Stella Dimoko End Time HouseHelp Found With Photos Of Family She Worked For In Her Luggage When She Was Asked To Leave..


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Thursday, 15 June 2017

End Time HouseHelp Found With Photos Of Family She Worked For In Her Luggage When She Was Asked To Leave..

This househelp was relieved of her Duties and when she was leaving,she decided to take Souvenirs.....

It may not be for Jazz reasons..come on,she probably liked them and wanted photos to remind her....ah ah!


Alloy Chikezie said...

What is going to do with it?
Na wah o.

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Omasiri said...

Honestly, it might be for keepsakes and not necessarily for something evil.

Anonymous said...

Souvenir bawo? The maid had other plans jo. Dem sack you and you wan carry their photos as Souvenir. Dem be London or dubai trip?

Anonymous said...

The real " End time" house help! Probably she wanted to use the pictures for her website! All nah marketing and packaging 😜


Yea,it might not be for bad

Gemmie said...

Evil people everywhere. SMH.

Reason why I can never allow a live in help.

Adeniji Bisi said...

Stella,,, u have just said my mind but pple can't be trusted now adays...

Mc pinky

OLOLADE said...

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The General's Wife said...

No one really knows the maids intent.

But we can guess what may have happened.
She may have taken those pictures just to show off in the villa. You know how some of these maids are. Not just maids. I mean come on,there was no way she could have walked up to her madam and said "Pls can I have this as keepsakes?"

And then It could have Bn for ulterior motive but I doubt it.

Now let's take a look at the Madam.

You see sometimes,your OWN words are all that you need to judge someone. Sometimes It's not what it's Bn said but those things that were left unsaid.

The maid didn't say anything. You said u dishcharged her under one month. Not that she "planned" to go and hence with ur properties.

I may be wrong though but The way this woman was screaming tells me she is a dramatic Person. Hence the She sensationalisation of this misdemeanour. I was waiting to her to reel out the maids offences. And if indeed there was something serious,she would have.

It's wrong to sit and judge someone u don't know but it's hard not to. After hearing her scream and scream like that.

Some maids are evil. And I agree.
We hear stories and we see some people we know experience bad maids.

But yes! There are good maids!
That doesn't mean they are perfect. They can't be cos neither am I. Nor anyone for that matter.
But there are wonderful maids.

And I can't shake off the feeling that this girl might be innocent of the witchcraft allegations.

Anonymous said...

Stella your comment is story the world we are in is full of evill especially this present generation a lot of diabolical everywhere. To everyone out there always relieved your house help of their duties unaware and make you search them when leaving your house. Best of it all cover you and your family with precious blood of Jesus Christ.

wideawake naija said...

What? Haba!


No be only "liked them and wanted pix to remind her" dis is not the time to sleep abeg,me no go take am lightly sha.End time 'ouse epp'


Probably she took the pictures so she won't miss them. Something to always remind her of her stay there,but she was wrong for not telling her madam before taking those pictures.

Bianca BRUNO said...

I pray. She must have been planning to give kidnappers and ritualists

CHI EXOTIC said...

These madams are just overly annoying
Saying she wants to go and use the pictures for witchcraft. How do you know that? Mtseeew
Shame on you woman.

Lazy women that can't do without househelps.

sheezyprincess said...

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Anonymous said...

Madam na wetin you do your help? I just dey ask ooo, nor be fight.

Anonymous said...

Chi exotic and how would you know she didnt want to use their photos for something sininster? Why would she take their photos in the first place??

GALORE said...


She wan carry the pics go show @Evans and him people Dem


Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

It is for one thing either good or bad. But come to think of it, just one month. THis one wants to put it inside tortoise shell spiritually to deal with the family.

Good that God gave you the cool spirit to look into her bags. What a shame.

danny fisiye said...

the world is evil nobody knows her intentions


Ralu M said...

You've said it all πŸ‘

GALORE said...

