Stella Dimoko IkoyiGATE - Jonathan, Emefiele, Magu,Others To Be Questioned By Presidential Panel


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

IkoyiGATE - Jonathan, Emefiele, Magu,Others To Be Questioned By Presidential Panel

They are still looking for who owns the recovered N13billion at Ikoyi apartment......How can anyone deny owning money in this recession?

Former president, Goodluck Jonathan, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele; and anti-corruption chief, Ibrahim Magu are amongst some high-profile personalities that are expected to be questioned by a presidential panel investigating the mysteries surrounding the over N13 billion recovered from an apartment in Lagos last Wednesday.

The panel will also question the suspended Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency, NIA, Ayodele Oke, and his predecessor, Olaniyi Oladeji.

The owner of the building where the money was found and the EFCC official who led the operation will also be questioned by the three-man panel, which was convened on Wednesday, PREMIUM TIMES understands.

The National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno, who is also a member of the investigating committee is also expected to brief the committee on what he knows following reports that Mr. Oke briefed him on the NIA operation prior to the discovery of the money.

President Muhammadu Buhari named Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to lead the committee, with Attorney General Abubakar Malami and Mr. Monguno being the remaining two members, the presidency said in a statement.

The constitution of the panel came as the presidency announced the immediate suspension of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, and Mr. Oke for their respective roles in the grass cutting scandal and the over N13 billion recovered in Lagos respectively.

“The president also ordered a full-scale investigation into the discovery of large amounts of foreign and local currencies by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in a residential apartment at Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, Lagos, over which the National Intelligence Agency, NIA, has made a claim,” presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, said Wednesday.

Mr. Adesina’s statement appears to indicate that the presidency has already accepted the NIA’s argument that the money belongs to it.

The investigative panel was tasked to unravel the “circumstances in which the NIA came into possession of the funds, how and by whose or which authority the funds were made available to the NIA, and to establish whether or not there has been a breach of the law or security procedure in obtaining custody and use of the funds,” Mr. Adesina said.

In a separate probe, the same committee is also to look into the allegations against Mr. Lawal in the grass cutting scandal.

Sources close to Osibanjo's panel told PREMIUM TIMES its members commenced work on Wednesday afternoon and identified some key individuals whose information would be useful to their work.

The panel, which has two weeks to conclude its activities, will invite the individuals for the unique insight they might have on the matter.

On his part, Mr. Jonathan is expected to be questioned over claims that he approved the operation for which the NIA allegedly obtained the money.

Presidency and security sources told PREMIUM TIMES on April 14 that Mr. Jonathan approved the funds for the 30-year old secret service agency after its immediate past boss, Mr. Oladeji, alerted him to the need for some “crucial and covert security projects”.

Since the presidency said the person who authorised the funds for the NIA would be crucial, it indicates that Mr. Buhari might not have prior knowledge of the operation.

A source said should Mr. Oke’s reported stance that Mr. Jonathan approved the money be found to be true, then the former president would have to be questioned.However, the former president may not be summoned, our sources said, as the committee members will arrange to meet with Mr. Jonathan, who left office in 2015, at the former president’s preferred point.

The panel will also summon Mr. Emefiele, who has led the CBN since 2014.

The apex bank is believed to have released the money to the NIA as a way of making the funding of the ‘covert operation’ entirely secret, PREMIUM TIMES understands.

The recovered funds had the packaging and inscriptions of the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company on them, indicating that they might have come directly from the CBN. The dollar denominations were also itemised with serialised bar codes.

But the CBN already cast doubts about its connection to the money.

“I cannot say if the notes the NIA is claiming came from the CBN,” its spokesperson, Isaac Okorafor, told PREMIUM TIMES over the weekend.

Mr. Oke and Mr. Olajide will be grilled by the committee to explain the NIA’s roles.

Although Mr. Olajide left NIA since 2013, and handed over to Mr. Oke, security sources told PREMIUM TIMES he initiated the clandestine projects and forwarded the proposal to Mr. Jonathan for approval.

The two security chiefs are expected tell the committee about the project in detail, sources said.

Sources also said the panel will take testimonies from Mr. Monguno, even though he’s a member. This is largely due to claims by NIA sources that the NSA was briefed on the project and knew about the money.

