Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists -First CUT


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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday In House Gists -First CUT


Do you remember the time time you fell in love?The Adrenalin?
All the people you had to disobey because your love was the most important thing....?

Do you remember your first heartache?Remembering crying so much you thought you would not make it to the next day?

Did you end up as spouse to your first cut?If not,are you still friends and laugh over the stupid things you both did?..I am still friends with mine and we still laugh over how i saw a 'cucumber' for the first time and screamed swearing stuff like that could kill...LOL

How I spat out and almost threw up from my first kiss wondering why i would exchange saliva with anyone #PROnow.

Despite all that happened,whether it ended up a good one or a sad one.You are still here and we wanna hear your story.....

The most Interesting gist will win cash gift between 20-50k Courtsey of my beautiful BFF Angel Beautiful .....

Let's go!


  1. My first was messy, kinda taken advantage kind of ish and I never really gave out my heart since then.

    1. My first love is Ebuka and I've not gotten over him. I just left secondary school in Awka and started staying with my big sister who just got married.

      I took my little nephew to the barbing salon carrying a newspaper with me because I read a lot. On getting there,there were few guys and I just buried my face on the paper as I waited for my turn. Each time I look up from my paper I'll notice this cute guy looking at me from the mirror... I just bone face dey read. When it was his turn bobo said my nephew should go and barb as I look uncomfortable there in the midst of many guys there, I thanked him and carried my nephew to barb him,i always lap him during his barbing session because he hated it then, but bobo offered to lap my nephew so I don't get stained but I refused oh... to cut the long story short that was our meeting point and I gave him my phone number that day,this happened in 2009

      We started dating. I was a jambite and he was already in 200level in a private uni. Dude would refuse to call,text,or anything I even send airtime to someone richer than I am
      The love sweet me sotey I give am one name from a movie I watched (covers face) lol. I used to call him Shona from the Indian movie RV.
      His sister loves me,..i was already thinking marriage in my little head. He is not the first to kiss me...My school mother,story for another
      I visit him everyday and we would kiss and do all sorts..we never had sex but he thought me so many things. He would touch me like an expert, and the next day,i run back to him like I was hypnotised and whenever it's weekend I'm not always myself because there would be no school run excuse for me. Everybody on the street knows us. He would drop letters with our gate man and I drop letters to their gate man whenever my sister seized my phone.
      My sister changed my sim card after reading a message on my phone. She would beat me and report me to the block rosary
      She even refused me going for jamb lessons even when I told him that Shona has gone back to school..
      I saw my sister as a devil who doesn't want me to get married. Lol my sis can flog sha but I love her so much now.
      If I had money then I would have sent to him cos I was so smitten.

      The mumu love continued until I gained admission, told him and he wasn't all that happy and I was confused because we both promised to be spending weekends together whenever I gain admission.
      He stopped picking my call and changed his line. I almost died. I wasn't myself and I felt so bitter.
      After my first semester, I went home,went to their house and gate man said "small Oga say mk u no come again "...I almost fainted at the spot. I had to go to his sister's house to get his new phone number. I called him and a girl picked and warned me seriously never to call that line and that was how my first heartbreak happened...
      It wasn't easy. I tried to find closure. My self esteem was affected. I cried for days,months and I tried dating other guys but it didn't just work out. I couldn't move on. After 4 years, I searched for him on Facebook, contacted him, I needed to find closure as I still love him.
      He said he was sorry,and all that.he said he still love me but he has a gf and he wants to date the g f and I (unto sidecock levels) *yimu thanks to this blog.

      My first love messed me up

      We remained friends, until last month when I had to block him on all my social media handles after Banky proposed to Adesua. He's a chronic cheat, we promised each other a lot of things but I know he's not going to change.

      In my head,i still love him but I don't want that love anymore ...I keep moving on until I'm finally there

    2. Hmmmmm
      When ever I remember my first love I feel like to end my life ah I saw damn stupid mehn! I meant dis handsome guy called***** I fell in love with him den I just finished my SSCE, nitially my parents never wanted it , my mum was troubly me to leave the guy alone but me as a stubborn girl I was I never listened I was still a virgin ! To cut the long story short,did you know that the day that stupid heartless guy disvirgin me was the the we brokeup ah after the act he told me he can't continue with d relationship because of my parent😈I die and woke up ah I cry my life out and I curse him yes I did😭😭no regret!

  2. Mehn! This blog legit she. ..

    Please if you don't read SDK blog and comment, what is your aim in this Life?

    Stella I greet you.

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Oh love!!!
      The butterflies in my stomach , I could feel it in my fingers and toes , my palm sweats.......First cut is the deepest πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
      My first love finished me, he will call me by 10 pm to tell me that he is hungry, see me running down to the shop close to my hostel like Usain Bolt to get noodles and plantain. I will garnish the noodles with the fried plantain .πŸ˜‚ oh mehn!! Every Sunday nah goat meat stew.
      I will take a bike to his hostel , the girl next door be like " Babe it's late nah" considering the fact that cult boys were having this dangerous clash, this bobo will eat everything and say " baby you are the best" All nah wash abeg. One particular day I read a text message from one of his chikala , I carried my flask containing rice and left that night, almost 11pm.
      The first Asuu strike we had, me and this bobo balance for school, no leave, no transfer, my dad was so angry and he threatened to stop sending cash if I don't return home.
      Three years of doing my treasure, my sugar, my heartbeat, my Ikem..... I didn't enjoy campus life , I was busy doing lovey dovey while my mates were attending parties , going to government house to collect picanto from Sullivan😷 I was in my finals when the scales fell out of my eyesπŸ˜•
      Now my heart strong like kpomo, I love with 10% of my heart and 90% of my headπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

      Ladies, please and please.
      1- stay away from men who cry
      2- never trust the love of a broke guy.
      3- live life ! Love life ! YOLO.

    3. Ada, aka Shennel hyacinth. Now you have grown to be a full blown olosho. You stay around Rumuola PHC. I know you.

    4. Anon 16:44, Do you fuck? If you do, then you are an olosho as well.You came here to paint her bad as if you re a saint.
      For all I know, most of you anonymous re liars and fools because you've done something like this to me before by claiming to know one or two things about my wakaπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. So keep your useless info to ur sef.Who ur info epp?
      Liar liar , pants on fire.