The truth is, the housemaid took the pics, not for any evil.... She only took them for herself.. Like a remembrance of something

This madam should just take it easy

If witch wan do you, they don't need your pics, they go spiritual


Mrs anonymous said...

Everything is jazz or witchcraft in this country.

BIPOLAR ME said...

Sending just one hug your

The world has gone so bad that we suspect even a flying roach in the middle of the night. Sometimes I wonder the kind of footing people have in Christ or whatever else they believe in.

Witches don't need your picture to make you wretched or in pains. Just pray you never come across a demonic person and even when you do make sure you are blameless and upright with God.

I don't even bother myself about witches, I don't have strength to spare for them, all the glory and attention I have belongs to Jesus. You want to deal with me? Go to the cross.

Carry my picture now. You will come back to confess and even prophesy sef (like the people and Saul did when they went to kill David did)

Chike TEFLON said...

Stella perhaps she wants to assassinate them all.

Sweet Mother said...

Haba Chi! It's not only last women that can't do without househelps. Sometimes it's purely out of necessity. I've had a maid for more than 5 years but she has never cooked for me or served my husband. She has never done my laundry or my husband's. I have never sent her to the market or even to buy me recharge card. She's there because of my work schedule. I need someone to be in the house when my kids come back from. Now that doesn't make me a lazy woman. Does It?

Ed said...

Its just bcos of the bad things that maids are known with. Besides,you can't trust anyone cos I too would still think d same,of all things to do na to steal the family pics? Mbanu,aka ya adiro ocha,ochoro imegbu ha emegbu

Linda peters said...

Haba! I agree with Stella, this woman is over reacting, if u were good to the house maid then u will not think otherwise. Though d girl made a mistake for not asking for d pix from her madam. The lady sounds very troublesome like someone that can't accommodate people. Am not judging though, just that her reaction tells me that. Blackman with negative thinking. May God help us!sometimes we are our own problem.

Fab Mum said...

If deep down your mind you aren't comfortable with someone working for you, you discharge them. The girl had absolutely no right to take their pictures. Whether for show off or whatever. Please yall should even think it. Take the picture for what? Are they your relations? Someone will come and work for me and go with my pictures? After working for a month? Not that you worked for so long thay I'll say you got attached to us and you left on your own accord?

Please there is everything wrong with this. Everything. I can't play with what ifs. the world is wicked. They don't write wickedness in the heart of people. Some helps might come in so calm but are wicked inside. I can't stay with any help I feel somehow around. Inukwa show off your pictured to the villagers, as what? Hian. You people play too much


Honestly. Some people need to stop watching African magic cos this right here,is an effect of African magic.Not every one is with an evil only qualms with the maid is that she didn't inform her before taking the pics.

Fab Mum said...

So hold on, if someone comes and works for you for one month, and leave with your family pictures, you will not find it strange? You will be okay with it and give them more? Not that the person even worked for you for so long thay you will say she became attached to the family?? OK o. You don't know how wicked the world is


From the tone of her voice she comes off as one who wud start speaking in tongues just at the sight of mosquito, blaming it on the witches in her village.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

Shut up Chi Exotic. Lazy ko! You that lives on a blog are you better ? Hiss. As for you BE did you not read where the madam said she was feeling funny about ththe new maid?

Falcon said...

Madam collect your pictures and let her go, must you bring everything online, is not as if someone can't go to social media and get your pictures still.

LimenLemon said...

Everyone that carried this story, just did a free advert for the lady. Her intention paid off, now y'all will go and check her page out, more follower, more prospective customers. Good job lady, clap for ya sef free advert lobade.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜€

Ina said...

Wow! This Generals Wife. I'm in awe, you are such a sensible person, that's so rare.


I am not in support of what She did on a 100 but i beg to disagree on your last statement. Zogie is not lazy. She is far from lazy.
She is a goal getter. Owner of savayeth decor on the one hand and an insurance broker. She is a divorcee with 2kids so I guess her busy schedule is the reason for the maid - to help with her kids.

