Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 53


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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 53

This is a Service Year Boulevard cum Meeting point story so sit tight and enjoy the sweet story....

Hello Stella Degwor πŸ˜†I've decided to write my own SYB make e for nor lost.

 My SYB can pass as my meeting point as well oo so make una try understand my story. I'm not good at writing essays so make una nor laugh my writeup abeg.

 Well i served in year 2011, two months after my mum's death. I wanted to die cos i was close to her as the baby of the house that i am nah but then, life gat to go on. I had a bf that i was dating before leaving for NYSC but we were already having little misunderstanding so i made up my mind to leave him. 

My mum's burial was done and after it all,i and my siblings went to her graveside to bid her farewell. While my siblings were telling her goodbye, i was just saying i can't say goodbye cos i know you're now my angel. Told her to send the right dude my way, the one that was to love and cherish me.

 The Sunday morning after her burial, my then mumu boyfriend that came for the burial tried touching me even after I've told him countless times that i am not ready for the do, as i was a virgin. You can imagine how foolish he was to try that nonsense while I was still bereaved . That alone was the final straw for me.

I started doing clearance for NYSC and forgot to remind my uncle that wanted to work my posting for me. When i realised it all,it was too late as the top cities had already been taken. But as the baby of my family that i am na, and as the big man my uncle is,he actually checked where i was posted to even before the list came out, and he told me i was posted to Benue. For my mind, Ben wetin? ?

 I said noo because of boko haram; didn't want to go anywhere north or any state close to it. Naso my uncle check available states and asked if i can manage Ibadan, had no choice and said yes.

Time to leave for NYSC,i buy all the buyables, did my crazy galax hairstyle that got people staring at my looks. . Winks.. 

 One of my relations that stays in ibadan was made to take me to ibadan as it was my first time, Naso we set out from warri ooo, met a guy going to the same camp with me in the bus. Got to Ibadan late,while the guy continued to Iseyin that night, i followed my relation to his house and set out for Iseyin the next morning. 

The road from ib to Iseyin nor be here oo. Met different otondo like me in the bus, they were just commending my hairstyle and the guys were actually calling me miss Iseyin. Lol. When we got to camp see long girl and I  that turned out to become my closest friend and roommate in camp started processing all the processables. We were given kit that was far bigger than us, went to mammy to adjust. My room was filled up with yoruba's. Had two girls that i suspect were les. . One was from the UK. Naso them dey cuddle up anyhow for my mind,nothing concern me.

I was in platoon 10, did almost all activities. Had a crush on one guy like that. Knew he liked me but he was divided between me and one other girl so i just made way for the girl. Guys came drooling but for one reason or the other,didn't like them. Never ate in the kitchen cos was told at home not to do so.

 I only had bread and hot water. Had only ragolis water sef, was told not to even drink pure water. Gave my ticket to my roomies to enjoy the gbegiri they cook in the kitchen. Me and my friend always went to mammy to spoil ourselves. I didn't depend on any guy to buy me anything. I'm really not that kind of girl.

 A time came that i needed to withdraw money, went out of camp but oceanic bank couldn't dispense cash at that moment. Bank manager approached me and asked for my number, telling me he would withdraw the money i needed and bring it to camp for me. Had no choice but to accept oo and from there, Mr banker was always calling, disturbing me with love stories.

The time came for us to leave camp and on the day we were to set out, Naso we wait till evening because of one Ajimobi. He later came and people were just jumping upandan to see human being like them because he be governor. Mtcheew.

 Well after waiting for long, we collected our posting and i was posted to Command secondary school Ibadan. My friend was posted to one village while some were even posted to Iseyin. Lol.

 I joined others posted to ibadan and was asking questions. I was told CSSI was a good place, that the pay was good. For my mind even if it turns out bad,i trust my uncle to do something. The school actually was good, they pay 8k together with the 20k that Jonathan introduced that year.

