Stella Dimoko Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 636


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Friday, 30 June 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 636

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.

from weirdfacts facebook.


Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

The last one na depression na.

anyway wierd

Vice and Virtue said...

Call of the void!
My void is devoid of revelry.

Jasmine said...

I love groot's voice.

Ajonwata said...

That last picture... Abeg no pick that call o.

same girl said...

Call of the void!!! Happens a lot, you will be on the 11th floor and wondering what it will be like to fly down. Sometimes at a public gathering, i would just imagine what it would be like to interrupt the speaker rudely.. Lol. Its not depression, just a wild imagination which i will NEVER do. I love my life too much oh

The General's Wife said...

First fact: I am reminded of last night. They showed this horror movie that I knew I shouldn't watching alone but I took a peek and the rest is history! ☹️

So finally,there is a name to my craziness!
Thank U Father!

My own call of the void is soo crazyyy不不不
The things that run through my head sometimes though不不不不

And it always happens when I am In church
I wee just be seated and seriously patting attention to the Homily and small time I wil be like "See how everywhere is quiet and everyone concentrating.What if I ...... never mind

Pipi Lee said...

I am Groot.

I am Groot.

I am Groot

who else can relate?
Vin Diesel, Voice actor toh bad, someone somewhere is handed a script to just voice 'i am groot' and is paid millions, my Father my Father !

Esther Okoro said...


Gold Bless Everyone.

Pipi Lee said...

biko biko biko
I can't accept fact 2. that is. Bob risky lookalike not my MJ.

Pipi Lee said...

I am Groot

The General's Wife said...

What's your void?
Come on! Let me in Bro!
And hey! The more shocking,the better

The General's Wife said...

*be watching alone
*paying attention

Kayanmata (NATURAL APHRODISIAC) D623C11B... 08120062969...Order now! said...

I can... Lol

Anonymous said...

Lmao!!! This is my comment of the day!!!

SANDY YO said...

Nwunne ha fa? Ifukwa ozi m na that post?

Baby bunny said...

I need to watch that movie asap.

Kay Bee said...

I think silly stuff when I'm way ☝ n I happen to remember I'm heights away from the floor. The thoughts are as creepy as hell especially when I happen to look down 梗梗梗

Pipi Lee said...

some very scary void then.

Brandedme said...

No 2 is it the old or new Mj?

Brandedme said...

No 3 is strong when am around water

HR BABE said...

Wow!!! i know what is called now.... Mine could be so cracy.... call of void ......... sometimes i usually feel like poking my boss's mouth with toothpick..... very funny though.

Greatlady. said...

My emptiness is empty of Joyfulness.

Pipi Lee said...

I will never ever see a horror movie alone at night. nevuuurrrrr! never again!
one time I tried it, watching 'on' my phone, I stopped midway cos I couldn't take it anymore, started hearing voices, having that eerie feeling I was being watched, something was crawling on my legs, my eyes were open but I couldn't look anywhere so I don't catch any evil eye, I kept thinking aloud, who sent you Pipi, I should have waited, can morning come already. it was terrible. how i slept off is a testimony that I can't explain. after that experience, all horror movies must be seen before 6pm, even if I'm watching alone, I shouldn't be alone in the house. This is a rule ! my 11th commandment.

I can't/won't stop watching horror movies. the next best thing after animation and epic movies.

Rhoda Rex said...

Lol.. It happens to me too.

Greatlady. said...

What if you suddenly start acting on what is going on in your head.
Am Wondering the kind of 1,000 Gaze that would be directed towards you at that moment.

Greatlady. said...

Try it one-day. Remember, taking risk is part of life.

covfefe said...

3rd fact....i can relate.

Vice and Virtue said...

General's Wife

same girl said...

Yes yes yes... I do that too in church a lot and mine is super super crazy. When its all quiet and the pastor is preaching, i say what if i run to the stage an hug him or kiss him, or just take the mic and start sayng my own... Stupid weird call of void.

