Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 60


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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 60

Laughing out loud!

NYSC Boulevard - How can I forget the wonderful experience you gave me,the children you brought my way and the wonderful people i met?.

Finished school 2012, but i did not get to serve until the year 2014.
Any time a new batch was being mobilised i will go to school and check and my name will not be on it. It was not just me as half of the class had the issue. We were the sets that our village people were doing carnival with our posting. LMAO

My parents were asking if i was sure i graduated from university even after convocation. Choi! It was that bad aunties and uncles took that time to make my life miserable just like an anxious mother in law would always ask her daughter in law how far, any show? The same way they would always ask me at home. I was getting worried and agitated at home and kukuma had to go to a journalism school make i for no mad for house.

One of the days posting was out and my name wasn’t posted there, i went with another of my classmate to our lecturers office to complain, we were both crying and he was like you people better go and get a job and wait for the next batch
Bless you lecturer (holy keezes) that statement prompted my friend to ask if i was looking for a job as one event centre she did one ushering job for last weekend told her to come as they need people.

That was how we cleaned our faces o and went and found out it was not even an ushering job but proper office job and we didn’t even have a CV and we were not well dressed as rain even fell and i was wearing rubber sandals but we both got the job. Hallelujah!

Through that company, i met someone that helped me work my service to lagos and when i checked my name on the board, it was only myself and one married babe in my class that was posted to lagos...90% were thrown to the north. I was so happy ehn

Fast forward to camp i live in lagos and had googled all the googleable finish, i was more than prepared
Documents all prepared, my provisions, clothes and all that will be needed
And then the camp wahala started from gate, the soldiers saw my documents and were like "imagine you schooled in unilag what are you doing here?" In my mind i said oga sorry i came here to do ANY WORK? LMAO

I didn’t know there was an open beef for all unilag students during registration they sent us back to school to stamp on dead documents like this inside rain oooo. They were like “is that not your school there?” Like Unilag branch was suddenly annexed outside NYSC compound
Camp was fun it was Unilag students, Covenant students and others.

I had a camp besty and we rocked camp together. We were always cheering most events but we participated for only drama and cultural dance.
My friend and I wanted to join OBS but them no gree as they had it all booked for themselves with their fake phoney English. 

There was one of them that liked fake phoney that day she just annouced and said "your breakfast this morning is bread, tea and buhher" trust corp members they shouted *shut up oloyinbo oshi* it was fun!!!

Because of the dance and drama in camp we were selected to join the special Cds Dance Drama and Comedy CDs lagos:

It was so much fun we would come for rehearsals every friday except last friday because of clearance and we will always hangout at goldilux after cds
I was the Pro before i became the president of my cds
It was so challenging but i saw life in a different light as i was responsible for people who were older than me. I learnt to relate with people in all levels and I just had this loveable personality :

I found love during nysc but i later broke up as nigga was cheating on me just as we finished Nysc
I was posted to one school in Ayobo to teach English and Literature and it was so far from my house that i started crying that they should reject me...the school refused o and even offered accommodation one dead looking place that the students were rubbing tiro to school during summer coaching.

Iroh oooo o i don’t want your accommodation , my family cannot be living in lagos and i will be there suffering in one dead corper"s lodge in that same Lagos abi what’s the use of serving in Lagos?

The principal finally helped me by transferring me to one of their branches which is not so far from home
I was able to go from home comfortably. The school was good to me they paid 10k monthly but we were treated like full staff. I was not bothered as i learnt a lot writing lesson note. I was even part of the disciplinary committee of the school and i was put in charge of the drama club of the school.

I was very strict but the students loved me ehn they cried so much when i was leaving and even did send forth party for me with so many gifts. With my experience gathered from service i could teach like I have been teaching all my life as i love children so much
My ss3 literature students made me proud as i assisted to make literature interesting to them.
Most of them have gained admission into the university now as i always challenged them to be better using myself as a yardstick as i have a small stature and most of them longged to be called corpers someday.
I would ask how many of them would like to be a corper like me and will always encourage them that through education they can very well attain that position.
During my time corpers were used for election and we were the presiding officer of our polling units.

The party agents and my assistants hated me because they all wanted to cheat but i did not allow them o.
I will always ask them to move back from the box. They will call me to say they will give me something to vote on behalf of those who did not come out for the exercise. I said mba oooo. 

I have the ideology that we are the agents of change as my popular slogan then used to be "naija go better but its an effort of you and me”
Was service worth it??? Oh yes it was darn worth it. Would never have traded that experience for anything. Never!
My students still call me from time to time and i made friends that we’re still rolling any day any time.

*eyes left,right,left and back to original position*

Nice story!


  1. #Sometimes the best moments are the ones you didn't plan at all*

  2. Very sweet story. congrats to you jare.

    Thank God you did not gbensh one olosho Army

    1. Abi o this SYB is refreshing. No sexcapades....

  3. Mine was fun too, participated in drama and dance team. I be fire dancer, I didnt eat food in camp was always buying food at Mamie. Camp was fun for me

    1. Hahhahaha who ask u... Send in ur full story joor

    2. U can't even spell mammy, are u lieing?

    3. @Oluwatoyosi obviously you are the one LYING here lol

    4. Lying not lieing.....Alabosi oshi.....

    5. Oluwatoyosi are you the one that named the place. Park well oj

  4. This deserves a Standing ovation complete with whistles ....

  5. I love your story o Jare
    Unlike some people that go on fucking spree all in the name of Nyc

  6. Very nice story. This reminded me of when I was teaching the children songs for Xmas Carol and one mischievous boy will be like 'miss Eka, this ur voice ehn, it cannot sell market oh' and I'd be like 'just ignore my croaked voice and use ur good voice to sing it'

    Teaching really is fun if u make it fun.

    I enjoyed reading this syb. Poster is funny

  7. Nice one.
    See d way I was smiling all thru, while I was reading.

  8. You're a nice story writer, that's all I see

    *Larry was here*

  9. Nice one poster, I enjoyed your story

  10. you no enjoy service na. only when you go outside ur confort zone that you will know wat NYSC is.
    i served in Abia state Abiriba to be precise. if i open my mouth you go know say service for your locality no be am

  11. I hated writing lesson notes eh! And I used to get in trouble slot cos of that!

  12. Loved reading this. Well done!

  13. Your story inspire me ,so interesting .I will send mine


  14. Waiting to finish this nysc before I send in my own SYB


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