    5. Know me? in your dreams πŸ˜€ rumuola πŸ˜‚ see why I don't believe all those shitz these anons come here to spill.
      Anon 16:44 hi hater✋🏽✋🏽
      @ kidjo, save your strength Hun, Such thingy don't get to me .lol.

    6. My 1st was on my case for a long time. He was easily the most handsome guy in my estate. I acknowledged the fact that he was good looking but I was Margaret Thatcher like. I used to be monosyllabic with him.I didn't give him the opportunity to express himself. I agreed to date him the following day my dad flogged me for dating him. Yeah,i am a rebel.
      I stated a whole crap of rules tho. No holding hands, no sitting on the same couch,no body contact whatsoever. I was 16.It went on for a long time. He did all the visiting. He was 18.He'd come after my had gone to work and leave just before he returns. His ex came around a lot to apologize to him. He was always at mine tho. We'd watch her from my own flat. His block was beside mine. So his flat was in our line of vision upon standing by the window.
      Our first kiss was heavenly. He was already sexually active and an awesome kisser. He wanted to travel for 6 weeks and my attitude vanished. I was used to seeing him daily. It was at that moment that I realised how fond of him I had become and how I was gonna miss him. I can't remember who made the first move. The kiss was lit and I caught on fast.

  3. chai
    I remember well well, d guy spoil me with airtym o b4 I say yes.......
    I no wan cry cos de

  4. Hehehe, Just remembering stuff makes meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. My first toasted me when I was in Jss 2 but I was still small then,when I got to ss1,he came back and toasted me again and I agreed,the first day he came to my house to see me in the night,we went to a very dark place to start all the novice touchy touchy, the next voice I heard was my dad's voice screaming my name,nne lekwa osonduπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ
      I didn't go home that night,i slept in my uncle's house,my uncle took me home the next day,i calculated lie to tell, none came believable,Nna the lie I told was that we were doing rehearsal for drama o
      My dad was like,rehearsal in the night? Before you spoil,i'll spoil your body, omo see beating that night 😨😰
      I didn't near the guy again since that day,i used to cover face whenever I see him, shame catch me dieπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ he is married now

    2. Hmmm, if I talk my own first love abi na infatuation story u guys will so laugh me ehn. Chai, just remembering this is making laugh and ashamed at the same time.

  5. Don't have strength to type jare

  6. I'm at the market right now. Wish i was at home so I can cool down and gist you all. If I get back home early enough and not tired maybe I'll gist you guys. The thought of my first time is crazy.

  7. I gat a whole lot to say, but too shy to bare it all.
    I remembered when he asked me if I have ever kissed anyone before, and I said yes, he asked who I said my
    Cousin's baby, he smiled lean forward, held my head in his hands and did some acrobatics with his tongue, I was so shy, pushed him off and buried my face in my hands😲😲😲😲😲.

    Let me see if I can borrow iver to come find is the gist, that guy spoil me I swear.

  8. Stelz,this kain gist ehn!!!
    my god did i do stupid things! when i think in retrospect,i just laugh at how stupid & naive i was.
    He was 14 years older than me,don't worry,it wasn't child abuse jare,i was 18yrs then,he was "manly".
    As in i like a man in charge,there is something abt a man that's " manly" that turns me.
    Anyway, I'll always sneak & lie that i was going for school or church trip,just to travel to see hiGood News Translation Genesis 1:9-10,29 Then God commanded, “Let the water below the sky come together in one place, so that the land will appear”—and it was done. He named the land “Earth,” and the water which had come together he named “Sea.” And God was pleased with what he saw. I have provided all kinds of grain and all kinds of fruit for you to eat;m.most times,i go for church activities & end up spending the whole time with him instead of what i came for & evn stayed late sometimes..popsy them never suspected a thing,i was a church girl, he was a core church man,practically 2nd in command in church...abeg,it was love.I recall seeing his cassava for the first time,it was big,i swear very thick! he was celibate too & then we did it,felt so awkward, we would do all over since then..though i pretended i enjoyed it all through but i swear,i never did.
    I enjoyed the company & rush of adrenaline but asides that,sex didn't trip me,or maybe he wasn't doing it well.
    Now,we're just strangers,it's normal "hello,hi"... but funny sha,he's always asking if am seeing anyone.. i don't see myself dating or straffing him again. I get irritated sha

  9. My first girlfriend, my first love, my first Cherie was Anthonia.
    She was born April 18, I was born April 16
    Same year. We both bear OLA.

    Anthonia and I have been together from when I was in PRIMARY 5.
    She was everything to me then. We would sit together in class, talk, gist, play, to the extent that everybody in class knew we liked each other.

    There are times when Anthonia will be flogged in class and I will start cryingπŸ˜–πŸ˜–. Real cry oo😒😒. Whenever I am also flogged in class, she will cry too. Everybody knew about this, until a day our class teacher found out.(Uncle-Tope)

    Uncle tope wanted to flog Anthonia in class, because she couldn't solve a maths question. He asked me if he should flog Anthonia, I said NO. then he turned to me to flog me, he asked her, should he flog me? She said NO. That was d day we entered Uncle-Tope's soup ooo..
    He flogged us both that day for the stupid affection we had for each other, that we were too small to know what love means. (UncleTope made our love stronger from dat day)😘😘 LearnerπŸ˜‚

    We finished from primary school, she left for St. Louis, Ondo. I left for the Seminary, akure. (A Boarding school). I couldn't get in touch with only through letters. She would write me and send through her neighbours, same thing I do also. That continued for 6years, til I finished from seminary.

    When Mobile phones came into existence, I will use my dad's Nokia 3310 to call during extra-cool. We will promise each other heaven and earth. The number of children we will birth (ama goo oo.πŸ˜–πŸ˜–), the names, then we promised that WE WILL KEEP OURSELVES TILL MARRIAGE.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ No Sex. We were so serious then that all my breath n focus was on her.

    We started dating officially when I finished school,
    We both had time for ourselves. She comes visiting too, but no sex, no kiss, no handshake, no peck. She would come, and I let her sit in the sitting room. We would talk then she will leave, not knowing that the relationship was heading towards the rock, all because I didn't touch her. I was so afraid then to touch her, maybe cos of "THE SEMINARY" maybe cos of "THE AGREEMENT". I never knew how to touch a lady then.

