Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 50


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Monday, January 16, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 50


Hi Stella,
Thank you for making this forum available.I have always looked forward to sharing my own story,I was really excited when you gave serving corp members the opportunity to 'testify'.

Pardon me as I will be mixing english and pidgin together as a barrack girl that I is.Here goes my story:

April 2016, I was posted to cross river state.I didnt know what to expect but all that came to my head was food.I have always heard that Calabars are good cooks,I was really happy about that as I like food wey no dey gree show for my body *sigh* .

On getting to the park,I discovered I was the only corp member in the bus then I started wondering where the other cross corpers were,abi na me miss road?we got to uyo around 9pm and the driver told me that I was going to sleep in the park because he wasn't going to cross river state.He then spoke to one very old man and asked me to follow the man to one room like that in the park.

I slept on a mat with another female passenger who couldn't go home that night.Body pain me the next morning ehn.I thanked the papa and continued with my journey.I met a girl who was also going to camp in the bus but as two of us want form for ourselves,GOD no gree for us,we started talking.Shes still my very good friend till date.

When we got to the camp that afternoon,the soldiers welcomed us with loud noise and threats.We managed to settle down that day,we no even smell parade ground.The next day we started registration but as crooks wey we be,nobody gree join parade till the day we had our welcome parade.
Camp was fun for me.Before then, I had never lived in the hostel,so nysc camp served as an avenue to experience a little bit of hostel life.The food was somehow poor but i chop am tire.I didn't really participate in platoon activities because I was always tired and feeling sleepy.

E get one day wey I sleep on top grass for parade ground,na my platoon soldier (one bold but very nice lady) come wake me . I always looked for opportunity to escape parade.There was a particular day i stayed back in the bathroom because i didnt want to join them on the parade ground.I attended almost every social night,I always looked forward to it.Mind you,that was also compulsory in obubra camp.

There was a time a female corper was hit by a soldier,i felt really bad for her.Trust guys now,they came out in mass to challenge the soldier but before the matter went out of hand a cool headed soldier and some officials calmed everyone.

For my own mind I no like wetin the soldier do o but as a thin panla that I am,I just respect myself shift far make people wey get power and body go fight before my face go disfigure.I just dey background dey shout 'but its not good now,its not fair'....LMAO

I didn't have any camp boo but my friend had this old man corper who really liked her.We were his responsibility,my friend dey shame for am but we no dey shame for him money.--LMAO

I didn't make too many friends because i'm an introvert but i sabi talk inside my room for hostel.I was always pissed with some foreign students beside my bunk and this wasn't because they schooled abroad but because they openly insult Africans like they are not part of 'us'.

I was posted to a private school in ugep town.Good accommodation plus stipend which helps me balance well especially when allawee no quick enter.I no get NYSC boo as I want stay faithful to my bf.

I enjoy working in the school because a good number of the students are my friends.We talk about anything I also try my best to impact them in and out of classroom.

Life as a corper is quite interesting.I keep looking unto GOD for the best as service would be over by march.I trust GOD for an excellent job as I do not want to depend on mum to cater for my needs again.

Thanks Stella,you are a darling whether you like it or not.

*I dey salute oh...your story is sweet and funny,I was just laughing,especially when you stay behind shouting  ''but its not fair now''..Na me be that oh..LOL

I pray you find a job when you are thru with Service but dont forget to have a plan B:


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Stella has post this story here

    2. Who asked you to post this epistle here, busybody

    3. Over sabi pikin, u just spasmed this forum with this tory again...

      Poster I hail u ooo, Stella shift make I siddon, e be like say na me dey ur back they shout its not fair too oooo, hahahaha

    4. Hia, lora lora, your own I must be popular is on another level ooo

    5. @chinny:*hits ur mouth with a Barton*
      Ur comment makes me laugh!At least I'm not like you who is popular for begging

  2. Somebody please help,did ultimate cycler,but the person didn't pay, she was blocked,but they didn't match me with another person again,really need my money,its been over a month,please someone should help me on what to do,any guider on ultimate cycler

    1. Ask your up liner to guide you nah

    2. Only new members can be merged to pay you at the moment but for now, people are scared to join, left alone register new members. People now have an excuse not to pay up.

    3. I so regret joining ultimate cycler. It's been over a month now and my money is still hanging. I've even registered 5 people under me but I'm yet to be paid in full. All the people I registered are on my neck as they haven't even received 50kobo. The thing just taya me.

  3. Somebody please help,did ultimate cycler,but the person didn't pay, she was blocked,but they didn't match me with another person again,really need my money,its been over a month,please someone should help me on what to do,any guider on ultimate cycler

  4. Me sef I laugh for DAT background part! Hehehehehe

    Nice story

  5. Chai, so no penis enter you..its ok.

    1. Lol.. Did penis enter you during your time???

  6. Lol, Stella you don't look like a background person ooo.
    Plain and good camp story. Thank God it's not every corner that go to camp to gbensh, I sometimes wonder if it was a priority that u go to camp and gbensh.

  7. Nice story. When I have time,I will send my own

  8. At least this one didn't go on a gbenching spree

  9. Wow you served in the same town Ugep, mine was 2006/2007 though. Was the school Cambridge Sec Sch?


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