Stella Dimoko Important Break Fast Info...


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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Important Break Fast Info...

I need you to know Something very important...

For those of you who can afford it,dont just eat breakfast,EAT RIGHT,eat well...
One bowl of sliced mixed fruits,washed down with a glass of juice is already breakfast .....Its not expensive is it?

Let us encourage each other to eat healthy....


  1. Anything to fill the tummy.
    Ordinary fruit is expensive abeg.
    To get the bowl of mixed fruit,you will spend #500.
    I can use #500 to cook stew for the family.

    1. Going to the market this days cab be so depressing. I went to market yesterday and couldn't buy all I went to buy.. Tomoatoes are on at it again...

      Nigeria my country!

    2. 500 for stew no fish or meat,or tomatoes 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    3. I was craving for akara and pap last night, this morning I had to quickly dash down the road.
      I felt relieved.

      Akara and pap Is bae. I washed it down with a glass of chilled Hollandia milk.

      I ve a wedding by 10am
      I'm off...

    4. I woke up craving for akara, I ate sweet oil akara and bread.

    5. Drinking my personal combo that I love so much.
      Hot milk

    6. LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    7. @ Chummy cho cho,so true on tomatoes, very expensive.
      I tire for this our country..

      Fruits are also high but affordable.

    8. I feel like we wasted our time complaining about tomatoes last year. Take advantage of the vegetable season any kind of vegetable you find do a combo and sauce is ready. Green beans, carrots, green pepper etc with a lot of onions and pepper. You will end up eating healthier sef.

  2. It's raining heavily here.
    Thunder and lightning.

    I am curled up on my bed
    ThankING God for the rain and this beautiful morning.

    Will do a watermelon and pineapple smoothie later. Eat with sausages smeared with mayonnaise.

    Morning to all sweet people in here. ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Woah,how will sausage test with mayonnaise?
      Me,i'm on KETO diet,i took eba with egusi soup then goat meat pepper soup by the side,then lucozade sports ti take over,chai KETO on point

  3. Replies
    1. I take their lemon grass tea!...
      It's more effective than their green tea...
      Very nice something...
      No more cold,cough and catarrah since I started using it...

    2. Oh really! I will try it then; do you know if it works for slimming too?

  4. I'm now friends with my gym crush...
    I can't wait to seduce him...*side eyes*at my Ola!...

    Fried plantain and egg sauce on my mind...
    Tomatoes are getting expensive!...
    Oops it's that time of the year...

    1. Babe,I stopped going to the gym briefly cos I was losing weight.
      Only went there for my tummy but I loooveee the dance routines and the rest.
      What can I suggest to my instructor abeg.. I don't wanna lose weight,I told him that oooh.
      I tried running... same shiiii,lost weight!!!!!!

      Should I just insist on those terrible,painful sit ups? LOL

    2. Lool! Rocking Chief😜

    3. Please I want to loose weight help me now. Wanted to do fitmrsfat on insta but she costs 300pounds biko by the time I save d money I suppose don loose

    4. Hey honey.. Maybe U shld add a lot of carbs especially before work out. You can't b ketoin n working out unless U r fat n want to lose weight n disappear but since it's just flat tummy Eat carbs a lot so that whiles working out U won't lose weight but You ll rather be thick. With curves in d right places

    5. Hahahahaha...
      Yes Iphie..
      With time,you would get used to it and it will stop hurting you!..
      It works oh!...people doubt I birth my kids through CS...
      My abs game is tight!...
      That's the only thing I do cos I'm not FAT!...
      I won't rest untill I get Rihanna's kind of abs!...
      I just need to stop taking alcohol..

    6. Okay Rx dear. I guess I will have to eat a lot of Carbs then.. to balance the equation.

      LinLin baby... I just want my flat tummy baccckkk😒😒😒 Is it too much to ask again?

      Hahahaha Onye nkwu!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
      Uwa wu ofu mbia mennn.

    7. I want to go on keto diet and is private on FB. Ian a nursing mother.

    8. Go register at palomino if you're in ph

  5. Vodka martini.Shaken not stirred

  6. Garden Egg is very rich in nutrients that are very useful to the body!
    * It serves as a good appetizer
    *It boosts the immune system.
    * Strengthen your body tissues
    * A good diet for the hypertensive and diabetic patient.
    * Enhances free circulation of blood in the body.
    *Helps the nervous system to fiction well.
    Bvs make sure you take your garden Egg after your breakfast every day.