    She broke up with me after 9 years of dating. I was so angered, I was so broke, I was devastated. I will cry manyatimes to relieve myself.
    I had the courage one day to ask her the reason why she is breaking up with me. Her response, "THE RELATIONSHIP WAS TOO BORING, THAT WE DONT KISS, WE DONT HUG, NO SEX NOTHING NOTHING"
    I was shocked. I told her that we had an agreement not to. She said, that was then. That I am not man enough to handle her..😨😨😨

    I was weak for months ooo.. It was Femi that helped me healed totally from her. He gave me a therapy for getting over girls who I had fallen in love with..I still use it till now.

    We are still friends ooo.. I still love her. And I still want to gbensh her. Being the first love. Whenever I invite her to come, she would dodge and dodge me cos she knows she will finally give me.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. wow i enjoyed reading this lol i pray you guys end up together

    2. Awwww! Most guys that go to minor seminary are usually calm around ladies... Can you marry her or you just want to gbensh.

    3. No oo.. We can't end up together..
      Don't pray oh..
      Besides the love don jam trailer...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Wild Rose. Make ino lie.. I wan gbensh her.
      How I go date girl for 9years.. Nothing nothing

      Na why I still dey follow her talk small smallπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5. Is she Anthonia Akinlosotu?Heard she did her Intro some weeks ago

    6. Stellz I don enter on-chance ooooo😨😨
      Who are you? Anon16;07
      I fear una ooo.

    7. I'm dating one like you😭😭😭 minor seminary children always scared of sex even to kiss is war😩😩😩 but they're always good husband material. Fyi we're still struggling abt the sex 😟😟. I enjoyed ur story.
      My own first love story gidi gann,in 100level then I'll carry my allowee and give the "hediot" and be eating so so mallam mishai every evening until one month I needed money seriously and didn't give him my allowance and he started acting up I received sense immediately and dumped him😀😀

    8. Kai.. You have finished us ooo..
      So true.. I was always scared of sex then,

      I thought when my dick enters, it ll not come out again..😲😲😲😲

      Tbh.. We are good husband material..πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    9. Love your writeup.
      Next time, be discrete with information.

    10. 9years of dating...
      You were actually too small then to know what love is.

  10. Stelz,this kain gist ehn!!!
    my god did i do stupid things! when i think in retrospect,i just laugh at how stupid & naive i was.
    He was 14 years older than me,don't worry,it wasn't child abuse jare,i was 18yrs then,he was "manly".
    As in i like a man in charge,there is something abt a man that's " manly" that turns me.
    Anyway, I'll always sneak & lie that i was going for school or church trip,just to travel to see hiGood News Translation Genesis 1:9-10,29 Then God commanded, “Let the water below the sky come together in one place, so that the land will appear”—and it was done. He named the land “Earth,” and the water which had come together he named “Sea.” And God was pleased with what he saw. I have provided all kinds of grain and all kinds of fruit for you to eat;m.most times,i go for church activities & end up spending the whole time with him instead of what i came for & evn stayed late sometimes..popsy them never suspected a thing,i was a church girl, he was a core church man,practically 2nd in command in church...abeg,it was love.I recall seeing his cassava for the first time,it was big,i swear very thick! he was celibate too & then we did it,felt so awkward, we would do all over since then..though i pretended i enjoyed it all through but i swear,i never did.
    I enjoyed the company & rush of adrenaline but asides that,sex didn't trip me,or maybe he wasn't doing it well.
    Now,we're just strangers,it's normal "hello,hi"... but funny sha,he's always asking if am seeing anyone.. i don't see myself dating or straffing him again. I get irritated sha

    1. 14yrs difference ni??? you sure say no be C.A?? y d Bible quote abi na auto translate?

    2. anyways,i knw dat feeling, bn dia b4...dia z sumfin abt olda men! feel horny alrdy,kikikikikiki!!!

  11. My first relationship was with a Caucasian girl. The first day she met my mum said 'hi'and walked straight to the fridge to get soda ,my mums reaction was exactly that of odunlade's picture used for memes now.....but mehnn she 'baaaad', we are still cool now though ...... okbye.

    1. Lol.... I can imagine your mom's reaction.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      I dont blame your mum jare. Shuuu!

  12. My first kiss was on d road o. Lool. But we broke up sha. Now I have the heartbreak of my life with the person I lost my virginity to. He stopped picking my calls after d bad sex πŸ˜’. It's difficult to move in sha. Aunt stellz this money fit help me move on oo.

  13. Met and fell in love with my cousin's friend after my JSCE but we lost contact when I went back. 3yrs later I was back in town and on the second day of my visit guess who dropped by..😁😍

    Then he was already an undergraduate in one of the Federal Universities but always drove to school from home which was like 7poles from my cousin's. Everyday on his way to lecture, he would drop by to say hello, on his way back he would do same and we would sit under a tree and gist for a while, after which he would drive home, park the car and stroll back. We would chat until 7pm,then I would see him off to his gate and he would walk me back to mine πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚.

    Gosh!! It was such a beautiful thing we shared and I used to look forward to talking to him,kissing and just driving round town on his lecture free days. We did everything but have sex.

    We kinda just drifted apart when I gained admission into a Uni in a neighboring state but reconnected several years later. We had such a beautiful thing together and sex got included. All was good until dude started acting weird and I always felt uneasy over some things he did. Lucky for me I had to leave town for a year.

    It's been a few years since he passed away and I still shudder at the thought that he deliberately tried to infect me.😞☹️

  14. I was in the University then and I was their pastor
    she had a bet with her room mate that she was going to seduce me
    I did not know what was happening but everyday I dodged a "vagina bullet"
    She was on display every time for sex
    She would have "owned" me had I budged
    It was overwhelming desire for the girl was not ugly at all
    Why didn't I succumb? Answer: God, Jesus, my Lord, his grace, his word
    Finally, the two room mates quarreled and the other spilled even more than required
    I got to know a lot of boys; some "pastors" that fell for her antics on "their bed"
    She eventually came clean and confessed

  15. Hmmm. My first cut was a total knock out. I thought I was being care when I thought I was ready for the dating thing. Alas, I didn't know jack! It's being six solid years and I doesn't hurt anymore! But I can remember vividly how I couldn't sleep well, my head was spinning so fast, heart so big and I thought I would die. The day came and I was just living like a zombie without direct. I remember travelling back to school, wishing the bus could have accident(i wouldn't dare wish that now).I cried so much, only very few friends knew about it. My solace came from crying, talking to people and gospel music. But guess what, I survived, wiser and I had to set my priorities right. After about three years, he came back pleading and begging. He even tried to play 'i'm your first card" I totally turned it down; saying I don't go back to my vomit. Thank God, I'm in better place now, career wise and still working to better myself. Pardon my errors o! I had to write this as it's coming to my mind. SDK your da bomb, always keeping it fresh.