Now comes the meeting point moment πŸ˜‰. We got to Ibadan very late and when we arrived, batch A corpers were already waiting for us with drinks and gala. While we were asked to introduce ourselves, i mistakenly said i was posted to command day sec sch. Then one lady like that was like i shouldn't be with them then but before she could finish, one very dark handsome dude who was the CLO, collected my letter from me. He later told me he did it on purpose so i wouldn't be asked to relocate lol.

 Well, Mr CLO was just busy doing his job. The corpers had two lodges, Mr CLO made it a must for me to be at his. Their corpers lodge was actually very fine. They had good toilet, bathroom and nearby well. We were taken to the school the next day, they were actually on hols but we did our registration and were told to go home and return after sch resumption. Mr CLO took us out the night we were to leave, and indirectly started saying he doesn't have a gf and all that.

 For my mind, i know say he just wan get my attention. That night, he collected my number, told me he loved my hairstyle and begged to pay for my next hairstyle. Later went to bed that night only for me to feel someone's mouth near mine, trying to kiss and touch me. Opened my eyes and saw one corper they refer to as alfa!

 Screamed at him and he started begging, telling me he loves me,it's his first time trying to touch a girl bla bla bla. Imagine alfa oo he didn't even mind that there were other two girls sleeping in the room meanwhile that was not even his lodge oo shiooo!

Left for warri the next day, Mr CLO was busy calling me all through my journey and stay at home, himself and the bank manager i met at Iseyin. Mr CLO sent me 5k to do my hair, i made another crazy Rihanna πŸ˜‰that got eyes rolling again. Lol. 

Well i visited the bank manager when i returned to ib. As i got to his base, i left immediately after helping him clear up his very dirty house and that was the end with him....HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

 Was now fully into my Mr CLO. We both loved each other like madt. Other corpers especially the girls started talking, while the boys that were interested in me almost died. The girls from his region East, started telling me I'm wasting my time on him cos his igbo mother would not allow him marry me, they tried all they could oo but the more they talk, the more stronger we grew. I remember my first kiss with him oh lawd my head almost burst. I gave him my vnity you understand? ? Lol.

Time came for my Mr Boo to pass out i almost died 😒. All the girls were like good, that would be the end, we would see how you would survive without him. 

Well boo passed out and we were still communicating but the worst came when it was time for him to leave for the UK. He came and spent a week with me before departing. The day he was to leave, i saw him off to challenge to get a bus to lagos, that was after enough gbenshing and buying of goodies for me. 

Okay oo here comes the Indian film! 

Saw him off to his bus, he followed me back to my bus, that was how we were both going back and forth oo till evening almost reach lol. When we finally agreed to leave each others arms, we would count a step and look back lol. We continued like that till we faded and immediately,we both picked our phones to call each other come and see crying. I got back to the lodge and bad belles were already waiting for me. I just went inside the room to sleep, they came asking me silly questions like Haa you quick sleep today oo, why are you moody and so on. .i nor even answer.

 When my boo arrived UK, we spoke every blessed day! When new corpers arrived they got to hear about my love with Mr CLO. Meanwhile, my boo told me that i would be with him in the UK after my service. 

I remember one time he asked me to cook stew, he told me to collect money from his pocket and i collected just 1k. Boo looked at me and told me if he misses marrying me in this life,that he would miss a big thing cos to him,other girls would collect more than that amount.

 To cut the already long story short sha, lol. Boo kept his promise and took me to the UK after my service. We are now happily married although we have our ups and downs like every other marriages,but we both love each other like cra. 

Boo loves me more than anything. Least i forget, boo's birthday was same day i lost my mum. So apparently, my mum truly heard me when i told her to get the perfect man for me. We are both expecting 😊would send in my LRD soon. 

