Stella Dimoko Alhaji Who Allegedly Killed 200Level Undergrad Joy Odama Declared Wanted As Autopsy Report Reveals Cause Of Death


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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Alhaji Who Allegedly Killed 200Level Undergrad Joy Odama Declared Wanted As Autopsy Report Reveals Cause Of Death

THE autopsy report from the National Hospital, Abuja, has revealed that the late 200 level student of Mass Communication Department of the Cross River State University of Science and Technology, CRUTEC, Joy Odama, died of acute cocaine poison. 

Late Joy Odama The report made available to the family of the diseased by the hospital management, which was accessed by Vanguard yesterday, indicated cardiogenic shock secondary to diffusion as part of cause for death.

The report reads in part: “The cause of death was traced to cardiogenic shock secondary to diffusion, myocardial infaration secondary to possible acute cocaine poison.” Meanwhile, the Governor of Cross River State, Prof Ben Ayade, have stepped into the case and promised to bring the killer of Odama to book, and also constituted a strong legal team to pursue the matter to logical conclusion.

 The Nigerian Police also have been on the trail of Alhaji Usman Adamu, the alleged killer of Odama, and have ordered all its commands across the country to spread its dragnet to track the running suspect.

from vanguard


ola wealth said...

πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–cocaine??? What happened ??
May her soul rest in peace

Rhoda Rex said...

Chai! Na WA o. Since when Amy die for one of these alhaji hand, na there I start to fear them.
Loooong story...

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

If she had stayed in her school and not pursue Alhaji would this thing happen to her. All these girls should learn to get sense small.

The world we are in is so full of evil. Even when friends laugh with you, they are laughing the evil they will do to you.

May your parents find peace in God Amen

olaedo said...


Anonymous said...

What was the little girl doing with alhaji in the first place? Useless and ill trained kids trying to run faster than their legs. No sympathy for her please.

marriedchick said...

Such evil... RIP girl

cheap fresh vegetables from jos call 07038097992 said...

God help he is apprehended and may we all act wisely AMEN

Adeniji Bisi said...

If u ask meeee.. Na who I go ask, d matter wey seeee soooo, e tey wey e start

Mc pinky

Omasiri said...

It is a wawuu. May her soul rest in peace

Adeniji Bisi said...

Recap pls

Mc pinky

Adeniji Bisi said...

Amen dear
. u have said it all.
They want to look fresh, use big phone n do yanger for upcoming young folk called age mate

Mc pinky

Anonymous said...

Cut the story short. Don't be Stigen. πŸ˜’πŸ˜§πŸ˜¦

ola wealth said...

Oh dear...
@lxt wish her well na..

Anonymous said...

Who's your daddy is it Odama or is it an alahaji
Stay school no....see your life now
FYI I'm not shouting


Bold Marehi said...

May her soul rest in peace.

Minnie Rexpect said...

Finally! Justice for Joy. They wanted to sweep the case under the carpet like the previous ones. End time Alhaji.
Parents should be very observant of the kind of company their kids keep.

Anonymous said...

Parents please there is a lot of work to do especially when you have daughters. Teach them about contentment, morals, Godliness and abstinence from sex until married and don't forget to uphold them in prayers ALWAYS.

Bee10(mummytwins) said...

Pretty girl like this wasted life rip

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Olympic medalist in jumping to conclusion category, well done o. Where did you read ungodliness and indulging in sex there? You that your parents prayed for, you are here judging a victim of murder from your imagination.

Anonymous said...

Get out of here judgina! How do you know she wasn't dragged into a stranger's booth on her way to class?


🎡🎡 no be me go talk am......... R heavy for mouth... If you ask me, the matter for ground, hey! Na who I go ask.... Pompompom 🎡🎡

jelly said...

Good work mr governor, Ahaji has just made the biggest mistake of his life for thinking that he can close the parents mouth with 400k change in exchange of the girls life, and those police should be arrested with him too, joy you can now Rest In Peace ✌️

Anonymous said...

The alhaji probably spiked her drink with cocaine before performing the ritual act on her, her other friend still has maggots coming out of her vagina,is that one a result of coke too.

This girl will not voluntary ingest cocaine.

optimisticlady said...

How are you sure she wasn't chaste?
Stop being judgemental.
This is a crime not some insinuation.
Even if the lady was wild, does it make murder OK?
Some 'domestic'(as opposed to wild) girls are still being murdered everyday.

optimisticlady said...