    1. I love garden egg with gnut but can make me soooo hungry afterwards so I prefer to snack on it at night before bed time jare.

    2. I want to learn how to eat garden egg.
      Too bitter for me.

  7. Replies
    1. Same thing I had. No appetite yet!

    2. Its even raining now so na sleep get me

  8. Gonna ve tea for a starter before I prepare my pepper stew using palm oil with rice.chai, it haff tey this local pepper stew haff been doing my throat Ntoor"πŸ˜›, today I must wack it with smoked fish and shaki..see me salivating alreadyπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  9. One Saturday morning in my villa.... I had a full paint bucket of Sweet,Strong, Succulent Sexy German mangoes for breakfast...

    1. Boo boo I got mangoes yday. Can't wait to make my smoothie πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  10. I can remember last year, tomato was making yanga for apple. Apple was now folding odunlade adekolas hands for tomato

  11. Don't know what to eat yet jareh,still thinking.let me come and be right back

  12. All I can say is thank God for microwaves

  13. I ate indomie with fried egg this morning.

    God Bless Everyone.

  14. We too fear fear. Everything in moderation, that it. If you like you eat eba in the morning, as long as it is in moderation, you're good to go.

    You die when you die - timely or untimely, the world will not miss one only save for close family members. Life goes on regardless.

    We cannot live in fear.

  15. Yam and egg sauce to my rescue

  16. #Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have*

    1. I always look forward to your quotes. I'm sure I've told you before 😁😁. I ate akara and pap for breakfast

  17. Just had egg and mayo sandwich with a cup of hot tea.

    The weather is cold much.

    I've got my eyes on some party jollof later on. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  18. Well, will make some egg frittata with chicken, veggies, potatoes and download wit tea!!! U all have a nice day..

  19. Unbelievable Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Tiger Nuts (Ofio)

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    The consumption of this tuber is not only peculiar to Nigeria or West Africa. Tiger nuts tubers constitute diets of many people in North Africa and Spain. It is know to be eaten in its natural form in North Africa while the tubers are consumed as a drink called chufa in Spain.

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    There is wide spread believe and some forms of evidence that the consumption of tiger nuts by nursing mothers can actually boost the production of breast milk which can help in feeding their babies. In some communities, the tiger nut is used in the production of a local drink called kunun Aya, which can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of your age bracket including nursing mums. The milk-like drink also contains Vitamin E which is critical for improved fertility in both Men and Women. The vitamin is also used in cosmetic industry has it has the capacity to prevent ageing.

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    The tuber also play an important role in the lives of the Chinese. Tiger nut milk is used as a liver tonic, heart stimulant. The milk is consumed to heal serious stomach pain, to promote normal menstruation, to heal mouth and gum ulcer and is a powerful aphrodisiac (s£xual stimulant).

    Protein is usually known to be high in animal food sources. However, tiger nuts supply an impressive non animal protein which can be used as a good substitute particularly for those who do not have access to animal protein. Protein is essential for the proper growth, repair and development of the entire body. It is also important to note that the tubers contains numerous antioxidants that help fight free radicals

    We can keep on enumerating the numerous nutritional benefits of this tiger nut tuber. Tiger nuts are healthy to consume.

    1. Tiger nuts is also good for orobos that are watching their weight...
      Consume it when hungry and thank me later!..

  20. Like I said on SP,

    The weather was cozy n we decided to get cozy considering d fact dt we were #stillinbed

    Just wen action started,

    "A Knock on d door"

    Daddy "who's there"?

    Baby "it's me"

    Daddy "what"?

    Baby "I want to eat"

    Daddy "ok,im coming, Mummy n I are sleeping"

    Baby "I want bread"

    Daddy "ok, ok, wen I wake up"

    All this while,mummy is 'sleepping' lol

    Mummy whispers to daddy"tell them to make cornflakes"

    Daddy "make cornflakes"

    Baby to his sister "daddy said make cornflakes"

    Sister, "come n put on d gas,its tea we want"

    Daddy "use stove,wen Mummy n I Wakes up, she'll put on d gas we want to sleep first".

    I had to get off bed at this point bcx i cannot afford them to get burnt bcx I want ******

    That was how i made them tea while quickly rushed bck to d gentleman patiently waiting......