  16. Mine was messy. Too messy.
    I defied all odds, disappointed so many. Not many would understand that I was so much in love. Too much I'd add.
    I didn't care about what was being said. All I knew was I had the man I wanted, maybe because he was my first. Thought I would never find anyone else (I am quite conservative) if I had not taken the big decision.
    Then the tears and heartache followed. Boy was I almost rendered useless. The heartbreak, the lies, the disgrace and much more.
    I became a shadow of myself, lost so much weight. My heart would jolt at the sound of his ringtone (I was insecure like that).
    It went on for months until I decided it was enough. I cried myself to sleep that night, skipped school the next day.
    I thought about how I used to be the heartbreaker (took pride in my innocence) and how the tables had turned because I had given it away. Long story short, I gathered myself together, drained myself of all forms of emotions and buried them. Got a make over and that was it.
    Roles were reversed, I became "blind". Didn't care anymore. It wasn't easy but was worth it at the end of the day. I took offense in every little thing he did and would keep malice for days, weeks. He became the "begee", always prostrating over little things πŸ˜‚. It was fun making him an emotional wreck.
    Let me stop here πŸ™ˆ.
    I learnt that being "intact" pays. When the guy screws up, you can walk away with your head high. No one would owe anyone anything. Take it from who's been there.

  17. The first guy I fell in love with . I wrote his name inside all my books at school . The first day he gave me a kiss I almost fainted . After that kiss, he tried to chop the cookie wc I was keeping cuz I was virgin . The love i had for him died that v day . N to think I was still in secondary school . I kept my cookie till I got to the no longer a virgin tho . But it was worth it .

  18. Lol. My first was a soldier. Long story cut short, I was still in school, I think 300L when he proposed, I said yes because then we were so much in love. But my parents and siblings were all against it, but we still went ahead to fix the day the people will come see my own people. On the appointed day, I was just coming out of the exam hall when my father called and I quote "Ezinne, if you really want me to continue being your father, tell those people not to come to my house, but if you're ready to live without a father, then go ahead". Well, I gather sense by force, called the guy and canceled the whole thing. My school fees then wasn't moi moi and I know the guy won't be able to carry the load. Till date, if it's possible for him to kill my people, he'll do it without a second thought. But in everything I thank God. We're still friends and I know he's hoping for the best. But since I couldn't disobey my father now that he's alive, I won't ever do it even in death.

  19. #Don't waste your time on people who don't know what they want*

  20. My first love was a childhood friend.. I loved him as a friend or Brother... We do everything together, attended the same primary and secondary school. I tell him stuffs that I cannot say to my female friends. He was everything to me, buys snacks during break and even allow me copy from him during exams. He is the most generous and selfless guy I have ever known.
    However, our friendship ended when he asked me out on our graduation party. I was not comfortable with the idea but I sccepted so as not to hurt him.. After then, u started avoiding him. I could not look at him directly like I used to. I see him like my brother.. We never kissed until my family relocated to our permanent site.. I missed him so much but I love him more as a friend...

  21. Yes ooo, I remember vividly. My first love was the father of my son. I did the first of everything with him. I had my first kiss with him, my first sexual intercourse which resulted to my son now, although he is late and never lived to see his son but yes i still feel the adrenalin even now as I am typing. When the kissing started I didn't know whether to keep opening my mouth or bite his lips or suck his tongue. He saw my naivety and told me to repeat whatever he was doing to me with his mouth. Chai! #memories. I know of a fact that if not for his demise I would have been married to him with 2 more children. Continue to rest in the bossom of the almighty Bernard....Since then i have not been lucky with love. It is well.

    1. Chai. Miss Ess the Lord is your strength. You'll be fine.
      Kisses and lots of hugs.

    2. Oh dear, this broke me😩😩😩😩
      E-hugs dear , It's well with you.

    3. Oh dear Ess...Love will find you .Amen

    4. OmG!!!

      This brought me to tears. Now I see d reason u are always down.

      The Lord is ur strength my dear. There's nothing He can't do.

      It is well with u. Pls cheer up n be happy bcx thats what Bernard would love u to

    5. Cheer up Miss Ess. Be strong for your son.
      Warm Hugs dear!

    6. Its well with your miss Ess, love will find you soon.

    7. Awwww..this touched me
      Its well dear,God knows best

    8. Oh so sad. May his soul rest in peace.

      U will surely find the man that would love u for real soonest.

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  23. yeepa !! Let's go down memory lane

    Hmmm hmmm...Teenagers ehn

    I can't even believe what I did then.
    Now I look at my younger cousin and I can't help my if they have started keeping boys/girl friends.

    Darn... then I was a jew girl. I was also a sassy
    I don't answer guys for any reason. And my school is only girls school.
    But one day we(I and 2 other girls in SS 3 )went to a state Sponsored competition at WDC.

    We met with other schools with hot brains too. It was a tough one.

    So after everything,results announced etc. The arrow of CUPID struck me. As fate had it..His Guy name is CUPID too.
    I think it was crush at first sight. The guy has it. TDH and intelligent. He came first too from their category.

    Being me nah...I just boned the guy and went home. All School came with their school bus.

    Unknown to me the feeling was mutual.. lol okay o

    So after some weeks we went on Mid term break.

    Hmm...Could you imagine I received a call from my
    Come and see forming... Immediately I turned FBI agent. He later confessed that he liked me when he saw me that day. That he got my number from my cousin with a bribe(His belt).lol

    Our First Kiss was heavenly..Thanks to The High School Musical I have been digesting. But we didnt

    Are we still Together ??

    Me I don't know o. Since he went away to Canada to Study Medicine.
    I haven't heard from him although he called when he arrived but his number ain't connecting again since then. I cried the night he was leaving. The night he called that he has arrived...come and see crying on phone...the two of us. Chaaii Love nwa ntiti.

    Is this a coincidence ? ? Today makes it 6 years of our separation.

    BtW... I no dey do love again till I have travelled the world. lol

    To the Lovers...happy loving o


    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Love is for birds

    2. @Ola you know book o


  24. Ok, here goes my little story. My first love and I waited 3 months before having sex. I met him on an AOL chat room, then he messaged me privately. We went to the movies for our first date and I thought he was too short(5"6') and too young for me(we were both 18 yrs), so I kept him as a friend. In the course of our short friendship, we started developing feelings for each other. We had the same values, sense of humor, memories our childhood, similar background, we even came to the US the same day! We were crazy about each other.