The Alhaji must be brought to book.
Everyday for the theif...
Why waste one like that?

Anonymous said...

These girls will soon realise that nothing goes for nothing. A man whom u don't know from Adam volunteered to help u through sch, get ur mother a job and u didn't stop to ask yourself "what's the catch". He is not a father Xmas either. Anyway, let justice prevail.

Brain and Beauty. said...

The Alhaji lured her and other girls in their neighborhood with scholarship
He sent for her on a particular day and killed and even had the gut to dump her in the mortuary without the parents knowledge.He tried to settle her parents with 400k which they rejected.Abeg the story long.

GALORE said...

I am glad my able Governor has stepped in.. ..before police be wan sweep am under carpet.... Thank you Jesus

The @Alaji don "excape " indeed

There is God oo


GALORE said...

@Anonymous "Orubebe "

Why are you shouting?

If you don't know the Genesis of this story... Please kib inua foo doo... Just keep quayet mbok


Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Anon 10:23 you dont mean it. Chai.

Girls girls when will you leave longer throats and face ya life. See how she ended.

The friend too will soon passed away with what you wrote there. They should just take her to a good man of God to free her

GALORE said...

Hahahaha... I don wan type say, but why are you shouting? ...before I saw my name underneath

The truth of the matter is, don't blame this girl.. ...I know the story it's quite unfortunate that it turned out this way

Please people... Beware of your friends, telling you to follow her to meet someone you don't know before

Let's all be watchful

The Bible says, watch and pray

RIP @ufan


The General's Wife said...

Yori Yori Kedu?

Let me come in here.

Contrary to what u said,that wasn't what happened. At least from her mom's and friends signed police extract.

Joy was a good girl.
And if I remember correctly,it was on a bright day that she came in telling her mom that there is this man that Sponsors people in the university. her pal was part of the sponsored.
Avoiding to Joy's mom,she and Joy went to meet the Alhaji to know what the sponsorship entailed. The Alhaji said it wasn't nothin that He is juys doing his best for people. The woman thanked him profusely and left. She and her daughter.They would exchange phone nos.

The next day,Alhaja called Joy asking if he can come over to his house and help with chores as his help isn't feeling too fine and he Alhaji was taking her to the clinic.
Joy asked her mom if she could go and she thought about it and said ok.

So Joy left and promised her mom she would be back in a couple of hours.

But that was the last time anyone would see the beautiful girl alive.
After an hour,her mom called to find out how her day was going but she wasn't taking her calls. She would try again later and still Joy wasn't picking. After two hours she couldn't take it anymore so she placed a call to to the Alhaji.
The Alhaji took the call quite alright and pretended not to know who was at the other end of the call. Joy's mom introduced herself and told her they met just yesterday. Alhaji hurriedly hung up.

Immediately she hurried over to the house but unfortunately they wouldn't let her in. The gate was locked but someone told her that Joy and some girls had met with an accident and was in the hospital. She hurried over to the hospital but no one would talk to her about her daughter. There was no info about Joy. And worse still they wouldn't let her see her daughter.

All the Doctor on duty said was for her to go home. That Joy was under the best care and wil be okay in no time. In tears she went back home and cried as she and her hubby waited.

The next day she went to the hospital and when she asked to see Joy,she was taken to a room to see Joy. It was Joy alright but it was an EMBALMED Joy😒

Joy was dead and embalmed.

So Started the case. The DPO told them to take money and shut up. Thr Alhaja had offered money. The DPO had the money. The poor parents refused and demanded justice.
After going back and forth,The DPO scheduled another meeting and offered them more money. He had added 100K to the 200K which was the original offer😒

They refused and demanded justice. But th DPO todl them They couldn't do anything. Take the money or leave it. Alhaja was untouchable!

They went home dejected.

One of the girls whom the Alhaji had cunning snared in the guise of taking care of his house/maid would later tell her own story.

The Alhaji had called her saying her maid was sick and needed help. He told her brother and the brother refused her going out. Later he called again and said The maid was okay now and from the hospital and recuperating at home and needed to be tended to as he wasn't at home at the moment.

Her brother still refused. But then she sneaked away. But she said that whn she got the house,the house was quiet and no one in sight but when she stepped into one of the rooms she saw some girls passed out. Unconscious!

Now we know what happened cos She saw those girls first hand. As they lay unconscious.
Alhaja drugged those girls.

