Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 80


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Monday, February 13, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 80

*Mouth hanging loose*

Good day Stels. Remember me? Well, I'd sent u couple of mails in the past when i was seriously looking for accommodation as my wedding was fast approaching then. I crowned you 'Iyalode awon bloggers' then and i still retain that tittle 'exclusively' for u. Well, I'm married now and it's blissful (Glory to God).
I stumbled on your blog about four years ago from another blog and ever since, I have been stuck like glue. Iyalode, to say you're doing a fantastic job via your blog will be stale news, all i can say is: May God bless and empower you greatly IJN (amen).

This piece is about my service year ( NYSC/ SERVICE YEAR BOULEVARD). I do hope every1 find it interesting. If the feedbacks are positive, I'll subsequently post my MEETING POINT and WEDDING NIGHT BLISS stories. Lol

Now, to our feature presentation...
I went to one of the Western universities with a not-too good rep out there (OOU), otherwise known as OSU.

School was tough those days but all thru my 7 years in school ( i no dey medicine o, neither did i had an extra year, all thanks to the strikes and delays), I wasn't a bad boy. I had my bit of fun and life was fairly good all thru school. The hussles and days of lack made the memories all worthwhile. 

2007 was the year i finished but had to wait till 2008 before i could go for NYSC as plenty people dey queue ahead of me ( I was even lucky to go 'early' sef).
I had a friend and neighbour who finished a year before me and served in Lagos. He wanted to help runz my NYSC to Lag even for free but i refused. I needed to experience another part of Naija; cultures, food and their ladies, as I'd never lived outside Lag and Ogun state before then. Silently though, i prayed against the North.

Posting came and i was delighted to see... Guess where???


I'd never bn to Delta but i felt I'll love it, plus, an aunt and cousin had both served there in the past.

Straight up, preparations began and off i took the bus to Isi-eluku, Delta state. I had a small taste of those okada boy when i was charged #200 for a very short distance i fit treck (ignorance sha!).
Got to camp late was checked and guy was ushered in. As sharp OSU boy, i did my registration and completed it the next day. Got a mattrass and bed space. Met a cool guy that night but had a bestie later in camp.

First week in camp was so boring and i wondered where people get their NYSC sweet gist from but from 2nd week, i swear the fun was much. Fine girls full camp o Stella and i was busy checking out asses. 

I was a broke guy then and had no money to take chics to mammy so i just maintain my lane. One babe was sha into me. She had a serious relationship at home but loved clustering around me. I needed to 'teach her a lesson', na to gbensh her sure pass but i didn't succeed with that... Lol. 

On camp fire night, we went to a dark corner and were kissing, touching and smooching till someone caught us but he sha freed us, daz how the babe run to her hostel and i never had another opportunity till we left.

I was in platoon 4. We won almost everything. I participated in football and volleyball in which we came 1st in both. We were 1st even in table tennis but 2nd to the last in cooking. I was a serious otondo and i loved it.

I was posted to the defunct Oceanic bank in Obiaruku; big boy corper. Life was good and i kinda lived the dream life. I was in customer care unit. The bank gave me a very fine accommodation with gen an dstv but i opted against it as i preferred to stay with my co-corpers in the corpers' lodge despite the fact that the corpers' lodge wasn't fine at all. No gen sef but i knew i had a plan and only the corpers' lodge will suit my plans. 

You'll never know i was a corper as i was always dressed like a full staff, even managed to squeeze out 2 hours every Friday for CDS.

A private uni wasn't far from the bank. Well, i had a fair share of babes from the school and even Delsu. As a banker, babes were just loving up and mehn, i digged som p..sies. 

My corper mates were envious and even when i asked one out, she said she no wan catch Hiv... Well, i decided to stay off dating my co-corp members. Even when i wasn't interested, the babes around wouldn't let me be. If a cute babe comes to my table in the bank, I'll just get her detail via finacle and she don turn bush meat be that. I met 1 babe who was so gifted front and back. First time we met i made her laugh so much and she fell for me. Some guy in the area who wanted the babe warned me off her.

 When she heard, Cynthia 'kunkunma' gave me the cherry and said cos of that, she'll date me.
Every night on my way from work, I'll stop by at her place to eat dinner and we'll fu..k. She was a pro at BJ. I had no time for another babe as Cynthia occupied all my time. She had a bf then who always beat her but she dumped the guy's sorry ass for me as i sabi care for woman o, lol. 

She even confessed that Yoruba guys are nice and caring, unless most guys there that are very lazy. Lazy so tey, early morning, all they do is to drink ogogoro and chase small, small girls. It's their ladies that work - ride bicycle and even go to farm. 

