Stella Dimoko Apostle Suleman Knocks Prostitution, Adopts 2-Day Old Orphan


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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Apostle Suleman Knocks Prostitution, Adopts 2-Day Old Orphan

The president of Omega Fire Ministries worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has frowned at the increasing rate of prostitution among women. The servant of God, on the pulpit, spoke against the immoral act as the 2017 edition of ‘The Ebenezer’ crusade entered its second day on Thursday, 9th of February, 2017. 

During the programme to commemorate the ministry’s 13th anniversary, the Oracle of God condemned families, mothers and ladies who encourage the spread of prostitution especially those that travel abroad to sell their bodies.

In his lesson, Suleman warned that, “Being a prostitute is forbidden by God. Prostitution involves an exchange of money for sex between a man and a woman who have no legal, moral or emotional attachment to each other. Why should Christians engage in such activity? Fortunately, as with any matter of importance, God guides us to a right perspective through His written word. The Bible teaches that sex is a good gift from God to every bride and groom, to be unwrapped on the honeymoon and enjoyed throughout the marriage. The scripture highly approves of sexual intimacy between a man and a woman for the purposes of pleasure, love and procreation, provided they have committed themselves to one another in the covenant of marriage.

Now, when we appreciate what the Bible approves concerning sex, we can anticipate what it disapproves. The Bible condemns prostitution. If scripture teaches that the only right context for sexual intimacy is marriage, then we can deduce that prostitution is wrong because it involves sexual intimacy outside that right context. The Bible does not just suggest that prostitution is wrong, it openly condemns the practice (Leviticus 19:29).”

Meanwhile, as the prophet of God was blessing people and invoking the power of healing and restoration on many that were plagued by various afflictions; the lame, the deaf and dumb, the blind, and more, the case of a 48 hours old baby who lost his mother after he was delivered had thrown congregants into emotional shock and confusion. The story of the 2-day old baby had moved Apostle Suleman and he immediately offered to assume full responsibility for the baby’s upkeep until he comes of age. The family members who brought the baby to the crusade ground narrated in tears how his mother had died right after his birth.

With the clarity of spiritual hindsight, the Oracle of God announced to the congregation that the baby was the next target of the evil attack after his mother; therefore, he was going to adopt him.

After praying for the child and family, he made a promise to open a bank account with the sum of N1, 000,000 (one million naira) for his upbringing.


  1. Replies
    1. Queen & boss and shantelle,dey don finish una for dat post about d former NNPC boss with foreign exchange stashed in a hut

  2. I don't trust all these gods of men!

    1. Who beg you to trust him. Step aside abeg!

  3. Very good of him!

  4. That's my spiritual father. God bless you man of God.

  5. I love Apostle Suleiman

  6. The Bible teaches that sex is a good gift from God to every bride and groom, to be unwrapped on the honeymoon and enjoyed throughout the marriage.

    I hope our youths will listen. Prostitute are not only those on the road,doing it for money, anyone engaging in sex outside marriage is fornicating and fornication is also prostitution. Sex with another who is not your spouse as a married person is adultery. It kills. Imagine enjoying sex as some of you will boldly write even when not married and having legions of demon from the other person enter you?
    Don't do it for God,I mean don't stop engaging in sexual immorality because of God but for yourself. Don't let this legions of demon enter you and be a problem in your destiny.

  7. More grace on his life...

  8. May God Almighty continually in His Mercy increase his annoiting.

  9. I cannot stand these ppl. Why not get to the root cause of why ppl are doing what they are? No young girl dream of becoming a prostitute when she grows up. Obviously it's life challenges and the money world that we are in that causes this. Prostitution may give men who have no other means of getting a wife perhaps because of ugliness or physical deformity access to sex. Let the ladies do their work because I don't want these men not to have an outlet and start turning on the women and children, or animals because they don't have an outlet for sex.

    The Bible does embrace prostitution, we have King Solomon and his 300 concubines.

  10. Can someone tell me why David had wives and concubines and He was still called a man after God's own heart. Is the old testament now obsolete? I am just asking cos I am a student of the Bible and Christianity. And why did Esther sleep with the king for one night ( She went into his room in the night and came out in the morning)before he declared his love for her. Abigail just went to visit David and became wife number something but God didn't stop speaking to David. Bible scholars can you explain. If the old testament no longer applies then why do we still have it. Even the book of Genesis says a man shall leave his father and mother and become one with his wife yet from Exodus to Malachi, guys have wives and concubines and prophesying upandan. And winning battles ... Baffles me.
    Prostitution means selling the body, yes very baaad. But concubines, harem of wives is in the Bible, ABI make I tear that part comot. This is a church section dats why I am asking. Answers anyone???

  11. God bless u Apostle Sulaiman. You are a man of God. For the spirit bears us witness. I was only under your ministration once and I know u are passionate for God and concerned about the oppressed.


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