    Our first kiss was beautiful. Even though I was still learning, he was a pro. He knew how and when to use his tongue...hehe. That was the beginning of something beautiful that would last a while. After 3 months of dating, I told him I was ready to be deflowered. He panicked and broke up with me! I cried my eyes out.

    I called his best friend and told him that his friend broke up with me. He assured me he would talk to him to see what happened. He arranged for me and my ex to meet. My ex explained to me that he was scared of being the one to take away my virginity because I am so pure and he doesn't want to ruin it(*rolls eyes*), but he loves me so much.

    That night, we ended up at my house, while my mom was in the living room, we had sex for the first time in my bedroom. It was so painful, that I cried. I bled quite a bit too. I cried, while mumbling that I wasn't a virgin anymore and I lost my purity(hahaha). He felt bad, but held me while I cried and wiped my tears, cleaned me up and told me he loved me and would never leave me. We dated for 8 years after that, before we started drifting apart and I broke up with him eventually.

    1. Why go anon?
      Your story sweet oo

    2. ola dear all of us here claimed we married as Virgins that is the reason for anon ok

  25. My first love story wasn't a 'cinderella' kind, this guy nd I met when I was in my first year in the university, we became gud friends nd he eventually asked me out nd I accepted, everytin was all gud nd stuff till he started asking for sex, me being a virgin nd my mum's advice wen I left home dat if I have sex, my destiny will be ultered(lol) kept ringing in my head, he pesisted nd I asked him to come at some point so we cn finally do it, he was excited nd came over, we wia romancing nd wanted to get to d main tin, nd I snapped, I couldn't do it, he was so pissed nd left my house around 12am, he invited me over in the evening nd I thought everytin ws kul, I ws suppose to sleep over but I didn't want to cos of wat happened d previous nyt, nd I left, to cut the story short, he said I stole his laptop while he ws sleeping nd made me pay for it cos I had no proof dat I was innocent, he was owing me nd didn't pay back, he called my mum nd told her all manner of lies against me of how I ws running after him nd wont let home focus on his studies, my dad didn't talk to me for weeks, even to respond to my greeting, all bcos of him nd dis is d guy dat letrally cried bcos I turned him down d first time he asked me out, nd I found out dat he ws cheating on me all the while.. Well we are not best of friends anymore nd I hate him so much, he has been asking for forgiveness tho, but its meaningless to me..

  26. I meet my first date for where I been dey work when I just finish secondary pending when admission go come for me to enter uni. him been dey 34 while me dey 16 that time.I chop beating for my people hand because of the man ehn,and me too no gree leave am because of stupid love sotey when them sack me for where I been dey work,I no tell my people.I see am as an opportunity to dey baff early mormor go him house,then come back for evening dey gist my people how work been dey that day.stupid love.I do am like that reach 3 months still nobody know say na boyfy side I dey show from.note:sex been no dey involve which make me like,but anytime wey him kini stand,na to give am my laps make him finish work(him no chop pussy)

  27. If only I can go back n get it right.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Before I come get admission come go school.Boyfy been dey bring provision come give me every weekend,all the time,I no know say one of my roommates dey cut eye for one day,I enter bathroom to go baff,then roomy come carry my phone tiff bobo number begin call bobo then all of a sudden,bobo stop to dey visit me,then my roomy begin travel every weekend,ahhh!

    ME:hello!e don tey wey u come visit me oh,wetin dey xup?

    BOBO:I dey very busy with work this days na him make me no dey come again but no worry,I go come for month end

    ME:Okay oh(call end)

  30. My first cut was with my first boyfriend. I was in SS 3 then. He was a young corper in my secondary school. Very handsome. He used to buy gifts for me, I thought I love him then in my young mind. Lols. One Saturday after Jamb lessons in a tutorial center that he operated with his friends, he lured me to his house. After eating indomie and egg, I was watching film when he came and sat beside me, he asked me to kiss him, I pecked him, he brought his mouth to mine and kissed me, my first kiss. I was shaking. He then took my hand and touched his P with it, it felt big, hard and warm inside his boxers, I quickly removed my hand, I was scared, started crying, I was a virgin. Lol. In my mind, I was like (this guy will kill me with this thing today, why did I follow him, I'm finished) He told me he was not going to hurt me that he only wanted to talk to me. He started saying how much he loves me, how he wants me to have his children, all the while I was crying. He cleaned my face, opened the small table fridge and brought out a juice, poured it in a glass cup for me. He locked the door saying flies are coming inside. (I was dead inside me already) Sensing danger as I had heard how they put drug inside juice and rape girls, in my brain, I quickly replayed the way my epileptic neighbour usually do when it starts, I now started gathering some saliva and stored it in one corner of my mouth, he was urging me to drink the juice, after a few minutes, I fell from the chair and started displaying like someone under epilepsy seizure. I released the stored saliva from my mouth slowly, eyes turned white and twisting like a snake while making sounds like a goat that was being slaughtered. Guy man quickly shouted for help, no one came, I kept displaying thinking that if I stopped, he might still decide to have his way. He ran outside, came in again and carried me on his shoulder to the back of the next building and put me on the ground there. Immediately he turned around and started going, I jumped up and started shouting thief theif thief, the guy turned around looking at me with mouth opened in shock before he picked race. I started running too. We were both running in opposite directions.
    The following Monday, I narrated everything to my friends in class, we mocked him when he came into the class, shame did not allow him to come to my class again after that day till their batch left. I don't even remember his name again.

    1. He is likely to be forming responsible guy somewhere now

    2. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    3. This is hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Hahahaaahahaaaaaa.
      Why do guys always do that, I mean wanting g you to touch their dick.

    5. I tire o. Even the ones with tiny dick will put your hand there.

    6. C me laughing at 3;40 am o! U b cease girl hahaahhaha

  31. Feels good to be back!!!
    I missed SDK scara!

  32. Mine was with my secondary school boyfriend. we had finished from school and waiting for our SSCE results.
    Before deciding to do the do, we had been kissing and smooching, sometimes in an empty class room. Most weekends we would meet up at a specified spot and stroll holding hands. When it gets dark, we would go into a primary school or any other quiet spot and romance. I would rub his something until he 'release' (in james' voice)

    He too will rub my small breasts while kissing and when he wants to touch my own something, I will quickly remove his hand. I was a secondary virgin as I was molested by an older cousin as a 5yr old girl. But I had not had s*x since that time. I only watched 'blue films'.