Only God knows the intention of the maid but I guess Zogie panicked cos she has fought this type of (spiritual) battle before.

Anonymous said...

Wait @ chikito or what are you called,Wai till you are married then you will know if the madam is lazy.and don't ever dream of having any house help even from your relations or younger ones.then come back and tell us if the woman is lazy or not.i must comment.

Omasiri said...

Lazy,extremely wicked and dramatic madam. She's the evil one here. It's what she does,hence thinking the maid wants to do same.

Atheist 2 said...

Africans and Christianity = slavery mentality.

perfect God said...

Maybe it was for memories purpose

trish said...

Madam pls say the truth joor.from your voice,youve been maltreating this girl.who no no say God big.she didn't mean any harm by takin those pics.that is her social media same as you have yours in your phone!fine some maids are evil but not this one!LAZY WOMAN..

jelly said...

Don't think she has bad plans for the pictures

Precious Ibik said...

Nigerians have this notion that somebody somewhere is out to do them bad every time. So this "harmless" move to an oyibo man will be seen as a very harmful move to us.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you chi, it taks a jazz person to identify another.else what's with the big deal about pictures, even on instagram arimes we all copy and save people's pics at one time or the other, either we love them, their dress style hair or even make up, does it mean witch craft?? The woman should free the house help, nonsense.

Kamikaze said...


People will spend all their time praying and fasting and yet every incident,no matter how innocuous scares the shit out of them.

Anonymous said...

Might be to show kidnappers

Thatkogigirl. said...

Abeg Stella it's jazz she wants to use it for. It's only God that will save person. All this house help are diabolical. That is Your if someone sees a good one,the person should hold him/her tight

Anonymous said...

Tgw..u don't know ehi..she be confirm juju Benin girl... Selling pussycat everywhere...shes evil days why she dey fear

Greenland hostel (add up 55979E98, Apete Ibadan affordable modern self contain for all) said...

It is better to be safe than sorry. Good thing she checked her bag and raised an alarm.

I always have it in my head that the heart of man is DESPERATELY WICKED. In a way that thought is helping me to navigate through this life but in all God is the Ultimate Protector.

ndubuisi joshua atuanya said...

It's for her CV...

Olivia Silk said...

I totally agree with you.
The maid didn't just decide to leave or planned to leave hence her accumulation of souvenirs.
She decided to send the girl away based on her "vibes", not that the poor girl had done any evil.
So the girl had no intention of leaving, so she having the pictures wasn't on a "I am leaving this house with her family pictures" basis.
She just kept it cuz maybe she liked them.

Well, I have a picture of my boss and kids in my laptop, tablet and phones, and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. Does that count?

Dramatic? Errrmmmm, Most women are dramatic. LMAO.
Her screams tho, or shrills rather seem way off. Ogini na afio?

The girl seems innocent.
But then again, she may not.

TiGiWi, Awayu?

Anonymous said...

I do not have a help, I stopped using them for some years now because their demerits are far more than merits.But it's unfair to call women with house helps lazy.

Marry first you hear. Do you think it's easy. Some of you single girls have no sympathy at all.

Anonymous said...

My former nannies have my kids pictures on their phone, even videos of them singing, whenever we go back to naija I call them to come and see us. I was very nice to them and they reciprocated it.

Manna Bee said...

Well said o jare. So many evil doers out there.

Anonymous said...

Why are you guys talking lime you do not live in Nigeria? I can pardon Stella but those in Nigeria sating she wants it to act as a reminder, common on! The sonner you guys see everyone as a suspect the better for y'all. Wicked people abound everywhere. Why does she need their pics? Hmm those who think she needs the pics for keepssake are with an unfavorable mentality. with this mentality you had better be a prayer warrior.

CHI EXOTIC said...

