saying to me, "He is the one! That’s the answer to your prayer!" It was a sign.

2007: Fast forward to my final year, I arrived our fellowship venue a bit too early. Suddenly, I had a strong urge to step outside. I obeyed. As I stood outside gazing at the stars and praying silently in my heart, I saw someone walking up the road.

I could only make out this tall silhoutte advancing. But as he drew closer I saw it was J. He was just coming from church. There he promised he would visit me and after a long while he did in April. I felt so honored.

We chatted about a lot of things. We flowed so well really. I found he had a great sense of humor, likes working out (his physique says so) and was very matured.

I like men who who behave maturedly. J was a typical proof that age doesn't define maturity. He was just 25 then but behaved like he was in his 30s.

We began hanging out a lot after his visit. People saw us around school together and automatically knew we were an item because J wasn't the one to be seen around with girls so for him to be seen with me practically every day spoke a lot of volumes.

On our first date, we discussed about the future and what our passions were. It made us see our compatibilities.Over the course of time we noticed we thought so much alike that we could even complete each others sentences. Lol.

Our attraction and friendship blossomed into love almost immediately but I didn't want to read meaning into what I felt for him or what I perceived he felt for me until he defined where we were headed with the relationship. We simply enjoyed the warmth of falling in love and getting to know each other better.

With my emotions in check, I was determined to let God lead me and not my emotions. I wanted His will in this and if God was in this, everything would pan out as He planned it. Allowing God direct me, I knew I couldn’t make a mistake in choosing my life partner.

One day, as I lay in my room in the hostel, the Holy Spirit asked me, "If J proposes, will you marry him?"

I gave an unwavering YES. There was no iota of doubt. With J, I had peace. Another sign.

JULY 21 2007: 4 months after we kindled our relationship, we took a walk one night and J popped the big question. I was thrilled but I kept my cool.

I simply asked him, "Why me?"

He gave me a satisfactory answer and I said yes! One thing he told me that night that has kept ringing in my ears all these years was, "We are going to be a unique couple." And so are we!

My baby and I had this habit of taking a long walk round the University at night. So this beautiful night, we were taking a stroll when we stopped for a bit and J took me into his arms. Turning my face towards his, he gave me a kiss (our very first kiss!). It was brief and sweet.

I couldn’t believe it. I just had the first kiss of my life shared with the man I love. The taste of that kiss lingered on my lips for a long time.

2010: 3 years later we got married. He was my first and I was his. 6 years on we are still crazy in love. In fact, na everyday the love dey increase sef.

By God's grace, our 6th year wedding anniversary is few days away this December with 3 gloriously beautiful children to show for it.

J told me later when he knew instantly that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me; it was that night he visited me in the hostel. According to my baby, he had always admired my personality a lot before then with no 'feelings' attached.

But he mentioned that the first time he felt an inclination towards me was when I rendered the acappella at the school fellowship.

While he listened to me singing, the Holy Spirit whispered to him, "This is your wife!" but he brushed off the thought as soon as it came. Lol. He didn't know who I was cos that was the first time he ever saw me. It must have been to him one of those crazy thoughts.

But God is a master planner always directing the path of His children even when we don't know it or understand it.

Seriously, J is amazing. I always say that God gave me more than I dreamed of. We just can't resist saying 'I love you' each day to each other.

And the PDA? Hahahaha! When are crazy in love, it reflects even in public. You just can't hide it.

I couldn’t have married anyone else. He remains the love of my life. It's exciting waking up by his side. He is what you call the typical handy man helping me out with the children and even chores! He is that simple and humble. He even cooks sometimes. Lol.

Has the journey been easy? No cos there is no marriage without its issues but putting God first and allowing Him lead us has kept us waxing stronger. We don't allow our trials bring us down rather they make us stronger and even more resilient.

Really, there are so many beautiful marriages out there. Please fear not if you are yet to be married. God created marriage to be enjoyed not endured. So I encourage everyone 'Do not keep God out of your life and your marriage. Put Him first.'

Even if you are going through stuff in your marriage, please try putting God first, and yes, watch WAR ROOM to learn how to prayerfully reclaim your marriage *sideeyes @ Stella* Lol

Prayer made in faith is powerful and God wants the best for you.

Love you all. There are so many amazing BVs on SDK. Make I no mention names.

God bless you Stella-licious *hugs*

*If not for a few things eh,I would have said this is one Mills and Boons i read years back!..Sweet story meeeeen.
WAR ROOM?*side eyes right back!
Now let me ask my mum questions (according to some blog visitors)

Please how do you hear the holy spirit speak to you hear any voice at all or you assume the thought that comes to your mind is the holy spirit?I ask this question cos a lot of people have missed it thinking the voice they 'heard' is that of the Holy spirit.I ask this seriously HOW DO YOU HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAK TO YOU.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Stella for that question with your red ink, I asked this question on one post this morning, people that have encountered this voice oh, how do you recognise it? When I meditate I get words in my heart to, I just assume they are thoughts, or is this one an audible voice? If yes how can you tell it's not evil?
      And y'all kissed while courting, is that one accepted in holy courtship?
      In all I loved your story,once upon a time I wanted my 1st to be the only one ..but I guess sin cannot yield good fruits.