    The day we wanted to do it. He was a virgin and a bit inexperienced too. After the kissing and rubbing, all in an empty class room in that primary school one Sunday evening, he brought out a condom(I had asked him to buy a condom), I was lying on the teacher's table naked, legs wide spread(spoilt child) he struggled to tear it but couldn't, I quickly snatched it from him and used my teeth to cut it. He was just looking at me stunned. I wore it on his d**k, still looking at me, I asked him to enter inside, this boy was shaking and using his something to search for my something. I directed his something to where he should enter, oh boy, he could not enter, I was so tight, his tool was very big for his age(17) just like the ones I used to see on adult men in 'blue films'.
    I used saliva and rubbed the place, I now asked him to enter again, he was doing sume sume, I grabbed his tool and pushed it in slowly. This boy did not know how to jerk fa. I was the one doing it from under.
    I enjoyed it wella, it was my first real s*x. He too was just shaking and sweating. When he wanted to come, he was muttering 'mummy, mummy, mummy,, kikikikiki. Spoilt shildren. We did it again one more time and this time I was on top, rode him like a horse(blue film is a bastard). He screamed and almost attracted the security guard of the school.
    Well, we went our separate ways afterwards as I gained admission into the higher institution first, dumped him and faced my studies. Today he is married, but we still greet once in a while. I sometime crave for his big, long something but then I quickly caution myself, I can't shout biko.
    Btw, guys with thick pomo lips dey carry load sha.
    That is my original true life story.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Awwwwwwwww Miss Ess, ur tales brought tears to my eyes. Don't worry ur pretty head my darling, love will locate you. Kisses to your boy on my behalf and Happy Children' day to him.

  35. in my class jss 3 then I will tell my class captain tunde if i fuck you eeh your sperm will turn watery like the one from egg ask me if i have seen sperm before ,my first that broke the cookie I hate him till tomorrow ,why because I thought he put a hole on my pipi ,I thought sex was just rubbing at the surface and kissing never knew was something deeper until I did it with my then bf and I ran home crying to our house boy that emeka have put hole in my body oh and blood is coming out ,was almost going to tell my mum when our house boy said to me you just want to send emeka to prison ,you just got dis Virgined and you just had sex ,and I was like that isnt sex abeg is barbaric that guy is a monster I will never speak to him again and that was it ,I never spoke to him again

  36. @Anon 16:44, the Ada, aka Shennel hyacinth, sey she attend ABSU ni? She from Abia state. Dark and slim with flat buttocks? If yes, then I know her wella

    1. Sorry oh @anon you go dey alright

  37. My first love then was in secondary school, I was in Jss 2 πŸ™ˆwhile he was in Jss3. It all started when we were placed in the same class during test.Dude made sure we were placed on the same seat throughout the duration of the whole test week.I noticed he was extremely nice to me, always taking me to the canteen during break.Naim I start dey catch feelings o and he was cute like Osaze Odewingie😞😞😞
    I was young,shy and innocent, but people thought I was wild and already fucking because of my physique.
    Samson will engage me in serious discussion after the test period during break and shame will nearly finish my enemy.I always had a novel I used in covering my face whenever he was talking to me.Chai,oh boi 😩😩😩😩😩
    I was going to the ladies one afternoon when somebody grabbed my hands from nowhere and dragged me into the guy's toilet, he started kissing me(that was my first kiss o and I was having it inside the toilet, yuck!! Because that wasn't what I've been dreaming of. I planned to ve my first kiss like they did in cinderella's cartoon😩😩😩 but Samson spoilt everything for me😠😠😠.He started fondling my small bobbi.I was feeling weird and the touch on my bobbi sent shivers down my spine. He took my right hand and placed it on his rod which was already standing at attention and waiting for orders,I was massaging it like a pro.πŸ˜†Chai, so na like so this thing dey sweet.He brought my bobbi outta my smally bra and was sucking them vigorously that my legs were shaking.I guess I got wet cause I noticed my panties were a lil bit soaked.I started crying that I had pee(d) on my body only for him to smile that I was only wet, he placed his hands in his mouth and pushed it into my skirt, straight to the panties I had on.I was like"what re you doing?" He said he wanted to check if I was ok...πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
    He started rubbing my Clit and I was in heaven on earthπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† as he was about to push it down into the hole, my mummy woke me up from sleep and all you've been wasting your time reading since was nothing but a wild imagination that has been running wild right from birthπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    1. Yeye πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was waiting to read to d end and call u a spoilt child

    2. Lol, You no well. So na imagination be this. I was already looking at you with Stella's side eyes.

    3. Now this is a crazy lady!!!

      Me likey crazy lady.. would love to be ur friend pls.....

  38. Ahh yels stellzz, first love cut the deepest. Never commented on this blog (though an ardent reader) but this post sent me down memory lanes.

    So mine started wen I was in secondary school (js3). I was a boarder in a different secondary to him but we came to write junior waec in his school, that was when I saw him. Our eyes met immediately, stared at each other but we both looked away was too obvious. Fast forward to ss1. This time, he had grown so tall, so handsome still lanky. We met again in his school when my school inaugurated young catholic students, I was president and turns out he was too so everything clicked from there. The chemistry was too much, everyone from both our schools immediately noticed it.and to crown it all, we were namesakes. They called us 'U-square'

    During holidays, we would do midnight calls everyday. He even comes down from onitsha to asaba to visit me. We would hang at our favorite eatery..jst pure innocent love. Everyone knew our hang spot. The relationship was very popular.

    Fast forward to ss3, that was when wahala started. My parents found out and had to go embarrass him in school...At this time, he was already headboy...but I heard hour didn't deny and still insisted I was his babe (sweet actually) but then his friends came in between. Somebody told him he saw it in his dream that I was a witch...and so we broke up. We fought, I cried, it was public and bad. It still hurts even now. We did try to get back but it wasn't the same. I traveled to England for uni and he remained in Nigeria.

    Even till now, we reminisce on old times and have tried countless times to rekindle the flame but it has proved difficult....we re too different now and frankly he annoys me. But yeah, we re still frnds and still talk from time to time. A lot of our friends still wonder what classes have happened if we stayed together but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Love is indeed a beautiful thing...neva felt the same way ever since.

