Stella Dimoko Word For Today -What Do You Deserve?


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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Word For Today -What Do You Deserve?

Do you know that it dos not matter how well you cook,if the person is not hungry?

You must be very conversant with the bible passage, 'ask and you shall receive....!'
This on its own disqualifies a whole lot of people from receiving because people don't even want anything. It does not matter how well you cook, you cannot feed a person that is not hungry.

The bible says that WHATSOEVER YOU DESIRE, when you pray, BELIEVE that you have it, and it shall be yours. Too many people get busy complaining in prayer that they forget to ASK for what they want?

The Bible did not say complain and you shall receive. Rather, it said ASK!

Jesus asked the man in the pool of Bethesda, Do you want to be made whole? The paralysed man said, Sir there is nobody to help me when the pool is stirred up. The paralysed man used complains to answer the simple question Jesus asked him(John 5)!

Don't get too numbed by your problems that you fail to recognise a solution when it comes.

Note this. God has a way of preserving for you what's yours and also keeping you away from what's meant for another. This is how;

You cannot fully believe you have received what you prayed for, though you haven't had it yet, without an operation of the Holy Spirit in a dimension of faith that cannot be conjured through the flesh. I'm not sure you got this. Let me break it down;

If you pray and have to force or convince yourself to believe you will get what you prayed for, then what you prayed for probably isn't meant for you. Have you ever prayed before and after praying, you had no atom of doubt in your heart that God heard you? That's the operation of the Holy Spirit giving you a conviction that it is done! This means, if it is meant for Amaka and not Ada, Ada won't be able to believe it the way Amaka will. The secret to receiving is in your DOUBTLESS BELIEF!

Let me prove this by the scripture. Peter told Jesus, Master if it be you, bid me to come. Jesus said 'Come!' And surprisingly Peter started walking on the sea. But when doubt set in, he began to sink. And Jesus said, WHY DID YOU DOUBT?

The devil is fighting your belief. Because the moment you stop believing, you disconnect from God's power that is already working in your favour!

Desire, Pray and Believe.



Isaacson(OTONDO) said...

God bless you for this bv Amos.... Am blessed already by it

ola wealth said...

Thanks for the words..

Got confused at a point.. Gained focus at d end

Flawlessbae said...

Thanks Amos I am still believing on God!
Lord please answer my prayers Amen.

Miss Ess said...

Thank you bv amos

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Realize who matters, who never did, and who always will*

Stella Igbokei said...

Thank BV Amos for the wonderful words of God you just shared with us.

Anonymous said...

This is very inspirational. Thanks for the words.

Adorable said...

I desire lots of things dear Lord, help me to ask in faith, receive & see the manifestations. thank you Bv Amos.

Anonymous said...

thanks Amos, my faith is renew

Rachy said...

God bless you Amos, your messages are always inspiring and honest.

Wunmi said...

Thanks alot. It is short and straight to the point. I love it.

Esther amaka said...

Thank you bv amos.
I heard God a bv on sdkb.
Lord, I need a miracle that will sound like a lie before the end of this month. My heart aches.
Show me you are here.

Wunmi said...

Same here. But I read it thrice and got it better.

Nice message Amos. God bless you.

Olusegun said...

Read it again and again.. you will get properly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BV Amos for this. God bless and multiply u in wisdom and knowledge.
Some months ago, i thought of quiting church and d department i was in church, i started doubting everything n anything concerning God,christianity and everything. But something spoke to me saying "who would u rather believe"?
Millions of people are testifying, are they all on the wrong path? What else will make u happier in this world than trusting God?
I realized that was the time satan wanted to capture my soul.
Thank u Jesus for not condenming me even at the time i submited my self to be smitten by the devil.
Im alive to God and dead to sin
Christ in me is the hope of my Glory
I have all that i need
I have Jesus, so i av everything.
Lines are falling unto me in pleasant places.
I have a godly heritage.
I'm flourishing everyday.
Glory! Glory!! Glory!!

Pretty-mind said...

God bless u BV Amos
I'm Blessed

Anonymous said...

Nice words. Thanks

IJAY said...

Thank you bv Amos, you are blessed for this word

BabaT said...

Oh wow! I am blessed. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Got lost at some point, but the end later clarified me. Nice piece Amos. You're touching lives more than you know.

ChelseaForLife said...

Nice stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love this.

Anonymous said...

Amos Amos. Thankssss

Chicharito Was Here said...

Thank you Stella. I am blessed.

Dianne said...

Amos thanks. This message is timely.

LuckySheshe said...

Wow.. thank you Amos. You are doing really well. Bravo

ConcurMaster said...

I Concur

Anonymous said...

Was nice to stumble on this.

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