And what proof does she have that the girl is a witch? Outrightly accusing her of witchcraft is all shades of wrong
Imagine the stigma the girl would have to live with for being labeled a witch
She didn't even get answers from the girl why she took the pictures she just went about saying she's taking them for witchcraft purpose.

Take the pictures from her and keep it moving, why call her a witch? Oh because she felt some type of way about her?

Adadioramma said...

Don't even know their stress jare. End time Madam and End time House Help.

Bold Marehi said...

thank God she checked her bag if not na story that touches she for dey hear nw.

Adadioramma said...

Shebi na End time House help we dey discuss here?

Blackberry said...

Witch don't need ur pictures, if they need it, dey'll just go online download ur family pic from facebook or instagram n torment ya life. Lol
God forbid sha!


The question remains...what is the maid doing with their pictures in her personal belongings???.
If she - the maid was in these pictures, together with the family, then it's totally excusable but when its just your boss, her kids??? It calls for worry. Major worry. The world is evil.
Even you will panic.

...and then again the maid was silent when questioned. Why? Innocent? Busted? Mission aborted?

May God protect his own.

CHI EXOTIC said...

Sweet mother, let's use your comment as case study
You've had your househelp for 5yrs and counting, but this one has worked for her for a month and was relieved off her job. What does that say of the madam? Domineering and a fault finder and as so no househelp ever stays long with her.

You're good to your househelp that's why she stayed that long
I'm sure this woman is always going on a hiring and firing spree cause of how she maltreats her househelps.

Don't call no one no witch when you don't have proof that's it.
Who would want to hire her again after being labeled a witch?

Anonymous said...

If she needed photos for jazz she wouldn't have taken that much! Besides Who give her money for jazz?/???? SMH! no be the woman photo full online?

Who'sThatGirl doubleuteegee said...

Abegi, stealing is wrong no matter how big or little the stolen item is. She might as well have hidden her jwelry or other valuables and we'll say it's for keepsakes.

If you can't ask for that thing, then you have no business with it period.

Who'sThatGirl doubleuteegee said...

I tire! Na real souvenir haha

Anonymous said...

My maid woke up on tuesday and started crying that she wanted to leave...i. felt so sad because i like her and ive been good to her in my own little way many people even thought she was my little sister in the space of just one month she spent with me. while searching her bag on her mum's insistent,my husband's photograph fell from inside it. I was dumbfounded. Now let me rewind to when she resumed work on the 15th of last month hmmm my people from the very first day this girl stepped her feet into my home things have not been the same financially for us we even started contemplating putting up one of our newly built flats for sale,thank God that we always buy foodstuff in bulk if not we wouldn't have had anything to many strange things began to happen to us that i can't even begin to type here. So by sunday my husband woke me up early in the morning that he was going out to pick the people that he wanted to show the flat to and i began to beg him that pls it hasn't gotten to that o that he shouldn't sell. I sat on my bed weeping and wondering what could have gone wrong so suddenly then i decided to declare a 3 day fast starting from that very day since i hadnt had breakfast yet. My people by day 2 of my fast i noticed this girl was so sad and even refused to eat all day i tried to pet her even got her drugs cos she said she was having malaria symptoms but she refused all only for her to later open up to my hubby that she was missing her mum and wanted to leave. I said no problem you'll leave over the weekend so i can pay the salary. By tuesday morning which was the last day of my fast she came banging on my door as soon as hubby left for work,she said i should forget about the salary that she wants to leave immediately that she knows her way home hmm i called her mum she said i should pls lock the doors and not let her leave o that she'll come to pick her herself by sunday...this girl started crying and banging all the doors that she wants to leave o cos by sunday she would have been dead...i just ignored her aand went downstairs to pray and break my fast but as i was dishing my meal after the prayer a big pure black lizard ran out of my store looking for a way out,it would run to the door try to get out and then run under the gas and back to the store then under the was just trying to get out anyhow and same way the girl was doing round the house. I called on the security man to help me kill it the moment this guy raised a stick to kill it this thing disappeared before our very eyes almost like it melted into the wall,we were shocked except for this girl...she wiped her tears and said we shouldn't bother ourselves that it won't come back again that it has gone hmm i just jejely carried my children upstairs and called her mum to pls come instantly to come and pick her o that was how she left and i haven't seen it since then. That same day she left my hubby won a contract,a debtor of a long time also paid that very day things began to change just like magic i can't even thank God enough for delivering my family from this 17 year old stranger.

