Stella Dimoko Kachikwu Says He Will Resign if Nigeria Still iImports Petrol By 2019


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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Kachikwu Says He Will Resign if Nigeria Still iImports Petrol By 2019

Ibe Kachikwu, minister of state for petroleum, says he will walk away if Nigeria is not self-sufficient in petrol production by the year 2019.

Describing himself as a man of his words, Kachikwu said he had kept all of the promises he made since he became a public official in Nigeria.

The minister, who said he sets targets and meets them, vowed to resign if he does not deliver on this particular promise of Nigeria becoming a net exporter of petroleum products by 2019.

While fielding questions from Stephen Sackur on BBC Hardtalk, Kachikwu said: “I have delivered on all that I have promised when I came into office. First, I took Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and made it a profit-making organisation. This is the first time in history, I reshaped the organisation.

“I removed cash call deficits of over $6bn and renegotiated it. Everything that I have promised since coming into office, I have delivered. I will deliver on the refineries and I’m committed to it.

“I will also deliver a future for oil that makes sense for Nigeria. Bear in mind one has been there for one and a half years, the president has been there for two years; I can’t pretend that we’re going to solve in one day all the problems that happened in Nigeria in the past.”

Asked again when Nigeria will be self-sufficient in crude refining, he said, “our target is 2019…don’t worry, I put the date, I’ll work it.”

Sackur interrupted, saying, “And if you don’t achieve it, you’ll walk?” and Kachikwu replied saying, “Yes, of course, that is the reason why you are in government.”
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*Hmmm So much Energy in him to want to make things of the few good men we have!..


Krix said...

I just wish he can run for president come 2019.
Kachikwu is one of those men that still have Nigeria at heart.

Krix signing out via iPhone 7+

SANDY YO said...

Oh yeah?! Lets see na if this one wont be the usual to talk kawai and nothing at the end of the day.

Esther Okoro said...

Till then naa,we'll see what will happen .

God Bless Everyone.

Cynthia Iyede said...


Rappakatakata said...

2019 is too far na. Or is that a subtle way of saying Buhari will not be in Aso Rock come 2019 and so his position in government will not be guaranteed?
Oga resign now don't till then.

same girl said...

Its ok to want to make things better but saying he will resign in 2019? What is the certainty that he will be there by then?


Ok good for him, but wait o he's walking away in 2019 when APC are also going to walk out of office right? #justthinkingoutloud

saltish happy shoppers,we shop your imaginations shoes,bags,groceries and more 08062936606 said...

I pray God help you meet this target Mr kachikwu, just remain focused on your goal.

Stella Igbokei said...

The next general election is 2019. He can only remain as minister if buhari is the President

Esther Mgbolu said...

Story story!!!

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

All these APC goons and noisemakers should keep quiet. We are still waiting for N1 to a dollar. Yeye

Anonymous said...

No be 2019 be next election? Mtshew

perfect God said...

If all the people in government are sincere i guess Nigeria will be in a better position now
You guys should read #suffer for justice

plumpy j said...

That's what they all say.

Joy Okanje said...

Story for the gods

Joy Okanje said...

I don't believeit

Anonymous said...

How is he sure he will still be in that position in 2019? No one knows tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

From the day of independent till now, same story, same result, same failure. Have lost faith, interest, hope, etc in the entity called nigeria and her people. Period.

Anonymous said...

Reading responses here, I now see why there ain't so much development in this country. We all expect our politicians to deliver just immediate progress thus we see Roads and buildings as end of our dreams.

It is time for us to wake up and know that vision of a better tomorrow are laid when leaders look into the future: 10, 15 & 20 years ahead. There is an African proverb says: The village progresses when elders plant trees whose shade they know they would not sit in.

Long term goals are the hallmark of development.

Rx jay said...

Story story!!!
Please resign lemme occupy the position

jelly said...

Okay 👌

Olivia Silk said...

I am sure he is camping on private owned refineries.
Dangote refinery for instance, who we believe would start producing by 2019-2020
I also heard they signed a deal with Agip.
With support from other IOCs, it might be possible.


Nigeria refineries are filled with outdated equipment/technology and needs overhaul but trust government and Procurement, the contract will end up being political and nothing would be done.

Nigeria produces 7 million barrels per day, but we consume 32 million per day. The rest are imported.

Something needs to be done.

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