Mr. Magu will be invited alongside his subordinate who led the operation for their respective roles in the recovery, our sources said.

One of the most widely-asked questions centred on the owner the apartment where the money was recovered in particular and the Osborne Towers itself in general.

Shortly after EFCC announced the recovery, media reports mentioned a former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Adamu Mu’azu, as the owner of the building and possible owner of the funds.

But the former Bauchi governor has since denied being the current owner the property, even though he acknowledged he built it.

“I acquired the land and jointly developed it using a bank loan, I obtained about nine (9) years ago,” Mr. Mu’azu said. “However, all the flats have been sold to prospective buyers in order to pay back the loan.”

For this reason, our sources said, the panel intends to invite the owner of the apartment. But it is not immediately clear if the members have identified the owner as at Wednesday night.

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  1. So no one owns the house or what?
    If mu'azu claimed he built it and sold it to respective buyers then he alone can give the info of th owner of that 7b. There should be documents of handing over ownership Na. All this story up and down, the poor mass don really suffer for this country. Stringent policies and punishments should be marshaled out for all this crazy corruptians. If Lagos is having over 13 billion loot stashed somewhere,then Abuja will have only God knows.

  2. Vuharia APC useless government is at it again...
    They should continue dragging innocent people like Jonathan to this rubbish!...

  3. Na dem sabi. Shame that no one wants to claim the money

  4. Not only that of Osborne Towers what about that of Kaduna Airport and the one found inside an abandoned bureau du change also in Lagos.

  5. I am the owner of the money oooo....

    #My case is different

    1. Hi. Hope u are doing well. How's ur pregnancy? God is with you

  6. Make them no look again. ...the rightful owner is back. ...ehn which court did they say I should come ?

  7. Whatever they are doing,they should remove Jona's name from there. Not Amaechi again? Kwaruption kill this country. Nonsense

  8. How will an agency have 43m USD and has never deemed it fit to brief the sitting president on the covert operations. If that money was pumped into our banks, cost of PTA would have been far cheaper, hence helping the average Nigerian to trade or sort out health and school fees.

    How can Jonathan sign off such amount in raw cash. Mind you, he signed more than that it is only 43m the money remains. How much was signed and collected in raw cash.

    Why was such amount of money being kept in a private house, even if it is a safe house?

    How is Wike Fayose and FFK feeling about their useless and irresponsible statements, when they knew all along that the money was technically for PDP. Were they trying to confuse or divert the attention of the investigators?

    That money can successfully sponsor a coup against any Govt. As for me, the money was part of the dollar money spent in SW by Jonathan for the 2015 election. The mission failed and nobody bothered to return the money back into our coffers. Top PDP officials were aware of the money and it was being kept to fund 2019 election.

    Is it not a mystery that GEJ's former CSO died of heart attack the following day the money was discovered? That money was their attempted meal ticket to buy back the presidency.

    Jonathan prides himself in producing the highest number of multi millionaires, where are they today and how many have sewn into the lives of the under privileged?

    1. You are correct, NIA collected $289,202,382 in cash from the account of the NIPMS in February 2015 after the postponement of the general Elections.
      NIPMS is a subsidiary of NNPC which manages the investments of the NNPC.
      It was also from NNPC’s accounts that the office of the national security adviser withdrew the bulk of the $2.1 billion it got for “Boko Haram operations”.
      $289,202,382 was approved for NIA’s “covert operations” by President Goodluck Jonathan and subsequently withdrawn in cash on February 25, 2015 from NAPIMS account at CBN.
      The entire NIA budget for 2015 was a little over N25 billion which was about $160 million at the time — further suggesting that the payment was extra-budgetary.

    2. You entirely spoke my mind. I will drink a bottle of beer 🍻 for you on this articulated response.

      PMB has to search deep into this as there are many more of such funds and they have to recover every bit of it for the Nation.

      I reserve my comment on GLJ abi na GEJ.

  9. SO no one owns flat 7B? Muazu talk true nah, who bought flat 7B from you? SImple

  10. Enter your comment...pls let then send me 50.000 for my house return

  11. I am certain that jona will defend himself, they just want to rubbish his name

  12. As the money no get papa and mama they should take it to the orphanage home, period.


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