Stella Dimoko Gov Fayose's Aide Addresses The Rumour That The Gov Refused To Help Family Of Late Actress Moji Olaiya.


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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Gov Fayose's Aide Addresses The Rumour That The Gov Refused To Help Family Of Late Actress Moji Olaiya.

Ekiti State Government has explained why it has yet to respond to requests to help fund the repatriation of the remains of Nollywood Actress, Moji Olaiya from Canada to Nigeria.

In a statement issued on Monday, Special Assistant to Governor Ayodele Fayose on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka said the claim that Ekiti State refused to assist with the flying of Olaiya’s corpse to Nigeria for burial was totally false.

While maintaining that there was no official communication between the governor and Moji Olaiya’s family on the issue of assistance, Olayinka disclosed that: “On Thursday, last week, I was contacted on phone by a journalist friend, Yomi Fabiyi on the need for the Ekiti State Government to assist in raising a sum of $15,000 needed to bring Moji Olaiya’s corpse to Nigeria.

“My immediate response was that an official request, via a letter should be made and that the letter will be presented to the governor. I gave him my email address to which I said the letter should be sent.

“On Friday, I informed the Chief of Staff to the governor, Chief Dipo Anisulowo of my telephone conversation with Yomi Fabiyi, and my response that official letter should be written to the governor.

“Up till today, the letter has not been sent and as such, no official request has been made to the State Government.

“When my attention was drawn to online publications that Governor Fayose had elected to fund the flying of the deceased corpse to Nigeria, I called the journalist who did the report and told him pointedly that no such decision was taken by the governor.

“It was on the strength of this that Mr Yomi Fabiyi issued a press statement on behalf of the Burial Committee, stating that no request had been made to the government of Ekiti State and the official letter requested was yet to be sent.

“It therefore, beats our imagination that certain character like Olukayode Salako could take to the online media to make derogatory comments on the governor, purportedly on behalf of the family.


Cynthia Iyede said...

Hnmmm who do we believe now?

Jeni_zee said...

But let's be truthful to ourselves? People from ekiti can die in the US and fatale doesn't know them, does it mean he will pay for bringing in their corpse back to Nigeria? He might not know her na


I read the report by Yomi Fabiyi that they are yet to make an official request.

They should let this matter rest biko. Moji needs to rest.

GALORE said...

I believe @Governor fayose... .dont mind that stupid good for nothing man called @Foluke daramolas horseband... Notice me or I die... @Tinubu sef no send you this nonsense

You don't just call a governor on phone that, hello sir, can you help @Moji? Who is @Moji? ....we have a lot of scammers everywhere.. did not follow due process by meeting with the Governor's media aid or PA.. just broke all protocol and called the governor... Is that how they do?

And besides, how many committee sef Dem wan get for this burial? ...we still have the @Fathia Balogun and @Iyabo ojo committee as well... Then @Foluke daramolas and @Yomi fabiyi committee... Na WA.. .make una no just steal the money, if there is change, package that money for @Mojis daughter


sholetoga said...

People should spare Fayose and Ekiti state please. I'm not from Ekiti but I know that Ekiti state is not a buoyant state.....Let the matter rest jare. RIP to Moji

Abenaa said...

The woman is dead,these shenanigans are quite unnecessary...

Anonymous said...

Salako is a bitter useless man who looks for any opportunity to bring Gej supporters down,so I am sure he did this intentionally

GALORE said...

The money sef no much.. Na about 12 million naira... The only thing wen dey pain me be say, Dem don start to dey politicise this issue

@Moji daughter sef no talk.. Who una come be?


Anonymous said...

What's with all the use of "@" in your comments? Can't you write people's names without putting "@" before it?
Honestly, you should know your comments always sound dumb with all the "@"

GALORE said...

Very stupid man

A man that left his wife with three children and married another foolish person like @Foluke

Shameless man


Anonymous said...

