Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard -90


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Monday, March 20, 2017

Service Year Boulevard -90


I served my nation with stream 2 2015.

Prior to my posting,my boyfriend and i were having issues,he had an extra year and was cheating on me. Nysc posting came out and I was posted to the north,he wasn't happy but I saw it as a sign that the relationship was meant to end.

We dated all through school but it was a non sex relationship(I was and still a virgin). I camped in Jos,the cold na die,as a correct lagos babe that I am na,i foolishly bought fanciful sweater from Iyana Ipaja and super market that are meant to be admired but not good for cold.Chai,cold finish me ehn, it rained ice blocks very often.

I was a bit depressed cos I kept wondering if it is a sign that I won't cope when I travel abroad.My ex was on my neck all through camping and when I finally decided to give him a chance again,he said he was no longer interested,can we just be friends?omg!!! I was livid,i felt sad and angry,very confused fellow.

I was posted to Bauchi town,my joy knew no bounds,constant light, good PPA lodge with flat screen tv,cable,deep freezer,flexible PPA but pay was #2000 per month and was only paid for 3 months. I couldn't get over my ex so I started joining watsapp romance groups,participated in SnM but fear no gree me visit anybody.I was the only lagosian in my PPA and my okrika was on point,the boys all wanted me,the girls were all jealous,everyone thought I was sexually active and they kept waiting for the big men to come pick me up from the PPA lodge.

The closest most of them have ever been to lag is Jenifer's diary,we watch it every Tuesday evening at our sitting room so my lodge mates have the mindset that lagos girls are all runz girls. My room mate tried to set me up with guys,every one wants to be my friend with the hope that I would share my sexcapades but me no get experience na. I made the mistake of telling my roommate that I am a virgin,she also claimed she is one too,na so the news became viral,lagos babe is claiming virgin.

 Bets where dropped for who will do the confirmation,some of the females became bitchy,i became uncomfortable in my lodge.

 I tried for job outside but language barrier was an issue,then I started crushing on a guy.We chat everyday,we set a day to hang out after 3 weeks of non stop chatting.I went over to his place with ingredients for fried rice(I love cooking,i usually cook at any place i visit),after eating,i was playing with his laptop then he opened a folder filled with one girl's pictures.He said it was his ex and he still loves her but genotype won't let them be together.

My mind was like,am I suppose to compete with her?.We began gisting and he told me that he detest virgins,hope am not one?hian!what kind of detesting is that na?.

I have never seen my virginity as anything special,i am a wonderful cook,i am so intelligent and versatile about all things,am social,i love wearing trousers,i love dancing,i read novels,in fact ,am the opposite of what a virgin looks like(I just don't wear revealing clothes)how come he didn't see all this?.I went back home, sent him a message that i be virgin oh and he said we can't work out,i just stopped crushing(didn't know one can stop crushing so easily).

I enrolled for a business training,my mind was renewed,joined a church and there I met bro G,he was a unilag alumni,we became friends,found out we have same taste in movie, I visited with my laptop to copy films.It was late,i couldn't go back to my lodge that nite so I slept over.

Around 1am, bro G started touching me,i said guy me no wan do abeg,he said I thought u want it,i said no.He stopped,then I started sleeping over every Thursday after CDS,my lodgemates were finally happy that they were not wrong about lagos babe.

One of the nite I slept over,he tried again so I allowed him only for him to meet a barrier,he said babe,u mean u are a virgin?i answered,is it a disease?he said he can't dis-virgin me cos the only girl he did that for keeps sending him message till day and blaming for opening the door. 

I went home feeling sad,was I suppose to open it myself,haba?I stopped going to his place,he came looking for Me and my lodgemates gave him the drilling of his life.He was shocked,he told me he didn't know people like that still exist.we made up,we tried romancing again but he was a bad kisser,i told him and he said I should teach him how to,i couldn't,all I knew was that I wasn't satisfied with the kissing. One day I just asked myself why I was doing all these then I realised I was just trying to get over my ex and I didn't really want to explore sex. 

I told him,he said no wahala, he wasn't interested in a relationship,we are still friends till date and my lodgemates are still trying to decode me but I stopped all contact with them monitoring spirit.Service ended,went back to lagos with my virginity.#sigh#

I found your story so funny....When the time is right you will know,dont worry.
Your service year sounded like fun,I love to stay around monitoring spirits eeeeh..LOL


  1. Replies
    1. Its true oo..this service year is funny. Hrheeh

  2. Replies
    1. When will I send my SYB sef as my pop is next month can't wait,mine is very interesting o.lols

  3. I wonder how you guys cannot hold body for just 3 weeks. Shame on una ooo.

    All these gbensh and competition on who to carry rich man, na wa for una again ooo

    1. Are you high?
      Did you even bother to read?

    2. Pleaseeeeeee,read it again!

  4. My dear,virginity goes beyond not being sexually active but it also has to do with your mind.
    Imagine the part where you were disappointed because brother"Unilag alumini"did not open the door in your own words.meaning if he was insistent on opening it he would have had his way.So what's the need of telling us that you are still a virgin or is it a subtle way of telling us that you need someone who"will open the door"?
    Virgin that has vast experience in kissing and maybe giving blow jobs than most married women. Aunty Issorait Apostle Suleiman coming to the rescue.
    I raise Beyonce hand for you.

    1. Shout up. Because you gave your own to chew gum bf in secondary school. Fool

    2. Stupid comment

    3. Stupid comment

    4. Olodo olosho girl. Leave her. She is a v and you are not

  5. I guess dis is "virginity year boulevard". Mind u, i aint hating oh!
    If i may ask, do virgins have any particular look?

  6. Nice and apt!
    Say hi to Ur mama for me cuz she raised u well..

  7. Nice story "am the opposite of what a virgin looks like " pardon my asking but are virgins supposed to have a particular look?

    1. She doesn't mean virgins have a particular way they look. The statement implies that some virgins are not flexible with social activities.
      Poster, hope am correct.

  8. We have similar story thou. My bf and I broke up before camp, he was given an extra yr. I served in taraba state College of education zing. Am a virgin too. My dear keep it for DAT special one# teamvirgins.

    1. Iffa hear that special fire...
      Guys don't care if you are a virgin or not

      A special one that is busy quenshing his girls, is that one a special one

      When There is no trophy for virginity takers

    2. There is dignity I pray my daughter get married as a virgin.

  9. keep your legs closed biko

  10. Very sweet story......See me smiling.😁😁


  11. But why do guys detest virgin.. If u mistakenly tell a guyy ur a virgin he go run away from you.. I tot virgin is a gift.. Ayam not understanding again issorite

  12. Thanks Stella and teh story teller. I love your story and yes virgins are presumed to be dull people. I love that you are a pretty virgin and socialable too.

    I was the one who called to caution on excessive sexacapes in SYB.

  13. Dear poster, I'm glad you went with your virginity and took it back home. You've kept it for this long, so let it be your present to your future husband. A good man would appreciate that.
    And please don't be telling people that you're a virgin. Some people would end up getting jealous. You're lucky your lodgemates didn't plot to get you raped just so you would no longer be one.
    Don't even tell those you date. Only tell the guy you see yourself as having a future with and not random people.


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