I pray Joy gets Justice.
I pray the Alhaji suffers for this. That he is locked away forever.

And now I always tell young girls. Be careful of where u go to. Not everyone u see is normal. Night parties where u don't know the Host? Pls stay home. Any gathering u don't know pls don't go near. Even if they say u are just there to pray for someone. Pls don't. The world is evil. Let Your good intentions not be ur undoing. Stick to your urself and ur trusted crowd.

Rest in peace Joy!
And many God comfort u and other who have Bn taken away ever soo cruelly. And comfort ur loved ones.

Miss Ess said...

Oh Lord! May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen.

GALORE said...

When I was going to school my dad said to me if you hear the name @Alhaji and @Alaja, never you have anything to do with them... They are always diabolical

Hmmm.... Now I can relate

Bless you @Dad


Anonymous said...

10.02 she went there to play abi. Don't change your ways, keep giving excuses.

Anonymous said...

10.03 dragged into the booth and they couldn't just kill her but had to drug her abi

young FOREVER said...

Wow.God have mercy. Did he drug them to rape them or drugged them to perform a ritual act?? Anyone that collect money from that devil will suffer double of what those innocent girls and their parent are going through.

Pls he shldnt be allowed to gi scot free. What a life.!

young FOREVER said...

Why won't you sympathise with her. No matter what,u shldnt say such.

Anonymous said...

Do u expect her mom to admit that she went for runs???? Which kind scholarship??? My dear u have to tell the story to suit ur side. Regardless May she RIP

Anonymous said...

Thank u. So even the mom just thot he was being nice? They knew na. This their version is just to save face

Lilly simple said...

Blood of God

Jennah said...

He thinks because they are poor they will jump at the offer. May the Alhaji rust in this life and hell. I don't trust anyone, I don't seek for help from strangers, people are too wicked now a days. Rip young lady

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

TGW Good morning my darling big sister. Thank you for clarifying.

It is just bad. That is why it is good to always pray and seek God first before you accept anything from a giver

Anonymous said...

Some idiots will do not know the story and are not bothered to know the story, yet the rush to make comments and pass judgement. It only shows me their level of thinking. Such people easily jump into conclusion without hearing the other side or verifying the information they have.

PL THE GREAT said...

Why are some of you so judgemental? Didn't you read what her mother wrote on Facebook? Must everything revolve around sex?? Na wah!

Anonymous said...

There were 3 to 4 girls present that night, they should be brought forward as key witnesses in this case.

The alhaji just thought business as usual, get the girls unconscious, do his rituals, which might involve him or a snake having sex with them. The girls will wake up and he gives them money to shut them up, they will go home and some might die or stay alive. Things did go as planned when they didn't come around from the drugs he gave them to subdue them. They had to be taken to the hospital and one died.

PL THE GREAT said...

The first time I saw this story on Facebook, I felt that pal of hers had something to do with this. She should be questioned because some girls are pawns used to lure innocent people in the past. No matter what went down, I pray she gets justice. Nobody deserves to killed unjustly. May God rest her soul.


I heard the full story but I still think greed is part of what killed her and what is killing our people today.
Alhaji promised you scholarship,on what merit? As an uncle,daughter,niece,friend or lover?
Why did the mother not stop to ask her and Alhaji,the price to pay for this scholarship? We know that nothing good comes easy in this recession and in this country.
Though it has happened and it is regrettable but the mother is partly to blame,while looking for an easy way to dodge her responsibility,she offered her daughter's life on the altar of sacrifice.
The late joy,may her soul rest in peace also should be blamed as well as her parents. At level 200 in school,you should have understood that,most times there is always a price to pay for easy life. Someone invited you to Alhaji's house and the talk about scholarship and you never bothered to find out the scholarship in exchange for what.
I pray,they find justice. No one has any right to take away anybody's life,no matter the offence.

To every young girl out there,I will give you my father's advice to me when I was growing up,he said
"Never collect something from a man that you may never want to marry".
This gift is in exchange of what?
Remember the daughter of whom you are.
Always be content with what life gave you and be confident of it; if you have bathroom slippers as your only footwear,be proud of it and look everyone who criticise you for it in the eyes and tell them you are confident of what you have today,that you know who you are and that what you have inside of you will present you before kings and queens tomorrow.
Finally live your life like a princess,bearing in mind that your King is coming soon. Of course you don't want to find out that you messed up with your servant tomorrow.
He said that impression you create about yourself matters a whole lot.
My father taught me this and I am teaching anyone who cares to listen.