  39. Took my children out for children day fun to watch them play......thank God for life

  40. I remember writing down the date I had my first kiss. But abeg I don forget d date jare. I can't even remember feeling.

    But my first love? Hmmmm. I was smitten. I just got admission and decided to join the Legion of Mary. Then I saw dis cuuuute dark short guy. Lol (were u expecting me to say tall? Sorry to burst ur bubbles). I was love struck but couldn't do anything about it. He was d vice president. U can imagine my joy when it was time to share Legion work and he paired us together "so he could teach me well". Boy o boy....this boi taught me really well. Lol. I think we kissed 3 days later. Biko save the insults. It was beautiful. I was still a virgin and not a so great kisser but he was really patient with me and made me feel really special. He's a great guy. We didn't end up together though cos we found out we are both AS. Twas very difficult but we had to let go. He's married now and here I am, single to stupor. Lol. I have no regrets.

  41. Its been a while for WNB.....where are the married BVs pls......

  42. My first first love.

    I missed the butterflies that would always flutter in my stomach whenever I see him, I would always hide at the back of my gate whenever he was passing wishing he will notice me but he never did, I would sit down with lantern and write love letters I never gave to him, I would talk to him imagining him sitting beside me whenever I was going to bed. I made effort to talk to him from time to time but he never noticed me, he was always talking to his friends and when eventually he spoke to me, he did like I don't exist even as a human, I became so heartbroken and zeroed my mind on him, the feeling was so real that I had him in mind always, smiling to myself and hoping that one day, I will tell him how much I loved him.
    It was in JSS3 first term when he got registered in my school as a senior student, SS2 precisely. The shock and excitement churning in my stomach the first day I saw him was what I couldn't explain. Deep down of me, I was very excited on seeing me but in the midst of this excitement, something which was probably my head was hating on him that I had to suppress those feelings.
    He was extremely brilliant that shortly the whole student and teachers started talking about him, his brilliance spread like wildfire that it wasn't a surprise when he was made a DSP(deputy senior prefect)in his SS2, he would have been an SP but the school rule mandated that the SP would have to have being in the school from junior secondary. He was legally delegated authority to handle matters as regarding the junior secondary especially that of handling Jss3 tutorials since his brilliance could handle it.
    After school, we would wait for 1hour for extra mural lessons for our upcoming junior waec. Most times, the teachers trusted him with teaching us. Seeing him frequently made suppressing the feeling I had for him so difficult, whenever the bell for closing was rung, my stomach would begin churning, making imaginary sound in my head, I would go to the toilet almost five times before he arrived because I couldn't the thought of him coming. Eventually when in class, I couldn't concentrate because I would be watching him and having fantasies in my head, I would always write love letters to him while in class addressed to him but I never gave him and at the end of the class, I will tear it up. After his two weeks of his coming, the feeling became so unbearable that I had malaria and I didn't go to school for a two days, I resolved that either I tell him or I stop going for the extra lessons. Unfortunately I couldn't stop lessons because the two days I missed lessons told a different story to me and I felt unserious. I resolved to tell him.
    That day, after lessons I waited outside the school gate waiting to him to come down and also making the calculation of how I was going to tell him, putting the sentences and constructing the words, I felt so much better after that thought that at last, this is going to end. When he eventually came down, I walked up to him and greeted him then told him I wanted to tell him something, his first statement was "ok, about the lesson I guess, what don't you understand" I lost the words and changed my direction and we talked about the lessons, it felt so beautiful talking to him at that moment that even when I got home, I kept remincising over the whole conversation and at the same time felt like a failure for not telling him what I had in mind, I resolved that no matter what, I will tell him my feelings the next day. The next day immediately after school, I waited for him again and repeated the four lines I had made up earlier. He came down and I walked up to him, told him I wanted to tell him something, he kept mute, immediately as I was about to say it, the words stuck in my throat and I feel like I was choking, he noticed it and encouraged me to go ahead, I gathered morale and said it like I was it was a river, "I love you, pls would you love me back"

  43. Continued...2.

    The look he gave to me was like "are you alright" I felt so ashamed of myself and ran away, immediately I got home, I locked myself, buried my head in the pillow and cried like I was denied a gold, I used all kind of swear word on myself for saying it and again I totally zeroed my heart to love again.
    The next day in school, I was so ashamed of myself that I couldn't face him, the thought that I had said that struck a blow on my heart. I didn't stay for lesson that day because I couldn't face him.
    The next day, I wrote a letter to him addressing all the feelings I had in my heart, right from the very first day it started till date. I wrote about everything I fantasised about us and told him to reply soon. I wrote my name and his name and used a love shape to cross both names,asking him also to forgive me because am being silly(worst mistake Everrrrr) I went to senior block during break, called a friend of his to give it to him, I wrapped the letter in a note so it would be disguised(one mind convinced me that he will open it to know what's written inside)
    Next day in school, during assembly,the principal who doesn't make usual appearance at the assembly ground was around. It wasn't strange to us anyway but the fact that he was taking announcement that day was very very strange.
    After he had given the announcement, he started (I could still vividly remember those words because that was my embarrassing day ever)
    "it has come to our notice that some of you girls go about writing love letters to your seniors, instead of you concentrating on your studies...) he started a bouch of preaching of how we should be good girls, concentrate on our studies so we can make our parents proud meanwhile keeping all of us in tension of who the culprit would be.
    After what seems like ages, she said "who is............. " where I was, I already have sank and the every where was turning, my whole class turned to me and my teachers came to drag me out from the line.... Hehehe
    The principal gave me some strokes and also told me to clean the staff offices, through out that day, I felt casted, like an alibi.
    Immediately after Jss3, I left for FGGC PH and I never saw him again till date. I have tried searching for him on FB though but can't find him. My close friends still remind me of that day.... Lmao
    Hmm.... #Memorylaneindeed
    Whenever I remember that day ehn, I cant stop laughing, I hope to reconcile with him one day, but no no, the feelings are not there again before it will embarrass me again.... Lol

    Stella, thank you Ohh. You make me put those days in writing.