    2. If you want to hear 4rm the Holy Spirit and generally how he operates, the starting point is reading Kenneth Hagin books especially "Good Morning Holy Spirit"

    3. My sheep hear my voice and they know me!you can only recognize the voice of your friend...if you have no relationship with the Holy Spirit you can never know what his voice sounds like! Build your spiritual life and you will hear him! Nobody needs to tell you how his voice sounds...and yes..I hear him speak!

    4. Poster are u Mitchell?

      This sounds so much like your story!

      *they call me mitchell... (ur song that year)

    5. I am thankful for this story. Nowadays we only hear the negative about marriages. This is a good positive.

  2. This story has really inspired me. May God continue to bless ur marriage.

  3. There are some things I think I'm telling myself but then I wonder, 'is this God talking to me'?

  4. Very sweet refreshing meeting point. I have met my one and when the big thing happens, I'd definitely share my meeting point story.

    1. Congrats mami..... Meeting 'the one' is not easy

  5. Wow! What a story!
    May the lord keep blessing your home.

  6. Wow! Wow!! Simply Wow! May God continue to bless your home.

  7. Good one,talking or hearing from God is a great gift.I interact with God both in physical & in dreams.I hear directly from him & once he tells me to do something & I decline,something will go wrong the next min.I am glad God choose me to communicate with.Stella ,you can hype story eeeeeh.Happy boxing pepo

  8. If he is a genuine christian,he wouldn't have kissed u b4 marriage.Anyway nice story.Have u sent your WNB?Endeavour 2 send it because I doubt if I read yours.

    1. See them
      over spirikoko

    2. What is wrong in kissing someone biko? Have you forgotten that Paul encaurage holy kisses amongst brethren ? Abeg make una leave this holier than thou attitude

    3. 😂😂😂😉😉@holy kisses

  9. This meeting point should have been posted on Christmas Day. Purest gift and the best of all of all gifts is love :D. This one tops all others. God bless you poster and your home. Enjoy! Na God give you.

  10. You were his first? Jew man and jew girl alert

  11. Awwwwwww.. God bless your home dear. I hope to post my meeting point in the very nearest future. I love this blog die!!!

  12. I find it difficult asking God 4 a husband even though I'm 26.Most times I pray 4 genuine salvation,a job,breakthrough in business and perfect peace.God please hear my cry,take this off my prayer request so I can add other request.Im grateful 4 everytin,I neva hav 2 beg 4 basic necessities of life n 4 dat,Im grateful.

    1. Lol. I thought I was the only one. Asking for a hubby from God seems like a chore. Money, wisdom, wealth, spiritual growth, grace are all i'm ever asking from Him. May His Spirit lead us. Sigh.

    2. You should speak to him about getting a spouse because God is interested in the little details and major of our lives. So that he can direct us in his perfect will.

    3. Lol, can we be friends

    4. My sister.... This is so me, it feels so strange!! But my pastor's wife keep saying we should be praying whether we are ready or not!!

      How will I go about it bikonu??

  13. To hear from the Holy Spirit differs from each of us, you must not necessarily hear a voice. Like my Pastor will say "its not a luxury to hear from God".
    If you have a relationship with God i.e being Born again, you should develop a relationship with God in a way that you know when your head is talking and when the Holy Spirit is speaking, God has given us the Spirit of discernment.

    1. Yes I agree wit u on dis u must not hear a voice before you know it's d holy spirit talking in some cases wen a particular thought takes away your peace that is God talking

  14. #If someone SERIOUSLY wants to be a part of your life, they will SERIOUSLY make an effort to be in it*

  15. So pure n true. Yea our God is a master planner with a great sense of humour too.

  16. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars26 December 2016 at 14:00

    @ Stella, just the way you hear the voice of your friends and family and place a name on whose voice it is. So is the Holy Spirit. When God speaks to you, you will know. There is a knowing. When it is not your voice or Satan's voice. Satan's voice is negative or makes you leads you in the negative. God's voice comes with peace and truth. And if you hang around God and His word you will always know.

  17. SDK's question about hearing the Holy Spirit has brought me out of being a silent observer on this forum. I hope my explanation helps someone.

    You learn to hear the voice of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit by exercise/experience. It's like learning your father's/mother's voice. As you grow you learn to pick your parent's voice out even in a room full of adults.

    But first, you have to learn the word of God because all that the Holy Spirit will say to you WILL line up with the word of God. So the first test is "Does it line up with the word?" That is, is it in consonance with God's revealed will in His word?
    As a rule of thumb, any voice that utters words that cause fear, anxiety and trepidation is generally not of God. That's why the Bible is replete with God/Jesus saying "Fear not" even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

    Then comes the next step of knowing how He speaks to you experientially. That is by experience after a while, you can tell it's God speaking except you want to feign ignorance!

