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Friday, May 19, 2017

Shine Your Eyes!

These will only sound important to anyone who has ever experienced any of the underlisted .....

1. Never go to bed with your car's fuel tank empty (No fuel). In case of an emergency, what if your good neighbour isn't at home.

2. Never employ a nanny you don't know her home. Some of them are child traffickers in disguise.

3. Never go to bed with your phone empty (No airtime). Most emergencies happen at night.

4. Do not stand or park your car under high tension cable especially when it is windy.

5. Do not attempt to start your generator with your phone torchlight as the source of light. As this could cause explosion.

6. Do not answer telephone calls in the kitchen when your gas cylinder is turn on.

7. Endeavour to crawl under the smoke if a house is engulfed by smoke, as walking straight could cause suffocation. Smoke mounts up.

8. If by mistake you swallow a fish bone, lick salt, and pull your ears while you cough out the fish bone.

9. If you are in any traffic or 'hold up', 'go- slow' as in local parlance, if you must remain in your car while it is not in motion, always apply your central lock.

10. Do not leave your children alone in the car with your dog or any pet.

11. Nowadays, never enter a lift alone if you must. So many are already gone through this.

12. Never leave your opened drink to take a call outside. It could be a plan to distract you. Many have been poisoned through this.

13. Never rush out to turn off the tap on hearing its sound in the night. It's a new robbery trick to wilfully bring you out. Remember, you didn't leave it running before retiring to bed.

Be security conscious! Don't be careless!!

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  1. Yes... Saw this last week


  2. Replies
    1. Lemme add my own jo.....
      Ensure your anus is properly washed b4 offering doggystyle.
      *runs away*

    2. I'm suspecting you dropped the comment about a guy banging a babe with shit particles @ atheist.

  3. I don't believe number six abeg...
    I do that often and most people are guilty of taking calls while cooking!...

    1. It's really true queen. Shouldn't gas up your car while on the phone either. Could cause sparks that lead to explosions.

  4. Lovely. Was sent last week. I pray for all our safety Amen

  5. Oh and if your generator suddenly stops working in the middle of the night or its still on but the power goes out, do not go out to find out what the problem is. It just might be a ploy to get you outside so robbers can gain access into your home

  6. No 12 tho,i cant be caught on that act..
    The code i learnt from my aunt is that even if you are drinking with "whomsoever" at home,in a club,party etc and you wanna ease yourself,you either:

    1) finish the drink then go and ease yourself

    2) ease yourself then pour away the drink when you return,or

    3) take your drink(covered up) along with you whilst you go to ease yourself..

    The world is a very bad place and trust is a luxury in respect to health and life!!


  7. Romance 9:16....
    Hol the seme, thrust in God bet thai yhua camale.

  8. All duly noted.... I love learning such stuff

  9. Anonymous gangster19 May 2017 at 12:15

    Never park under a coconut tree, it took months & blackmail & free sex to get my insurance company to pay!!! 😈

    1. Free sex kwa oooooo. Wetun I no go hear

  10. Thank you Stella.. .

  11. Thanks Stella and the person or people that compiled this.

  12. Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. Psalm 127:1

    Krix signing out via iPhone 7+

  13. Will stop that answering of call in the kitchen...

    Make I copy and paste on my timeline.
    Thanks Stella

    1. That's my work...
      I take practical lessons from a friend, step by step procedures, and yet the stew still didn't taste nice. Yuck

  14. Nice one Stella, Thank you for sharing.

  15. Very helpful tips Stella. I am guilty of answering my phone in the kitchen.

  16. I'm free today!. Meanwhile, can someborri explain number 11?

  17. I always remember number 8 as a riverine mama. There's a place around ogbunabali where pple live under high tension wires, if u pass there, you'll hear the 'humming' sound from the wires hanging from poles that look like mast.

  18. Thanks.
    2moro is EYO FESTIVAL DAY!!!
    ,Therfore no Lagos Island market,Ladies Stay away and if u must come out ensure u are Strong enough to take d Flogging dat comes wit it. tnk u.

  19. Matthew 13:9 - Whoever has ears, let them hear.

  20. Enter your comment...u try

  21. Hmmmmm...
    That no 5&6 ehn....
    Very guilty!
    God help me!

  22. Danke fΓΌr Ihre Information, SDK

  23. Thanks Stella. I'll take note. No 12 is so true. My friend's boyfriend was poisoned by his friends at a Christmas party through his drink. He never made it


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