Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 57


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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 57

Take a walk down memory lane and see where the path might lead to......

Greetings Stella
Before my NYSC posting came out, I was seriously praying to be posted to lagos or PH. You can imagine my shock when I saw Bauchi. Chai!. Na so I carry map, Bauchi after Jos, okay na! 2 days later, I was in kaduna enroute to Bauchi. Had to stop over at my sister's place. 

Next day, 7am I was already at the park, I was so excited. I thought kaduna to Bauchi will be like 3-4 hours, for where!. I didn't want to eat anything for fear of peeing on transit. I bought gala, lacasera, biscuits but didn't taste any. Had to give it to the alimajeris at Bauchi. We got to Bauchi around 4pm. I was tired, only for them to say wailo camp is another 2 hours drive. 

I got to camp around 6pm exhausted, still no food or water.
I went to register but they said all females must do pregnancy test so I proceeded to the clinic, I told nurse I don't need pregnancy test, she was angry at me,the test kits had finished and she didn't want to let us go, by then it became dark so we had to continue tomorrow. 

I made a friend in d process so we went to mami to eat, no more rice or beans only eba, I didn't want to eat but I didn't have a choice. Few minutes into eating d eba, tummy started, before you say jack, I was on the floor shaking, the whole mami gathered, the woman that owns the place ran away thinking I was going to die, they rushed me to the clinic again and the same nurse started cursing me, no medication only paracetamol and water, after 1 hour, I regained myself. Thank God. 

Next day I registered, platoon 3. Camp activities started, I participated in all. It was mad fun. I joined OBS. I later noticed one fine yoruba doctor in my platoon, I started pitching my tent towards him but on the night of miss wailo pageant, girls wanted to die on top the guy Mata, I jejely shifted meanwhile there was this very huge guy that has been seeking my attention, I decided to get close, we became friends until camp finished, nothing happened o. Lol. Guyman redeployed. 

My PPA was in a govt ministry. On getting there, the perm sec just told us to go and look for work that there's nothing for us to do but they will keep paying us our monthly stipend. 

I got a job immediately in a company, I was the secretary , PA to CEO, I was training the IT students, I was virtually doing everything. I learnt a lot which am really thankful for.
I got accommodation in games village Bauchi, when I moved in, one very cute yoruba corper started asking me out, I didn't want to but he wouldn't give up either. 

One faithful day, I was coming back from work, I saw him sitting at the entrance of the hostel, he was looking so fine. I just stood there, staring at him, I just stretched out my hand towards him, he took it, we walked into my room without saying a word, you go fear kissing, smooching and then the real thing, kai!, guy was so good, that was how he became my NYSC boo.

 He was so caring, soft spoken, we were so in love. He made my stay in Bauchi worthwhile.
Few months later, games village management had to merge male and female hostel to create room for one national sports festival like dat, boo moved into my room, na so co-habitation take start. Lol. Staying with him was so romantic, we would take a walk in the evenings, attend events together, it was obvious these two were in love. I didn't spend my alawee at all, we were chopping his money and the ones his parents sent him. Lol. 

3weeks to our POP, harmattan was so severe, I noticed he wouldn't "do the do" even after all the kissing and touching. Guy watsup? He said "uguru" has finished his "kini" I said show me, he opened his boxer, it was looking like "ugu loro-ahia" (tired vegetables). Lol. I just burst into heavy laughter. 

One day, I was in the office, one mallam that claims to be my oga friend walked in, he asked for my boss, he wasn't around, we started talking only for him to ask me how much it will cost him to sleep with a "cofa". 

To say I was pissed n mad was an understatement, but I just said 30k thinking that will scare him, he left. Next day he showed up with 30k in my office. Before you say jack, his preek was almost bursting his khaftan, when I noticed it, I ran out of the office and stood in the staircase and was insulting him and asking him to leave the office. When he came out, his khaftan was so wet, he couldn't hide it, na so aboki for use me shine that day.

 I reported him to my boss and they warned him not to come there again.

My stay in Bauchi was awesome n quite eventful. Cheap food, cheap fabric, money was always available. Most people thought I was serving in a bank cos I was always corporately dressed. There were many toasters but I already got my yoruba angel. Lol
I left a day after pop, it was my first time of leaving my parents house and I loved the experience.

*Poster you are stingy oh,Why you end the story like this?this sweet story n end?you and the yoruba guy nko?how far?


  1. Please come back and finish the story in the comment section, where's your Le'boo now?

    *Larry was here*

  2. Very sweet story
    Poster wetin happen between you and your boo Na
    Abeg come complete this gist for us mbok lol

  3. #Two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past and observing others*

    1. So my boyfriend promised to take me to see a movie.. After two weeks he didn't mention it again.. I reminded him, only for him to say he doesn't have money that why can't I take us there, that am too selfish.. My people, am I selfish ? ..

  4. How far gini? The smart boy don chop clean mouth, she was his sex machine he goes in and come out anytime he is horny. Service year una don turn am to sex year. Tufia!

  5. Geez why na
    The cute "corper " nko
    Oya come and finish this soft work

  6. Haba I no gree for you poster
    Why evils come back oooo

  7. First time of leaving ur parents house and u were an expert fucker like this? Issokay. I am going anonymous so I can successfully be a nice story tho.

  8. Finally,a Wailo cofa.i can so relate.

  9. Hahahhahahhahahah. You and the Yoruba guy, wassup na

  10. Poster, I enjoyed your story. Lol @ the man that came back with 30k for action with you.

  11. Aww...loved your story.

  12. The mallam nutted there? Tufia.

  13. The mallam nutted there? Tufia.

  14. See me rolling with laughter @ aboki with 30k. Those people wey dey sabi get big 'something'. Chukwu aju!

  15. I enjoyed my service year in AKS jor, although the weather and the mosquitoes were something else!
    I should send in my SYB someday


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