Stella Dimoko The Meeting Point 51


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Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Meeting Point 51


Hello madam Stella,you are really doing a great job here may the lord
continue to bless you.

It is a very long story please bear with me. I met BAE during hols
after my second year in the university, I was working as an intern in
my uncle's office of blessed memory in the state high court.

BAE was sent to my town for his first official duty outside Lagos,and
it happened that my uncle was working in the revenue office attached
to the high court. BAE came in to make payment for an affidavit he
just sworn to.

The moment he walked in i was like wow!! Who is this dark tall
handsome guy, oh my God truth be told i liked him immediately he was
everything i wanted in a guy physically. I couldn't look at him too
much because my uncle was just sitting across and mehn i am a lady of
small stature so imagine me some five years ago, for my mind i was
like this kind fine man no go notice small girl like me though i have
a pretty face. 

After payment BAE refused to go naso he stand for outside dey wait for miracle and guess what he did get the miracle because as he was stepping out, one of my uncle's several escapades was stepping in and the first thing she asked for was a cold drink, i was so happy that i jumped up almost immediately suggesting that i will get it for her hoping to see bobo outside.

Oh my Jesus i melted when i saw him standing there leaning on the
wall outside,but i quickly gathered myself together as i know no why
he dey stand. However, i mustered some courage cuz am kind of a shy
person,and i asked him in my tiny voice " hope no problem sir'' he
answered looking into my eyes with those gorgeous eyes of his that he
was waiting for me, i was like me!!!!! he said yes.

Naso the journey start oo we exchanged numbers,I walked him to the gate and we met later in the evening after close of work. After he lodged we chatted and there and there BAE told me his mind,he didn't give time to think about it because he so hates that line and that was how i said yes ooo.

He left my town for Lagos the next day but we kept in touch with each
other,i made sure he called me everyday which was not too easy for him but he adjusted, after one year my relationship was everything i had ever
wanted. BAE is the sweetest, God fearing, loving and most caring person on
earth,he gives the candid advice ever and he never says no to me which i took advantage of at some point but thank God i noticed it and stopped.

Fast forward to three years, i was in law school and BAE was ready
for marriage,did i mention BAE isn't Yoruba and I am.When it was time
for BAE to come around my parents most especially my mum was against
it, they said no that i cant marry a non Yoruba. my fellow bvs it was a
serious fight oo between my mum and I because had already told her
about the relationship, although she was always saying it wasn't not
possible but i never knew she meant it.

BAE got tired of it all and called it quits after my bar final exams,
i was devastated and unhappy but thank God it was after my final
exams because i would have failed if it was before the exams. LOVE
decided to do so because he felt parental consent was very important
and that was how we went our different ways.

After law school it was service, so during my service year i met
another guy but things didn't work out between us,it was then i
decided to take the bold step which I am so happy i took by reaching
out to my ex turn BAE again,he also tried another relationship which
didn't work out. We made up our minds to fight together for our

This time around i stood my ground with my parents and guess what? BAE
proposed October 8, we did introduction November and wedding bells ringing  April 2017 by God's grace.

*WOW i know why you sent your story immediately after the other one...Its so similar but you both ended up together.I am shocked at the way he waited outside for you without saying anything..LOL


  1. small rat like you whining over a man you are not ashamed. You literally asked him out desperate cheap girl

    1. Lol ,this comment made me laugh not because it's funny but because it's new year day and you can't have so much bitterness In you!!! Noooooo

    2. Shuo see jealousness o..... Who cares if she asked him out. What matters is that she is happy with him jare.

    3. You are so pained..Y d hate..please learn to be happy for pays to celebrate with others

    4. Na wah oh! @Anonymous 12.05, your "Obi ojoor" is out of this world mehn! Ntoor gi! She got her heart desire. @Poster, God shall bless your union. And as for you, @anonymous, why don't you eat a plateful of pepper and wash it down with a big mug of hot water. You will feel much after doing this I promise.

    5. Anon is it your business. Bad Belle. I am sure you are pained cuz she is about to wed. And you are there still hoping for a proposal. The moment you think good for others. Then good things will come your. Poster don't mind anon jare. Bad Belle everywhere. This is your year abeg

    6. It's too early for this,get a life!

    7. BTW, congratulations poster,nice story.

    8. Anon why insult her??
      Nice story!

    9. Where you read your own from? Is too early to be bitter nau

    10. Calling "bae""bae""bae, anyhow like bobrisky.
      Nice story

    11. Lmaooooooooo can't stop laughing, I love the d gal's boldness jare.... hater pray for ur own testimony n stop hating lol

    12. Imagine..!! What if she didn't come out.. Naso BAE go jus stand Dr dy sweat..!!

    13. Person no dey price her market talk less of hi, that's why she's bitter

    14. The important thing is that it worked for her.please chill.

    15. Ask him out bawo? No be the guy wait outside for her? You are very angry with life on new year day. Take it easy

  2. Replies
    1. So romantic 😍😍😍

  3. Love is courageous and it conquers any obstacle...congratulations on ur upcoming marriage poster

  4. All this Bae Bae Bae, I kept on picturing bobrisky...hian.

    I haven't been able to comment for almost a week now, this yeye "handroid" phone, I dunno how it works in terms of best web browser and all, I go type epistle finish, e go com loss.. Bring back my bb10 biko... I hate stress.

    I'm still in shock, I was almost robbed this morning. It amazing how som people decud to start yheit new year. I returned from cross over mass at past midnight, and was waiting for the gate to be opened. My saving grace was that I used the central lock which am very cautious about. Just the lil space I left in the window for ventilation. It all happened in split seconds, guy struggling with my phone which was was using to reply new year messages, and ordering me to open the door, me shouting Jesus!! And confused... Thank God he didn't succeed sha.

    This year is my year of total recovery, I shall know no loss. My fire fire prayers (God bless that priest) weren't for nothing.
    Happy new year Stella and to all the wonderful Bvs who made my 2916 worthwhile... Kisses to you people.


    1. Thank God for you... 2916..???. Lol.. Yur phone actually felt d robbers touch..

  5. Thank God you took the bold step. There is no guarantee that you will find joy and happiness with a yoruba man. Congratulations dear

  6. Anon 12:05 that was too harsh

  7. Anon 12:05 that was too harsh

  8. Anonymous 12:05,you sound so dumb, what if she asked him out, I wonder what's wrong with some people's mentality, there is no harm in a lady trying if she truly loves a guy

  9. Congrats to you poster, all d best.

  10. #Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing whether or not to say it*

    1. Wisdom is also knowing how to say it. Nice one 👍 Are you Igbo?

  11. Sweet story..BT dis 'bae'thing sef..

  12. Congrats poster. May God's grace keep you. Nice story

  13. Wow!!!!!!.... congratulations to you and BAE!!!!!

  14. Anonymous 12:05 it's like u too alomo bitters dis morning?wats ur own even if she went on bended knees to d guy? Is it ur begging?its to early in d year for ds una hate comments o!take fanta so dat u can cool d bitterness in your mouth inugo?

  15. congratulation babes

  16. I love your story because it is obvious you two are meant to be and what you feel is mutual. But I wonder how all these victims of dv have their meeting. It must be sweet in the beginning till something goes wrong. Thank God this is not the case with you poster.


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