The General's Wife said...

Same girl!
I am literally screaming here!!!
So I am not cray after all?不不不
Oh wow!
Same girl,I just fell in love with u!

It's almost the same thing with urs but some moreChai! Liver no still gree me to talk o不不不

Hahahhahahahaha okay,I just wonder what wee happen if I remove my clothes(it's always my skirt) and dance around butt naked不不
Or go to where the Rev Father is(fear no gree me call that Place He stands to preach) and take the mic from him and say "Hellooooooo! This is ur chairlady speaking.... I then pause and imagine the look of horror on their faces.... that's where I actually stopI have never gone behind this cos at that point,I am convulsing with laughter 不不不不

Pipi Lee said...


Kayanmata...hahaha, ykr?

Pipi Lee said...

*a bob risky's lookalike

The General's Wife said...

See as I laugh come press "publish"

@Nwunne m,eeeye,enwetere m ozi gi. Ana m abia. Inugo?

@ Pipi Yoo,u don't even know the half of it.
That me u described up there but some more不不不
I clutch my Bible,my Rosary and try to pray.I am actually praying but the Soundtrack of Omen keeps blocking the Prayers i am silently saying(I don't pray the Rosary out cos I feel those evil people wee hear me不不不

So u know what I did last night?
When it was evident I had seen a glimpse of the movie and there would be repercussions,I video-called Iphie dearie不不不不

We were actually on a video call Just before I discovered the movie was on. but then the network at a point interrupted. So I called her up and when she asked me what I was doing "I told her I was watching a movie and when she asked if it was that horror movie,I said No,that it was some other movie and she said Oh kk,and then without warning I zoomed my phone in on the TV screen
And I laughed as she screamed "No don't show me,no don't show me不不不不

Pipi Lee said...

lmaoooo, I think I remember Omen, the little antichrist梗梗梗梗梗梗. abeg night don come o.

Iphie can fearrrrrrrr

SANDY YO said...

Ok, anu go m!

Jasmine said...


Vice and Virtue said...

Pipi Lee and Greatlady
Y'all cool fellas.

Iphie dearie said...

I was going to gist Pipi immediately I saw her comment.
Pipi.. She first told me about it via chat ooh.
I say fine.. I don't want to tune in.. NEVERRRRR.不不不不不
Na so she call via Video call. Knowing how naughty she was, I knew she would turn the phone towards the Television不不不不 I kept screaming.. NO!!! I don't want Cray someborri!!!‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️

And that Call of Void.. Mine manifests during very important meetings... I wee just imagine myself standing up and saying something steewwpid‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ Aiye oooh.. ibosi ooh

Sandy yo yo yo!!!♥️

AbaMade said...

Guardian of the Galaxy, I never got around to finishing that movie was too sci-fic for me.
Fact 2: that thing does not remotely look like mj in anyway
Fact 3:oh, there is a name for it afterall. my own happens when am around policemen I'll be like what if I just snatch their guns and shot all of them, especially if I see them shamelessly extorting motorist.

Dope BaBe said...

Call of void, hmmm I don't wanna go there so Damn scary, some even happen immediately.
Gist: when I was a teen there was this fine yellow uncle that bring different babes to his apartment. So one day uncle came out of his room with just towel hanging around his waist. Me n our house help were outside washing clothes, so as uncle approached closely that was how I said in mind what if the towel just fell off his waist, my brethren lol and behold uncle abunna was staring at my face na so I bring head down, uncle carry towel up and tie himself and walked away without any word.
The kind of silence that engulfed the area no be here .

Hmmmm make I stop jareh gIst plenty.

Pipi Lee said...

TGW yo issa CRaYfish...hehehe.

Ok, mine can't be any 'weirder' then, happens when I'm several feet above ground level, travelling on a plane and then I go, "what if I just get up and open the emergency exit?"��������
Radarada and bengeredem!

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