    Will be making local stew made wt bonga,smoked fish and big crayfish later

    1. Lol@ come and put on the gas, it's tea we want. They sha wanted to spoil the fun. Sorry.
      Meanwhile, waybill that local stew my side naa.

    2. Kids ehn


    3. Lol, @Tayan,weather is d 'causer'

      @Ciara whrs ur location at?

      @Swaggy,my one n only swaggy,u are already there so u go soon understand

  21. Beans and bread biko. nigerians are usually healthy as long as they eat, no matter what they eat

  22. Just ate my palm oil rice spiced with curry leave,pushed it down with tea.

  23. I am
    Having a smoothie now, but who am
    I deceiving in the next 1hr I shall eat something else lol

    1. My dear...
      That's how I formed lemme start my day with fruits. After eating mangoes and cucumber I felt I have arrived. Less than 45mins I told my girl to fry me potatoes and egg. I finished it with tea it's not upto an hour yet.
      Ayam hungry again.

  24. So I decided to fry akara for my family for the first time ever(I would normally buy outside). It came out horrible, the puree didn't float on the oil like it was supposed to, instead it sank in. I thought it was the oil and added more, same thing...

    As I cannot fall my hand na,I sent my girl to buy outside and pretended I fried it😴😴😴. I think my husband suspect but he didn't say anthing😁

    What did I do wrong mbok? Could it be cos I added onion after grinding instead of grinding it along side the beans... I'm so mad at myself. Just wasted money wey I dey find... I hate cooking joor. Mtchewwwww

    1. Last Saturday,i promised frying akara for them today but I totally forgot

      The joy I hv now is dt they also forgot����������������������

    2. Maybe the Akara batter was watery, secondly don't blend your onions it gives the Akara a weird taste rather You slice it in tiny size

    3. The Akara batter was most likely eatery. You ain't suppose to add water. Just little water for it to blend. And then you stir very very well

  25. Stella what juice again? If you are eating mixed fruit, you don't need the juice; except there are juice not made outta fruit.
    Am eating bread and egg with cold water beverage

  26. Okpa n week we start the Weightloss journey

  27. Pls house how do i make palmoil stew, the receip and procedure. Thanks

    1. How I make mine

      Parboil ur blended tomatoes

      If ur using beaf/assorted, parboil also
      add d parboiled tomato inside d meat stock

      But if u r using only smoked fish,bonga,crayfish n d rest, just put ur tomato on d heat,

      Cover and allow to steam,add ur palm oil(I dnt bleach mine)

      Cover n leave for about 5mins
      Add ur pilled bonga,big crayfish,smoked fish,etc and cover

      U only bring it down wen u see d oil at d top....

      I'm not really good at typing recipes but this is d little way I can explain

  28. Is raining here and everywhere is cold, hangover is giving me headache
    I will like to eat indomie with crayfish nd scent leave with lots of pepper

  29. my breakie is akamu and fried sweet potatoes.. Kai XP am officially in love with u ndaaam! ur writeup be giving Me life ndaaam! wanna be like u when I grow up.I read ur comments yesterday and on sp dis morning. Ndaam irinma o!

    1. Anony 11:00...hahahaha. Who be you? Daalu. Mana gini wu kwanu aha gi,nwannem nta? Ma eji mara onye mi na ya kwuga uka. *shines teeth*

      Breakfast in our home was freestyle jare. Hot plate of thick akamu, plenty honey or sugar and plenty Peak milk. Moimoi was straight outta da fire. Ogbono feli feli. As e dey hot. Can't count how many went down, the rains came down and everyone needed more than usual wraps per ration.

      In next one hour they would have cooled off well and off they hit the freezers. Welcome rainy season.
      *licks lips*

    2. Xp, only you typed as anon and rushed to reply, hmm.

    3. @18:28 anonymous bring drama for us. Do not be afraid to use your ID in your words to Xp. Lols

  30. Am so eating my coconut rice with chicken

  31. @Gbogbo bigz girl try eating them with Groundnut, coconut or groundnut/pepper paste...

    I had tea with bread today but rice and peppersoup on my mind..Today is my sister's birthday..Happy birthday to any bv celebrating today.

  32. Am fasting no breakfast for me

  33. Cucumber porridge with shredded turkey and scent leaf. Keto is bae abeg.

  34. break egg into the akara mixture next time.

  35. I had moi moi elemi meje with oat. Will take chilled mango now and sleep

  36. Ate wheat et egusi


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