Fab Mum said...

If the madam is maltreating her like you said, why does she need to rememeber them?? Why does she need her pictures to remember a wicked family that didn't treat her right?? Does that even make sense?

Yellow Diamond said...

You could be right, the pictures are just for show off, but again what do I know.

Ed said...

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@Ada,I wonder

Fab Mum said...

I won't lie. It will scare me so much. Yeah. Because number 1. The maid only lasted a month in my house. A month is the get to know you moments. To know okay, if I'm comfortable with you. to know if I can leave my kids with you. Aftsr a month, I'll know you character and how you relate with my kids. So if a maid works a month for me, and she's leaving my house, I don't expect her to go with my pictures. Because we aren't that close. Now if she has lasted for over a year and was leaving on her own accord, that's understandable. Maybe she's leaving to start life. Now there is a relationship. If she goes with my picture, it's kind of okay. Because you will be almost like families.

But you stayed one month, and I asked you to leave, not that you wanted to leave on your own, and you were leaving and packed my pictures?? Na ah. Something isn't right

Why would you want to remember a madam thay asked you to leave her house after one month?? Some said the madam looks wicked because of how she was shouting. So why should a maid want to remember a wicked madam??
Does that even make sense?? If the madam gave her hell like people are suggesting, there s not business leaving with madams pictures unless you have anterior motives

I hope you people know it'd house helps who were sacked or even leaving with you that give informations to kidnappers and ritualist. Haven't we seen cases were fingers were pointed to helps and drivers for robbery cases that happened?? How do you think that is done? Is it not by pictures? And explaining to the thieves?

Some say witches don't need your pictures. Then you don't know how the world works.. You don't know names, pictures will be asked of people to bring when they visit babalawos?? You don't even know how powerful a picture is. Can be used to make you or destroy you.

Or when you pray, you don't have prayer points like any of my pictures in any evil alter should be consumed by fire and the likes?? Okay o

Yellow Diamond said...

Wait till you get married and start having children before you call another woman lazy. For now I don't work and I take care of my kids alone, there is no day I don't think of getting a house help, nne it is not easy not to talk of a working mom.

Ijebu and Auchi garri plus fresh palm oil for sale in abuja. 08135487277 said...

Who told u the girl has access to the internet?

Pipi Lee said...


Anonymous said...

The madam is too local..jeez..Don't get the noise about the pix though...Anybody can get her pix on socoal media...

The General's Wife said...

Ralu Bebe!πŸ’‹

BIPOLAR HahahhahHa
Okay one hug for u. No,make it 10 hugs πŸ€—

@ Ed,I omitted something as I was editing my comment(the comment sef no come dey pure last lastπŸ˜‚ Typos everywhereπŸ˜‚)

Like I was saying,I know there are bad maids. I already opined that. But I can also stand here and defend some maids. I can vouch for their good conductsπŸ™Œ

We lived with a maid for 15 years or even more. That's The last maid I stayed with before I got married. Let's call her "B"

B was a joy! Pure joy! Stil is! She finished higher institution and went on the get married. She just had her second baby not too long ago. My mom went to visit her as per omugwo style. Same thing she did with her 1st baby.

Now would she have done all these? Train her in private schools and up to Higher Institution?

Now wait! (talking about B now makes me miss her) Now Wait for this! B's Mom was my mother's maid too. Oh yes! She carried me as a baby.
So u see?

And I for one have had wonderful maids too. God answered my prayers. And some of my friends as well.

