Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 149


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Friday, January 20, 2017

Labour Room Drama 149

Na wah...

Hello everyone, I dedicate this writeup to my Akwa turkey, my beautiful daughter who will be 3months next week monday .

Her delivery I wouldn't term a drama, it was actually Bliss..#smiles..but before I go into hers, my first delivery was a mild drama, I exceeded my due date after all the climbing and exercise I did, so was booked for induction a week after my EDD, coincidentally that day was also my ante natal, I went in to see the doctor and he inserted his fingers like they do, what makes his worse is that he is our family doctor that I see like a father to me.

 I even see him in church and I and his children are friends, so you can understand it's always awkward when he has to check me, prior to that he had already told me that my "gate" is tight that I will be given an episiotomy, so he wrote that induction should be commenced..lord!

 I was so scared being my first and having heard a lot of stories about child delivery..i forgot to mention that on that day the first thing I did was walk down to our church which was a stone throw from our house.when I got there, there was no one in sight,a very big quiet church, I went to the alter, I could not kneel so I just laid down, I felt overwhelmed and could'nt muster out words,I managed to tell God he knows I haven't done this before, and I have heard different kinds of story that i'm relying totally on him,it's between me and him and he has never let me down.

I felt at peace and I went home.i went to the delivery section, I was shaved, and they said the induction tablet will be inserted at 12noon dot, my strong momma, was present gidigba no shaking, while my husband was already shaking like a leaf when nothing has even started, my two younger brothers were around for moral support while my only sister(younger) was rushing back from school to come rub my back.

 From that 12 to 4pm nothing happened Haaa! I didn't know what to do to quicken it, the nurses came and checked, my Baby's heart beat and said it was getting faint, the doctor came and said after operating on the woman that I was sharing the same room with, he will commence mine, if nothing heart sank.they inserted a 5pm, omg! Menstrual like pain started, my mum said it's labour, I smiled FINALLY. 

My squad took turns to rub my back when the pains comes, Momma said I shouldn't shout, I should be open my mouth and breath and call on that refused to remove my gown when I came didn't know when I was on wrapper but I was able to bear the pain like a boss cause it was just like my menstrual pain and I trained myself not to take any pain reliever during my menstrual cycle. Next thing I vomitted, then I let out a yell, the nurses lifted me and placed me gbam! on top of the delivery table..they said that sound I made told them it's time..kpa kpa kpa..spread your legs, I can be so uptight eh when it comes to opening my legs even during sex with my husband.

See the baby's head, then they saw the cord wrong tight my son's neck, the nurse gave me a cut sharply, brought scissors cut the cord and pulled him out,he was unable to cry, they hit him, turned him upside down, injected him..and he let out a wail..i started crying uncontrollably..i didn't know why..i guess tears of joy..

In all his labour lasted for 2 and half hours..had him at 8:20pm..what an epistle..chai! I did'nt intend for it to be long oo..maybe I should leave the second one...Mba ka kotopuzia my daughter oo Obialunamma..pregnancy was such a vomiting, unlike my first, Nada.

 I was strong 8months you can hardly tell i'm pregnant, but the difference is that i'm working presently but when I was pregnant with my first I was unemployed, that's why they say exercise is good for everyone. My due date was 22nd october, my ever able Momma arrived a week before my due date, whenever I come from work, in the evening after I must have rested, she say Oya! Exercise.we'll walk round our vicinity.i didn't want to be induced,I prayed to experience normal labour, the show and everything, cause after the practice I and my younger brothers did for the first one(who will rush for the delivery bag, who will lift me into the car while the other person opens the gate, just like in the movies) we didn't get to carry it out cause I was induced.

You didnt end it but well done.


  1. Thank God for safe delivery. Send the concluding part.

  2. God bless all mothers

  3. Nice 2 in 1 story. but I think the 2nd has part 2

  4. Please,poster send the second baby story .You were partial.

    1. Yes ooo. Come back and finish it.

  5. Thanks for sharing. ....u just gve me strength. . Am currently at the hospital to be induce tomorrow. ...nd av been so scared huh... Anyway,am strong nw...

    1. Don't be scared. Be strong and hang in there for ur little bunny. God will take charge and you will laugh out loud by this time tomorrow. Congratulations in advance

    2. Eeeeyaaa!
      Safe delivery dear.
      You and baby are blessed.

      @Poster, God bless you and Obialaunamma. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh Lord...Now am scared...Father Lord please let me carry this pregnancy to term IJN...️God Bless All TTC IJMN

  7. #Be grateful for every moment in this life. Life is unpredictable. We never know when we could be enjoying something for the last time*

  8. Thank God for you and your baby poster

  9. To think I was actually reading LRD series on this blog when I fell into labour 2 months I would definitely share my LRD on this blog soon...

  10. Thank God for safe delivery.
    The second story no complete o. I need a job before Nysc first batch My location is Ikorodu

  11. Thank God for safe delivery

  12. I Love that name"obialunamma". Beautiful name


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