Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 156


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Monday, January 30, 2017

Labour Room Drama 156

Thank God oh!

Good day Madam Sdk,i pray my LRD meets you well,you are doing a good job as there is no dull moment on your blog... welldone .

 I got married in April 2014 and took in the next month,my first trimester was eventful,I vomitted so much,my sense of smell was heightened,I didn't like the food I cooked as it smelt horribly to me.

 My second trimester was okay and stress-free. I am a graduate and hubby too is a graduate but I don't know why we choose the PHC near our house,probably because neighbours and friends spoke highly about the skills of the nurses there and how they help with lots of women with safe delivery. 

Did I mention I was 23years old. So I registered antenatal there and was attending regularly. But I noticed there was no doctor there,just midwifes and old and experienced nurses attending to us.I also noticed from about 6month at every antenatal, they always notice protein in my urine and my bp was always high,I started adding so much weight(like 2kg every week)they would tell me to stop thinking too much(I was not thinking about anything o) and eating too much. 

They would give me some kind drugs,God I was so careless,I never googled anything or asked any medical personnel. I use to weigh about 60kg before pregnancy.... Fast forward to my 38th week,the vomiting was just too much,my vision was blurred most times, I always felt pains in my abdomen, and I felt very heavy, then something happened, all government hospitals in the State went on strike including my primary health center and my edd was near so hubby and I decided to seek for a good alternative. 

A colleague referred hubby and I to 44National Army Reference Hospital. I woke up Feb 2nd 2015 that day feeling lazy and tired of pregnancy. I was 38weeks 3days pregnant. I got dressed and proceeded to the hospital for registration and possibly see a doctor(that was my first time in the new hospital),I arrived at the hospital,they took my vitals and I was weighing 96kg,my bp was 170/150 the protein in my urine was so high,when it was my turn to see the doctor he checked me and asked me if I have been attending antenatal I said yes,he doubted me,he noticed how swollen I was, I had serious oedema(my eyes and every part of my body was swollen),he stood up and called about 3 more doctors and after plenty observation and English,they told me I had severe pre emclapsia.

 I didn't even know the meaning. 

They explained to me say it was a case of hypertension cause by pregnancy and mine was severe. God I felt clueless,careless and confused. I was told to call my hubby that the baby had to be removed immediately if not I might have a seizure (convulsion) and that would be very dangerous for the baby and I. 

I was going to have a CS. My mum had all four of us through CS so I was not so scared. I called hubby,he came to the hospital immediately,he met the doctor who explained the situation to him,he signed all necessary papers and I was shaved and taken to the theatre after he bought everything they needed for the surgery. I was given the epidural and everything went well until I saw my baby,he was the smallest baby I have ever seen,he weighed 2kg(so small).

I don't even know why he was so tiny after all the plenty food I ate.I fell in love with him but couldn't really hold him due to post surgery pain. I suffered from high BP immediately after birth,the doctors were so good. Thank God it all a thing of the past now. I recovered fast and left the hospital after 5days. After birth I read about pre eclampsia and realised I was saved by God because so many women have lost their lives and that of their baby to it. 

My son would be 2 by Feb 2nd.Am pregnant again and expecting my second son in April,Stella am very concious of everything now,I attend a very good private hospital and google is my best friend. 

Hoping to send my next labour room drama soon.

*Congratulations,Thank God for you.....HBP in pregnancy is horrible


  1. Thank God for ur life o. Phc are not for serious things just immunisations only. I was having reoccurring typhoid fever and I was going to phc. The matron on duty wrote a combination of ciprofloxacin and amoxil. If not that I worked in a pharmacy wen I was awaiting admission into uni, I would have taken it.

  2. Thank God for you

    *Larry was here*

  3. Congrats. Women are special specie. Men should treat us right ooo

  4. Replies
    1. Thank God o, that's how my friend's neighbour was forming midwife and was admitting pregnant women and trying to birth those kids herself. My friend's mum was telling it's very dangerous and that she's not a doctor, she shunned her until she met her waterloo. One of her patient was having difficult pregnancy instead of her to tell her to go to the clinic mba she allowed the poor woman go through labour then went on to stand on her stomach using one leg to push the baby out. The child died, small soft bones broken. Please young mothers go to the hospital not midwives or phc. Poster all praises to God for keeping your little one.

  5. Woow, thank God for the strike, if not you wouldn't have gone to the hospital.
    Thank God all went well.

  6. Are you in Lagos, cos i know the ones in Lagos refuse ftms cos of issues like this. How could they not have known that high protein in urine and hbp leads to pre-eclamsia?
    Really was God that saved you.

  7. Some anti hypertensives cause low birthweight in babies...u were lucky...some women may have seizures...

  8. what women go tru only God can save us. and some men will raise their hands to hit their wife. men pls stop if you do this for the sake of the stress we go tru to birth your kids.

  9. #Sometimes the person you've been searching for, has been standing next to you the whole time*

  10. Thank God for your life Poster.

    Women, once you are pregnant start saving even if its N200, save it and don't wait till they pay oga or the preggy reaches 8months before you start looking for money to buy baby things.

  11. Thank God for your baby. Google helping since 19.... I Google before asking.

  12. Everyday get on ur knees and thank the God that saved u, my sis died of pre-enclampsia. She and the baby.

  13. Congratulations dear, it is Nigeria Army Refference hospital not National and it's in kaduna

  14. Pre-emclampsia,as I just read high bp and protein in your urine, I just knew it was it.very dangerous!! One of my hubby's friend just lost his new born to it. Thank God the wife didn't follow suit

  15. poster l thank God for you and your baby,am a testimony,i almost died of pre enclapsia when i had my 1st baby but God saved our life.God is great

  16. My LRD loading not sure if I am having contractions o, before anyone says if it is I would know I didn't for my first and even when I was induced it was quite tolerable. I no Wan born for house o seems like I am having cramps Sha


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