    Let me leave it at this for now. I hope this helped someone.

    1. You just ended up making tins difficult all bkos u must speak english.State in clear terms that every1 wld understand.I still dint understand d point u were trying 2 make aside d line of fear anxiety n trepidation.Even dat line,i still don't get.Come back n xplain self in clear terms

    2. Just to put it in this way for clarity.

      1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour. Be born again

      2. Study the word of God for yourself. Know God's will on issues by studying the bible. Everything must line up with the word of God otherwise it's the devil trying to deceive

      3. There's what's called inward intuition. This is like what the world calls conscience! As a child of God, your intuition is one of the first ways God leads/speaks to you. It's the voice on the inside (in your heart /head) telling you what to do. Many think it's their mind talking but the question is why didn't their minds talk like that before they got born again?

      4. The more you yield to the simple instructions like "Get up and pray" or "Stop talking, you've said enough" or "Forgive that person just like I forgave you all your sins" etc.
      The more your respond to these seemingly general instructions the more His communication with you gets more direct and succinct.

      Pls note that God is a master communicator and He can use anything and any means to get His message across. Just like a teacher will use teaching aids to help his pupils, God can use any means to talk to you. However, the inward intuition I spoke about is usually the most common way He speaks His children.

      I hope this is a bit clearer!

    3. To butress on what d anon 14.11 says. Hearing from the throne dépends on individual. Its based on ur personal relationship wt God. To some, it might be true dreams, to sm thru trance, to sm other thru méditation & study of bible. But in all, it will not or can not contradict d word of God. For me as an example, God speak to me thru dreams but wen sin set in, it stops but wen i ré dedicate my life he began speaking thru his word. He will drop à bible passage in my heart & when i open to study dat scripture,he himself will explain dat passage to fit in to my situation & i will get the solutions. Its à sweet walk & i think its also in levels of grace. I got to this level by fasting & prayer, consécration & désirés to know him personally. The Holy spirit is real

    4. When it is God speaking to you, there is peace, no fear whatsoever and then with time you can tell the way he speaks to you. A personal relationship with God is the most important thing in hearing his voice. Whatever he tells you must line up with his word. He doesn't contradict himself.

  18. I love your story.

    Future husband where are you, u better pay attention so you'll hear when God speaks, I'm tired of waiting.

  19. Wow. This is cute. No sexual escapades, marriage is beautiful when you allow God lead you.
    #Praying for future hubby.

  20. Lovely , God fearing Couples

  21. If you really want to know how to know it's actually the Holy Spirit voice you're hearing you can read the book How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer..... She really expantiated on it

  22. We hear God in different ways but first, you must have a relationship with God because Jesus said my sheep know my voice, the voice of a stranger they will not follow
    Secondly you can hear him in diff ways: thru Gods word, anything contrary to Gods word is not Gods voice
    He can talk to you directly like samuels case
    He can talk to you thru humans etc but in all you must have a relationship to know its Gods talking

  23. God please answer me, I want to get married. I really want to. I know I will make a Good wife and mom. When will it happen for me? God please😢


  24. Awwnn, such a sweet story. Faithful God.

  25. Boringgggggggggg...war room kor war room Ni...d day u go find out say that your hot chocolate get one girl wey dey fuck in brains out u go come back write another story

    1. Why so negative?Did fall on ur head as a child?

    2. I don't comment but why wish evil on your fellow human???I have male friends that no matter how you tempt them... No way... Pray for do u get a blog I d

  26. Lemme go and join the choir back..... Who knows where hubby is!!

    Abeg is it strange that i don't want to marry 'early'?? I feel maybe by age 28-30 is okay for a lady, am I normal like this?? My mum says I'm not, even my friends and I'm like why? Is it not forever?? Why the rush?? Is there an appropriate age??

    How can I pray for husband?? Someone should help with tips.....

  27. Nice one. @ Stella holy spirit speaking to you may differ from the way it does to others. Mine is through My dreams and it comes as a msg.

  28. Yes, the Holy Spirit speaks... You hear Him the way you hear your friends and family speak. But one must have have as relationship with Him to enable you hearing Him. It's a very special feeling for me and I hear Him although, most of the time, it is through dreams.

  29. Yes, the Holy Spirit speaks... You hear Him the way you hear your friends and family speak. But one must have have a relationship with Him to enable you hearing Him. It's a very special feeling for me and I hear Him although, most of the time, it is through dreams.

  30. For you to hear from God,there must be a close relationship with God.someone who is sold out to Christ.Hearing from God can be in various form, via mediating on God's word,dreams,human etc.Let me stop here...

    God bless your marriage.

  31. I definitely love love your story.

  32. May your marriage continue to be sweet.


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