The first one I had went on to get married from my house. She stayed for 5 years or even more. The kids stil remember her in Their Prayers. The other one,nice chick,but she couldn't stay cos of one challenge. So she had to go.And As she left,I wept as she cried.

Now don't get me wrong and think I am a softie o.
Lol. Not at all oπŸ˜‚
I am a disciplinarian(just that I won't shout) and I have OCD too( I like to think mine is mild) πŸ˜‚

Now u get a small insight into my kind of person,So when I tell u someone is good,the person truly is goodπŸ€—

I can talk about this too cos I have a maid who is excellent. Like excellent! She has Bn with me for some number of years. Everyone loves her. Her goodness,her character shines. And everyone sees that.Of course she isn't perfect but She is Awesome! And I appreciate her!

So Ed dear,u see Why u shouldn't judge all maids based on "because of the bad things bad maids are known for"

My dear there are good maids!πŸ‘

Like I Said Bipolar,it may or it may not be. We are only speculating.
But the thing is this: The maid has an arguable case. Judging from this vid the Madam presented to us as she screamed away.

Not saying there aren't evil people and some of these stuff don't happen,but again,we need to know that When your hands are clean,u do ur best and leave the rest to GodπŸ™πŸ½

No be by picture o. At all o! πŸ˜‚
It's God that protects and Fights for us.

Especially the unseen battles.

Gift and Ina,Bless up Ladies!

@FabMom,No one is saying that what she did was right.

Anonymous said...

Hi blackberry



Fab Mum said...

The maid was wrong. No 2 ways about it. She stole her madam pictures. If she had good intentions, why not ask for the pictures, why steal it??

What do you need the pictures of a family you worked for in a month if they weren't good to you like people are insinuating??

Please you people should stop the whole she did nothing wrong. She stole the pictures. It might not be for jazz. But she could use it to send kidnappers her way to kidnap them for ransom or send armed robbers her way. Or even ritualist. Let us not even go thru the jazz way before people will say you are to religious. She had no absolute right to be with those pictures at all.

It's different when you have your bosses family pictures on your phone. Or if a maid who had worked long enough for you have their pictures. My help takes picture of my kids and herself. But she has been with me for a while. So we are that comfortable..

First month is even when you are trying to see if the person can live with you. And if you are comfortable with the person and if the person is good. After first month is when you decide to keep a help. If a help works for me for a month and I'm not comfortable with them, I'll send them on their way, pay them and let them go and get another help. I don't joke with my kids. No need keeping someone I'm not convinced about or comfortable with.

Rachy said...

Why should you take the pictures without asking ? That's wrong. It is very wrong and besides if she was doing well or a good person her Madam won't ask her to leave. She has an ulterior motive taking the pictures.

Push up said...

What stupid likeness, someone that disn't stay more than a month, and obviously had issues with her madam is the person that likes the madam. If she liked the madam so much why dint she please the madam with her duty. Anyone that says it's not jazz should give the girl their own pictures or better still employ the girl for your own family


Some of these maids are agents on a mission.
Most of them infact.
It takes the grace of God to have a good one and same grace to keep one.

cat eyes said...

Anon 12:47,don't say what u don't know about Ehizogie.Dint judge so u won't be judged. Nuff said!

Bootylycious diva said...

una dey enjoy sha for niger ,hire maid

i wonder how many people have maid here or even think of having one .

Anonymous said...

They always use the excuse that they are missing home but the truth of the matter is the home is spiritually HOT for them. I never used to believe there are witches until I encountered one in the former of a maid. A teenager also. When the house got too hot (spiritually)for her, she started crying that she is missing her dad. My last encounter scarred me and I am fearful having these strangers around again.

God saved me what if by chance the next tine the stranger gets away with her evil plan? That thought alone is enough motivation for me to drop them like a bad habit. School Day care service is now my friend and child bearing is on hold. I can not kill my self. I need to step up in other areas of my life.