Well, Cynthia was on teaching practise in Obiaruku. When she resumed back to her school, she invited me to her house in school. I stayed the night and we gbenshed all thru even in the bath. She was the 1st whose pu**y i sucked. Even after NYSC that i came back to Lag, she came looking for me in Lagos all d way from Delta. I couldn't take her home. Instead, we lodged in a hotel and you can gueas all we did all thru... 

That was the last time we saw till date as distance became a barrier but for some times way back, we had phone-s3x. 

I even gave 1 of the babes i had good times with to 1 of my bosses but guess the babe couldn't play her cards well. If a babe takes too long to gel, i moved on to the next available babe who will most likely fall. As a sinner that i was then, i was the one who initiated early morning devotion in our lodge and i guess, they still have it till today. The only girl i genuinely had affections for was a female corper from another town but despite all i did, she would not date me. I saw her as a marriage prospect #smiles.

 She wasn't in a relationship but rather had crush for another corper guy who equally wasn't into her. That Fehintola didn't date me was my only and deepest pain all through my service year. I was ready to sow my wild oats for her sake then.
Cecilia Ibru had issues and Oceanic couldn't retain me and my co-corps member we served together. So, off i came back to Lagos and the search for a job began until God favored me.

I was very popular during service year as my co-corpers knew me as the 'banker-corper'. I had corpers who came to borrow money from me but some never gave me back.
At a time, they called me 'indigene' cos i made friends more with more indigenes than with my co-corpers. I always hang out with them more. Some, we're still in touch till date.

A week to my final POP, an incidence that almost claimed my life happened. A corper friend and I went to the 'beach' - a part of a notorious river known for drowning strangers which was constructed as a beach with white sands poured there and some attractions sha. We paid to enter and had fun all through until i decided to swim in the river. Let me say here that my mum had called me prior to that time to beg and warn me not to go near water as she dreamt i went to one and drowned.

 Being a prayerful woman, she prayed and even the family had vigil. On that fateful day sha, I'd totally forgot my mama's warning. I'd a tube while in the river. Somehow, suddenly, I found myself at the deep side of the river even without the tube. I'm not so good at swimming. Before i knew what was happening, i was drowning. Then, i remembered my mum's warning and importantly too, i knew i was heading for hell. All my sins starred me in the face as life was fast draining out of me. As i opened my mouth to shout for help, i swallowed what must have been a gallon of water. Then, i remembered that i once read that if you find yourself drowning, don't struggle with the water, just free yourself; that was what i did even as i silently prayed to God for a miracle.

 Each time i saw the crowd at the beach, i prayed to God. Stella, miraculously, He delivered me as i found myself by the bank of the river. When i came out, my eyes were blood-shot red and water was pressed out of me. Funny thing was that the corper friend i went with said he saw me when i cried for help but he taught i was only kidding, imagine! 

All in all, service year was a pleasant one for me. It was God's grace that i came back without any STI...

So many tinz i left as i realise my epistle is long enough. I do hope BVs enjoy my Service Year Boulevard. Well, comments will determine if i will send in my MEETING POINT and WEDDING NIGHT BLISS stories.
Thanks Iyalode for this platform. God bless you

- Bv YB

*Too shocked for words..Interesting and I thank God for delivering you..Please what is the meaning of Otondo?Thats the only word i dont understand.



  1. Replies
    1. Poster! poster!

      Hope u still F*ck-on?

      Sorry, hope u don repent from f**king i meant.

    2. Hmmm!i enjoyed every bit of your SYB.i thank God for saving your life

    3. God will bless you with all female children and people will so fuck them! For gutter o, boot of car o, corner bush, uncompleted building, name them. Useless men everywhere.

    4. I am guessing the river is abraka. Lol

  2. Stella you no do NYSC? Why you dey ask wetin be Otondo again? Otondo corper na,that's what corpers are called by officers, as per u no know anything, e.t.c. Btw, lovely SYB. I enjoyed it

    1. Who serve and no know wetin be otondo..... Thank God for sparing your life.

  3. Very interesting,'gbensher' of the year, kindly send the rest joor.

  4. Otondo????
    You served right???

  5. Nice story poster.
    You were saved for your mother's sake, always listen to her, you couldhave died.

  6. You really had fun ooo...pls send in your meeting point as well as the interested

  7. Oga you really sowed your wild oats...hope you've cleaned up your acts onto say you're married now.
    Otondo means corper.

  8. Otondo is another name for corps member

  9. i was enjoying the story till i got to the part where you said yoruba boys are caring kwakwakwakwaakwakwakwakwakwa abeg i cant not laugh plenty hunger dey daze me here shusssssh it joor that aint tru. yoruba guys are good until the taste the cookie then the real demons inside them will appear.
    abeg let me go and have my brunch jare, this story is making me hungry.