Sorry for boring y'all with my story but point to note to the ladies, always try do something different in camp to get a man if your wish is to have one while serving πŸ˜‰. You can do cra cra but beautiful hairstyle like mine. One love y'all ❤❤

Hahahahahahah sweet story told the Waffy way....Abeg this hairstyle na how e be ooooh.enter comment section describe am..Infact end me your foto for my eyes only abeg you.
Hmmm this your meeting point story sweet ooooh.
Congrats to you my Waffy sister and send in your LRD you hear....


  1. Replies
    1. Waffy and their loud makeup and funny hairstyles lol,nice story.

      I wish to meet my life partner this service year that starts on Tuesday,so help me God!

  2. My dear your story sweet wella, wishing you a stress free delivery

    *Larry was here*

    1. Lol. Thanks dear

    2. After reading this story I just feel like crying. It's a beautiful story. But I dey suspect say I don't carry Belle. I'm moody as fuck.

    3. Iseyin camp is one of the best. Was in platoon10 too (the winning platoon).... we launched the new parmanent site. I also met someone special there too.

  3. Hahahahahhahahaha see the way this story sweet Stella for belle.

  4. Send us your wnb story too

  5. Alufaa fe nawo..lwkmd. baba fe d'obo. You for give the idiot elbow for lips.

    1. Lol....ur comment cracked me up real gud. Abeg no vex o....u be omo mushin?

  6. Sweet story!
    Unlike that boy who sent his SYB under the influence of tramadol. Smh
    All the best dearie, try send your LRD o.

  7. Really interesting story. God bless your home. Wishing you a safe delivery.

  8. Replies
    1. *Joins in* πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

      Beautiful story.
      And you is a good story teller😘
      May God bless ur union.
      Keep having funπŸŽ‰

    2. Amen thanks love.

  9. Awwwww. Sweet. I like.
    Wish you safe delivery dear.

  10. Very sweet story!!! I'm so curious to see these hairstyles you did πŸ˜„

  11. Lol@ cra cra hairstyle. Lovely story though, a bit similar with mine cos we both cried on the last day.

  12. very sweet story from my waffi sister. who says Love no exist? i think i go consider Ibo bobo now #winks

    1. Wish i could send a pix across. Lol

  13. #When you lose something, don't think of it as a loss; accept it as the gift that gets you on the path you were meant to travel on*

    1. You can say that again. Thanks

  14. Lovely story....wish you safe delivery

  15. Awwww. Sweet story.
    May God continue to bless your marriage and may you deliver safely when the time comes.

  16. Aww. Nice story dearie. God bless ur home

  17. Very sweet ending,Congrats enjoy your home,wishing you safe delivery.

  18. Very interesting

    Long live SDK

  19. Bore us?No Darling... Very interesting!
    I wish you well

  20. Haa you quick sleep today oo, why are you moody..hahahahhaah I can relate
    Wishing you safe delivery dear.

  21. Sweet story.... So you went to clean the banker's house and left immediately *yimu* lol

  22. Hahaha.. that alfa part got me. Choi! Wonderful story

  23. Lovely write up WOW! So interesting wishing you safe delivery of your baby! Also God bless your marriage.

  24. Lovely. I so much enjoyed it.

  25. Awww my story πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  26. Aaawwww
    So sweet!
    That seeing off thing....😍😍😍😍
    God bless your home dear.

  27. Awwwwww, dabs tears, snifes nose, clears throat..... I love your story. Maybe I should send my own service year boulevard. My fellow batch B stream 2 bayelsa 2015/2016corp members fit decode me. Lemme think about it.

  28. Very on point write up. May God bless ur union.

  29. From Sweet mother to Sweet story, Sweet Corper, Sweet Bae, Sweet wife, Sweet mother-to be. I raise Beyonce two hands for you. my sweet sister. Well written SYB story. How about your Sweet WNB.

    1. Coming soon 😊. Thanks

  30. your storyline lasty....couldn't believe all these stories where hidden inside somewhere in your head lol.proud of you. Wow...what a storylineπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ


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