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Sometimes you want to protect someone who doesn't care about you, while there's another person quietly protecting you*

Thatigbobabe(Lilyflower) said...


Anonymous said...

Sdk bvs πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Always trying to portray na me holy pass,as usual na anon yimu

Anonymous said...

I am looking at her table and the location of the video and all I could think is why she even needed a maid. Maybe the maid is just for show, woman get up and clean the place bout you want maid. The maid had no reason taking anything from the home, even pictures, it is still theft. I know many ppl think of photos as free for the taking, but it belongs to the owner and not for the taking just because you like it.

The General's Wife said...

My Ollie baby!
I'm good Sweetheart and hope u are too.
How's work?

@ BLOGGIE baibayyyy!
Yes my dear,may God keep protecting us.
Hey @Ada! My dear o,what do we know?
Hey @Yellow Diamond!

Anonymous said...

They're pure evil. That's i searched my house help's bag only to fine my little travelling bag right inside her bad filled with something belonging to every member of my household from one of my husband's boxers to my panties to a single hair ribbon of my daughter to one of my son's pacifier. Mehn i was so weak that day paid her off and begged her to leave. She couldn't even give any reasonable explanation other than she liked the things that was why she took them. To think she did all these just 3 days after resumption and i didn't know till a month later.

GALORE said...


@Madam, I rejoice with you

May you never experienced such again in Jesus name, and me too oo

But, why are people wicked.. .you try to help them, they try to bring you down

Thank you Jesus for this revelation


Anonymous said...

My dear anon 15:16 no be me holy pass...infact i be sinner but that doesn't stop God from being God or answering prayers. I just tot to share to let others know that they need to be careful with strangers in their homes especially when little kids that can't express themselves yet are involved. I can't even walk into my store confidently since that tuesday,even to cook na problem i always go in with a stick and take out everything i need from the store over night when hubby is home and beside me. You can imagine living in so much fear in your house

Anonymous said...

What if someone planted the pics in the maid's bag? What if madam is using the video to get people to visit her page? Anything is possible
Can she show us a video of the maid confessing to taking those pictures?
If the maid is innocent, God go judge you madam? And if she is not, God go judge her too....Amen

Anonymous said...

We had a help like this, she used to sleep in my room and attack me in the dream. I kept winning so she hated me.
When my mom finally chased her, I quickly searched her bag n saw our pictures. Everyone apart from me. The funny thing is I was the only one at home, test were in school so she never even met them.

Anonymous said...

I dont think she took them anything jare. Nigerians can read meaning into everything. Her behaviour could be as a result of the madam treating her with suspicions even before she started work. Stop oppressing less fortunate ppl.

Anonymous said...

As if you can afford one. Mchewwwwwwwwwww for una.

Anonymous said...

Madam General you have said it all. You cannot be a wicked madam and expect loyalty from a help. I dont believe ppl should be looked down on because of the circumstances surrounding them. God will continue to bless you and i sincerely mean it.
I hate oppression.

Anonymous said...

Ppl dt have not tasted comfort in their life, when they are suddenly put in that position all they do is oppress. By their behaviours you know them.

Gemmie said...

Ehya. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Nigerians can be very wicked. They have dealt with my family alotttttt!. When my mom relieved her last maid, she went through her phone and found pictures of her bedroom. My mum always locks her room as we are all married and she doesn't really trust her domestic staff. How she got access to my mom's room and snapped all those pics confused my mom a great deal. Whilst I may not agree that it's for diabolical purpose, she may plan with a kidnapper to kidnap or do worse things

Anonymous said...

That Madame sounds like a terrible person! I can tell from her tone that she is very abusive. Haba!! Gbagbagbagba.....wetin dey sele? Everything is not jazz abeg. Unless you know you were ruthless to her,if not why on earth would she want to harm you? I feel like she just took it to pose for her peers or to remember the family. Careless woman. In 1month you have left your whole abode to a stranger for her to pack your pics.So shut up and face your family please.

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