    1. Yorubas guys are caring. Just that they are very spoilt. From A to b to c to d. U will enjoy dem more, if u are their main girl.

  10. Very nice write up

    *Larry was here*

  11. You are quite lucky Mr. that river will never claim the life of it's indigenes, but same can't be said for non-indigenes. You sound articulate and naughty(nice combo) my spec!!! Too bad you are taken...

  12. God save you say you no drown

    1. Sorry dear. Saw your comment on how you were robbed off your phones and laptop 💻 😔

      The lord provide new ones. Chin up.

  13. choi this man is bad ass fucker lmao, i aint judging you bro but mean how can only you be fucking plenty girls like that? na only you waka go? lol well i feel the real intent of you leaving lagos has nothing to do with culture or the food but strictly for the pussy. yoruba boys can like to explore other peoples pussy but will treat theirs with respect. i aint hating on the yoruba guys oooh some of them are good but "MOST" of them are terrible am just saying my mind ooh, bcoz of that whenever a yoruba man wants to start toasting me i remove my slippers and run for my life lol. hope you don change your way sha.
    what are you waiting for common send the MPS and WNB i want to hang leg on the ceiling, i have no doubt its gonna be an interesting read. please note that we want every single details of what happen on the night, dont come and and summarize oooh, we have all the time to read the story. just take your time and explain wither you pull pant abi na shift you shiftam.

    1. Heheheheeh aproko madam. Lolzzz 😉

  14. Ehen this is how it should be!
    Bros your story is very very interesting and please send your wedding night brouhaha and meeting point stories lol

    Thank God for saving you

  15. Lol,I really enjoyed your story,very interesting, as a former Yoruba demon dat u was nau.Stella otondo is what corpers are called,meaning leraner.don't know if am right though, I was called that too in camp.

  16. thank God for ya life.
    Sterra dem no call u otondo when u serve?

  17. I dogde your type of corp members for service.
    Anyway nice story. Thank God for your mama's prayer. Hope you will do val for her tomorrow

  18. Your wedding night brouhaha go make sense
    Sha 😂😂

  19. Gbensher of the universe!
    Thank God you did not kuku jam any STI.
    Please send in your MP and WNB, I know it's gonna be interesting.

    1. #Wehdone egbon...Thank God for giving you a second chance to live. Waiting to read more stories from you..
      Tag your stories as Onidokudo otondo. Na joke o.

  20. Your story is very interesting, thank God say that river no swallow you, your mum prayers that saved you. Waiting for the meeting point and wedding night buhala gbam.

  21. Wow. Iseluku, I served in Delta sate too. But from ur story u probably went ahead of me. I wud still chose Delta if av got another chance.

  22. Your narrative reminds me of the blog personality ' bitchplis'.

    Thank God he saved you from drowning and hope you had an epiphany at that moment.

    Reminds me of how I also almost drowned swimming . Was told not to go to the deep end . But I was walking on the edge of a slab close to the deep end and I slipped and fell into the deep end . I was struggling like you said, until my cousin who could swim very well saw me and brought me out. And CPR was done .
    Since that experience .. I'm no longer water friendly. God bless my cousin.

    1. Yea.. Sabo he reminded me of Bitchplis.. but hes getting married soon and poster is already married i think...
      Or i no read well??

  23. Wow dis isn't service year boulevard o bt gbenshing year boulevard,oga weldone sir....tnk God 4saving ur lyf o.

  24. Everyone liked his story, if he was female and wrote about having s*x with so many men during NYSC, all she would is abuse. Why the double standards?

    I did not enjoy the story as it was just full of your conquests and you didn't sound like you respected any of the women. Hope you have goven it up to be worh your woman fully.

    1. Where feminism comes to play.
      Nice SYB, the gbenshing was much though.

  25. Anon 14:01, why are you cursing his kids and why so angry?? He didnt rape the girls na!

  26. I love ur story pls send in d rest

  27. im looking foward to this nawti funny poster's meeting point.cause as u were sampling up and down i want to know how u managed to select the one.

  28. Better conquest to conquer than boasting of your sexcapades.

  29. thank you darlyn God pass them @sabongida ora cutest.

  30. Am sure ur wife na virgin. Mr gbensher

  31. I knw ur wife na virgin. Mr gbensher

  32. I never knew a guy could gist like this ooo...overdose of intresting dey worry the gist...

  33. Waoooo so u did all this.. And I was thinking u are a virgin..let me catch u in the office tomorrow

  34. poster...u served in my town(obiaruku),the private univeristy is novenna university
    chai..u geh luck sha say i nor sabi u dat time..u for collect wella..lolz
    very gud badt guy


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