To everyone out there,you can be poor but don't lose your dignity,
A greedy person,no matter how rich you are,without integrity is poorer than the poorest. Be content with life.
Yes!! The times might be hard but be tough so that you can survive it.

Do you know that the antichrist will penetrate the world through giving? They will make you poor and then come in disguise to help and get you among them.
A rich man without integrity and contentment is poor while a poor man with integrity and contentment is rich.

The question is," this gift,in exchange of what?

KIDJO said...

Na wa o. Wetin person nor go see for Abuja.....This is one of the major reason why I don't socialise. Being indoor and not socialising is the best thing nowadays not following frds everywhere.

Anonymous said...

This is what poverty can cause.

Am sure the mother must have felt uneasy about letting the daughter go that night, but Alhaji is offering money that she can't offer her child. She was also scared of her daughter resenting her for not allowing her go that night (too bad too bad, Alhaji go drop 5k)...

My point;-
1. Parents no matter the poverty or the potential of your child resenting you, also insist on the best desicion for them.
2. Parents try hustle kwanu to make money and don't born more than you can carter for.
3. Teach your children to love Christ. Let them find joy in loving Christ.

Anyone that comes here to paint this girl as a "bad girl" or runs babe is an imbecile!


When will people learn that nothing goes for nothing in life.

CharisMAtic DIVA said...

Lord have mercy
The world is indeed evil

Justice for Joy

Anonymous said...

Funny how stupid people can be,jumping into conclusion like idiots.Shey all of u dinno read where her mum told her story? If she was a rubs girl her mum would not know were she was headed let alone fund her body. Fools everywia

Anonymous said...

Kai pls don't be so judgemental. Just because people so runs don't mean all do. For the HW fact peoples parents support runs doesn't mean all do. Let's just thank Gos justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

Family of the "diseased"...and they'll claim it's a typo

Anonymous said...

I knw this Alhaji and i ve always suspected the way and manner he moves with little girls,I knw his hand are not clean..He lives in karumo and drives A Honda car (discussion continue ),Honestly this man has connection and like he works in the villa too.

Anonymous said...

Triumphant Zion Gham!!' You hit the nail on the head!

Anonymous said...

Madam, I've never known where scholarship is given in exchange for something, whether full scholarship or not. Its usually based on criteria such as high IQ, tribe,etc, depending on which institution, organization or individual is awarding it.

Anonymous said...

I am eased by your writeup, God Bless you,I need words like this more often,could we be friends..pls say yes??

Anonymous said...

πŸ‘Œ, you have said all TZ.

Anonymous said...

No free lunch in Freetown mehn...

Anonymous said...

Only God knows the truth, he sees inside and searches the conscience of men. Alhaji won't be easy to catch because the powers that be are obviously behind him and by now he must have gone into hiding. However, I give kudos to the governor willing to help, hoping it yields fruit. We all best be learning from this story. Beautiful Joy rest well.

Anonymous said...

how could her mom let go out by that time of the day? to a man's house she doesn't's greed and selfishness, we were poor, my mom was different, she would make sure she bought the very best for I and my brother, she cut her hair and sold her cloths, she rubbed palm kernel oil but bought body lotion for us, would starve for breakfast and lunch but would bring home food for us..Remembering all these makes me cry, she would let no one she doesn't 'know' help out and would give me the beating of my life if she did see me with a man,but would apologize, I loved her so much,more than myself... a woman that would weep @ night becos of hunger and sleep over @ work for extra allowance, she came to my graduation looking tattered and wornout...I nearly wept had to take her to the hostel and change her slippers and dress,then ate the food she brought while she arranged and brushed my hair. she would rather suffer and train her kids than seek for help, She did it,now the story is different. I don't know why am typing all these....

Ladi said...

Anon 17:23. God bless your mum. She's a good mother, pls take good care of her


Anon 16:40,thanks,and yes we can be friends,when we get to each other.
Anon 16:47😘



Anonymous said...

That was a mother's love par excellence. Your story made me cry today: tears from an understanding of a mother's sacrifice and tenacious hope coupled with faith for her children's wellbeing. Even more, your appreciation and honor of her efforts speaks volumes about the person of value and real substance that you are today. It stands to reason, you'll also, pass on the same values and virtues to your children. QED@atm

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