  44. Love is the greatest force on earth and beyond. I remember how my heart would skip beats whenever I saw him. The feeling was magical. I met him at my older sister's shop area. His mum had a shop there too. We were same age and he had not experience much at that time, We were both 19. Our first official date was at an eatery in Ikeja. Just two young people in love. It felt good. First kiss was at his house. Mrs Korkus, It was dirty! lol. I was so scared, I thought I would become preggy the next day lol. I took a bike home and brushed my teeth thoroughly. Later in the years, he gained admission to University of Nigeria, I remember how I would lie to my family in order to travel to see him! I took so much risk. I remember taking a bus from lagos to Onitsha because there was no bus going to Enugu again! choi. I was in Onitsha around 8pm. I was so scared. I took another bus to Enugu that night. Things we do for love. it has been years and life happened and we are no longer together but I am happy for the whole experience it made me the woman I am today.

  45. What I seeing so, 50k or 20k.
    No wonder I saw so many juicy gists. Stella I feel you should share the prize money among the leading 5 gists or best 2 gists if its 20k. Don't be annoyed its just a suggestion pls

  46. Ohhhhhhhhhh! I came late fa...I would have shafa gist for una about my primary school boyfriend.. it's been 25years already and we're still together and not married.
    Once upon a time...

    To be continued.

  47. Adorable petlns28 May 2017 at 00:27

    My 1st luv was sh..a, he was very nice and humble but the problem I had with him was that he cries a lot and was a daddy's boy. We were neighbours then back in Warri, we had no phones then. when he is hungry to see me, he will climb their fence and be whistling around our kitchen because our kitchen door was behind their fence. Ones I hear that I know my love is around I' ll just go to the back yard (kitchen) ones he sees me he will jump down the fence and meet me then we start smooching no sex then o! just smooching things. Some times I will form novel reader take my novel to d kitchen and be forming serious using the opportunity to wait for my love when he will climb the fence and whistle blow. Yeah it was Fun though I really enjoyed it. We are still in good terms but trailer don jam o the love. But I can form for him o! Even when am wrong he will be the first to apologize , he does that even under the rain along the road he will go down on his knees begging me. We had one bush track where we sometimes meet to do our lovi lovi things there he will carry me on his back cross to a water logged area. we were young and full of life though a beat naive. I missed that old good days sha.

  48. @Honey I wan wiwwy for bed with laughter(kai,u smart die)
    My own story will be 2in1 ooo.
    There was this boda(8yrs older)who was my sec sch friends neigbour,we were inss1 and he asked to see me,I knew wat he was going to say so I run anytime I see him,u c,my mum na correct S.U and she tells us that until u are 20yrs old,any man that calls u wants to ruin your life and once a boda touches ur hands,u may get pregnant..!i dodged the guy till after SSCE when he finally cornered me with his new car.i told him I couldn't and won't cos he's fair and very flashy and he be correct Casanova.he was always there o,I got admission,he'd come carry me home on fridays and take me back on sundays,bet I hardly visit and no touch sef talkless of kiss.summer holls that led to 300l,he came to my gate 7am on my birthday to drop my first gift,he came 3more times with sweet words and gifts oo,i was 20,and he was all over my house,my SU mom said Bisola sheyy oonii boyfriend ni I said ah no o,she said give this serious man a chance and see where it leads(he came behind my back to see her one time) but don't let him touch u o,so when he took I and my friends out that night,I told him WE WILL SEE HOW IT GOES,school resumes a month after my birthday so I went to his house like 2x a week,just films and small kisses o cos he respected my no sex before marriage resumed and all hell was let loose,I checked his phone and all messages wiped,we used to chat gan,I called my number and it's not stored,I was emerald this week and diamond next(kikikik)not to bore you,this bros had 2 serious girlfrnd that beat each other on the streets in the same uni and they went home for summer was why bros had all the time to impress me,I ran for my life,he begged and begged,there was a day he came to my house,my now hubby had already came to ask me out then,I was thorn and sad cos d bros can cry and beg,I didnt want to make a mistake so I gave him audience and we were talking in his car when his done rang,he just said Eba is fine Eba is fine,I knew someone was in his house cooking and it's not his mom so d boda can never don't even see him as first love cos it never lasted and nothing emotional happened between us.
    So there's this fine boda living in a nice house 5houses away,nice family,his mom would sow my cloths and not collect a dime,she parks when driving just to hug me and throws me compliments, he graduated at 19 and had left the city for Lagos before I even got to d uni,my distant cousin is his own paternal cousin(permit d English)so he comes to d house with him,he was really close to my mum,they'd gist about his girlfrnds self.he came home d September I ran from the other boda and he kept looking and looking at me,I knew wat was coming and was thinking you wey go get plenty girls for Lagos.......he was really shy when he finally spoke o cos I call him boda(Kiki)he's just 5yrs older,he didn't really toast me self,he just said this is serious and I've told my parents(kikiki)we dated for 4years and been married for 5..He is my first in everything and I can't be more lucky,he comes into the labor ward with me,hold my hands and tell me I can do it(we have 2kids)iv never had any regrets,of course we fight but we trash wateva immediately and don't say curse words,he's very quiet and highly considerate,we hardly notice our flaws cos we have come to love and accept ourself the way we are and work on what we can,YES,IL MARRY HIM IN THE NEXT LIFE AND THE NEXT TOO!!!
    Sorry for the epistle o,if never posted on IHG bet I like this story of my life,kikikik!!

  49. This is my first story I met a guy in bank we connected we start dating he first invite me to a place I went to the met only to find out it was his friend place he do invite but I will not go because I wasn't use in going to people place since I wanted to travel I decided to go and visit him after work
    we were so in love he tells me how much he love me that if I don't come back that he will come and meet me in my village after gisting he offers me a drink which I said no that I don't want he start by kissing me and touching which I didn't want that he removed my clothes I cry because being naked in front of anyone was something I don't like i try to stop him he beat me he screw my hands backward just to get in but I didn't allow that I cry beg him that I don't want to have sex now but he didn't listen he keep beating me and Turing my hands backward I only say one thing which was God what have I done to my self that's how this guy left me and start begging me to forgive him I have to leave his house by 12 mid night to my house just to be save is because of him that I don't love anymore I'm only happy that he didn't take away my happy which is my virginity

  50. I've never been in Love sha. My first was this guy named Richie, hahaha I still remember the first time he sucked my boobs, men the world shifted oooo! He was telling me that I'd like it but I was busy struggling until he overpowered me and sucked it. Big fresh soft boobs o. He would always invite me to their house after his parents went to work. I didn't love him, so when we moved to Milton Keynes I didn't feel anything. Didn't even give him prior notice or anything. He'd call and I'd not pick. Richard opened my eyes though. Since that day in Stockwell, I've been looking for who to suck my boobs. haha


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