RIP to Ms Moji. But wait ooh ,Was it Ekiti Governor that fathered the child? ?, are there not good hospitals in Nigeria?? @Salako, u must be a very useless man!!! Why didnt u pay the $15k , u didnt follow protocol, and ur busy trying to tarnish Fayose's name. Idiot. It is people like u that are giving us ( Nigerians ) a bad name . Why wont Tifnubu pay the money to score political point, after fucking lagos in the ass and the common wealth of lagos to his own !!! Make una maintain ooh, before thunder go visit u thieves. Nonsense! !!

jelly said...

This matter should rest already

Anonymous said...

Honestly I do not understand. Fayose refused to help. Tinubu accepted to help, case closed. What is the beef on Fayose for? One would have thought that with all the flamboyance they display here and there on social media, they would rally round to contribute funds without having to solicit for assistance from one governor or the other. Some of these people just want the use the opportunity to make money for themselves.
Bunch of selfish and fake people. If i hear anybody call Fa not to talk of yoshe, the thunder that will fire that person ehn.

Besides that are protocols to follow, I thought these people are learned, or they think you just place a call to somebody asking for money and you get it just like that? It does not work that way.

CHI EXOTIC said...

And where is the father of the child she had in all of this?
No one is talking about the man cause he's married huh?

Fayose is not in anyway related to Moji and he might not even know her sef.

Anonymous said...

Salako is petty

Anonymous said...

Mass comm

Kofo said...

The family should be ashamed!

So upon all her conversion to islam she no get reach 12 million for the account?

Besides where is the man that impregnated her? The man isnt interested and bothered cus he has a family he adores. Some women and their chicken brain!

Anonymous said...

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Na wa for wetin I type.

After the rumour that Fayose said he would help bring the corpse to Nigeria, they now released a statememt that they have not made an official statement.

Salako likes attention too much. He is the one causing all this plenty talk

GALORE said...

@Anonymous "orubebe "

Go and Die


Anonymous said...

So, her colleagues cannot contribute the money? Na wah o! Is it that they do not have money or they are mean to themselves in times of need? Na politicians dey always come to their rescue when the going gets tough!

Jeni_zee said...

Fayose I meant

Amaka Hundeyin said...

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Anonymous said...

dumb ass galore. I wonder why your comments irritates everyone? you must have a nasty foul smell because it oozing out of your palasa phone

LOLLAH said...

Tinubu is a hard core politician abeg. How did he know that they would need money? His PAs don over brief the guy

Amacastel said...

U dy mind the fake pple always flaunting their broke fake self in social media

Anonymous said...

She's an Ekiti State indigene and State cultural Ambassador. Tye law Moji Olaiya was a very popular Yoruba Actor so Fayose cannot say he didn't know her.
If Fayose wanted to help all these protocol ish wouldn't have been necessary. How much protocol does Fayose follow self?

sisi eko said...

Don't mind the attention seeking Salako. He did this to seek attention from apc. He didn't have to insult Fayose to praise tinubu. That was distasteful and Petty. All of them using moji's death to seek attention. Meanwhile heard her body landed Nigeria earlier today.

sisi eko said...

Stella, you should bring yomi Fash lanso's write-up about this issue. He's a notable actor too and he spoke in favour of Fayose. He made a lot of sense about how Nigerians can have unnecessary self entitlement and even insult u on top of it. His write-up was deep.

sisi eko said...

Don't mind the mumu Salako and his wife foluke. He's the one that caused all the mix up. Na him ways. 🙄

sisi eko said...


sisi eko said...

Tooorr.. Salako see your life😂

sisi eko said...

What is annoying is the manner in which Salako addressed the issue by hurling insults on the man. I was like.. wtf? Like they had something going on before.

Anonymous said...

The lesson that should be learnt from this unfortunate incident is that Nigerians should not travel abroad to deliver babies without adequate money and information. I suspect that the deceased didn't go through the right channels to have the baby, possibly went to deliver as an emergency patient rather than a proper patient with health insurance. Otherwise, her health issue would have been picked up and treated immediately after delivering. For example in the U.K., the health visitor would check on the mother and child regularly to monitor them and refer them accordingly. The fact that her condition had deteriorated and had to be rushed to the hospital as an emergency patient, two months after delivering confirms my suspicions.

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